Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors & Adults

Cycling is fun and I being a hardcore biker can’t deny it. It not only helps me run daily errands easily but also gives me the freedom to go anywhere I like without depending on anyone. But age catches up on everyone and I was no exception. A year or so back, I found that I couldn’t balance on the two wheels as I used to. On a few occasions, I almost had a fall. It was not only embarrassing but dangerous as well. I was about to give up cycling when I heard about 3 wheel bikes for adults. I thought it was a joke, but soon I found out that it is a thing. I started researching about the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors and adults and soon came up with so much information about them. 3 wheel bikes or trikes for seniors are quite common and they make your elderly years more comfortable. If you have been cycling all your life like me, there is no need to give it up just because you are in your golden years. In fact, I found that the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors and adults are perfect for anyone who wants to be self-dependant and enjoy freedom. Even if you haven’t tried biking before, no worries. You can easily adapt to one even in your elderly years.


Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors & Adults

How to Choose the Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors and Adults?

A 3 wheel bike or trike isn’t a fancy item for seniors to be added to your collection. It is a high utility item which is why it is essential that you choose only the best for yourself. I have often seen people confused about which trike to buy. And given the fact that online stores are flooded with options for trikes for seniors, it is quite natural to feel overwhelmed. To make things easy for you, here are a few factors that I found important while choosing a trike:

Physical Condition: This is the most important thing that you have to keep in mind while choosing a trike. If you have no disabilities or weaknesses and just want a trike for better balance and support, you are free to choose any type of bike. However, if you have weak legs or leg injuries, an electric trike would be the best option. If you do not want too much strain on your body, an upright trike may be a good choice. For people with disabilities, special needs trike is an ideal choice.

Use: The next important thing to consider is what you want the trike for. If running errands or communication is your main motto, the best 3 wheel bikes for adults will be upright trikes as they are lightweight and have storage baskets. On the other hand, recumbent, semi-recumbent, and delta trikes are good for athleisure. Special needs trikes are good for disabled elderly or seniors recovering from accidents, etc.

Stability: As a senior, stability was always my priority. I wanted to avoid tipping over at any cost. As such, lightweight trikes are my favorite. They have low gravity which reduces the chance of toppling while taking turns. If you have a problem balancing a trike, it is best to avoid upright trikes that are top-heavy.

Step-Through Design: If you have difficulty moving your legs and lifting yourself to the cycle seat, it is best that you choose one without a top bar and sturdy handlebars. The step-through design makes mounting and dismounting easier. Recumbent and delta trikes are also quite suitable in such cases.

Comfort: Another thing that you should consider while choosing a trike is comfort. Not all trikes offer the same kind of comfort. Recumbent and semi-recumbent trikes do a great job in this aspect. They offer good back support while being gentle on your back and legs. As such, they are the best tricycle for senior and elderly with back pain and weak muscles. If you suffer from arthritis, loop handlebars will be a great addition.

Security: Your prime concern should be the security features of the trike. Trikes with both hand brakes and pedal brakes are the best option as they allow you to control the trike in any way you feel comfortable. Coaster brakes could also be an option.

Assembly: In general, your trike will need assembly after delivery. Unless you want to hire a professional for the task, you will have to put in some effort for assembly. So, it is best that you choose a model that is easy to assemble.

Uphill Performance: If you have uphill rides in your daily routine, it is best that you choose a trike that is good at it. For example, recumbent trikes do not fare well while going uphill. However, electric trikes and fat trikes are the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors and adults for uphill journeys.

Storage: Trikes are, in general, bulkier than bicycles; some more than others. So, before you purchase any trike, find out how much space it takes for storage. If you have space constraints, you can opt for folding trikes or slimmer trikes that take up less space.

Replacement Parts: Like any other product, trikes, too, wear out with time. This means that you will have to replace certain parts after a period of time. While some parts are easy to get, others may pose a problem. It is best that you choose a trike that has easily available spares.

Best 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors and Adults Reviewed 

1. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women:

This particular tricycle from Mobo is my first choice. Many might question my judgment for choosing this particular model from mobo but I find more than enough reason to buy this particular tricycle. Apart from having an adjustable frame, it has other features too. It looks nice, facilitates room for any rider with height up to 6’3” and most importantly it has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Apart from that, this bike comes with easy to use dual joystick which allows you to maneuver the bike a lot easier. On top of everything, this particular unit might be suitable for cardiovascular exercise for certain patients. Overall this is the best 3 wheel bikes for adults that offer required stability, easy balancing, and comfortable riding experience.


