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Bathing is an integral part of our life. Isn’t it? After waking up in the morning or anytime in a day we must perform this duty. In return, we get a refreshed mood and mind. So, this whole experience should be very much enjoyable rather than just following a routine in a boring way. And you will get a rejuvenating and relaxing shower experience only when you will have the best dual shower heads in your bathroom. It is an extremely necessary object to have in your washroom so that you can enjoy your bathing session with your partner, children, and of course with your pet. These showerheads usually have wide coverage and these spray a sufficient amount of water. As a result, it helps you to cut down your shower time and saves both water and time. Some parts of our body are hard to reach. But with the help of dual showerheads, you can easily clean them properly. So, it is needless to say how effective and useful these dual showerheads can be. In this article, you will get to know about the thorough details of dual showerheads. Scroll down to read.


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Total Buying Guide of Dual Showerheads

It is very tough to choose the best dual shower heads among several delightful options. Still, we will share some points so that you can pick up the best one.

Convenience: Dual showers are available with 2 heads which you can use simultaneously or separately. Buying a handheld shower with a mounted one can be a wise decision. As it helps to clean each part of your body as well as the washroom. Even you can clean your pets to bathtubs, basins to walls with the help of the handled shower.

Settings: having a bath is a regular activity so it must be enjoyable. And for that, setting the mode as per requirement is very essential. Persons of different ages prefer certain points to feel relaxed and stress-free. Most of them like to have a shower to feel refreshed. It generally comes with power-rain, rain, mist, rain/massage water-saving rain, massage, rain/aeration, and so on. You can experience any of the settings as per your desire. So, check the settings before buying.

Price: These dual showerheads are accessible online and even in the local markets. But before buying you just need to fix your budget. You should check the quality and lasting time first and then compare it. It will help you to set your budget for the ideal one.

Functions: These are available in different sizes and functions. You will also get a handheld with a rain shower and some models have fixed dual shower on the wall.

Finishing: Like other rooms of your house, the washroom should also be treated well in terms of décor. All the accessories of the bathroom should complement each other properly so that visitors also praise your taste. Nowadays, dual showerheads are available in various colors and designs. So, it will not be hard enough to choose. Some of the showers also have a coating of nickel, bronze, and chrome which make it look luxurious.

LED Dual Showerheads: This is a very good option especially for the children as it changes color at a period. It provides a phenomenal experience while taking showers.

Installation: You will find so many dual showerheads in the market which you can install in no time. So, before buying check all the detailing regarding the installation so that you do not need to face any problem.

Others: Except for the above points, you should also check the versatility, design, style, modes, durability, material, maintenance and cleaning, pressure, and length of the hose.

We hope, this is enough help for you to take decisions wisely. Just go through all these points before you start shopping to get a clear idea.

Best Dual Shower Heads with Reviews

1. Hydro Rain Dual Shower Head:

If you have this Hydro Rain 2-in-1 Shower Head in your bathroom, you will get to use different types of showers at a time. You can use one of the dual showerheads as a fixed shower, another one as rainfall, and both of them at a time. The rainfall showerhead can maximize your shower experience which will make you feel like having a spa. The rainfall showerhead has the potential to spin 40 degrees to change the pattern of spray and for wide coverage. The fixed one of these dual showerheads comes with 5 features. These are rain can, high-pressure massage spray, shampoo rinsing spray, pause, and full spray. You can install it within no time without the help of any plumber. Moreover, it will give you a feeling of high-end hotel dual showers. This product helps to reduce water usage by 20% than the usual standard. Not only this, but it also saves money along with giving the best performance.


  • Covers up a wide area
  • Acceptable water pressure
  • Take lesser time to install


  • Users complained that the materials are cheap
  • Extra-large for some showers

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2. 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower:

The In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Shower Head is available with a SHOWER HEAD and a hand shower together. It offers you to utilize the removable shower head separately with a hose or docked the other one securely for a heavenly shower experience. These dual showerheads provide forceful water streams to meet your all showering needs. This product has massaging jets that give you the ultimate experience of having a shower and relief from a sore. It is available with 4 strong spray options including pause, fast massaging spray, full-body spray with massage, and only full-body spray. This dual showerhead perfect for the person who loves taking shower with their partner, pets, and children. It takes very little time to get installed. The pause option saves water and gives you space to complete your other courses while having a bath. At that time it also maintains the temperature settings.


