Best Antibacterial Soaps

Antibacterial soaps are soaps that contain chemicals or natural ingredients that help in killing disease-causing bacteria. They contain various types of chemicals (ex. -Triclosan and Triclocarban) or natural herbs that help in protecting our skin from various bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Nowadays, antibacterial soaps are made of natural or nature-inspired things that are safer to use and are free from any long-term side effects.

Antibacterial soaps are trending and are being highly demanded by the youth and even by middle-aged people. These are proving to be very effective in preventing skin diseases. Although, there are various organizations like the US FDA which said that these soaps are at par with regular soaps and have no proof of long-term health effects yet the antibacterial soaps produced by major companies like Himalaya, Cinthol, and Glenmark have proved to be absolutely safe and very effective. Because of the rising pollution and regular exposure to dirt, antibacterial soaps have become unavoidable.

Antibacterial soaps are very effective in day-to-day life and absolutely safe to use.

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5 Best Antibacterial Soaps with Reviews

1. Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap:

Do you know the secret of Safeguard’s antibacterial soaps? If not, then you should. It has the power of Mother Nature blended together with modern chemical compounds to protect your skin from various disease-causing germs, viruses, and bacteria and washes away odor providing you with a scent that everyone will enjoy. It refreshes, cleans, and protects your skin in the most advanced way. It contains scientifically approved ingredients that have the power to kill more than 99% of germs present on the skin. Manufactured by one of the most reputed companies, it provides an all-around skincare solution. It is also efficient in removing excess oil from the skin, dirt, and makeup from your skin. Safeguard soaps to fight against illness and infection for hours after use. Its specialized ingredients help in filling pores, removing damaged cells, and creating new cells that can provide a new glow and charm to your skin. A normal bath with this soap on a daily basis can provide maximum protection and care. It takes care of your skin in the most natural way.


  • It fits and suits all types of skin and can be used by everyone in the family ranging from children to senior citizens on a regular basis without any side effects.
  • It protects your skin against all germs, bacteria, and dirt and helps you live a healthy life.
  • It removes odor from your skin and deodorizes it for a long period of time.


  • Excessive use may kill good bacteria present on the skin that may kill good bacteria that might harm skin and immunity.
  • It is quite expensive and is not available at all places which might discourage lower-class people from buying them.

2. Soap Works – Natural Scented Antibacterial Bar Soap for Acne and Deodorant Use – Carbolic:

If you are one who is tired of handling acne, then this antibacterial soap is definitely for you. This handmade soap is not only the permanent solution to all your acne problems but is also known for its amazing fragrance. It ensures that no oil remains on the face which prevents the accumulation of acne. The best part about this soap is that it can be used by people of all age groups. So, next time when you are looking for a one-stop solution for your soap needs, you know where to land! This soap ensures that the skin remains hydrated all day long in all types of weather. Killing all the germs from your face ensures flawless and radiating skin.


  • It has a really natural fragrance.
  • It is the perfect soap for people with acne.


  • This isn’t very effective on dry skin.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes since it may cause irritation.
  • Some people don’t prefer soap with scent.

3. Safeguard Antibacterial Beige Bar Soap:

A soap set doesn’t seem like a fancy gift but the PURE Artisan Soap Bar Set is different. Break the stereotypes and gift your man his scent of the day and allow him to feel refreshed and revitalized throughout the day. A perfect foundation for maintaining glowing skin, this soap set contains shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and palm oil and is entirely hand-made. Clinically recommended and suitable for all skin types, this soap set is hand-made and cold-processed to preserve the quality of all its natural ingredients. It not only has the ability to deep clean the pores from toxins, bacteria, and dirt but also improves the elasticity of the skin. Furthermore, to suit every mood, this set covers the whole range of scents, be it woodsy, herbal, or fruity. From men, women, kids to colleagues, and friends, this soap set is universally beloved and appreciated as a gift for all. So if you’re sick of old gift ideas and looking for something better and more worthy, go for the PURE Artisan Soap Bar Set that will surely make your loved ones feel refreshed and revitalized.


