Best Dance Studio Mirror for Home Gym

A lavish component to your budding studio, a home gym mirror can greatly enhance its looks while giving your students a lot of help and encouragement in getting their exercises right. If you’re serious about setting up a dance studio mirror for a home, you must invest in a mirror. And remember, the mirror you choose should be crystal clear, versatile, very resilient, and comfortably priced.

Dance Studio Mirror for Home Gym


Features of a Good Home Gym Mirror

If you need a studio mirror but don’t know how to choose, here are the musts your mirror should have:

Size: Measure the length and breadth of your studio to give yourself an estimate of the size of the mirror you want. Ask yourself whether you want several large mirrors or one seamless one.

Thickness: Look for a thickness of mirror ranging from ¼” to 1”. Remember that the thicker the mirror, the sturdier it will be.

No Beveled Edges: The edges of your mirror should not be beveled or it will cause mirror distortion at the point where the mirrors meet. The larger the bevels, the less quality space you will get from your studio space as the bevels won’t be able to reflect anything when you stand right in front of them.

Safety: Choose a mirror that will remain in one piece even after suffering a serious blow.

Clear reflection: Mirrors can act as a positive teaching tool in your studio, so ensure that you buy a mirror whose image is clear and undistorted.

Ease of Installation: Estimate the amount of mount you want and ensure that the mirrors of your choice have barre mounts inbuilt on the studio wall at the point of installation.

Types of Dance Studio Mirrors

There are several types of dance studio mirrors you can choose from, such as:

Glass: This gives the best, clearest and cleanest reflection, and hence you will see it in most dance studios. One variant you can go for is low-iron glass which reduces blueish tones. Yet another is tempered glass, which is good from the safety angle. If it breaks, it will shatter but the pieces won’t cause you harm.

Dance Studio Mirror for Home Gym

Mylar: Mylar-made dance studio mirrors are a good option because they are of higher quality than plastic and acrylic, which could give distorted images. However, they are shatter-proof. 

Framed or Frameless: our choice of mirror maybe with frames or without, that’s your call. If you want to give an elegant look, go frameless, but if you want to have a sturdy solid look, have your mirrors wrapped up in frames. 

How to Install Your Dance Studio Mirrors

Usually, a mirror is installed against the breadth of the studio in one piece. This is generally in the direction that the students take. Alternatively, you might like to place a mirror on just one wall of your studio so that your dancers can see their footwork when they are opposite the mirror.

Don’t place mirrors opposite each other as this can lead to the creation of an effect called a distracting tunnel. Instead, you can have two mirrors of high quality in any one space.

Dance Studio Mirror for Home Gym

Why Have Mirrors in the Home Gym?

Good form: When one is learning to exercise, he or she needs to see what the body is doing so that the exercise step is perfect. You should also be able to see how far you have got the posture right. This is very important when one is learning a new series of steps.

If you’re exercising at home without supervision, you can easily get into bad habits working out by doing incorrect postures. Any such mistake on your part can lead to injuries. So, if you’re doing it, take care to do it right. You might also suffer from short-term injuries which can keep you from getting back to exercising. After all, the injured muscle group will take its own time to recover and get back to form.

By looking at yourself in the mirror while exercising, you can see the back half of yourself and each side, giving you a panoramic view of your performance.

Posture: For many workouts, you need to tuck in your stomach. When you see yourself doing it in a mirror, you can see how aligned your stomach is with the rest of your body.

Best Dance Studio Mirror for Home Gym with Reviews

Mirrors are important elements of a home gym, irrespective of the cost. They are very important for the learner and the teacher. Due to its importance, you should invest in glassless and shatterproof mirrors to get the best reflection of yourself while exercising. This will be the best gauge of your performance.

Review: Here are some of the leading dance studio mirrors for home gyms in use these days. Each one is valuable for a clutch of important features. Read all of them and make your own judgment.

1. Large Simple Rectangular Streamlined 1 Inch Bevelled Wall Mirror:

Here’s a wall mirror that suits innumerable locations and styles. You may be looking for a powder room mirror or something to make your dining room look spectacular. Choose this beveled wall mirror and create for yourself the most outstanding dining room ever.


This clean, modern and sleek mirror comes with a beveled edge. It measures 20″ x 30″ and has a frameless design with a backing of solid wood which reinforces the mirror and gives it the required stability. So, no distortion or warping here. The glass is backed with real silver and its edges are polished for safety and protection. The glass is safely mounted to strong core wood. This mirror is made with the highest quality materials and is put through an eight-point inspection. With your mirror, you get a certification of authenticity.

Considering this product has been manufactured by a family-owned business, its quality is unquestionable. Despite that, it offers 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


  • The product is elegant, simple, and beautiful.
  • It is easy to install and is well-built.
  • It comes with instructions and hangers for mounting the mirror on the wall.


  • Hardly does the customer hang it on the wall when it begins to warp by about an inch.
  • Customers complained that the mirrors they received were defective, and reached them with jagged or chipped ends or entirely broken.

