Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines Water is essential for life. But did you know that the type of water you drink could have an effect on your health? It is not just about contaminated or uncontaminated water. There’s more it. Drinking uncontaminated water isn’t enough if you want to reap all the benefits of drinking water. Research shows that you should drink alkaline ionized water if you really want to improve your health. Alkaline water has a pH of more than 7 and can help control body acids. Ionizing water adds OH- ions to the water which can combine with the free radical oxygen present in the body. By reducing the free radicals, it reduces the oxidative stress within the body.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines

Apart from looking at the above-mentioned important features, there are many other things to be considered when buying a water ionizer machine. This includes:

Price: The price of the ionizer is the first and most important point of consideration. If the price is beyond your budget, you cannot buy it, even if is a good one. So, it is essential that you look for products within your budget. The best part here is that you can get water ionizer machines from as low as about a hundred dollars to as costly as a thousand dollars or more. Basic ionizers will fit into everyone’s budget. Advanced water ionizers, however, may need some budget planning.

Design: Water ionizer machines are available in a number of designs. However, two designs are most popular – under counter and countertop. The choice of the design depends on the space available to you and also your room décor. Under counter, units do not take up useful counter space and also remain out of sight. Countertop units, on the other hand, would use up counter space but are easily accessible. So, if you are not having a space crunch, countertop units may be the best fit for you.

Manufacturer Reputation: A water ionizer is an important household appliance and you would want only the best for yourself and your family. That is why, while choosing a product, it is best to consider the brand reputation so that you know that you are getting a good product and your family’s health is not compromised in any way. That’s why you should look for compliance testing, EPA approval, use of BPA-free plastic, company associations, and most importantly, customer feedback before choosing a particular product.

Warranty: If you are investing in the best alkaline water ionizer machines, you will not want your money wasted on a product that will go out of use soon. That is why it is preferable to choose a product with a good warranty period so that you can rely on it. The longer the warranty period, the better it is.

Installation: Installing a water ionizer is usually very simple. Countertop units require only a few minutes of your time and no tools are involved. Under counter, units are a bit difficult to install as your water faucet needs replacement with a dispenser. However, this is not an overly difficult job; you will just need more time to install the unit.

Best Alkaline Water Ionization Machines Reviews

1.Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine:

If you are looking for a quality water ionizer machine at an affordable price, then this particular water ionizer from Bawell is the best that you can buy. It uses 7 medical-grade platinum plates which creates a surface area of 144 sq. in. and produces water with great taste. It has an internal filtration system that ensures that you get pure and quality water every time you turn on the machine. With this machine installed at your home, you do not have to worry about cleaning work at all, as it has an automatic cleaning functionality that ensures that the plates are cleaned after every use. It’s designed to be compatible with the old and new faucet designs and it can even be installed with the sprayer faucet heads as well. It engages an antibacterial system that ensures that you drink pure, bacteria, and germ-free water and stays healthy in the process. Apart from that, it works really fast and it’s efficient too, which means you do not have to wait long before you get fresh processed water. It comes with 8 different choices of alkaline levels which you can choose with just a single touch. Although it includes 2 different filters you can even add your choice of filters separately as well. According to the Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines reviews, it includes an LCD touch-screen that can be used to control the device with ease.


  • It comes with 7 titanium plates coated with platinum
  • 5 different power settings for different acidic and alkaline level of water
  • The universal adaptor that fits every faucet design and style
  • Can be used in any place and control is really easy
  • Affordable price
  • Ph value ranges from 2.0 to 12.0 which promises to give you the perfect acidic or alkaline water that you need


  • It has no pH indicator level on the control panel

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2. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0:

In case you are looking for an efficient ionizer at an affordable price, then this is the ionizer that you need to buy. It comes with a 5-year warranty, which means whatever problem you have with the machine, the manufacturer will take care of it free of cost. It comes with 7 titanium plates coated with platinum which is built to last long and most certainly energy efficient as well. Every piece of plastic used in the construction is approved by the FDA and is safe to use. So, using this machine for years is not an issue at all. It includes a Carbon Filter which means if your water has chlorine, benzene, VOCs, radon, trihalomethane, or pesticides, this machine can easily remove them. This system is set to auto clean itself after 10.5 gallons of water is produced. It also includes a control panel that has pH settings and a flow rate indicator as well. Although it is equipped with different water settings, you can always customize them to fulfill your needs. The alkaline water it produces can have a pH value of 7.0 to 110 and for the acidic water, the pH value is 4.5 to 6.5. The water produced is pure enough to use for cosmetics, household cleaning, drinking, and even cooking. If vitalized, clean, and anti-oxidant rich water is what you are looking for, this is the best that you can get for a healthy life.


