Best Blood Pressure Watches

An abnormal blood pressure level is a major concern these days. While high blood pressure can be the harbinger of a plethora of cardiac diseases, low blood pressure can cause dizziness or fainting. In fact, blood pressure anomalies can be fatal if immediate action is not taken. However, it is impossible to detect blood pressure without a test. But carrying out pathological tests is time-consuming, and many a time, changing blood pressure levels may go undetected because a test wasn’t carried out. This can lead to serious health effects. That’s where a blood pressure watch becomes useful. A blood pressure watch, like any other watch, must be worn on your wrist. And instead of telling you just the time, it tells you your blood pressure levels. It uses the Oscillometric measure to determine the diastolic and systolic blood pressure levels and displays the same on the watch screen. Apart from monitoring your BP levels, the best blood pressure watches also monitor sleeping hours, heart rate, etc. which make these watches useful for a health check.


Types of Blood Pressure Watches

Blood pressure watches can be categorized into two distinct types. The first type would be the ones that look exactly like modern smartwatches while the other type would be those that are specially designed for stay-at-home people like the disabled or the elderly. The watches that fall into the first category can be easily outside like any other watch. They are stylish and would go with any attire. They are the size and shape of a regular wristwatch and it is difficult to make a difference from a distance. The other category of blood pressure watches is on the bigger side and isn’t aesthetically good enough to be worn outside. These are ideal for home use and usually, offer more accurate and precise data than the other type.

What to Consider While Choosing the Best Blood Pressure Watches?

Blood pressure watches can be a savior if used timely. They can alert you of hypertension long before it can cause any real damage to your cardiovascular health. In fact, many serious heart-related ailments can be avoided if hypertension is detected in the early phases. This is exactly where the blood pressure watches find utility. However, the choice of the right watch is important for the best results. Here’s what you should consider before selecting the best BP watch for yourself:

Design: Just as the design of an ordinary watch plays an important role in your decision, the design of the blood pressure watch must also be factored in before any purchase. You certainly do not want something that looks weird on your wrist. While the best blood pressure watches are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors, it is essential that you choose one that goes well with your style statement. With numerous options available, it is unlikely that you will have to make a compromise.

Build: The next important consideration that must be made while choosing the watch is the build. Build quality will matter a lot as you will wear the watch for long hours. Lighter and comfortable models are the best choice as they will not affect your wrist or cause discomfort even when worn for hours.

Accuracy: A fancy design and a light build aren’t all that you need to check while buying a blood pressure watch for yourself. You need to ensure that it gives accurate results. This can be easily achieved when you buy a watch approved by the FDA. You may come across many watches from different brands, but without FDA approval, you can never be sure about the watch’s accuracy. So, do not be swayed away by style alone, let clinical approval be the decider.

Display: The watch display screen should be a point of consideration as well. Some watches come with displays that are too small to be easily read. The best blood pressure watches have a bigger and better display so that the information displayed can be easily read. This makes it easier for you to monitor your blood pressure and other stats.

Compatibility: Smartphone compatibility is another thing that you should look for if you do not want to keep recording your BP levels from time to time. You need a watch that is smartphone compatible and can record all readings automatically. This will help you have regular statistics of your blood pressure, heart rate, etc. for future reference or checkups by your physician. Many smartphone-compatible watches allow you to connect to both Android and iOS devices while some may connect to only specific Android devices. So, before you buy a blood pressure watch, be sure to check whether it is compatible with your device.

Battery life: While choosing a blood pressure watch for yourself, try to get one that has a long battery life. An average quality watch will retain charge for about 1-2 days while the best blood pressure watches can run for 4-7 days on a single charge. If you do not want to charge the battery often, choose a watch with good battery life.

Additional Features: While basic watches monitor only BP, the best blood pressure watches monitor heart rate, steps walked, calories burnt, etc. These watches are costlier than the basic models but are quite useful for monitoring your overall health. However, if you want to monitor your BP only, a basic model should be perfect for you.

Price: The price of the watch would be the final deciding factor. Though it wouldn’t be wise to spend on unnecessary features, you shouldn’t compromise on the features that you need. Settling for something less than what you need isn’t good when it comes to your health.