2. Croydex Kentmere Rectangular Wall Mirror:

Choose to hang it on the wall in either portrait or landscape style—either way, it’s a winner. It offers amazing clarity and reflection. Its easy installation bracket that’s also patented is a safe and simple way of hanging your mirror. By using its patented hang ‘n’ lock method, you get all the flexibility of changing the cabinet-level after drilling holes in the wall to ensure easy installation. It is a well-designed and stylish mirror that could enhance the look of any home. It measures 18″ x 36″, offers a flawless image, and is frameless, adding to its visual superiority and great versatility. It’s highly durable and safe too, ranging from its thickness of 5 mm to its safety backing that’s entirely shatterproof. It’s easy to mount and comes to you with a 30 days’ return policy. It’s a super looker, performs excellently, and is among the top in mirrors for dance studios today.


  • Easy assembly
  • It is packed very well.
  • It certainly brightens up the space it occupies.


  • It works well only in dry environments because, in a humid environment like a bathroom, its reflective film peels off and develops black mildew-like spots.
  • Customers complained that they received the product broken.
  • This product cannot be mounted flush to the wall.
  • It is wrongly molded, so the mirror has big bulges on either side.
  • It does not mount easily.

3.H&A 65″x24″ Full-Length Mirror:

Superbly crafted, this full-length dance studio mirror is large enough to see your moves and wide enough to compare them with others. The overall size is 65″x24″, though the mirror size is 64.5″x23.2”. Thanks to the 5 mm lens in pure silver, this mirror is highly durable and it also adheres to the International Environmental Standard. It can comfortably fit your home gym with its exquisite solid PS frame cheval mirror, modern colors, and excellent design. Its safety features include an explosion-proof membrane and prevention of scattering. You can attach it to your wall to see yourself execute exercise steps in your home gym or hang it if you want to save space. All in all, it’s a great piece and worthy of investment.


  • It is well-designed and crafted and has a lot of aesthetic appeals.
  • The thin frame gives it a contemporary look.
  • It is also very tall and high so you can see your steps as you execute them.
  • Its integrated kickstand allows you to mount it on the wall.
  • The sturdy stand allows for a real and undistorted image.
  • It is well-priced.
  • The packing material is highly protective.


  • It’s a poor-quality mirror, according to some customers.
  • Its return policy of “BUYER PAYS FOR RETURN” deters people from buying it.
  • The product isn’t the same as shown in the photos.
  • The product is stapled and put together with hot glue.
  • It has a cheap wooden frame and its overall construction is very poor.

4. Fab Glass and Mirror for Gym & Dance with Safety Backing:

Perhaps the best mirrors for dance studios come from the Fab Glass line of mirrors. They have amazing quality, are unmatched for their safety, and are comfortably priced. Their sizes begin at 36″ x 60″, but the 48”x60” feels just right for a dance studio. By setting up a mirrored studio, owners create the illusion of space while allowing their participants to correct their steps as they dance. These mirrors come with safety backing which lends strength to them. If they do shatter, the shards won’t fall around on the ground but remain attached to the backing. This feature sets this mirror apart from others. Another admirable feature is that its edges are polished, adding to its safety aspect. These mirrors give you a clear reflection and, being frameless, gives it a smart look, along with its seamless walls. Anyone can set up this mirror—installation is that easy. Besides, each part of it comes with a 10-year warranty. And to top it all, these mirrors are lightweight and absorb the ambient sound which is a great boon for dance studios. Their frames are sturdy and overall, they are highly recommended for use in dance studios.


  • Easy mounting, no distortion
  • Quality is just right for a dance studio.
  • Also suitable for an equestrian riding arena


  • No hardware out of the box
  • Customer service communication is challenging.

5. A2 Acrylic Mirror Mirrored Acrylic Perspex Plexiglas Plastic Sheet:

Used chiefly for signage, point of sale and display, and visual merchandising, this mirror also finds great applications in dance studios, night clubs, pubs, gyms, stores as design elements, playschools, and in the foodservice industry. Acrylic mirrors are known to be ten times stronger than regular mirrors. They are also easier to fabricate and can be cut into any shape and size and screwed, drilled, or glued into place. They are so safe to handle that they don’t need any prior training, as in the case of glass mirrors. These mirrors are highly reflective and come with a cream backing. Also called Perspex mirrors, these silver acrylic mirror sheets are great options for glass mirrors. It is 10 times stronger, more flexible, and shatter-proof and it’s capacity of being highly reflective is safeguarded by a highly durable acrylic polymer paint with a top coat of PU. Being lightweight, flexible, and having an outstanding impact resistance gives them wide applications. A sheet of plastic film protects it on one side but it can be marred by visual distortion. However, this can be corrected by installing it right and having an adequate material thickness.


  • Lighter than glass and safer, its sharp edges make you wear gloves when handling it.
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to mount


  • Fittings not part of the box
  • Low-quality product; there were scratches on the surface.
  • The mirror was distorted which was a great disappointment.


While giving your clients the best environment so that they can perform their dance steps perfectly, it pays to invest in the best quality of ambiance, even down to getting the highest quality of the mirror. So, go ahead and invest in one today.

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