  • It can be self-cleaned so you do not have to worry a lot about the maintenance
  • Filter quality is really good which means it can remove a lot of harmful chemicals easily
  • It has an indicator that will allow you to know when you have to change your filters
  • It’s efficient and fast at work
  • No maintenance costing whatsoever
  • Comparatively affordable in its category


  • The water smells a bit

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3. IntelGadgets IONtech IT-757 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer:

As per the Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines reviews, IONtech IT-757 is one of the best attractive looking water ionizers that you can get. It has a hi-tech design accompanied by an LCD display and a front panel with buttons to operate the machine. Operating this machine is really easy and you do not need to go through the manual a lot to get going with this. It has a flow rate of 0.8 gallons which should be sufficient for domestic purposes. It comes with 5 titanium plates (platinum coated) and a carbon filter as well which produces healthy alkaline water every time you turn on your machine. There are indicators on the display to note about the automatic cleaning, cleaning cycle after 7.9 gallons of water processing and even you will know when you need to replace the carbon filter. Despite having so many options to deal with, it’s absolutely safe to use at home and office without having any trouble at all. Installing this machine is really easy and alkaline water tastes good as well. If you compare this model with other well-known models, this one is far more affordable compared to others and efficient as well.


  • Comes with soft control buttons
  • User-friendly controls
  • Easy to control pH value
  • Perfectly arranged keys to stop occasional wrong mode selection
  • Stylish look and efficiency is the best part of this gadget


  • Faucet connectors are plastic which might not fit in kitchen tap

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4. Aqua-Ionizer Pro Deluxe:

This is another quality product available at an affordable price. It is capable of producing alkaline water of pH value 5.0 to 11.0 which is really great. Whether you wish to use the water for cooking or drinking, you can use the alkaline water, whereas the acidic water will help you to use it for scalping, washing your hair and body. With this machine you will be able to maintain a healthy body and your immune system will be pretty much good as well. It contains a self-cleaning filter that is capable of ionizing and purifying a maximum of 4000 lt. of water without having to worry about any kind of maintenance. So, you can easily use this machine for at least 1 year before you can think of cleaning it. This machine has 5 titanium coated plates that have 81.8 sq of surface area which is good enough to clean your water. It has different settings for neutral pH water, alkaline water, and acidic water. It includes an Active Carbon filter which ensures that there is no bad odor or foul taste when you drink it. Remember that you have to change the filer for every 4.585 gallons of water produced. With the easy to use control panel, you can easily control the pH level of the water. This machine is FDA approved and it produces water in a well tested and researched way as well.


  • Alkaline water with anti-oxidant which is definitely healthy
  • You can easily install this machine in your bathroom, faucets, and kitchen
  • Not much water is wasted due to its purification process
  • It is capable of removing bacteria and germs from any water
  • You can even use it under your sink but you will need an additional accessory for that


  • If you are using well water, it might not work with that level of efficiency

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5. Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water Ionizer:

In case you are looking for a water ionizer that will produce hydrogen-rich filtered alkaline water, then this particular water ionizer from Pure Hydration is the best choice for you. It has a nice sleek design and comes with all the health benefits that a water ionizer might have. It includes infrared sensors, which means to turn it ON or OFF, you just have to wave your hands, and you are done. Installation is super easy as well and most certainly it will fit perfectly with your faucet. This machine is built to produce pH-controlled water which means it is healthy for your body and it can help you in reducing illness and inflammation. As you drink this healthy water every day you can always expect to have a changed look and feel. According to the Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines reviews, this machine is capable of producing water rich with anti-oxidants and hydrogen molecules which means it can heal your body a lot faster