Best Blood Pressure Watches

Best Blood Pressure Watches with Reviews

1. GOKOO Smart Watch for Men:

This smartwatch from Gokoo comes with a silicone band which can be changed according to the occasion you need to attain. For normal use, this smartwatch can last for 10 days with just 2 hours of charging. It includes professional tracker modes which can be useful for any people who like to track their activities. It has a separate running mode for outdoor and indoor, for swimming, cycling, hiking it has separate modes as well. All the data that this watch gathers is then uploaded to the APP and this way you get to keep a track of your wellness and fitness. Its waterproof comes with blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep monitor. With this watch, you can even control the camera and music from a remote distance. It comes with different options of dials and the screen is really easy to read in every weather condition. It is perfectly designed to match your personality. With a soft strap and good clasp, you can have this watch on your hand all day. Tracking new emails, SMS, phone calls, every notification you can now get on your Smartphone. It has also facilities to receive alerts for social media pages, weather forecasts, and other apps installed on your Smartphone. It’s compatible with iOS and Android and it comes with a lifetime warranty as well.


  • Can be a quality Heart Rate monitor
  • Can be used as a Blood Pressure monitor
  • Nice Period tracker
  • Works as a Sleep monitor
  • It has Pedometer
  • Affordable price


  • It has GPS connectivity
  • Might have issues with troubleshooting this device

2. DoSmarter Fitness Tracker Watch:

DoSmarter brings to you an advanced fitness watch with a built-in Nordic 52832 chip that gives you the facility of low power consumption and better integration. It can stay alive until 10 days with normal use. With comfortable strap material, durable stainless steel buckle, and waterproof casing, this is one of the best fitness watches that you can buy. As a fitness tracker, it is made to fit all your requirements, like it can track your BP, heart rate, steps, and required data that can be used to improve your health. It has an advanced sleep monitoring facility as well. From calculating your sleep duration to sleep quality it can do it all and all these can certainly help you in improving your overall health. Do remember that all the data your watch collects gets stored in your smartphone App. You can share that data with your fitness trainer or analyze your own to understand how you are doing. It can be termed as an all in one activity tracker that includes a pedometer, reminder, remote control for the camera, calorie counter, etc. It’s specially designed for women to track their menstrual cycle, menopause transition, period reminders, etc. All these data get logged in the App and the tracker provides necessary notifications as well.


  • User-friendly design
  • Powered by Smart Technology
  • keeps track of your daily activity and even your sleeping activities
  • Keeps track of your health improvements
  • With normal use, the battery can last for 7-10 days.
  • Comes with multiple training modes
  • Tracks your heart rate in real-time
  • Records your walk distance, steps, and other activities
  • Different sports mode
  • Tracks BP and saves record on App
  • Comes with sleep monitoring facility as well


  • As per the blood pressure watches the manual is not that user-friendly and somewhat incomplete
  • You might have trouble accessing sub-menus
  • Instructions are not efficient
  • Only works with H-Band app

3. Garinemax 2019 Version Smart Watch:

This smartwatch from Garinemax comes with 7 different sports modes, inbuilt weather update facilities, remote control for music and camera on your phone, alarm clock, fast charging, better battery backup, and a lot more. It works fine in any weather condition and is waterproof too, but do remember not to wear it while swimming in deep waters. With this watch at your disposal, you can easily track real-time blood pressure and heart rate and store that information in an App. You can later use that data to analyze your day or consult with a doctor to know how good your health is. It is also capable of gathering and storing your sleep quality and time-related data as well.

From receiving notifications for your emails, SMS, social media posts or tags, to call reminders, fitness goals; you can track everything on this watch with ease. This watch is capable of tracking any app installed on your mobile phone. Whether you use an android phone or iPhone, this watch is compatible with any android phone having OS version 5.1 or above and for iPhone, it will have to be iOS 8.0 or above.


  • Perfectly syncs with different apps
  • With this smartwatch in your hand you can access your smartphone remotely
  • Really easy to use for anyone
  • Suits your daily day need
  • Perfect fitness tracker at an affordable price
  • Looks stylish
  • Comes with stainless steel body
  • Equipped with 7 different activity tracker mode
  • Battery backup for a maximum of 8 days.