  • Installs in no time
  • Well designed
  • Super flexible and long hose


  • Customers complained about the cleaning problem
  • Less pressure
  • Leakage issue

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3. Elite 3-in-1 High-Pressure 48-mode 7″ Shower Head Combo:

These dual showerheads believe in more water pressure and less clogging. It is very essential to keep your shower head clean. Most of the shower heads which are ordinary often clog as well as lose the water pressure. It allows for increasing the harmful bacteria. But this AquaStar Elite 3-in-1 High-Pressure 48-mode 7″ Shower Head Combo has the feature of antimicrobial and anti-clog nozzles. It comes with a superior microban technology which slows down the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold inside and around the jets. The rub-clean part helps to prevent the buildup of calcium. It helps the dual showerheads to provide better performance by keeping them clog-free and clean. Are you lethargic to clean the showerhead regularly? Then, go for this one. The shower nozzle of it improves the water pressure and also extends the product life. It has in-built lifetime protection of antimicrobial which works throughout the day and night on a molecular level. It protects these dual showers from any type of bacterial degradation. The shield is invisible and you cannot wash it off. It keeps your showerheads clean for a longer time. You can enjoy 3 types of shower heads from this single product. It contains 7’ wall shower head, 4.3’ extra-large hand shower. You can use them together or separately. Each of the showers has 6 settings that provide flow patterns with 48 combinations. It has a pulsating massage, water-saving pause, mist, multiple settings, and power rain. The whole surface comes with the chrome finishing. Except these, it also has 5 feet long hose which is made of stainless steel.


  • stain resistant
  • extra-thick inner hose tubing
  • high in quality
  • lightweight
  • easy to install


  • Users complained about poor design
  • Head swings
  • Leakage problem

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4. High-Pressure Shower Head Handheld Spray, 2-in-1 Dual System:

These dual showerheads are available with 12 different spray settings like 6 from each one. It has 3 ways diverters that help you to pick anyone up among the handheld showerhead, overhead rain shower head, or both of them at a time. You can install it all by yourself and will not need to bring any plumber. The product offers high style, best performance, and a prompt way to upgrade your shower experience.


  • Quick installation
  • Great water pressure
  • Great massage spray


  • Consumers say the wand is very short
  • Customers complained about having a plastic body
  • Do not last long

5. VFC 133 653 PowerSpray:

This VFC 133 653 PowerSpray dual shower is available with an overhead rain shower and a hand holding shower with a long hose. The 2-way diverter can switch easily from a soothing rain shower and the relaxing handheld the showerhead. You can use this product in 7 spraying modes. These are full-body, drenching rainfall, full body with power spray, pulsating massage, full body with massage, power spray, full-body, and water-saving trickle.  It is very easy to install and takes a few minutes to complete. These dual showerheads will help you to feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. It has anti-clog nozzles with optical-flow technology. The 5-foot long shower hose allows you to clean your body part with great ease.


  • Easy to install
  • Provides a great stream of water
  • Maximum water pressure


  • Users complained about the cheap material
  • Construction is not solid

6. 7″ Premium High-Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo:

This 7″ Premium High-Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo has the highest quality and the best standard of performance. These dual showerheads contain 7 inches chrome face and have click lever dial which is very high in power. For the easy cleaning option, it comes with a rub-clean jets feature. It helps to prevent the lime buildup. You can adjust the shower heads as per your choice at any angle and this modern design makes it more acceptable in the market. The grip handle is very ergonomic and you can use it as a handheld or overhead shower. The hand shower has 6 settings options. The options are pulsating massage, rain mist, power rain, pause mode, rain massage, and power mist. These dual showerheads are available with 3-way water diverters. You just need to switch on to control the water flow in between the showers. It also has an adjustable overhead bracket to let you enjoy a hands-free operation at your preferred angle. The hosepipe is made of stainless steel which is 5 feet long and super flexible. It is not only durable but also has a heavy-duty design. The hand shower is very comfortable to use and the rain shower head is 7’ long.