  • Germ-free healthy water supply
  • Looks nice and does not take a lot of space
  • Easy to install and get started
  • Stable pH level up to 9
  • Natural water ionizer that does not waste any water
  • Comes with an alert from a filter change
  • Easy to operate with the front selection panel
  • It adds to the water all-important antioxidants and minerals


  • You cannot replace your built-in default with a standard one
  • Not much storage capacity

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6. Tyent UCE-11:

In case health is what makes you concerned then UCE-11 is the right solution to your problems. This alkaline water machine has 11 titanium plates coated in platinum which is capable of generating quality water with controlled pH value. It performs electrolysis which ensures production of healthy water every time you use the machine. With this ionizing machine at disposal, you do not have to worry about the purity of the water produced at all. It comes with a dual filtration system to remove 99.9% of bacteria and offers you healthy water. It can be auto-cleaned which means you do not have to worry about its maintenance, not even little! It comes with a touch screen along with 8 animated buttons to operate the machine. With this easy to use the control, you can easily check on the pH level of water you need and maintain your settings according to that. Design-wise its good enough! As per the Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines reviews, it comes with sleek looking body, made of stainless steel, touch screen control, pH level control and more importantly easy to install with any kind of tap or faucet.


  • Comes with dual filtration system
  • Capable of removing 99.9% germs and bacteria
  • Comes with a nice flow rate which means it does not waste a lot of water
  • Plate surface area is quite big to process a large amount of water at a time
  • Comes with a touch screen facility which makes it easier to control the device
  • You can even change the power consumption


  • No heat sensor included in this

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7. Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9:

Delux 9 from Aqua Ionizer is a quality machine that produces ionized, alkaline water. Although it has a plastic body, its FDA approved so you can completely have faith in its certificate. It’s durable and produces healthy water too, but it completely backed up by the manufacturer with a lifetime warranty. So, you do not have to worry about repair cost, maintenance cost at all! The manufacturer values its users are always ready to listen and learn from their mistakes. It has 7 different water settings, which allows you to produce water in the pH range of 3.5 to 11.0. And the best part is that you can customize the settings to get the right pH value of water. According to the Alkaline Water, Ionizer Machines reviews it’s a safe unit to use for long hours, and overall this is eco-friendly too. Maintenance is not an issue with this machine. With automatic technology, it gets cleaned within 300 secs of time. It’s easy to assemble and install as well. Potentially it takes 10 mins to get things ready and get started. The controls are easy to understand the user manual included is good enough as well. it’s highly efficient in producing alkaline water and takes no time at all to do so. It might be small in size but is capable of delivering high performance every time.


  • 7 different water settings to choose from
  • Produced water is rich in anti-oxidant
  • It uses 9 titanium plates to offer maximum contact surface area for the water to clean
  • Comes with a lifelong warranty and really good customer service


  • No auto-shut option for the machine

What is a Water Ionizer and How Does it Work?

A water ionizer is a simple appliance that helps in converting normal tap water into alkaline water. This is done by separating the alkaline and acidic constituents of water by a process known as electrolysis. The alkaline water thus produced is then used for drinking. Water with high alkalinity is also ideal for cooking. The rest of the water is carried away by another hose and can be collected for cleaning, washing, disinfecting, etc. In short, a water ionizer helps increase the pH level of water and turn it alkaline.

The working methodology of a water ionizer is very simple. Water coming to the kitchen faucet goes into the ionizer. The best alkaline water ionizer machines contain an activated charcoal filter that separates the impurities present in water. The ionizer then starts electrolysis of the water, thereby converting the bicarbonate compounds present in water to hydrates. This makes the water alkaline. The alkaline stream of water comes out of one nozzle while the acidic part comes out through another nozzle. You can use alkaline water for drinking, cooking, etc., and acidic water for washing, cleaning, etc.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water or Ionized Water

Alkaline water has been in talks for decades now and its popularity has grown over the years. But before you buy yourself an alkaline water ionizer, it is best that you understand how alkaline water benefits you. Here are the most common health benefits of drinking alkaline water:

  • Alkaline water (pH 8.8) can denature pepsin, an enzyme that is known to be the main cause of acid reflux. As such, alkaline water prevents acid reflux.
  • Drinking alkaline water can neutralize acidic content in the blood, thereby improving metabolism, oxygen levels, and energy levels.
  • Alkaline water can help in the internal detoxification of your body and also aid weight loss.
  • Water with a pH higher than 7 is said to be easily absorbed by the body. This helps in effective hydration of the body from within and moisturizes and hydrates your skin.
  • By acting as a strong anti-oxidizing agent, alkaline water fights free radicals and delays the aging process.

