Best Cordless Electric Knives

Cordless Electric Knives are a must-have accessory in every kitchen, especially if you have to cut a lot of bread, fruits, meat, fish, etc. very often. However, doing so with a regular knife will need a lot of effort. Moreover, the cuts would not be quite smooth in the absence of enough power. That is exactly why cordless electric knives have been introduced in the market. They have small motors that produce enough cutting power to cut through all types of food items smoothly. That way, you do not have to work hard on cutting various food items.


What to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Electric Knife

When it comes to buying a product, we all wonder which one to buy. With numerous brands offering a variety of cordless electric knives, it often becomes difficult to narrow down to the right one. If you end up buying one that offers poor performance, you will not only lose your hard-earned money but ruin your food preparation as well. That is why it pays to take out some time to determine which product is ideal for you. To make things easier for you, we, here, mention a list of the must-consider factors for your cordless knife:

Battery Life:

This is the most important point to consider when you are planning to buy a cordless electric knife. Since the performance of these knives is totally dependent on the batteries, it is best that you go for a model that runs quite a long time with every recharge. This is essential as otherwise, you would need to recharge the batteries every few minutes, thus creating inconvenience. However, if you choose a model that has powerful batteries, then you will be able to use the knife for quite a long time without any break. Though you may have to pay a bit more for powerful batteries, it will be worth paying for.

Blade Types:

The next important thing to consider is the type of blade(s) that you are looking for. Most modern cordless knives have at least 2 blade options – one for bread and another one for other uses. However, many models come with kits that include specialized blades for different use like filleting fish, cutting poultry, and much more. Depending on the type and number of blades that you would need, you can either go for a basic model with two blades or a model that comes with an array of blades. However, you must understand that models with kits will cost more than the basic ones. So, buy only what you need.

Blade Material:

Not only does the blade type play an important role in determining the quality of the cut, but the blade material is also equally important. Knives made of stainless steel are generally favored by one and all as they can easily bear the burn of the work without wearing out easily. That said, you can also find models in the market that come with blades made of composite material.


The quality of the knife handle is also a point of consideration when it comes to buying a cordless electric knife. Since most people prefer to use these knives for heavy-use cutting, having an ergonomic handle is most preferred. It must offer a comfortable yet firm grip so that you can easily hold on to the knife even when it is vibrating vigorously during work.

Dishwasher Friendly:

You, obviously, wouldn’t like to wash the dirty blades and handles by hand. It would be best for you if you could add the knife to the dishwasher. So, while making a choice makes sure that the model you go for is dishwasher friendly so that you do not have to worry later.

Safety Mechanisms:

If you have young, curious kids in the house, it would be wise to go for a model that comes with advanced safety mechanisms. This may include a double locking system, lock triggers, etc. These can ensure that your kids cannot turn on the knives, even accidentally.


If you are on the lookout for the best cordless electric knife, it would be good to check out the warranty of the product as well. Good products usually come with long warranties to offer customer satisfaction. So, make sure that the product that you want to buy has a long warranty period as well.

Best Cordless Electric Knife for Daily Use

1. Cuisinart CEK-50 Cordless Electric Knife, Black:

This particular electric knife is rechargeable and cordless which definitely adds to the convenience of the users. Apart from being cordless, this knife from Cuisinart comes with two stainless steel blades and a powerful motor. Being dishwasher safe, these blades are really easy to wash. The straight-edge blade can be used to cut vegetables, fruits, and filleting fish and the serrated blade can work perfectly for cutting through bread, meat, etc. Both of these blades work perfectly can efficiently in speed and give you precise performance as well. This knife includes two lithium batteries of 7.8 V and is capable of working for at least 20 minutes straight. It also includes a safety lock that can prevent an accident in case your kids come near it. The kit also includes a case which makes it easier to store the knife and carry them with you anywhere you want. The design is pretty much compact and is really easy to handle as well. The batteries can be charged with an AC adapter in just 30 minutes. Overall this electric knife can be termed as one of the best cordless electric knives that you can buy.


