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Who doesn’t love the mouth-watering aroma of smoked and barbecued food? Whether it be our favorite cut of meat or nice fillets of tasty fish or something as ordinary as cheese or vegetables, smoking not only makes the food tastier but healthier as well. Smoked or barbecued fish, meat, and vegetables are, in every way, better than fried or boiled ones. Moreover, they make a great addition to your menu, whether it be a family get-together, a camp feast, or just a weekend lunch with your close ones with best electric smoker.

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However, smoking food isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you want to do it the traditional way. Traditional smoking entails a lot of work. You will have to collect the wood/charcoal, prepare the smoker, make sure that the heat is just right, and keep a continuous watch to ensure that the items do not get over-smoked. In fact, smoking food the traditional way requires skill and practice which most people may not have. Does that mean you will be deprived of the pleasures of savoring smoked food? Not at all!

To make sure that everyone can enjoy smoked food whenever they like, electric smokers have been introduced in the market. These smokers give you perfectly smoked meat or fish without any need of mastering the art of smoking. Electric smokers are easy to use and they are very easily available in the market which means that you do not have to fret over not being skilled at smoking the traditional way.


Things to consider before buying an electric smoker

If you are a foodie or love entertaining people quite often, then an electric smoker would surely be a great addition to your household. But before you go on to select the best electric smoker for yourself, it is important that you consider the factors that are mentioned below. Once you decide on a model based on these factors, you can rest assured that you will face no problems having the best-smoked food anytime. Let’s come to the important factors that you must consider while making the choice of an electric smoker for yourself:

1. Material: This is the very first point that you must keep in mind while choosing an electric smoker model. A lot of heat is generated when food is being smoked and that is why smokers made of stainless steel interiors are the best choice. This way, you can rest assured that no harm will come to the appliance, even if you smoke a lot of food on a regular basis. For the exteriors, aluminum treated steel or embossed aluminum is the best choice as this can protect the appliance even if the smoker is kept outdoors.

2. Cooking space: As already mentioned above, electric smokers come with varying space for smoking your food. You need to choose a model that has enough space to suit your needs. If you plan on smoking food only for yourself or your small family, then you may go for a smoker with a small capacity and it will suit your needs perfectly. But if you intend to treat many people quite often, it would be wise to invest in an electric smoker that can handle food up to 50 lbs or more. That is why it is necessary to determine your requirements before making the purchase.

3. Weight: Electric smokers are usually portable, but the extent of portability will depend on the weight of the appliance. If you want a model that you will be able to take on weekends or holidays, then it is ideal to buy a model weighing 50 pounds or less. But if you feel that you need a model whose weight exceeds 50 pounds, it will be ideal to have wheels attached to the appliance for easy movement. However, for campers and frequent travelers, the unit shouldn’t weight more than 12 pounds.

4. Performance: When it comes to having delicious, smoked food, you need to have a smoker that ensures the best performance. This is a critical factor in the choice of an electric smoker model. In order to have the best-smoked meat, briskets, fillets, etc., it is important to go through the electric smoker reviews and see whether the product delivers as promised. Only when you are satisfied, think of buying that model.

5. Temperature: Electric smokers come with varying features and temperature control is an important one. Not all models offer varying temperature settings. Many basic models come with one or a few temperature settings, which means that you will be able to smoke only certain types of food. However, if you want to smoke different types of fish, meat, vegetables, cheese, etc., it would be ideal that you choose an electric smoker that offers a number of temperature settings. Having the right settings will ensure that every food is smoked just right for your taste buds.

6. Power: As with the capacity, the power of an electric smoker also varies between models. While you can get models that offer wattage as low as 500 watts, the range goes up to 1500 or more. While most people would need a product that offers somewhere around 500 – 800 watts of power, some may need smokers with more power. So, before you choose a product, make sure that it can offer what you are looking for.

7. Versatility: For foodies and cooking enthusiasts, the use of an electric smoker isn’t restricted to smoking. It should be able to roast and grill as well. So, before you settle on a particular product, make sure that it is equipped to be versatile. This way, you can save on buying a separate appliance for roasting and grilling.

8. Maintenance: Like any other appliance, your electric smoker will require maintenance as well. The question that arises here is how much. Unless you have a whole lot of spare time on your hands, it will be ideal to pick a product that can be cleaned and maintained easily. As such, make it a point to choose an electric smoker with easily removable trays, racks, panels, grids, etc. If these parts can be put into a dishwasher for cleaning, even better. You can also look for a product that has doors that open wide to allow access to all corners of the smoker for better cleaning.

