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We have reviewed the best dermatoscopes for dermatologist and skin cancer specialist, you sure do know how hard it can be to detect melanoma in the initial stages. This is because melanoma, in its initial stages, exhibits characteristics that are quite similar to atypical moles, and thus, their identification with the naked eyes is possible in only 50-75 % of the cases. As such, the diagnosis of melanoma requires the use of dermatoscopy for advanced clinical techniques, the most important one being dermoscopy. Dermoscopy has made it possible for physicians to subcutaneous melanoma even in the early stages with higher accuracy, thus ensuring a better cure for patients.


Features to Look Before Buying a Dermatoscope

Regardless of whether you want to use the dermatoscopy for personal or professional use, it is important that you get the Best Dermatoscope for your needs. If you have done a bit of research about dermatoscopes, you must have come across many products from different brands. But how to make the final decision about which one to buy? Well, the below dermatoscope reviews following points will help you out:


This is one of the primary considerations to be made before buying a dermascope. What size would be most suitable for you? If you are planning to use the unit at home or at a clinic, you can easily go for a handheld dermatoscope that is bigger in size and come with many features and facilities. But if you are planning on using the dermascope during home visits, you may consider buying a pocket dermatoscope that you can easily carry along with you when you visit your patients for home checkups.

Polarized or Non-Polarized:

Dermatoscopes can be classified into two categories depending on their working methodology. Non-polarized or contact dermatoscopes require direct contact with the skin surface to be able to visualize the morphology of the skin lesions with the help of the light produced from diodes. On the other hand, a non-contact or polarized dermatoscope can work without coming in direct contact with the skin. Though both types work great at identifying the morphology of any skin lesion or tumor, non-polarized dermatoscopes aren’t effective for identifying structures that are deep-seated, especially those that lie below the dermal-epidermal junction. So, you have to choose a dermatoscope depending on the type of clinical examinations you will need to carry out. Some latest models can offer both functionalities, thus allowing more versatility.

Clear Vision:

Whether you are planning to use the dermatoscope for personal needs or for your clinic, you need to buy one that offers great magnification. The better the zoom capability of the dermatoscope, the finer and sharper will be the picture of the lesion that you get. Clearer and sharper pictures mean better identification of the problem, if there is any.

Mobile Compatible:

Many latest dermascopes are mobile compatible which means they can be mounted onto a mobile phone or tab and then used for examining skin lesions. Such dermatoscopes use the mobile phone camera for imaging purposes and zooms it several times to ensure that you get glare-free, sharp images that can be conveniently used for dermoscopy.

App Compatible:

In present times, it is always useful to use a device that is app compatible. Dermatoscopes that can be directly connected to smartphone apps are an added advantage. They help you streamline work and also enhance the quality of analysis with the use of advanced dedicated software that examines and predicts possible causes and conditions. Not only that, but the data can also be stored and used for future reference. This enhances the quality of examination and treatment.

Additional Features:

Apart from the important factors mentioned above, you should also go for a dermatoscope that offers additional advanced features. These features offer greater convenience of use and better results as well. These include infection control systems, battery indicators, etc. When such additional features are included along with the important basic features, you automatically have the Best Dermatoscope for your use.

Below is the List of Best Dermatoscopes with Reviews

1. 3Gen DermLite IV DL4 Polarized Dermascope w/ PigmentBoost Plus:

This dermatoscope from DermLite is a refined version of previous dermatoscopes. This device is really well designed, works smoothly, and most importantly comes with an aluminum body. This portable dermascope is capable of providing you great versatility and when you consider the fact that it comes with the largest optics that you can get, this dermascope can surely make it to the top of the list. This device comes with a 30mm lens, a long-lasting lithium battery, and polarized Led lights that enable you to view deeper into a patient’s skin to find out whether there is any growth or not. It enables you to adjust the brightness level and also enhances the pigmentation imaging a lot more. Apart from that, it allows you to use two different color spectrums to determine pigmentation in an efficient way. This device works really fast and is really easy to use too. This device allows you to attach it with your smartphone using a magnet and enabling you to take your required photos a lot quicker than ever. This device is also equipped with advanced technology to fight infections. This feature of DL4 also adds to its versatility that allows you not only to help you in dermatoscopic work but also reduce cross-contamination and cover you from infection issues. Apart from that, it enables you a lot more smooth, speedy, and precise working while you are checking your patient’s skin.