  • Designed well to satisfy your need for speed
  • Light in weight which makes it portable too
  • If required you can install other parts as well
  • You can choose to upgrade your bike if required
  • It has a capacity of 250 lbs
  • Completely adjustable if required
  • A perfect bike for beginners
  • As I have found you can use this bike on paved, grassy or dirt roads
  • Can be used as a cardiovascular exercise tool
  • According to the best 3 wheel bikes for senior reviews, this one is really easy to assemble
  • The steering wheel is easy to control
  • Affordable price
  • Minimal level of stress on your knees and back
  • Stable enough while riding through a slope
  • Larger wheel facilitates better control


  • Weight capacity is pretty low
  • Tires are not of great quality

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2. Barbella Adult 24-Inch Single and 7 Speed Three-Wheeled Cruiser Bike:

Barbella brings to you another great option in the world of 3 wheeler bikes. If your sole purpose of having a 3 wheeler bike is to explore around and traveling to a limited distance then this particular adult bike is the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors that you can buy. Feature-wise this tricycle has impressed me a lot. I feel the comfortable seating cushion, and different speed options are the most extraordinary features to fall for. Moreover, the addition of the basket makes it a useful unit to have. It will allow you to go for light shopping or pick your groceries while coming back home on this durable three-wheeler. It supports only 331 lbs of weight which includes the weight that you can carry in the attached basket. Due to the fact that it is designed to be compact and light in weight, it becomes a lot easier to store this item in your home and carry it with you anywhere you want.


  • Quality is great
  • As far as I have seen this bike is easy to ride even for the beginners
  • Affordable price
  • Steel frame gives it a sturdy construction
  • 3 wheel cycle
  • Comes with back cushion
  • Fenders are fully wrapped
  • Comfortable seat
  • Weight capacity is of 331 lbs
  • Wide construction helps in balancing


  • Does not come with a tool kit
  • What I feel is that the handlebars wobble a bit and you might need a bit of tweaking to get thing straight

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3. Meridian Adult Schwinn Tricycle Three-Wheeled Men’s Women’s Bicycle:

If you ask me about a stylish tricycle, well I would probably name this particular model as my top most choice in the category of best 3 wheel bikes for adults every single time. This Schwinn adult tricycle not only looks stylish but also is efficient at work. With the large-sized wheels, you can easily get over most of the obstacles on your road. Whether you need to carry your stuff to your campsite, or ride it through a muddy pit or need to carry things from shopping, this tricycle will always work efficiently.

Although you might not get the kind of speed variation you need, with a sturdy and strong aluminum frame built, long-lasting design, this tricycle can be your first choice as well. So, if you wish to have a nice, comfortable riding, then this is the tricycle you need to buy. And do not forget the ease of control and smoothness of your ride as well.


  • According to me this is the most stable 3 wheel tricycle that comes with a big enough shopping basket
  • Wheels are of 26” which means you can drive your bike through all kinds of terrains
  • Looks nice
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • The basket might be large in size but can be easily folded into small unit
  • Brakes are great even when you riding at a high speed
  • Comfortable ride even for long hours
  • After comparing this product with so many others I recommend it as one of the affordable of bikes that you can buy
  • Nice long lasting built


  • Not suitable for shopping or transportation work
  • You have to pay more compared to what you get
  • Assembling the cycle might take a lot of time
  • Bit heavier than expected
  • Fenders are a bit of low quality

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4. VANELL Tricycle Three Wheel Cruiser Trike Bike:

To be frank, whenever I think of buying a trike, there are certain features that I prefer to have. Speed options, quality design, and of course value for the money that I pay. If you also look out for these three things while buying a trike, then you can try this tricycle from Varnell. With heavy-duty construction, stable design, weight capacity of 400 lbs, and a pretty nice looking black finish, this is one of the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors that you can buy.

At the first look you might point out that it does not have a back cushion but once you start using this trike, you can feel the comfort for sure. The tire quality is great, helps in rolling smoothly on different surfaces and terrains; the cycle has a high-quality suspension system and disk brakes as well. Overall this is a quality trike that can help you cruise in full comfort.


  • 7 different speed options
  • I personally love the disk brake of this bike
  • It comes with a limited warranty and in different size options
  • As per the best 3 wheel bikes for senior reviews the suspension is of great quality too
  • Comes with a weight capacity of 400 lbs
  • Another thing that is impressive to me is that it comes with assembly tools
  • Construction is of pure steel which makes it sturdy and durable in nature
  • This bike is designed to roll on any type of surface without any issue at all
  • Last but not the least fact that feels amazing is the rear basket attached to it. The size is quite big and comes with a capacity of 60 lbs.