  • Strong water flow
  • Hose is long enough
  • Great in terms of quality and cost


  • Customers complained about the cheaper look
  • Not so sturdy
  • Cord is rusting

7. Shower Head with Handheld Spray:

These stunning dual showerheads are large enough and also adjustable. The size of the showerhead is 9’ and the water flow provides wide area coverage. You can change the angle of the shower heads as per your need and position to gather a luxurious bathing experience. This product has a handheld shower which has an inbuilt push button to change the mode. It offers the maximum pressure water flow to feel you relaxed and refreshed. These dual showerheads allow you to enjoy 3 different types of shower settings at a time. One of those is raining mode, the second one is mixed-mode, and the rest one is massage mode. This showerhead is made of brass which is high in quality with nickel finishing. It mainly ensures longevity and quality. You can control the water flow rate by just turning on or off the water. The design of the double valve helps in this case. The super flexible hose is 60’long and made out of stainless steel. The installation process is very simple and takes very little time.


  • 3 ways diverter
  • Adhesive Bracket
  • Adjustable arm
  • Cost-effective


  • Customers complained about not working properly
  • ‘T’ connector looks cheap
  • Low water pressure

What is a Dual Shower and Why Should you Choose it over a Normal Shower?

Double or dual shower heads are a system that combines 2 shower heads in a single convenient unit. It provides shower spray through two different streams together. It is featured in two ways. In the first type, two shower heads can set on the wall or as a second type, one shower head can be mounted on the wall and the other one can be held in hand. The plus point of these dual showerheads is you can adjust the water spraying pressure of it according to your needs. And sometimes you can also use only one shower keeping the other shut off. The reasons, why you should use this showerhead, are discussed below-

  • You can use this in a much better way for the elderly person or disabled persons.
  • You can save water and time at the same time.
  • You can enjoy the shower time with your partner, children, and pets.
  • You will feel a spa-like experience in your washroom.
  • You can keep your shower clean and sparkling with the help of dual showers as these are easy to handle.

Types and Details about Dual Showerheads

There are verities of dual showerheads are available in the market. You can choose them depending on your budget and personal style. We already know these are two types and now will discuss that elaborately. These are mentioned below.

  • Fixed Head Dual Shower: In this type, you will get both of the shower heads mounted on a single point. Sometimes they are positioned side by side like horizontally or else fitted as one above another. The second one covers a larger area. You can adjust this type of showerhead at any angle as per your preference.
  • Dual Shower Heads with a Handle: In this type, you can remove one head from the wall and can hold it in hand. It is very useful as it allows you to rinse your body part which is hard to reach and hair effectively. Not only this, but with the longer extension of the hose you can even clean the floor, walls, or bathtub of your washroom.

Now, we will go to another part which is the diverter valve. Dual showerheads have a diverter valve in the system to control the flow of water. There are two types of diverter valves.

  • Two-way diverter valves- It switches between the two showerheads.
  • Three-way diverter valves- It will allow you to select between both of the shower heads and the individual one at a time.

The diverter also has a bracket which helps to clutch the hand-held dual showerheads.

Benefits of Using Dual Showerheads

  • A single shower head is not enough to provide wide coverage while the dual showerheads can defeat that flaw. As a result, you will get a more refreshed body. The dual showers which come with a handle are more comfortable to use. In this case, you can reach easily to any body part of yours and clean that perfectly. It also helps to increase the water pressure which makes your bathing session more enjoyable.
  • If you are romantic enough and love to take a shower with your partner, it is a must-have product for your bathroom. The showerheads provide water and massage effects evenly to both of you. It makes your shower time more comfortable and warm. Not only this, you can share your bathing session with your children and pet also.
  • As this shower system comes with dual heads, the water flow also got increased with the pressure.
  • The dual shower heads always take less time and provide a perfect shower.
  • The big point of having this is that you can set a warmer temperature on a shower spray while the other one can be set at a cooler temperature.


So, it is very obvious that perfect dual showerheads can completely change the décor of a washroom as well as provides several advantages. Before buying anyone them you must read this article thoroughly. We assure you that it won’t disappoint you. You will get A-Z details of the dual showerheads. No one changes it very often. So go for the one which has a great outer look, advanced settings and of course several functions. Now, just stop worrying. Buy one and enjoy your wash time!

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