  • The biological monitoring might not be that reliable

4. BingoFit Fitness Tracker:

If you are looking for a smartwatch that can monitor blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned; track your steps, sleep time, control phone camera, stopwatch, alarm clock remotely, then this particular smartwatch from BingoFit is the best that you can buy. With this watch on your hand, you can have a dynamic curve graph for heart rate and it gets stored in an App as well which makes it easier for you to check and share with your doctor if required. The sleep monitor allows you to have data regarding your sleep depth and duration and provides a comprehensive analysis as well. This watch is capable of receiving SMS, calls, and helps you with notification for social media apps as well. This fitness watch is not only a smart one but also meets the international standard for dustproof and waterproof quality. This smartwatch is perfect for females as well. With this watch, women can keep track of their safety period, physiological period, menstrual cycle, and ovulation period as well which is really helpful along with the fitness watch facilities.


  • Comparatively affordable
  • As per the blood pressure watches, it’s a durable watch
  • With this device at your disposal, you can easily monitor blood pressure on a regular basis
  • Remote control facility for camera
  • Capable tracking menstrual cycle
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Nice battery life


  • No facility to message back
  • Not that stylish in look
  • Does not use universal charging cable

5. HalfSun Fitness Tracker:

This particular fitness watch comes with a big screen measuring 1.3” which means you get clear and high definition images. The material used is skin-friendly and comfortable enough to put on throughout the day. With this watch you can keep track of your steps walked, distance traveled, calories burned, etc., and more importantly, you can get that report on your smartphone via App as well. It is built to track your sleep quality and duration, heart rate, and blood pressure in real-time. The best part of using this watch is that you do not need to buy any particular mobile to get it to work. Whether you have an Android phone or an iOS, this watch is capable of working with both of the phones smoothly.


  • Stylish and light in weight
  • Display quality is really good
  • The big screen makes it easy to read data
  • The HD screen enhances the image quality
  • Capable of tracking heart rate and blood pressure
  • Crafted with care for men and women
  • The casing is quite durable
  • Comes with a metal buckle which makes this watch long-lasting
  • Includes different sports modes
  • Battery life is good enough
  • Takes less time to charge


  • The display of this watch is brighter than its required
  • Does not have a metal casing
  • Does not include a GPS
  • Due to the HD display, the watch tends to lose battery life a lot faster

6. Qiufeng Fitness Tracker:

Having a fitness tracker with you that can connect to your smartphone is always handy. With this activity tracker watch from Qiufeng, you can always keep track of your heart rate, BP, sleep duration. Apart from that, it can be useful in step count, calorie count, call reminder, Bluetooth calls. You can use it for message reminders, setting alarms, like a stopwatch as well. Once you pair your smartphone with this watch, you will get every single app notification on your watch all day long. Whether it’s a call notification, new message, or social media updates, this watch will show all the notifications. This watch is capable of keeping track of women’s period reminders with ease. All you have to do is set your data the first time it will set its reminder to help you out. To get this watch to work with a smartphone, you need to have an Android phone with OS version 4.4 or above and for iOS, it will be 8.0 and above. It takes only 1 hour to charge the battery and offers a nice battery life as well.


  • Multiple languages make it perfect for people throughout the globe
  • It’s compatible with Android and iOS
  • Capable of tracking BP and heart rate and store the report in App
  • Perfect device to track calories burnt, distances run, etc.
  • Sleep monitor can be really useful
  • Reminder for calls and messages
  • Remote control for the camera
  • Waterproof and includes silent alarm facility
  • Comfortable and affordable too


  • Might not be the best quality watch you need
  • As per the blood pressure watches, sleep mode does not work that well

7. SBIT Fitness Tracker:

With this tracker on your hand, you can always keep an eye on your heart rate and BP as well, especially when you are doing some exercise. This will help you know which of them has the best effect on you and how efficiently you are maintaining a healthy habit as well. Apart from that, it is built to track your sleeping habits and how deep your sleep. It comes with an OLED screen which is big enough to show you the numbers and notifications clearly. It has Bluetooth connectivity and has the capability to notify you when it gets an incoming call, or message, or any social media updates. It comes with 4 different time modes which you can choose to customize as well. As per the blood pressure watches, this watch is good enough to withstand rainwater and sweat for long hours and more importantly, you can even swim for 30 mins or so in 1 meter of depth as well.