  • Sharp and durable blades
  • Versatile in nature
  • Perfect for cutting through different types of food items and vegetables
  • Battery life is comparatively long
  • 2 different types of blades are included which ensure that you get different benefits
  • Includes safety features
  • Uses a heavy-duty and fast motor
  • Safety case included for easier and safer storage


  • Bit heavier than other products on the same category
  • Sometimes it might get overheated while cutting through some tough food

2. Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife, Black:

This set of a cordless rechargeable electric knife from Waring is one of the best cordless electric knifes that you can hope for. From cutting through bread products to meat, it can work as smoothly as you can expect. The whole set consists of two interchangeable blades; motorized handle, power adapter, thickness adjustment guide, and a quality carry case. If you compare this set of knife with other products, you can certainly put this product at the top of your list. The knife can be powered by a power button in the handle. The motor include is quite long lasting and does not create a lot of noise as well. The handle is really comfortable to hold on and working with. The blades being interchangeable in nature, it becomes a lot easier to switch between the cutting applications very quickly. This knife is powered by a lithium battery which can be charged by a power adapter included in the set. The carrying case included gives you the perfect option to keep the knife safe and away from your kids and makes them portable as well. Being detachable in nature the blades are really easy to clean as well.


  • Being cordless the knife becomes really easy to use anywhere in the kitchen
  • With the bread and carving blade included, this knife can truly be termed as versatile
  • The handle is really comfortable to use and is perfectly designed to reduce the risk of handling the knife
  • Comes with in-built LED lights that improve the visibility while you work in a low light
  • The blade size is of 10” which makes it easier to cut through large roasts, fowl and other tough food items
  • Comes with a trigger lock that ensures safe storage while you are not using it


  • Might not be stylish of the knives that you can get
  • Comparatively highly priced

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3. Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife:

Well, if you go through cordless electric knife reviews, you will see that there are plenty of quality knives available in the market, but most of them come for the higher price value. This is where this knife from Rapala is different. This cordless battery powered knife is truly affordable and comes with attractive features as well. As the name suggests, this is a perfect knife for filleting but this knife actually is capable of doing a lot more than that. With a high powered lithium battery, this knife can be used for 80 minutes straight without having to change the batteries. And the best part of using this knife is that you can expect a consistent speed throughout its battery life till the battery is drained completely. This knife comes with an exceptional grip that justifies the utility of the handle. The grip is much thick on the back side, whereas the middle part is a lot thinner to provide your finger the perfect comfortable grip. This will ensure that even if you are using the knife for a long time, your hands won’t feel a thing. Overall, this knife can really be a good companion irrespective of the fact that you are planning on going for a camping, or a picnic. And since it can work for longer durations, you won’t have to look for a charging point unless you don’t have a spare fully charged battery. In short, you can certainly choose this knife in compare to other products especially because of the longer usability and better functionality. Having said that, you need to remember one thing from the day one; using this knife is not that easy and certainly will require patience and skill to master the use of the blades and the knife.


  • It can work straight for 80 minutes without having to change the battery
  • The battery can be fully charged in just 2 hours of time
  • The handle grip is perfect and comfortable too
  • Comparatively the product is pretty much affordable than the other products available in the market


  • Might need sometime before you can actually start using it on a daily basis

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4. Cuisinart CEK -120 Cordless Electric Knife:

When you decide to buy a cordless electric knife, the most important aspect that you take into consideration is obviously the price that you need to pay. But apart from that, the charging time of the cordless knife is really important too. If you go through Cordless electric knife reviews, you will see that most of the cordless knives will provide a steady charging time at the initial stages, but later, the recharging time tends to increase a lot more which might be a bit of problem. This is exactly where this knife from Cuisinart comes in. Powered by lithium batteries, these knives last a lot more than its competitors. And the best part is that these batteries take a lot less time to recharge than the other batteries. This knife comes with a slicing guide that can certainly make it a lot easier for you to cut through different food items in the kitchen. With the guide in hand, you won’t have to waste a lot of time improvising, rather you will be able to cut through foods and vegetables with ease in no time at all.


  • Battery charging time is really less compared to other products
  • Motor included in the knife is a heavy duty which ensures an improved performance
  • The handle comes with a nice grip


  • High price tag

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5. Hamilton Beach 74250R Carve ‘n Set Electric Knife, with Case, White:

When it comes to quality home appliances, you can surely place your trust in Hamilton products and this knife set from is not an exception either. In case you are looking for a product that’s affordable and efficient then this knife can be a perfect choice for you. This knife is really easy to handle and being cordless it becomes portable too. With a battery powered high-speed motor; this knife can certainly be the best addition to your kitchen accessories. Although it might heat up a bit quicker than you expect but performance wise you may not find another product similar to this. According to cordless electric knife reviews the blade included is double serrated, which means even with just one blade you can get the result of using two blades at a time which is really cool and when you consider the fact that the length of the blade is of 7”, this can certainly become your first choice of knife.