  • 4th gen pocket dermatoscopes
  • Comes with 12 polarized and 6 non-polarized LEDs
  • 300 mm lens
  • Supports liner and cross-polarization
  • Enables you to view deeper into pigmentation structures
  • Comes with a silicone casing
  • USB charging enabled
  • Single-button to change operational modes
  • Compact and light-weighted design
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 10 years of warranty


  • As of now, there haven’t been any reports of any negative points

2. 3Gen DermLite Carbon Dermascope Microscope:

In case you are looking for a pocket dermatoscope that will help you make quick checks on your patients, then this Carbon Dermascope from Dermlite might be the perfect thing that you need. With 16 LEDs, this dermatoscopes is really handy to check any affected skin. This device enables you to switch between pigmentation and superficial structures while you are going through lesion visualization. It uses two separate groups of LEDs for this purpose, one set of LEDs with linear polarization and the other set with the cross-polarization. All the LEDs are powered by a powerful lithium battery that enables you to go longer than you need. And when you add to the fact that it comes with 10 years of warranty, this product can surely be at the top of your best dermatoscopes list.


  • Comes with a button that activates the polarization
  • Comes with a belt pouch
  • Triplets lens is of 15 mm
  • Switches included are really easy to use
  • Completely oil-free


  • As per the Dermatoscope Reviews, there hasn’t been any complaint regarding this product yet

3. NEW! – Mini Pocket dermatoscope Dermascope:

This all-new pocket dermatoscope brings to you one of the best, affordable and pocket-sized devices that you can think of buying. This dermascope is designed to provide enhanced results along with better focus quality and optimal value. This device is capable of helping you in epiluminescence microscopy with ease. This device is mainly made out of chrome-plated brass that gives it durability and a lot lesser weight. You can choose to use either oil or you can use any other immersion fluid while testing for pigmentation on the patient’s skin.


  • Highly affordable
  • Better and efficient result
  • High-quality lens
  • Comes with 2 contact plates
  • Durable and light-weighted head


  • According to the Dermatoscope Reviews, there haven’t been any issues found in this device

4. 3Gen DermLite DL200 Hybrid Polarized Dermascope:

DL200 from DermLite is an improved version of the DL2 series and truly provides a better and efficient service. With its newly improved stainless body, efficient optical system, quick, innovative, retractable spacer, precise focusing mechanism, IceCap compatibility, longer battery life and more importantly non-polarized and polarized modes, this device certainly outrun its predecessors. The combination of non-polarized and polarized modes enables you to visualize vascular and pigment structure with a lot more efficiency and allows you to go through your checkups without or without any immersion fluid. And when you add to the fact that it comes with a warranty of 10 years, you have to admit this is one of the best dermatoscopes that you can buy for your regular checkups.

Since this product inherits most of the best qualities from DL2, it comes with a high-quality optical capability that enables you to check up for skin growth at the early stages and makes it easier for you to detect any problematic growth. One of the negative aspects of using a pocket dermatoscope is the image quality that they produce, but with this device, you do not have to worry about that anymore.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • The Spacer included has a retractable mechanism
  • Good quality for the price that you pay
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Better battery life compared to other devices in the same category
  • Comes with battery charge indicator
  • Auto-shutdown system to save battery
  • Enables non-contact and contact dermoscopy
  • You can switch between non-polarized and polarized modes with just a button


  • Apart from being costly, there hasn’t been any noted issue by any of the users

5. 3Gen DermLite III DL3N Polarized & Fluid Dermascope w/PigmentBoost:

DL3N from DermLite is an improved dermascope that you have always been looking for. This device has refined optics that add to the improved visualization of vascular structure and pigmented structure as well. This device is specially engineered to fit your requirements. With an aluminum body, 25mm of the lens, and 28 LEDs, this dermascope is one of the best that you can ask for. And when you add to the fact that it comes with the advanced PigmentBoost illumination technology, you have to admit, this is a product that you should be looking for. And the best part of using this device is that it has a single button to switch between all the modes. Using the power button itself you can change between the polarized and non-polarized modes.

The DL3N also comes with a spacer that has retractable functionality and a focus mechanism that enables you to switch between the skin contact and non-contact modalities. The spacer also includes a faceplate that makes sure your images are not affected due to the ambient light. It also includes an eyepiece to improve image contrast and reduce the reflections.

This DL3N is compatible with any camera or smartphone which gives you an option to have your own Digital dermatoscope system. All you need to do is attach your device to an iPad, digital camera, or maybe with a smartphone, and you are done. You can start clicking high quality, sharp and clear images right away. Although this device comes with a long-lasting lithium battery, with a low-level battery indicator this device certainly attracts a lot of professional dermatologists.