  • It is perfect to track your BP, heart rate in real-time
  • Comes with a separate sleep monitor
  • Can be used as an activity tracker, sports tracker
  • Call or message reminder
  • Calculate calories burned


  • Bluetooth connectivity is not that good
  • Connecting the watch to the app is not that easy
  • The wristband is a bit loose than you expect

8. BEITONG Fitness Tracker:

If you are looking for a feature-packed activity tracker then this particular fitness watch is what you need. With health monitoring facilities, call reminder, call reject, alarm, message notification, and other useful features this should be your first choice for sure. It even has a remote control facility to access your Smartphone camera and music. The Bluetooth connectivity is really good and provides you with all the necessary notifications you need from your Smartphone. It also supports GPS connectivity and it can collect data from 8 different exercise modes to help you improve your health.


  • Nice Colorful screen
  • Waterproof tracker
  • Includes sleep monitor
  • Notification for call, text, e-mail
  • Reminder facility
  • Perfect health monitor
  • Remote control for camera and music
  • All-weather tracker


  • Not long enough life for the watch
  • Not easy to read the numbers or the notifications
  • Not the best BP monitor
  • Works only with one single fitness app that does not function well

9. YAMAY Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Monitor:

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that can be used by women, men, and children, then this fitness watch from Yamay is the best option for you. It can count the distance that you travel, calories burnt, daily steps, and every other fitness-related data. Apart from that, it can be used for monitoring heart rate and BP as well. You can monitor your sleep pattern with this watch and use the silent alarm to wake up as well. It can be connected to any smartphone to get important updates and notifications on your watch as well.


  • Comes with a warranty and money back warranty
  • Battery life is good enough
  • 14 different sports monitoring facility
  • Can be used while you are swimming or diving
  • High-quality LCD display


  • Although it has a waterproof functionality, it does not work for hot water that well
  • Not compatible with every fitness tracking app available online

10 FITFORT Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure HR:

Fitfort brings to you one of the best and advanced activity tracker watch. It’s like your personal health administrator. It not only keeps track of what you are doing all day but also provides the all-important suggestions and reminders to make sure you maintain your schedule. It is built to track a maximum of 14 different activities throughout the day and it is capable of storing all these data in your smartphone app. As per the blood pressure watches, this is one of the best waterproof fitness trackers that can track distance traveled; calories burned accurately in real-time and feed you with the information. It comes with a nice LCD display that has 5 different brightness levels. It is big enough to see the notifications clearly. It takes only 1 hour to charge and has a nice battery life as well. Overall this is a very nice gadget to have for men women and kids.


  • Nice durable casing
  • The strap is comfortable and high quality
  • The buckle is metal and built to last long
  • Comes with BP monitor
  • Exclusive sports mode
  • GPS enabled
  • Nice battery life
  • Takes a maximum of 2 hours to recharge


  • Does not have a metal casing

Frequently Asked Questions about Blood Pressure Watches

Before you get yourself a blood pressure watch, it is best to have answers to a few vital questions.

Why is a blood pressure watch recommended?

If you are wondering whether investing in a good blood pressure watch is necessary or not, then it is time to stop thinking. These watches cost only a few dollars but can save you from the effects of high/low blood pressure. Both of these situations can have serious consequences when not detected in time. A blood pressure watch will be able to tell you whether your BP levels stay normal or not at all times so that you can make necessary lifestyle changes. The readings of the watch also help your doctor understand your health conditions better.

Do you need a blood pressure watch?

Anyone can use a blood pressure watch to closely monitor BP levels. However, certain groups of people are more benefitted by these watches. This includes obese people, the elderly, extremely stressed people, and anyone prone to heart diseases. This doesn’t mean that otherwise healthy people do not need one. Hypertension and low BP can also be a silent killer in people who appear to be healthy. So, wearing a watch can be good for most people.

Do blood pressure watches show accurate results?

There is a bit of concern about the accuracy of the results that the blood pressure watches show. The best blood pressure watches are usually FDA –approved, and hence show more or less accurate results. However, the accuracy of the results also depends on how the watch is worn. It is essential that you follow the instruction manual that comes with each watch. When used as directed, these watches give you an approximately clear idea about your blood pressure levels. You can also take it to your doctor to fine-tune it with the doctor’s measuring device.


If you want to nip cardiac problems in the bud, a blood pressure watch is a must buy. It will keep you aware of the changes in the blood pressure levels, and thus, help prevent ailments caused due to high or low blood pressure levels. For only a few dollars, the best blood pressure watches help you lead a healthier life.

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