Best 4 Season Tents for Camping

Camping is fun. Whether you are a solo traveler or like to spend some good time with your partner or family in solitude, there is nothing that beats camping. You get out of the humdrum of daily life and spend some nice time in the laps of nature. While all these sound good, things aren’t very easy when you are on your own and in the wilderness. You need the right camping gear and that starts with a proper arrangement for shelter and protection. A good camping tent is a must if you do not want to be subjected to nature’s fury and its vast display of fauna, some of which may be predators. A good camping tent will not only protect you from rain, wind, heat, snow, sand, and more, it will also keep out bugs, insects, and other larger animals. And if you are planning to go camping often and in all seasons, you need a 4 season tent that can protect you from harsh winters while still being useful in summers. They are feature-packed to keep safe and comfortable at all times. 4 season tents are not only ideal for campers, but can be used by mountaineers, expeditions, and backpackers.

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How to Choose the Best 4 Season Tents?

4 season tents are the best pick if you willing to survive the harsh elements of the winters but only if you choose the best one. There are dozens of manufacturers who sell 4 season camping tents and with so many options at hand, things may get a little confusing for you. Choosing the best 4 season tents, however, isn’t a difficult task if you pay a little heed to the details. Here are a few things that you should look into before buying one for yourself.

Tent Type:

4 season tents come in all shapes and sizes. They can be simple A-frame tents to upgraded geodesic tents. They can be 2-person tents or accommodate an entire family like the cabin tents. They can be as lightweight as the popup tents or a little heavy like the cabin tents or tunnel tents. The choice depends entirely on your needs and priorities. You can choose anyone from A-frames, tunnel tents, dome tents, geodesic tents, pyramid tents, popup tents, and cabin tents according to what is best for you.


The material of which the tent is made up of is equally important. Best 4 season tents are usually made up of polyester. This is because the polyester fabric is cheaper, lighter, and more resistant to weather elements. It also dries up super quick and needs little maintenance. Tents that use RipStop technology are more durable and are more resistant to weather elements. The mesh is usually made up of nylon and makes the tent breathable.


While choosing a tent, you should pay attention to the number of poles that the tent has and the material of which the poles are made. For example, dome tents have only 2 poles while geodesic tents have more poles. Pop-up tents have no poles at all. While poles add stability to your tent, they can make the tent heavy which may be a problem for some backpackers. So, you have to decide how much weight you would be comfortable with and strike a balance between weight and stability.

Pole Material:

Not only is it important to consider the tent material, but it is also important to take into account the pole material. Tent poles are commonly made of aluminum as it is cheaper and reliable. It is very lightweight which means that the tent will be comparatively light. If you are looking for a lighter alternative, fiberglass would be the best option. Fiberglass is highly flexible but can give in when under duress. So, it is not ideal for harsh weather. Poles made of carbon fiber are the best, but they come with a high price tag. If budget isn’t a concern, carbon fiber can offer great durability and flexibility.


4 season tents can be used by many. They are used by campers, backpackers, mountaineers, and others. The choice of the tent must be made according to the purpose of use. Tents that weigh 8 pounds or less are ideal for backpackers whereas family tents for camping would weigh around 20 pounds. It is vital that you take the weight of the tent into consideration before you settle on a particular product. However, it is essential to remember that a compromise on durability should never be made for lighter weight.


A tent without weatherproofing is not worth buying. All the best 4 season tents are now waterproof. They are specially coated so as to be waterproof, PU coating being the best in the market. Polyurethane coating on tents has been proven to increase the resistance of tents to harsh weather elements. It allows water to easily slide and also protects the tent materials. You can also opt for tents with inner coating as well to ensure maximum protection.


Though 4 season freestanding camping tents are primarily used for the winter months, they can be used during the summer as well, but only if the tent allows good airflow. That is why you need a tent that comes with vents that maintain good ventilation even in the summer months. You could also buy a tent that comes with two doors for better airflow. Make sure that the doors have a mesh lining to allow the airflow and restrict the entry of bugs.


While choosing the best 4 season tents, it is important to find out how difficult it is to set up and take down the tent. If you are new to this, it will take you a while before you can swiftly set up a tent. While this may not seem too important, the complex setup process will require more time and effort, both of which may not be available in certain situations. So, it is best that you choose a tent that can be easily set up and taken down if needed. You should also practice setting up the tent at home before leaving for your trip.