9. Budget: Everything aside, your budget will be the most important factor in the determination of the best electric smoker for you. Always go for a product that promises to offer the best performance within your budget. Do not exceed your budget to afford some fancy features that you may not need at all. Focus on only what you require and purchase a product that fits your budget and requirements perfectly.

Best Electric Smoker in the Market

1. Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker:

If you are a beginner and wish to get started with an entry-level model, then this is the perfect electric smoker for you. This electric smoker comes with pretty basic features and does not involve anything complex so that you can operate it very easily. It operates on fundamental smoking principles and comes with a vertical design. Be it your weekend parties with your friends or a family get together, this can be the perfect choice for you for barbecues for at least ten people with ease. The most important benefit of choosing this electric smoker is that it does not involve any kind of fire, so you can easily use this even in dense residential areas. The only thing that might be discouraging about this electric smoker is that you cannot use it for tailgating or camping.


  • This is quite a small unit with a high-wattage heating element which is good enough to help you smoke chips and cook any food you want.
  • No need to use charcoal or gas, it’s completely electric
  • While smoking your food, it’s really difficult to get the right heat with the use of gas or charcoal. With this electrical smoker, you do not have to worry about that at all. This comes with a dial that can adjust the heat that you need and you are ready to cook your favorite food.
  • It comes with the facility to adjust the shelve sizes. This means you do not have to take out one piece of meat to smoke the other and you can fit in different sizes of meat at the same time without any problem at all.
  • As per the electric smoker review, this smoker comes with an external drip can that helps you to catch all the drippings that come out of the smoker. Due to the dripping tray inside, most of the drippings will be easily collected inside the rest will be on your external drip pan.
  • To make sure your smoker works fine, and quickly, it will surely need to hold up the heat for a longer period of time. With an insulated wall construction, this electric smoker does not lose any of the heat generated inside which gives you the proper smoking experience.
  • It’s really easy to use. Apart from the fact that you do not have to deal with the gas supply or charcoal, this electric smoker is really easy to use too.
  • Maintenance and cleaning have always been an issue with smokers. But with this type of electric smoker, you don’t have to worry about all these. You can remove the grates and clean them with soap water. And you are free to use brushes and cleaners to clean the surface as well.


  • Inexpensive compared to any other model
  • Grills can be adjusted according to your choice
  • You can adjust the thermostat
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain the temperature
  • Less monitoring required
  • High-wattage cooking
  • Comes with temperature gauge
  • Good in sustaining heat


  • Does not have any smoke vent, so you will have to clean the chambers on a regular basis
  • No door latch
  • May not work under rainy conditions
  • Power consumption is quite high
  • No drip pan

2. Masterbuilt 20071117 30″ Digital Electric Smoker:

If you go through an electric smoker review, you will find out that this particular electric smoker from Masterbuilt is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a quality smoker. You do not have to use any type of gas or worry about the charcoal, yet you will be able to cook the finest of the dishes with this electric smoker. All you need to do is plug in your smoker, set your controls according to your need and it will do what it does best: cooking of high quality. Using the digital panel you can set time and temperature which is required if you are looking for precise cooking. This electric smoker comes with 4 smoking racks, offering you enough space for cooking party food. You can add wood chips without even opening the door which allows the smoker to retain heat and provide consistent smoking results.


  • Of course, you do not have to use any gas or charcoal to cook in this smoker. Start and control are really easy to deal with and even though it’s an electric smoker, you can actually use wood chips to smoke your food.
  • It comes with an insulated body that ensures consistent temperature, less heat loss, and less cooking time.
  • Cooking is an art but to make sure you meet perfection, you will need to control your temperature which might be a little bit difficult while using gas or charcoal. With this electric smoker, you can control the temperature consistently and the in-built thermostat makes sure it holds the temperature for you until you change it.
  • The display and the controls are at the top of the smoker which makes it easier to have an eye on it and also reduces any chance of touching any hot spots while cooking.
  • Normally if you open the front door to load the wood chip, it will waste some of the heat for sure. That is where this smoker is way ahead of its competitors as it comes with an external loading system for the wood chips. So, you can use the real wood chips for smoking, yet you do not lose any kind of heat at all.
  • It comes with a proper door latch which ensures the door is locked tightly, and it reduces the chance of any accidents as well.