  • I did not find any notable issue while using this bike

5. Slsy Adult Folding Tricycles, Single Speed Folding Adult Trikes:

Finding a high-quality folding trike is always difficult. You have to choose a tricycle that will fold into a pretty small unit so that you can easily carry it with you in a RV, or in any car for that matter. If you have been looking for exactly these features then this particular folding tricycle from Slsy is the best 3 wheel bikes for the elderly that you can buy. This tricycle is designed to carry around 320 lbs of weight and is really easy to fold and unfold as well. While folding or unfolding this tricycle does not need any tool, but while assembling for the first time you will need some tools. The best part is that you will get all the tools you need along with this trike and good instruction while it will help you with the assembling pretty quickly.

Apart from that it includes a 1-year warranty and a money-back guarantee as well. The seat includes a nice combination f fabric and foam that allows you to have a comfortable ride every time. The trike also includes a spacious basket for keeping all the stuff you need and rubber covered handlebars as well.


  • Folds into a pretty small unit which becomes really easy to port
  • Steel constructions allows up to 320 lbs of weight
  • The three wheels are of 20” which provides extra stability while you ride
  • I have seen no other tricycle to be this efficient while folding
  • It takes just a pull and twist of a lever and your cycle is folded in half
  • User manual is really great even for the beginners to assemble the tricycle
  • All the necessary tools for assembling is included in the package
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year limited time warranty


  • Replacing the temporary axel might be a bit difficult than you think
  • You will have to cut the old axel to replace it with a new one
  • Does not come with a permanent axel

6. Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike:

Raleigh brings you one of the best 3 wheel bikes for the elderly that you can buy. If you are looking for a quality trike, then this bike from Raleigh is the best option for you. The front fork and the frame of this bike are completely made of steel which makes it sturdy and durable. The design of this tricycle is also impressive. Getting on and off this trike is really easy and quick. Apart from that, it includes a 3-speed hub internally geared with the tricycle which makes it one of the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors and adults as well.

In general, these 3 different speed options allow you to ride through different types of roads and when you add to the fact that the gearbox does not require a lot of maintenance then you can easily choose this bike over others. Shifting the gears is super easy too, you can control than from the handlebars with ease.

The front wheel has a diameter of 24” and the rear ones are of 20” which allows the bike to be a lot more stable even when you are riding at speed. All 3 of the wheels come with brake and the front wheel has a lockable brake which helps in parking.


  • 3 different speed variations
  • The internally geared hub does not require a lot of maintenance
  • It comes with V-brake at the front and a coaster brake at the rear
  • V-brake locks nicely which make it easier to park the trike
  • The basket at the rear is capable of holding 45 lbs of weight with ease
  • Includes quality pedals
  • Lifetime warranty on cycle frame
  • The adjustable comfortable seat which allows you to ride for long hours
  • The steel construction makes it durable and sturdy
  • Not much maintenance is required for this cycle
  • Braking systems are great and they supplement each other pretty well
  • Easy and comfortable ride


  • Well, in my opinion, the basket included is a bit heavier than it should be
  • Might feel a bit costly compared to what you get
  • Well adding a trailer to this trike might not be the best idea since the axle is a bit small in size
  • Assembling this tricycle might take more than what you think
  • You might need to hire a professional to assemble this trike if you are a beginner
  • Not really great through the hilly terrains

7. Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike, Three Wheel Cruiser Bike:

This cruiser trike is another great model from Schwinn Meridian in the category of best 3 wheel bikes for seniors and adults. If you ask me why another Meridian, well I just love these bikes. It’s perfectly designed, easy to ride, comfortable to cruise around and most importantly has a low standover height. Apart from that, the handles are adjustable and you have the option to sit upright while riding your cruiser bike. The folding basket included at the rear has enough room to keep your groceries, bags, and a lot more. The saddle is wider compared to other models which makes the seat a lot more comfortable than you think it is.

Although you might not be able to ride through the hilly terrains and high elevated roads because of its single speed option, but if you want to take a ride through your neighborhood, on the bike paths, this is the best 3 wheel bikes for elderly that you can get. Construction-wise this is a great addition to your collection. It comes with an aluminum frame which makes the cycle sturdy, allows it to carry at least 300 lbs of weight, and offers you a stable ride. The unit weighs around 50 lbs which is pretty light and adds to its portability as well. Overall this is a good buy for a smooth, Comfortable ride in your neighborhood.