  • This soap is Anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • It acts as a natural deodorizer
  • The antiseptic nature of the soap makes it the preferred choice of many.


  • Keep away from direct streams of water.
  • Keep the soap dry between uses to last longer.

4. Dial Antibacterial Bar Soap:

This advanced formula is designed to suit your skin needs and does its job with perfection. It’s the most trusted antibacterial soap that prevents the growth of germs for long after you wash. This protection technology gives magnificent results in a short span of time. This soap is formulated to provide a rich, moisture-laden, and creamy lather that never lets your skin dry and keeps you hydrated all the time. The thick lather nourishes the skin and preserves good bacteria that provide cover from diseases. The Dial soaps are the best choice to maintain the perfect balance among, moisture, clean, and healthy skin. Even in freezing cold, these prove to be very effective in maintaining the hydration level. Along with removing odor from your skin like a giant, it makes you feel clean, fresh with the help of long-lasting deodorant protection. Dial Soaps possess all the qualities of an all-rounder – Relaxing Fragrance, Fight against bacteria, moisture balance, and creamy lather and proves to be a houseful of customer satisfaction. This product contains a blend of natural extracts and chemicals that enables the skin to respond to good bacteria and kill germs and remove dirt.


  • It provides effective results in all age groups with no danger of side effects and skin allergy.
  • Eliminates odor-causing germs and bacteria, and provides a nice deodorizing fragrance for a long time.
  • Alongside killing germs and bacteria, it maintains the nourishment of the skin.


  • Sometimes the pH level of soap might prove to be destructive. It might kill good bacteria along with bad ones because of its high acidic level.
  • During winters, it might rinse off skin oil and expose skin to roughness and dryness. This case is relative according to the different skin types of people.

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5. Cuticura Deep Cleansing Face and Body Soap:

Recommended by dermatologists and made with some of the skin-nourishing ingredients from Mother Nature, Cuticura bathing soap comprises olive oil, almond oil, and saffron. From improving the skin elasticity to acting as a skin moisturizer, this bathing soap is a complete package to make your skin soft and ever lively. A non-comedogenic formula, this bathing soap contains non-drying ingredients for deep cleaning and removing excess dirt and oil responsible for causing blemishes and acne. This antibacterial medicated soap revitalizes the skin and makes it glow with radiance and good health. For getting the best results, wash your face with Cuticura twice a day with warm water. This soap works best for acne-prone skin and is very effective in destroying bacteria and germs. This antibacterial skin cleanser is paraben-free and contains original scents. This soap is extra mild and gentle to provide smooth and clear skin to the whole family. Cuticura is a good grade of soap that provides an effective solution for your skin problems.


  • Keeps you refreshed all day long.
  • It provides supple and glowing skin.
  • Keeps your skin germ-free.


  • Do not use it on children below 6 years of age.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.

These are used even in hospitals and nursing homes to help prevent the spread of disease-causing germs. In most places, these have replaced the regular soaps. Antibacterial soaps also help in moisturizing and cleansing the skin. It is like a lot of values added to regular soap.

Antibacterial soaps are available in various quantities. It is available in small sizes for a trial to ensure that it suits the skin of the customers.  In most cases, these suit all skin types and are very efficient. The price of these soaps generally ranges between 30-70 and is feasible for all classes of people. These soaps can be used on a regular basis and by all age groups. However, it should not be applied to small children up to the age of 10 years.

What Makes Soap Antibacterial?

A soap containing chemical ingredients specialized in killing bacteria (known as antibacterial ingredients) is called antibacterial soaps. These soaps contain chemical compounds that help human beings protect themselves against diseases and infections. Triclosan is the most active chemical ingredient found in these soaps. Among other important ingredients are Triclocarban and benzethonium chloride found in the majority of these kinds of soaps. These work as antibacterial and make an antibacterial soap different from a normal soap. These are the most important elements used in these soaps. Among other contents are benzalkonium chloride and chloroxylenol.