To ensure comfort and convenience, tents with vestibules are a must. Think of having to take your muddy boots inside the tent. It sucks! Leaving them outside your tent isn’t a good option as well. A vestibule is a solution to your dilemma. Tents have vestibules that have a cover at the top, but no floors so that you can easily keep some of your necessities there instead of having to take them inside. The best 4 season tents will have enough headroom in the vestibules to allow you to grill food inside. In most cases, the vestibules have drip lines that carry the water down to the floor. Make sure that the water doesn’t drip inside the tent.

Add Ons:

Most modern 4 season tents come with a rainfly and a footprint. If these are not included in the tent, it is advisable that you buy one. That is not all. If you plan to camp in the harsh winters, it is essential that you buy snow anchors and stakes that will prevent the tent from being blown away. You can also buy a tarp that will serve the purpose of both footprint and rainfly.


This is the ultimate deciding factor. A tent with a price tag that matches your budget is the best fit. However, you have to make sure that you aren’t too thrifty while buying one. 4 season camping tents are an investment that you wouldn’t want to make too often. So, wasting money on a cheap product will serve you short-term, buying a good one will surely offer your peace of mind. So, fix your budget carefully.

Top 4 Season Tents with Reviews

1. Luxe Tempo 2 Person 4 Season Tents Freestanding for Camping:

The inner tent is built from well known breathable polyester 210T which is really great for dry weather and cold weather. It includes double-layered doors and meshes roof. Due to its cross-ventilation capabilities, it offers fabulous warm-weather performance. It is designed to last long really. It’s completely water-resistant. The floor is of a taped bathtub which ensures that none of your gears are wet even if it’s raining heavily outside. The strong design of this tent is capable of standing against any difficult storm. Apart from that, it comes with a mesh gear loft which can be really handy for storing essential items. The loft can also be used for a comfortable light condition when it’s completely empty. The tent corners are reinforced which ensures that it can sustain constant pulling and tension without getting torn. As per the 4 season tent reviews, the 2 vestibules included allowing you to have enough space and you can even control the vestibule doors to customize the sunlight and ventilation inside. The headroom is good enough and allows you to sit straight inside the tent with ease. It has a weight of 5.7 lbs which is light enough to carry around. It includes 12 aluminum stakes and 2 guylines as well.


  • Comes with 2 vestibules
  • The set up is easy
  • Heavy-duty flooring
  • Spacious tent for 2 people
  • Generous headroom
  • Great protection from weather elements
  • Durable and rugged fabric
  • Good for prolonged use
  • Resistant to heat and UV rays of the sun


  • Quality of the stakes is a bit low than what it should be

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2. Naturehike Cloud-Up 1, 2, and 3 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent:

This free-standing tent is made of B3 breathable mesh & 210T polyester which makes it durable, breathable and strong too. The rainfly is made out of PU3000 mm water-resistant polyester which guarantees sun protection as well. The tent poles are of aluminum which is really light in weight and strong enough to serve you even when it’s raining heavily, or snowing. If you go through 4 season tent reviews online you will see that it is made of only the best quality material. It has a weight of 4.7 lbs and is still big enough and strong enough to fit 2 persons with ease. It merely takes 5 minutes to set the tent up. While in its ultra-compact compression bag, it stays very much small and you can easily carry it along with your other accessories while you go for a hiking or camping. This particular tent has 2 separate layers, inner and outer layer. You can use the inner layer only during the summer, spring, and autumn while the dual-layer will help you during the rainy season and winter as well. With the facility to use the outer and inner layer at will, you will always get a cozy, comfortable tent to have while you are out for camping and you do not have to worry when its hot outside, or raining heavily or wind blowing at a high rate. This tent will take care of the weather outside while you can enjoy the inside.


