Best Analog Watches Under $100

Watches are a timeless piece of elegance. They are not just an accessory. They define your personality and compliment it. Over the decades, they have been an essential part of all attire – from office wear to everyday wear, from casual wear to party wear. With the right choice, a watch can enhance your style statement without being too conspicuous. Analog watches have evolved and advanced keeping pace with the changing times. Bulky dials have given way to lightweight ones; coarse contours have been replaced by sleek designs; costly timepieces have now been taken over by the huge collection of affordable watches. In fact, online stores are flooded with the best analog watches under $100 to fit everyone’s budget.

Best Analog Watches


What to Look for While Buying Analog Watches?

With hundreds of analog watch available in the price range, choosing the right one for yourself may seem like an overwhelming task. Not to worry as here we will layout an easy guide for landing on that one perfect timepiece for your needs. To choose the best one for yourself, here’s what you should consider:

Price: You may have a maximum budget of analog watches under $100 set for your watch. But do you really want to spend $100 on the watch or something that’s cheaper would be the best fit for you? This is an important consideration because cheap analog watches are available for as low as two dollars. You can get a fairly good timepiece for around $20 – $50. So, the price of the watch is an important consideration that you should make while choosing a watch.

Comfort: The next important thing that must be factored in is the comfort factor. You would generally wear a watch for a good part of the day and if it isn’t comfortable, you wouldn’t like the experience. Some people may find a metal band to be comfortable while others may opt for a leather/faux leather band. Decide what suits you best before you look for the best analog watches under $100.

Readability: Watches must be such that you can read time with a quick look. Too fancy digits or a dark display can make it difficult for you to read the time. Go for a watch that’s easy to read.

Dial size: While choosing the best analog watch for yourself, do take into consideration the dial size of the watch that you want to buy. Watch dials come in all shapes and sizes and you need to decide what’s best for you. Too big a dial can be uncomfortable for you while a small dial may mar your attire.

Style: Watches compliment your style and stature. So, choose one very carefully. Analog watches are available in a variety of styles – simple, classy, rustic, sporty, trendy, chic, party, and whatnot. There is surely one for every look and style that you want to sport. All you need to do is choose a watch that fits you the best.

Weight: While surfing through the best analog watches under $100 be sure to check the weight of each product. The weight of a watch is mainly concentrated in the dial and can increase depending on how sturdily the watch is built. Naturally, expensive watches are heavier than cheap watches with the same dial size. See to it that the weight is comfortable for you.

Accuracy: Accurate time is what you would look for in any watch. As such, watches with quartz movement would be the best choice. If you want to buy yourself a mechanical watch, it is best to choose one with -7/+7 tolerance for the most accurate time measurements.

Material: While choosing a watch for yourself, you should always consider the strap/bracelet material. Though watch straps or bracelets can be made of a variety of metals, the most common options that you can have in watches under $100 are plastic, rubber, silicone, resin, stainless steel, leather, etc. Do not expect materials like premium quality leather, silver, platinum, gold-plating, etc. in this price range.

Features: Another important deciding factor is the features that you want. If you just want to check the time, you can choose a very simple timepiece for a few dollars. But if you want something more from your watch, you need to choose accordingly. The best analog watches under $100 come with a variety of features like stopwatch, water resistance, shock resistance, alarm options, luminous display, and more. Choose a watch with features that you need. Avoid unnecessary spending over features that you will never need.

Brand: If you have a favorite brand, you can go for watches from the same brand. You can also look for watches from popular brands if you prefer branded watches. If you have no brand fascination, look for watches that are of good quality and have good customer feedback and reviews. This should help you make a wise decision.

Best Analog Watches Under $100 with Reviews

1. Fossil Men’s Chronograph Quartz Watch:

This quartz watch from Fossil comes with a nice knurled case. The black strap is made of silicone which definitely makes this timepiece look interesting. The model is made of stainless steel which comes with a textured bezel and logoed dial. It also includes a date window and 3 different subdials as well. It also includes stopwatch functionalities which definitely make this watch one of the best chronographic watches that you can buy. This analog watch does not weigh much either. It can be used even when you are swimming as well. As per analog watches under $100 reviews, this is truly one of the best lightweight, stylish and comfortable analog watch that you can buy.


  • Comes with a comfortable and nice-looking silicone band
  • Cleaning is really easy
  • Not that heavy
  • Good quality material and machine
  • The hands flow when it’s dark which makes it easier for you to see the time even at night
  • A stopwatch is a great addition to this high-quality watch


  • Might become a bit difficult to see time due to the large embedded silver circle
  • The display near 3 positions and 9 position is really small
  • Silicone bands are good looking but it tends to trap sweat right under the band which might be problematic depending on your daily activity

2. Seiko Men’s SNE102 Stainless Steel:

If you are looking for a smart and sleek looking stainless steel watch then this particular model from Seiko might be the best choice for you. The dark blue dial makes it classic and the leather band makes it elegant to wear. This watch from Seiko is designed to charge in any type of light rather than just sunlight. Even if you do not wear it for longer durations it is built to run for at least 10 months on the reserve power. The dial is made of scratch-resistant crystal which makes it durable as well. The leather band goes nicely with its blue dial and looks really great even with the simplest of the dresses.

It comes with gold-tone hands that help you in reading time even when you have low light. The 39mm stainless steel case makes it perfect in size. According to the analog watches under $100 reviews, this watch is water-resistant up to 330 ft too which makes it great for anyone who loves to go swimming and snorkeling with the watch on their hand.