  • Setting the timer and temperature is real easy
  • Comes with latch door
  • A simple way to load wood chips
  • Completely electric so the need for gas or charcoal
  • Completely insulated to protect you from any accidents
  • Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the experience is the same
  • The food capacity is good enough for a family party


  • In case there is a power outage, you might not be able to use the smoker
  • Does not work well if it’s raining
  • Only basic racks are included
  • Quite expensive compared to other models
  • Not really portable

3. Smoke Hollow 26142E 26-Inch Electric Smoker:

This electric smoker is definitely amongst the best of the smokers that you can get. You do not have to worry about gas supply at all and with a consistent temperature and controlled smoker, you can get the desired dish prepared the way you want. And when adding to the fact that you can add your favorite wood chips for smoke flavor, you have to admit that this electric smoker is definitely an amazing addition to your collection. Apart from having a steel cabinet, it comes with two cooking grids, 1500 watt of heating element, control for adjusting the heat, temperature gauge, and most importantly wood chip pans.


  • It comes with 2 adjustable cooking grids.
  • Depending on the fact that what you are cooking, you can adjust the height of the grid
  • You can control the temperature and adjust it according to your need
  • Comes with a latch lock system so that you work safely
  • It has 2 side handles for better movements
  • Comes with heat indicator and water pan
  • You can add wood chips to have the real smoke flavor
  • Capacity is good enough to cook any kind of meat
  • Light in weight and really easy to use
  • The chip tray and the water pan both have a porcelain coat on them.


  • Low cost
  • Great performance
  • Cleaning is not a problem at an all
  • No need for gas supply
  • Add smoky flavor to your meal with the real wood chips
  • Different sizes are available
  • Well insulated for consistent heating
  • Good for a family treat
  • Compact design allows you to carry the smoker with you
  • Cooking takes a lot less time than other smokers


  • No wheels
  • Limited warranty
  • No technology to control the smoker remotely
  • Does not come with modern designs
  • It’s not enough wide if you want to prepare a brisket
  • Drip trays are quite smaller than they should be

4. Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker 40-Inch:

Masterbuilt has been a well-known name in the industry of electric smoker and has been manufacturing quality products for years now. This particular electric smoker from Masterbuilt is another exceptional model produced by them. If you are new to backyard cooking then this electric smoker is a perfect addition to your collection. With a gas controlled smoker, you may face problems in controlling the temperature which in this case isn’t an issue at all. With low and consistent heat, you can certainly get a nice smoked meat every time. With some of the best features included in this model, 20075315 can surely be termed as one of the best electric smokers that you can buy.


  • 4 racks for cooking
  • Foam insulated so as to minimize accidents
  • LED display to view the cooking time and temperature
  • Remote control to set the time, temperature, and internal lights
  • Facility to monitor internal heat
  • The front drip pan is easily accessible
  • Comes with chip loading system so that you get a real smoky flavor
  • Comes with rear wheels and handle
  • The cooking capacity of 100 lbs of meat
  • You can load wood chips from the side tray, so you do not have to open the smoker door
  • Comes with the door latch and an air damper so that you can control the smoke inside
  • Clean up is super easy


  • High capacity, enough for a family party at your backyard
  • 4 adjustable racks for a better cooking experience
  • Side tray for wood chips
  • Remote control access to the control panel
  • Internal light
  • Probe thermometer to gauge the meat temperature
  • Cleaning is a lot easier
  • Affordable price
  • Digital control panel with LED light
  • Completely insulated for safety
  • Easy to transport from one place to another


  • The controller is not really waterproof, so might not work while it’s raining
  • Only the 90-day warranty
  • Might trip your circuit
  • Cleaning up might not be as easy as it seems

5. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 725 Square Inch:

If you have ever used a char-Broil electric smoker, you should know that all of them come with a glass door. This enables you to see through the front door and you can easily monitor your smoker without having to open the door. This particular electric smoker from Char-broil isn’t an exception either. It comes with a latched glass door, 725 sq. an inch of cooking space for a better cooking experience. It also comes with 4 racks that can be adjusted according to your choice or rather the kind of food you wish to prepare. As per the electric smoker review, it comes with a meat probe, grease tray (sliding), water pan, and smoker box to keep your wooden chips. It provides consistent heat and you can control the temperature according to your need from the control panel as well.