The most important function of Triclosan is to inhibit the growth of various bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is known as antimicrobial agents. It along with Triclocarban works like resistance to bacteria. Nowadays in some cases, ethyl alcohol is used in place of Triclosan because of some negative impacts associated with Triclosan. Ethyl alcohol also works as an antibacterial ingredient. Some soap even contains natural things like neem oil and aloe Vera oil to reduce the sensitiveness of Triclosan to human skin and neutralize its damaging effect. Normal soaps do not contain such things and that is why antibacterial soap is preferred.

Antibacterial Soap vs Normal Soap

While buying soaps, have you ever noticed some soaps labeled as antibacterial? This is because these contain ingredients that help kill bacteria and other germs. Antibacterial soaps are much more effective than normal soaps. These are specially designed and prepared to prevent the spread of germs. Regular soaps are basically manufactured with ingredients that help in cleansing the skin whereas antibacterial soaps not only clean the skin but also kill viruses, bacteria, and germs that may harm human beings. These keep humans sanitized for a longer time and are used in healthcare places like hospitals where it helps to support the weak immune system of the patients. These regular soaps are rarely used in such places. More than a majority of the soaps available nowadays have antibacterial content and have reduced the demand for regular soaps drastically. Companies manufacturing normal soaps are shifting their production to advanced ones.

Regular soaps have to be rubbed thoroughly in the hands while washing in order to kill germs whereas antibacterial soaps do it in a relatively very short time and with more efficiency. Antibacterial soaps are costlier than regular soaps and might not be affordable for lower-class people. In the case of skin infections, doctors’ advice must be taken before use whereas regular soaps can be used in this case without consent. These days even hand sanitizers are manufactured with antibacterial content that is easily portable and can be used anytime and anywhere. While using these soaps, one must be careful not to overuse them. It should be used in a small quantity and not too many times a day otherwise it may prove to be harmful. Therefore, antibacterial soaps are a blessing if we use them in a proper way.


Basically, Antibacterial soaps are the soaps that contain chemicals or natural ingredients that help in killing bacteria. It is trending in today’s generation, as it is being highly demanded by youth as well as middle-aged people. The major reason for its rapid increase is the high rise of pollution and the exposure to dirt around us. It is being highly used by hospitals and nursing homes to help to prevent disease-causing germs.

Whereas Normal soaps are the kinds of soaps that do not contain any such chemicals which contain the power to kill the germs or pollutants present in our body. The major point of difference between the two is that Normal soaps help in just cleaning the skin but an Antibacterial one not only cleans the skin but the germs, viruses, and bacteria from a human body.

So we can say that antibacterial soap is much more efficient and effective than normal or basic soap. ‘Antibacterial soap is a blessing if used properly ‘because it has its advantage to a certain limit. It should not be overused besides it must be used in a small quantity and not too many times as doing this could be harmful to oneself. Moreover, it is being approved as one of the safest and efficient things to be used in our day to day life by major companies such as Himalaya, Cinthol, and Glenmark. Another great advantage is its price range which is easily feasible for all the sections and classes of the society. The two most important chemical contents present in such soaps are- Triclocarban and benzethonium chloride which is found in the majority of these kinds of soaps.

The major products of antibacterial soaps are- Safeguard soaps which is suitable for all skin types and people of all age group can use it; Dial soaps which eliminate odor-causing germs and disease and spread a deodorizing fragrance with it; Cuticura soaps which help remove rashes and blemishes from your skin and other skin ailments and leaving a refreshing fragrance with it. So antibacterial soaps are no doubt better than normal soaps because of their advantage of killing harmful and infectious bacteria and germs from a human body most efficiently and rapidly i.e., in a lesser period of time than normal soap. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite antibacterial soap now!

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