  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • Basket size is nice for carrying stuff
  • If you ask me, this three-wheeler bike will give you the most stable and smooth riding experience
  • Handlebar is sweptback
  • Allows weight up to 300 lbs
  • Seats are padded and can be adjusted according to your need
  • Includes rear and front fenders


  • A bit heavy to carry around
  • It’s a single-speed trike

Benefits of 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors and Adults

As you age, you make several changes to your lifestyle. You become more cautious about your health and overall well-being. This is exactly where the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors come into the picture. If you do not want to become dependent on others for your daily chores, believe me, buy a trike as soon as you feel the need for one. In fact, buying a trike has many benefits, which is why they have a hit ever since they were introduced. Let’s consider some of the important benefits a trike can get you:

Stability: This is what I talked about in the very beginning. The day I had a near fall, I thought it was the end of my biking. I couldn’t risk it anymore; an accident at this phase of life could turn me into a vegetable. And I am sure that I am not the only one who felt this. One can obviously ask someone else to run errands on his behalf, but that isn’t living. Instead, you can opt for a trike. The extra wheel provides the balance you need. With the best adult tricycle, you don’t need to worry about toppling over or wobble as you drive. You can cycle as you always did without any fear.

Easy Climbing: An uphill walk is always difficult; more so as you age. You feel tired, exhausted, and out of breath. Cycling uphill is even more difficult. But not so with a trike! The best 3 wheel bikes for the elderly are made in a way that they can make even uphill rides easier. They offer better support to the rider and are less stressful on the back and joints. So, you can have smooth climbs without too much strain.

Exercise: For many people, cycling to and from work or for running errands in the only exercise they get. As it gets difficult to ride a bicycle, many people start missing out on their daily workout. This isn’t good for the golden years of your life. You need exercise, now more than ever so that you can stay fit and disease-free. The best 3 wheel bikes for adults give you the opportunity to get your much-needed exercise without any trouble. You burn calories and proper cardiovascular workout without putting too much strain on your knees and back.

Storage: Most trikes have a large storage basket that comes handy when you are a senior running your own errands. You can carry groceries, personal gear, books, baggage, etc. wherever you want to this. This is really liberating for aging adults as they do not have to bear the weight of the items throughout the travel period.

Different Types of 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors and Adults

When I started my research for the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors and adults, I was amazed that trikes made for seniors have as much variety as those made for kids. This really excited me as I could choose a trike that would suit me the best. After thorough research, I found out that trikes for seniors can be of the following types:

Recumbent Trikes: These are quite similar to recumbent trikes made for kids. They come with two from wheels and one back. The pedal is at the front and not below you. This means that you get to sit back as you ride your trike. This puts very little pressure on your hands, back, and butt. As such, these trikes offer a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

Semi-Recumbent Trikes: This type of trikes takes the comfort factor a notch up from that of the recumbent ones. The pedals are placed further away from the seat to lower gravity and make pedaling easier. The seatback is usually raised up further for better support. The handlebars are further slanted backward while still at a high elevation so that you can maintain your upright position while riding. All these factors combine to make them the best tricycle for seniors and the elderly.

Delta Trikes: These are quite like the recumbent trikes, but with two wheels placed at the back. I personally feel that delta trikes are better than recumbent or semi-recumbent ones because they have a small turning radius, good ground clearance, a higher seat, and come with a vertical parking option, trike tandem option, and trike trailer option.

Upright Trikes: These trikes have a conventional diamond-shaped design with wheels at the back and one in the front. The back wheels are widely spaced for better support and comfort. In fact, these types of trikes are ideal for people with weaknesses or injuries as they are easy to steer, lightweight, and come with a reasonably-sized shopping/storage basket. On the flip side, they are prone to toppling because of their high gravity.

Tandem Trikes: If you want to travel with your spouse or caregiver, believe me, nothing works better than tandem trikes. They are the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors and adults who not only want to run errands with their trike but also want to spend a good time with their spouse. They are built in the recumbent style with one seat in the front and other at the back. These trikes have reinforced frames so that they can carry the extra weight very well.

Electric Trikes: If you like technology and want to use it for more comfort, you will find electric trikes more appealing. As the name warrants, these bikes can run on a motorized engine, making pedaling optional. You may or may not pedal depending on your choice at the moment. This makes them the best adult tricycle for seniors with leg injuries or weakness.

Fat Trikes: Fat trikes are the best 3 wheel bikes for the elderly who want to conquer the world in their senior years. These bikes are made to last the challenges of harsh terrains successfully. So, if you are someone who likes to venture out often and does not want your age to be a constraint, a fat trike may suit you the best.

Apart from the above types, one can also find folding trikes, special needs trikes, heavy-duty trikes, drift trikes, etc.


3 wheel bikes play an important role in your elderly years. Getting the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors & adult will not only reduce your communication woes, but they will also help you be self-dependent and enjoy your golden years. With the right trike, you can not only move about as you would want to, but also explore places that your two feet cannot take you to. So, get a trike for yourself today and never be someone’s liability!

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