  • According to the electric smoker review, this electric smoker is really pretty much easy to work with. Since the smoker is controlled by digital technology, you can expect no error at all.
  • It comes with a dual-layer of the wall with additional insulation that makes sure that the smoker loses the least heat and the temperature is pretty much consistent. The smoker is of high quality and you can get nice food every time you cook.
  • Normally the door is the most negligible of the elements of a smoker. But in this case, you get an air-tight locking system that makes sure to keep all the heat and smoke inside till you open the doors. The design of this smoker fits perfectly in any outdoor kitchen and enhances your collection for sure.
  • Compared to other similar smokers, this particular one from Char-Broil is pretty much affordable. If you have a limited budget but yet you wish to get a quality smoker, this is a perfect choice for you.
  • Capacity wise this is quite big. With 725 sq. an inch of space you can smoke different meat and if you want you can even cook a whole turkey. In case of space is not enough for you, you can adjust the racks to get some more space easily.
  • This electric smoker has an amazing feature that keeps the wood chips last for at least nine hours instead of 6 hours.
  • You can control the smoker using a mobile app provided by the manufacturer and you can have control on the smoker all the time. Whether you need to stop or start the smoker or control the heat, or the smoke, you can do it via your mobile even if you are away from the smoker.
  • The smoker comes with wheels and handles which adds to the portability and easy transportation
  • LED display for better control and viewing


  • Easy to start, stop and control
  • Large capacity
  • Good to cook in controlled temperature
  • Meat probe for better heat control
  • 4 adjustable racks
  • Remote control for a better cooking experience
  • The smoker is of stainless steel which makes it durable
  • Dual-layer insulation makes sure no heat is lost
  • Digital LED display makes it easy to read
  • Front glass is an additional benefit to help you see inside
  • Fine operational app
  • Reliable heat distribution
  • Easily portable


  • Low smoke compared to other smokers
  • The sticker in-front looks really bad
  • Temperature calibration might not work as well as you think it might
  • The digital display does not work that great under the sunlight
  • The remote control is not of high quality and might get damaged in due course of time
  • Limited cooking facility
  • Limited controls
  • Wi-fi reception might vary according to your distance to the smoker

6. Smoke Hollow 30162EW 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Window, Black:

This electric smoker brings to you the kind of quality cooking experience you are looking for. You get to use 3 different temperature controls which can definitely meet your customized smoking experience. Whether you need a slow burn or a quick meal, this particular model can help you do it all. It comes with painted steel and wood chip box included can easily last for years. You can also find an additional steel water pan just over the wood chip box, just to protect it.

The unit also comes with a magnetic latch to ensure it’s really tightly sealed all the time you cook. The compact design is perfect for you to cook in your backyard and with the two side handles you can easily port it from one place to another as well.


  • Adjustable heating element
  • Cabinet construction is really of good quality to maintain a consistent temperature
  • Adjustable cooking grids
  • Comes with porcelain-coated pan and a wood chip box
  • The front door has a window so that you do not have to open the door to check the smoke
  • Comes with a temperature gauge for a better cooking experience
  • Temperature gauge
  • Perfect for smoking vegetables and meat
  • 3 distinct temperature settings to match your cooking styles
  • The durable and high-quality material used


  • Comes with a drip pan
  • Grids are adjustable which makes it easy to clean as well
  • 3 different settings for a variety of cooking experience
  • Easy to store and transport to any place you want
  • Durable and sturdy in nature
  • Cleaning is not an issue at all


  • Does not have any temperature display, so you have to just use the pre-settings
  • As per the electric smoker review, you might face a bit of grease leakage at times
  • You will have to monitor it till the food is ready

Who Should Buy an Electric Smoker?

Electric smokers sure do to make things convenient. As such, anyone can buy them, but they are a must-buy appliance for anyone who loves to have smoked fish and meat but does not want to bear the hassles of traditional smoking. Traditional smoking requires a lot of preparation time and the effort that is needed to get a good cut of meat is often impossible for people who live a hectic life. Moreover, since the cooking process is quite slow, you may need a good part of your day to prepare just a cut of meat. Electric smokers not only cut out the preparation time but also significantly reduce the time needed for smoking. Besides, since smoking with an electric smoker requires no or little prior knowledge and skill, anyone can enjoy good smoked meat.