  • Easy to set up the tent
  • High-quality nylon and polyester material used
  • It’s a dome tent that can withstand in all 4 season
  • Comes with free-standing aluminum poles


  • The zipper might get stuck

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3. ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Person, Copper/Rust:

The Tasmanian from ALPS Mountaineering is a high quality 4 season tent with great features. The poles are made of 7000 series aluminum which helps the tent to stay stabilized even when there are strong winds. It comes with 2 vestibules which definitely helps you in storing gears pretty easily. The fly has an additional pole which makes the front vestibule really big and suitable for storing your gears with ease. It includes 2 separate doors for easy entry. With large zippers, opening the doors and the vestibules are really easy. With a weight of only 7 lbs you can carry it with you anywhere you want to round the year. With this tent at your disposal, you won’t have to go through any hassle while putting it up. The aluminum free-standing poles ensure a quick set up. The polyester fly resists UV rays and water to the extreme while it offers a lot more storage compared to other tents in the same category. The full coverage fly also helps you to protect yourself from snowy weather as well. While the outside temperature stays freezing, you will feel nothing inside.


  • Poles are freestanding
  • You can set it up quickly
  • Comes with 2 doors
  • Includes 2 vestibules for better storage space


  • Even though it comes with a storage bag, storing it is not that easy

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4. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent:

If you are looking for a lightweight tent with a sturdy design that will be perfect for mountaineering trips, then this particular tent from ALPS is the best choice for you. With a free-standing aluminum pole design, lightweight, better ventilation, this is the best possible 4 season tent that you can buy. It even has separate exit and entry doors as well. It is built with the fly buckles, weatherproof material and half mesh wall, which makes the ventilation easy inside and protects you from any type of harsh weather. With the use of pole clips and the aluminum poles, it becomes really easy to set up. Along with easy in and out options, it has a nice storage place as well which will surely come handy if you are going for a mountaineering tour. The fabric used is 185T polyester which can not only protect you from UV rays from the scorching sun but also can be of great use while it’s raining heavily.


  • If you are planning for car-camping, this tent is perfect
  • Tent body and the rain fly is separate from one another which allows the tent to have a double wall and good airflow as well
  • Strong aluminum poles are really of great quality
  • The floor of this tent is good enough
  • With the use of free-standing poles, you can easily get going with this tent
  • Easy to use the pole clips as well
  • Floor and fly seams are sealed completely to protect you from rain and wind
  • Comes with 2 vestibules which increase storage space and 2 separate doors makes getting in or out is really easy
  • As per the 4 season tent reviews, it’s perfect for mountain camping
  • The material used to build the tent is UV resistant and water-resistant too
  • Comes with a warranty as well


  • Not much room to fit 4 adult persons
  • Not head space to stand up while you are inside the tent
  • Not that light in weight which might be difficult to carry while you are on a hiking or camping tour
  • It might be perfect for dry season but in the rainy and snowy condition you might want to try a different tent
  • Insulation is not that good to protect you from cold weather outside

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5. Coleman Sundome Tent:

Being an adventure lover everyone loves to have a nice backpacking tent and this budget-friendly tent from Coleman can be a suitable choice for you. The quality of this tent is really good. With mesh walls and 2 windows, the ventilation is perfect and the space inside is enough for 2 people for sure. The dome design makes it perfect for the first-timers and the freestanding poles make it easier to set up quickly. The floor material is polyethylene which makes it durable and strong. It weighs about 7.2 lbs which are good enough to carry around. The poles are made of fiberglass which makes them strong and light as well.


  • Cost-effective compared to what you pay for
  • Easy to get started
  • Compact size
  • Disassembling is easier too
  • The floor is durable and thick which can be helpful in getting going for years
  • The rain fly and mesh makes the ventilation easy
  • Good enough to pack in compact bags
  • Comes with freestanding poles
  • Good for dry weather
  • Headroom is good enough
  • Comes with added electric power port
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Design is not that sturdy
  • Although there are 2 separate pockets inside, the storage facility is pretty much basic
  • Zippers are not of great quality
  • For cold weather, this tent might note the best choice
  • The walls are really sloped, which means it lacks in space
  • Not good at all for heavy rain
  • The rain fly might be good for airflow but it does not protect your floor from the outside water
  • There is no vestibule inside the tent
  • It has only a single door
  • Rainfly is too small
  • Bit weighty compared to other tents

6. GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2 Person 4 Season Camping Tent:

This backpacking, freestanding tent from Geertop is perfect for 2 people and it is big enough to fit in 2 sleeping bags as well. It is made of 210T polyester which has 3000mm polyester coating and comes with anti-tear property as well. It has a nice inner layer, which can be used for backpacking during the warm season, whereas you can use the outer layer when it quite cold outside. It also contains double-stitched seams to protect you from rain. The floor of this tent is made of Oxford Fabric which has a nice polyester coating. It includes a light hook, two doors, and separate storage pockets as well. The material used is completely rainproof which is really good and has excellent UV-resistance and water-resistant capabilities as well. The surface is slippery enough to shed off rain or snow pretty quickly. The double-layer not only helps you to have a nice comfortable tent for all year all long, but also helps you in staying dry inside, and saves you from cold and rain. It weighs about 6.4 lbs and is really easy to assemble as well. Only a single person can set this tent up within a minute. According to the 4 season tent reviews, the lightweight of this tent adds to the portability as well which makes it easier to carry it with you anywhere you go.


  • Easy to get going
  • Can withstand any type of weather
  • Small in size and compact in design
  • Easy to carry on a journey
  • 2 separate layers of protection to protect you from water and snow
  • Strong wind, snow or heavy rain, it can easily hold up against them


  • The zippers and the poles are not of great quality

7. MoKo Waterproof Family Camping Tent, Portable 3 Person Outdoor Instant Cabin:

This portable camping tent is suitable for all 4 seasons. There are plenty of accessories included with this camping tent. It has 3 poles made of fiberglass, 21 pegs made of metal, and also 6 ropes to tie the tent strong. It has a nice, strong, and durable construction that can stand tall even when it’s windy, rainy, or snowing heavily. With a height of 3.5 ft, it should be pretty comfortable for people to sit straight as well. The tent is big enough for 2 people and can be adjusted for 3 people as well. If you check the installation video you can easily disassemble or assemble easily alone. The material used for the flysheet is completely waterproof and the Oxford fabric flooring is also good. All the fabrics used are fire retardant as well. It comes with an outer vestibule with a size of 3 feet which can be used for gear storage easily. Views and ventilation are taken care of with the use of windows. It has s weight of 10 lbs which is good enough to carry around easily. The inner room has a door but the front porch is sort of open. The rain fly is detachable and ventilation is good too. As per the 4 season tent reviews, this is the most affordable 4 season tent that you can buy.


  • Setting up is really easy
  • The fabric used is fire retardant
  • Comes with a single vestibule
  • Comfortable and breathable tent
  • Enough storage space
  • Includes clear window
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Detachable rain fly
  • Handy to carry with you
  • Suitable for 4 season


  • Might not be suitable for 3 adult people

Frequently Asked Questions About 4 Season Tents?

Which 4 SeasonTent is Easy to Set up?

Setting up a 4 season tent requires some practice. So, if you are newbie, you will have a bit of difficulty with all types of 4 season tents. However, the best 4 season tents for beginners will be a dome-shaped tent. Some may insist on an A-frame tent, but a dome tent comes with more features and benefits and easy to work with as well.

What Type of Tents is Good for a Group of Bigger Than 4?

Well, you can now get tents that can accommodate 6, 8, or 12 people together. These tents are good if you have a large group and do not want to necessarily spend money on buy 2 or more separate tents. However, bigger tents seldom come loaded with features. So, you may have to compromise there. Ideally, you should keep your group size small, preferably 2 or 4 people.

Freestanding vs. non-Freestanding – Which is the Best?

Freestanding tents can be used on any type terrain and you wouldn’t need to look for a solid ground to keep the stakes fixed on the ground. In fact, you may not at all need to have the stakes down which makes these tent versatile. They are, however, quite heavy.

Non-freestanding tents, on the other hand, need a solid, stable ground surface to be steady. They are a bit difficult to set up as well. However, they are ideal for camping if the weather conditions remain normal.

Can a Camping cot be Added to 4 Season Tents?

Yes, if the tent is big enough. Remember that camping cots offer more comfort, but will take up space. So, you need a big tent, preferably a cabin tent if you want to add in a camping cot.


Finding the best 4 season tents is easy to work, provided that you know exactly what you need. With so many quality tents reviewed above, you can easily pick the one that is to your liking and will serve you the best.

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