  • Portable and Cordless
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with the double blade for better and enhanced performance
  • Length of the blade is pretty good
  • Comparatively affordable


  • Bit of noisy compared to other products in the same category
  • Gets heated while in use for longer durations

Benefits of a Cordless Electric Knife

Electric knives are, indeed, a great tool for every kitchen. Not only can they easily cut through a variety of food items, but they are also quite fast too. This makes them perfect for everyone who wants a quick yet smooth cut for bread loaves, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and much more. But cordless models bring in added benefits. Let’s see how a cordless electric knife can add more value to your kitchen than a corded model:

No Need of a Power Socket:

Cordless models run on battery and hence, there is no need to plug in the knife to an electric socket when you want to use it. This eliminates the hassles of having to work with your knife at a place that’s close to a socket which may not be possible in each and every kitchen. As such, cordless electric knives offer convenience and freedom to use knives anywhere in the kitchen.

Good for Outdoor Use:

If you like grills, barbeques, and other outdoor activities, you will surely understand how difficult it is to get a power socket close by. No power socket means no using your corded electric model unless you can rustle up an extension cord. That, too, is quite a problematic solution. But with a cordless model, you can cut anything, anywhere. Naturally, the cordless models are also great for use during beach vacations, camping, hiking, etc. where plugging in your knife while use is not only difficult but often impossible.

No Reliance on Electricity:

Imagine that you are cutting nice briskets or fillets for a grill and suddenly the power goes out. Your corded knife will be out of use. But not so in case of a cordless model. If you have the batteries fully charged, they can run quite long, thus giving you enough time to complete whatever task you had in hand.

Safe for Pets and Kids:

If you have young kids running about the house, corded models can pose obvious problems. Kids may topple over the cords, may want to play with them, or may, unintentionally, unplug the cord. All these hassles can be avoided if you use a cordless model. Moreover, cordless models are safe for pets as well who prefer to follow you wherever you go.  As such, you can ensure safety for your kids and pets.

Easy Maintenance:

In case of a corded knife, a snap in the cord or a faulty plug can render the knife useless. But that doesn’t happen in case of a cordless one. Since no cord or plug is involved, the chances of failure are much less for cordless electric knives. Batteries that run the knives are rechargeable and work fine for a long time, thus saving you the need for added maintenance and expenses.

How to Use a Cordless Electric Knife Safely?

Cordless electric knives generate a lot of power to ensure smooth cuts. However, this means that you need to be very careful when you use the knife or it may lead to accidents. A few safety measures worth mentioning are as follows:

  • The very first safety measure should be taken while purchasing the knife. The knife should not be too heavy and must fit in your hands easily. This will ensure that it does not slip while in use.
  • Be sure to read the instruction manual properly so that you know exactly how to use the knife. This will protect you from accidents caused due to incorrect use.
  • When the knife is not in use, lock down the knife so that it cannot cause accidents inadvertently.
  • After every use, clean the knife well. Grease and oil from the food may get deposited on the handle and cause slipping.
  • Make sure that the cutting area is clutter-free so that nothing can get in the way.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cordless Electric Knives

How to Clean the Knife?

After every use, detach the blade from the knife handle. Use your hand to remove the big pieces of food that are stuck to the blades. After that, you can put the parts into the dishwasher if the knife is dishwasher friendly. Once clean, use a dry cloth to completely dry off the knife. Store it away.

How long will the Battery Last?

This will vary from model to model. Some models can run only for about 10 minutes with a single recharge while others can last for an hour or more. It all depends on the battery power of the model that you buy.

How to Sharpen my Knife?

Knives with straight blades need a sharpener while serrated blades need sharpening steel. Blades must be clean before sharpening.


So now that you know all about cordless electric knives, you can now decide which model would be the best choice for your needs. Carefully read through the reviews and you will have a great tool in your kitchen arsenal.

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