Advantages of an Electric Smoker over a Traditional Smoker

Irrespective of whether you already have a traditional smoker or you are a total newbie to smoking food, an electric smoker is the right choice for you. These modern-age appliances come with many fantastic features that not only make smoking easier but also better. If you aren’t quite sure how an electric smoker can outperform a traditional one, then here is a list of the benefits of having an electric smoker that’s sure to sway your mind:

1. It is Convenient to Use: This is the first and most important benefit of switching over to an electric smoker. Traditional smokers can no doubt give you nicely smoked cuts and vegetables, but at a great cost. They are inconvenient, need a lot of effort and skill for perfect smoking, and quite a lot of monitoring – all of which may make you shy away from smoking food often. But not with electric smokers! They are simple and easy to use. All you need to do is plug in the appliance to an outlet, but the meat or fish that you want to the smoker on it, and set a timer according to your needs. No need to keep a constant watch while the food is being cooked and still avoid a disaster. Not only that, but you also do not have to adjust the heat, again and again, to allow the food to be properly smoked. Your electric smoker will do it automatically.

2. Keep it Unattended: With an electric smoker, you can smoke food without being present in front of it all the time which is not at all possible with a traditional smoker. All you need to do is set the temperature and the smoke settings and you can carry on with your household chores while the food is being prepared. Once the timer runs out, you just need to check if the food has been smoked to your likings, and that’s all. The food is ready to serve and has no sweat at all.

3. Faster Cooking: Smoking food in an electric smoker is faster than doing the same in a traditional smoker. Many may not agree to this fact, but this is the reality.  Electric smokers can produce high levels of temperature and that too, within a very short span of time which means that your food will be smoked much faster than you can expect from a traditional smoker. As such, you do not have to wait for long to have your favorite meats, briskets, or fillets cooked.

4. It is Safer: Believe it or not, electric smokers are safer than their traditional counterparts. This is because no real flames are produced when food is being smoked in an electric smoker. However, if you have to smoke meats and fish in a traditional cooker, you will have open flames going on for quite a few hours and that can be dangerous, especially if there are pets and children in the house who could topple it over and can cause the flames to spread. But not with an electric smoker! As such, your household remains safe from fire hazards.

5. It is Cost-Effective: Smoking is a slow process, especially if you are using a traditional smoker for your needs. This means that you will have to have the fire running for a few hours. Since wood or charcoal is used in a traditional smoker to produce the heat, you will have to spend quite a lot on wood every time you plan on having delicious smoked food. But if you want to cut out your expenses, then an electric smoker is the best pick for you. The best electric smoker will allow you faster smoking and since the electric consumption isn’t quite high, you will be able to save on your energy bills as well.

6. It allows Indoor Smoking: Smoking food is usually an outdoor activity. But what if you live in a flat or apartment with no access to a backyard or any open area? Running a live fire may not be possible or permissible in many a case which means that you won’t be able to enjoy smoked food at home unless you have an electric smoker. Since there is no live fire in the case of an electric smoker, you can smoke food without any issues even indoors.

7. It is Spacious: Though electric smokers come with varying capacities, many of them come with as many as four racks for smoking food. This means that you will not only be able to smoke a whole lot of food, you can also smoke mixed amounts of meat, fish, vegetables or any other food item, thus helping you save time when you have a variety of things to smoke.

8. It is Portable: Despite the fact that they look fairly big and can accommodate a lot of food, they are portable. This means that you can use them inside your home and outside as well or carry them while traveling in an RV. In short, you can have delicious, smoked food anywhere you like.

Features that Determine the Best Electric Smoker

The above factors aren’t the only things that need to be considered before bringing home a new electric smoker, the features of the product play an important role as well. Though almost all electric smokers have certain common features, most models have some features that may provide added convenience to the user. These features, too, need to be weighed to zero in on the best electric smoker for you. Given below are certain features that must be given a thought before making a purchase:

1. Digital/Analog: Electric smokers are of two types based on the kinds of signals they receive – digital and analog. When compared, a product that receives digital signals is much easier to operate as the programming is simpler than an analog counterpart. That being said, it is necessary to remember that units that are digital cost more than their analog counterparts. However, if convenience is your priority, you shouldn’t hesitate on paying the extra money.

2. Door lock: When smoking food, it is important to ensure that no or less heat can escape the smoker cabinet. The more the loss of heat, the more time will it take to properly smoke an item. That is why, while choosing a model, make sure that you go for one that not only comes with a good gasket, but a strong door lock as well so as to keep the smoker door better sealed.