  • Comes with comfortable leather band
  • Solar-powered
  • Elegant and classic
  • Great functionality
  • Good quality watch


  • Solar charging facility does not work accurately
  • Does not show accurate time so you might have to reset the watch multiple time a day

3. Casio Women’s Rose Gold Analog Watch:

This analog watch from Casio is designed for women only. The outside case comes in 4 different colors and is shaped to protect it from any kind of impact. The pink plated dial looks really nice along with the matching strap which is included with the watch. It comes with LED light, different time zones, 4 different alarms, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer as well. It can be termed as a good water-resistant watch till you are around 300 ft deep waters. The case is made of resin and measures 43 mm. According to analog watches under $100 reviews, this quartz watch comes with a digital-analog display which looks really stylish. With this watch you can definitely go for snorkeling but not for scuba diving.


  • Affordable price range
  • Different time formats
  • 48 city’s time zones are included
  • 4 different alarms along with a snooze facility
  • Countdown facility
  • Stopwatch functionality
  • Split time and elapsed time measurement
  • Includes LED light
  • Includes a pre-programmed calendar


  • Might be difficult to set up this watch unless you are a tech-savvy person
  • Difficult to read the analog hands
  • Not that durable

4. Invicta Men’s 0070 Pro Diver Collection Stainless Steel Watch:

Invicta brings to you a high-quality stainless steel watch. With a blue bezel, skeleton hands, date window, chronographic subdials, and luminous indices, this is the best that you can get. It comes with an analog watch display, stainless steel case, and flame-fusion dial that makes it look great. This watch is built to be water-resistant up to 660 ft of water level, but remember not to wear this watch if you are going for scuba diving. The wrist band comes with a fold-over clasp which makes it safe to wear anywhere. It includes a nice minute marker and a rotating bezel that suits the stainless steel case pretty much. The date window is magnified as pre-programmed. The hands are designed to glow in the dark which makes it easy to see the time even when it’s dark. As per the analog watches under $100 reviews the positions of the chronographic subdials are perfect and do not cause problems in seeing time.


  • Top-quality construction
  • Looks good
  • Nice design
  • Comes with chronographic functionality
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • The two hands of this watch glow in the dark
  • Comes with a fold-over clasp which makes it easier to keep it safe


  • A bit weighty than it should be
  • Cannot be categorized as affordable ones

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5. Fossil Women’s Riley – ES3204:

Looking for a fashionable and elegant watch for women? Well, this particular watch from Fossil serves both your purpose efficiently. This is one of those classic watches that you can wear with any outfit and even when you are swimming. The bezel included in this watch is crystal-studded which makes it attractive and the analog display of this watch makes it one of the best that you can buy. It comes with a stainless steel case that is scratch resistant in nature and could be a great addition to your beloved one at an affordable price range.


  • Cool design
  • Water-resistant up to 330 ft.
  • Durable construction
  • Fashionable style
  • 3 hand analog display
  • All the hands glow in dark for better visibility
  • Round stainless steel case
  • Crystal studded bezel along with gold-tone ring at the top
  • The dial is of silver satin and hour marks are all crystal
  • The bracelet has nice stainless steel and gold-tone
  • Comes with stopwatch facility
  • If you go through analog watches under $100 reviews you will see that this watch is perfect for snorkeling or swimming


  • Pretty small in size
  • Does not look good
  • Does not have the appearance it promises to have

6. Casio Men’s G-SHOCK – The GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch:

Casio brings to you one of the best G-shock analog watches that you can buy. With resin band, metal buckle, countdown, and stopwatch facility, this analog watch seems to be one of the best analog watches. It even includes 48 city time zones as well. This watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters of water depth which is really good for swimmers and divers.

This watch from Casio is completely shockproof against vibration and mechanical shock. Although this watch suits the sportsperson, military people, and outdoor workers, but anyone with a good style sense can wear this amazing timepiece. This one is a combination of digital and analog display and includes an efficient stopwatch and countdown facility as well. With 10-year battery life, tough construction, and military-grade quality this can be your best companion on a field trip. It looks great to wear this kind of stylish watch which makes it perfect for absolutely everyone.


  • The casing is of great quality
  • Shock-resistant too
  • As per analog watches under $100 reviews, this is one of the best Quartz movement watches that you can buy
  • Sleek design
  • Different time zones included


  • Does not glow that well when it’s dark

7. Stuhrling Original Men’s Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Watch:

This watch from Stuhrling is another quality quartz analog watch that you can buy. This is a watch built for professional divers which means it has a nice water-resistant capability to get started. With 200 meters of water-resistant power, this can be your greatest companion in every dive. The stainless steel case is of high quality. The bracelet is adjustable and the bezel included is unidirectional. With a blue dial, a quick date set facility, and luminous hands; this is truly one of the best that you can buy. It comes with a push-button clasp that locks safely. The scratch-resistant crystal is made to withstand the water pressure of diving on a regular basis.

The hands and the indices of this watch are all coated with some luminescent material which ensures that they glow for a short time after they are exposed to the light. Although this material used is mostly radioactive, but you do not have to worry about the radiation as it has only the alpha emitter and does not cause any harm even if you are wearing the watch for long hours.

Having a crown with screw-down facilities is pretty much common for diving watches. Similarly, this watch comes with the same sort of crown as well. All you need to do is push the crown downward and use the screw. This will create a nice seal position for the crown with the case which will keep your watch safe from the deep waters. Once you are out of the water, you can unscrew the crown to its normal position. Remember that this crown does not have a push-pull technique, rather it comes with a screw-down method to lock the casing.


  • Comes with quartz movement facility which increases long battery life
  • Accurate enough to use the whole day
  • Affordable compared to the facility that you get
  • High-quality finish
  • Perfect for professional divers
  • The luminous effect increases visibility underwater


  • The band of this watch might not have the best finish that you are looking for


Buying yourself the best analog watches under $100 isn’t difficult anymore now that you have our detailed guide and an unbiased review of the best watches in the range. Just go through all the reviews, decide which one would suit you the best, and order it today!

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