  • One of the best Polarized dermatiscope you can get
  • Camera compatible
  • Includes spacer along with 10 mm cover glass
  • Includes a switch to change operational modes
  • Color correction at its best
  • Image distortion is reduced a lot
  • Detailed imaging with high quality
  • Aluminum body
  • Precision imaging
  • Refined product quality for the best result
  • Compact design
  • The low battery indicator on the device surface
  • Precise documentation
  • One of the best Digital dermatoscope
  • 10 years of warranty


  • As of now, there are no reports of any issues with this device

6. 3Gen DermLite DL100 Dermatology Dermascope:

If you are looking for a pocket-size oil-free dermascope, then this particular product from DermLite can be your best choice. With the DL100, you can detect melanoma with ease at an early stage and you will be able to check the pigmented skin, without using any oil. The DL100 brings to you the diode technology that enables you to have a clear view of pigmented lesions while detecting melanoma.

The device comes with advanced technology that allows you to visualize the telangiectasia while detecting BCC at its early stage. Unlike other dermascopes available in the market, Dermlite allows you to easily observe and identify the vascular patterns. Due to its compact design and lightweight, this machine can be used for different purposes. Starting with viewing pigmented lesions, hair transplants, varicose veins, or checking skin lesions, this device can work smoothly and let you detect in a smart and fast way. This device comes with a powerful lithium battery that enables at least 1200 lesion examinations without having to change the battery.

The DL100 is equipped with 8 LED bulbs, a triple-lens which enables any user to have a better melanoma screening and quick examination without having to use oil. Also, this device comes with color correction technology and reduced image blurriness.


  • Allows you to view vascular structures clearly
  • Comes with 10 years warranty
  • The inclusion of diode technology allows the device to have a white light boost while checking for early melanoma growth
  • No need to use any oil while checking for pigmented lesions


  • The construction quality of the device is not really impressive
  • Basically, it’s a plastic case with a magnifying glass
  • High priced compared to what it does

7. 3GEN DL1 Epiluminescence Dermlite Dermatoscope:

It’s a simple yet versatile product from DermLite. This device enables your patients to monitor their skin lesions and moles right from their home and also sends you clear and high-quality images for regular checkups. This device particularly is the best possible solution for high-risk patients who need monitoring on a regular basis. And the best part of this device is that you can fit it with your iPhone and click images of high quality with ease. The DL1 dermascope allows you to take polarized dermascopic photos of non-pigmented and pigmented skin with great picture quality. It also comes with an app that actually allows you to take photos using your iPhone. Unfortunately, this device does not work with any android device. But in case you have an iPhone, you can easily make good use of this device. Using the app you can even check on photos sent by your patients from their house. So, this device does not only saves your time but also lets you understand your patient’s condition and act accordingly.


  • Easy to use
  • You can charge it using the USB cable that fits in with your mac
  • Works smoothly
  • Great for the beginners
  • Lens size is pretty much the same as that of DL100
  • One of the best-polarized dermatoscope that you can get
  • Supports iPhone 4 and iPhone 5
  • Perfect size to carry it in your pocket


  • Plastic quality is not that good
  • The iPhone case might not last long
  • Fitting the case and getting the iPhone out of it might be a little bit of trouble for you
  • A bit costly compared to other devices in the same category
  • The app is available only for iPhone

Dermoscopy allows the microscopic visualization of the morphology of the epidermal layer, dermo-epidermal junction, and the papillary dermal layer that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is done with a dermatoscope that is attached to a good quality camera and uses a magnification lens to produce high quality, enlarged pictures of the subcutaneous layer to distinguish melanoma from benign tumors. Traditional dermatoscopes or Handheld dermatoscopes use a liquid medium whereas modern digital microscopes use cross-polarization to eliminate the need for the liquid medium to obtain the images. The use of the latest technologies has made dermatoscopes a must-have tool for any physician or clinic that specializes in the identification and treatment of melanoma. Not only that, people who are at risk of developing melanoma can also use a modern, mobile-friendly dermatoscope to scrutinize their body moles and lesions from time to time.


The use of a dermatoscope can not only increase the chances of early detection of melanoma in patients but also cement your reputation as a physician. However, to do that, you have to ensure that you buy a dermatoscope that not only provides improved, high-quality imaging but is also easy to use. Before you decide on buying a particular model, make sure that you take into consideration all the factors mentioned in our guide and go through the Dermatoscope Reviews given above. This will help you make an informed and wise choice of the best tool for your clinic or practice.

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