Note: The use of alkaline water for drinking is still in the research phase. Although studies and researches have proven that there no serious side-effects of drinking alkaline water, all claims of benefits have not yet been proven in human studies. Also, drinking too much alkaline water is not recommended as it can induce alkalosis and cause side-effects.

Features to look for in the Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

When you are out looking for the best alkaline water ionizer machines, you need to know what features make a machine the best. Well, there many features that a good water ionizer must-have, but here are the most important ones:

pH Range: A good water ionizer should come with pH control settings so that you can manage the pH levels of the water that comes out of the machine. This is important if you want to use the water for different purposes. For example, water needed for disinfecting and cleaning should be slightly acidic, for drinking it should be slightly alkaline whereas for cooking it must be highly alkaline. So, if you can adjust the pH level of the water that the machine produces, you can have water suitable for different purposes. This, however, depends on what you plan to use the ionizer for. If you only want mildly alkaline water for drinking purposes, you will not need pH control settings.

ORP Range: This is another feature to look for while buying the best alkaline water ionizer machines. ORP stands for Oxygen Reduction Potential or the potential of antioxidants. It indicates the ionizer’s potential of reducing the effect of oxidation within the body. Oxidation is a harmful process as it can damage our body cells, DNA, proteins, and more. As such, making the water suitable for combating oxidative stress is important. Ionized water with low (negative) ORP has the potential of reducing free radicals in the body. The lower the ORP, the better the water is for combating oxidative processes. An ORP range of -150 to -500 is ideal for drinking water. A machine that has a lower ORP range would be the best choice.

A number of plates: The plates present in the ionizer help increase the pH of the water to make it ideal for drinking. As such, more plates present in the ionizer make it more powerful and suitable for converting acidic water alkaline which can then be used for drinking. If a unit has a number of plates it can easily produce water with enough alkalinity to use in cooking. It also helps in achieving a lower ORP range which makes the machine more capable. More plates also make the machine faster which is important if you require large volumes of ionized water for various purposes. Affordable units usually come equipped with 5 plates for alkalinization while the best alkaline water ionizer machines have 11 plates for faster ionization. It must be noted here that a unit with more number of plates will consume more power and will also be quite costly.

Built-in Water Filter: When buying an ionizer machine, it would be wise to buy one that comes with an in-built water filter. Most modern systems come with a water filter that has a number of characteristics or features. These features are beneficial in many ways. For example, if you have a strong source of water flow, it would be the best to look for a filter that can manage the heavy inflow of water. Dealing with high water pressure will require a model that is specially built for the purpose.

Filter life and Price: Your ionizer machine may come with an in-built water filter, but it doesn’t work for a lifetime. The filter has a fixed lifespan and after that, it will need replacement. The lifespan of the filter is usually between 6-12 months, but that is just an average. The filter lifespan totally depends on the manufacturer. So, you have to know what the manufacturer promises to know exactly how long can the filter last. This is essential that frequent replacement will incur additional expenses. Look for a filter that lasts long enough to make it worth the price.

Self-Cleaning: Believe it or not, many water ionizers are self-cleaning. It means that the appliance will clean itself whenever you turn it on or off. This is a great feature as it keeps the machine clean without any necessity for manual labor. Self-cleaning units are the best choice for people living in areas with hard water. Automatic cleaning prevents calcium buildup, keeps the plates clean, reduces strain on the machine, and enhances its lifespan. These are the best alkaline water ionizer machines for people who won’t save time and effort.

Digital Controls: This feature usually comes with ionizers with a higher price tag. These machines have display options to tell you about the present condition of the water being purified, pH levels, and more. Many will also allow you to control the kind of water you get.


Buying yourself an alkaline water ionizer is a good decision for the health of your family. With the best alkaline water ionizer machines reviewed above getting one for yourself shouldn’t be a big deal. All you need to do is understand which one will be the best fit for your home and you can order one today!

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