3. Caveats: While looking for the best electric smoker for your home, you must also check out if the unit has a proper system of caveats that allow easy release of smoke and heat so as to maintain the proper internal temperature. This will ensure that the food being cooked doesn’t get charred or burnt.

4. Remote Controls: A feature that can offer better convenience is the remote control. A unit that can be remotely controlled is always better than one that doesn’t have the feature. You will be able to control the temperature setting, find out the internal temperature of the meat, and much with the remote control. So, no more running over to your smoker to turn a knob or press a button.

5. Meat Probe: This is a feature that many models may not have yet, but its usefulness cannot be ignored. With an internal meat probe you will be able to find out the temperature inside the meat without having to do it manually at intervals. This offers convenience and better control of the smoking process. And if you buy a product that comes with a built-in meat probe, you have nothing much to ask for.

6. Adding Wood or Charcoal: This is something that many may not even think of while buying an electric smoker. While an electric smoker does an excellent job at smoking the food, it fails at adding the smoky flavor that arises out of wood or charcoal. By being able to add a few pieces of wood or charcoal to your electric smoker, you will able to enjoy the convenience of electric smoking and the flavor of traditional smoking.

How to Make the Most out of your Electric Smoker?

Buying the best smoker isn’t everything. You have to ensure that you know how to use it in the best way possible. This will allow you to have perfectly smoked food every time. Doing so, however, isn’t difficult. A few simple guidelines are given below:

1. Know your Smoker Well: Once you have bought a model that you like, it is important that you get to know it well. Though most electric smokers broadly work in the same way, each model is different. Going through the instruction and user manual will help you to know how to use the unit to get the best results. You can also read the personal reviews of the user who have already used that particular model and get an idea about how to go about doing it. If you know someone who is already using that particular model, take his/her advice.

2. Know about the Heat Structure: Though there no one heat structure that can be considered the best, it would be wise to know the heat structure of the unit that you are planning to buy. This will help you decide which meat should go into which rack and how long will it take for particular meat to get cooked.

3. Do a Dry Run: Before you actually start smoking food in your newly bought smoker, make sure that you give it a dry run. This is known as a seasoning and is an ideal way to start off. Your instruction manual will usually guide you in this process.

4. Preheat your Smoker: If you do not want to work your smoker too hard and reduce its lifespan, it is best to use a preheated smoker. When you use a preheated smoker to smoke your food, the smoker doesn’t have to work hard to increase the internal temperature which is usually less than what it is set at. This avoids putting a strain on the unit.

5. Avoid Damp: Even though an electric smoker is good for both indoor and outdoor use, it is important to see to it that it remains damp free. This is because it runs on electricity and damp can damage the unit, and cause a fire as well.

Cleaning and Maintaining your Electric Smoker

Apart from following the steps apart, cleaning and maintaining your electric smoker on a regular basis is important to have nicely cooked food as well as to avoid damaging the unit. A clean smoker will ensure that the smoked food carries no unpleasant odor arising out of the smoker itself. The unit will also remain rust-free and will be able to operate efficiently for a long time to come. The following cleaning tips can help you:

  • After the smoking process is over, it is essential to clean up the unit with soapy water and a cloth. You may also use a bleaching agent if necessary. This will help clean the unit and any remnants of the smoking process will be cleaned off.
  • If your electric smoker has a tray for adding wood chips or charcoal, be sure to empty it after the smoking session or before you smoke again.
  • Cleaning the drip tray after every use is also important. You can use a cloth and any mild detergent for this purpose.
  • If the grill racks of the electric smoker aren’t dishwasher friendly, it is natural that you have to handwash them. However, you have to ensure that all grease and meat particles are thoroughly scrubbed off.
  • Units that come with a front-view window need special attention. Meat particles, grease, fluids, etc. can get deposited in the window and cause an unpleasant odor that can ruin your smoked food. So, cleaning the window after every use is necessary.
  • Meat probes that are used during the smoking process must also be cleaned regularly.


Electric smokers have become very popular in the present times. Being easy to use, they have revolutionized the process of smoking food. You can now smoke your favorite meat with less effort and quite quickly, meaning that you do not have to wait longer to treat your taste buds with delicious food, any time you want. All that you need to do is select the best electric smoker for yourself and you are all set.

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