Best Essential Oil Brands

There are many Essential Oil Brands that sell essential oils of all types in the market. The sad part, however, is that many of these brands are fraud or may sell low-quality items. So how do you find the best essential oil brand that you can rely on? Well, doing so is not a difficult job, but may need some research and effort on your part. Here we have listed a few top essential oil companies reviews and also guide you on how to find high-quality essential oil brands that supply exactly what it promises. Keep Reading to know the best brand.


What to Check Before you Choose an Essential Oil Brand?

Determine the Quality of the Oil:

This is the very first and most important step in deciding whether a particular brand is good or not. The quality of the essential oil determines its effectiveness and that is why you should lay extra stress on this point. To determine the quality of the essential oils that you will be getting you can find out the Latin name of the plant from which the oil is derived. Be sure that it is an exact species or sub-species that you want and not any other plant in the same family. Next find out from where the plant has been sourced, how much fertilizers were used by the manufacturers, etc. You also need to find out the processing method that has been used by the manufacturers to obtain the oil from the plants as they can determine the final quality of the oils obtained.

Find Out How Pure the Oil:

Next to quality comes the purity of the essential oils that you are about to buy. If the essential oils that you receive are not pure, they will not offer the results that you desire. You may have to use more of the oils for the same effect which will increase your expenses. You can carry out the paper test to find out whether the essential oil has been diluted or contaminated. In general, it is better to opt for the best essential oil brands that are totally clear about the purity of the oils and claim to be 100% pure. You could also smell the product to find if the oils smell exactly as they should. Essential oils being concentrated have a strong aroma that would be missing in diluted or contaminated oil. You can ask for samples from a brand that you think is good in other aspects and find out how pure the oils are.


The price of the essential oils is another factor of consideration. Unlike many other products, trying to find a cheaper product is not always ideal when you are going to buy essential oils. Essential oils come at a comparatively high price, and a higher price may be due to the fact that they have been sourced from a Native yet faraway place, processed using advanced technology to obtain the best oils, packaged in a much better way, and much more. That is why, before you choose a product that comes at a relatively lower price, you will have to see to it that you are not compromising quality for the price. Though some brands may be able to offer products at a lower cost due to large scale products, homegrown brands often offer high-quality products at a high price.

Brand Reputation:

The final point of consideration to be made before choosing an essential oil brand is the brand reputation. Not only do the quality, purity, and price of the matter of the essential oil, the service provided by the brand also matters. Top Essential Oil Brands have strict quality control checks, fast and prompt service, and efficient customer support. Brands that aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction are usually a good choice because you will not have to worry about the products that you receive. Even if you get a product that is not up to the mark, you can expect a change without any issue. It is also preferable that you go for a brand that offers organic, non-GMO products as this will not only ensure better products but are good for the environment as well.

Top Essential Oil Brands in the Market

1. Plant Therapy:

Plant Therapy has been one of the best companies in the field of essential oils. Their sole target has been to deliver a quality product at an affordable price. When the company was first formed in the year 2011, it was really easy for them to stand tall in a market that was completely under big companies that offered quality products but at an exceptionally higher rate. They tried to make themselves one of the alternatives and succeeded in doing so. The most important thing about their essential oils is that they let you view all the GC/MC and organoleptic testing reports online along with the test results. Every item they sell comes with a batch number which can let you view the test results online. As per the essential oil brand reviews, the company offers improved customer service to reply back to their customers via email. The company believes in quality products and they always make sure to run third-party tests and make those test results available online for their customers to see.


  • Made out of organic elements
  • Completely pure and guaranteed quality product
  • You can choose to use them in different blends
  • Secured and sealed bottles for every product of Plant Therapy
  • Completely kids safe


  • The price of the products might seem a bit pricy compared to other products from different brands

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2. Edens Garden:

Edens Garden has been a well-known name in the field of oil brands for almost 10 years now and they have certainly stood up their name by providing quality products over the last decade. They ensure that none of their products include any type of pesticide and made out of 100% organic elements. Their one and only motto are to create a pure product to meet the therapeutic grade. Apart from being able to provide a 100% organic product, they strive to provide the best set of oil blends so as to meet the customer requirements. If you research online you will see that they are the only company to provide a huge variety of oil blends and that too available at an affordable price. Although their motto is to provide quality organic oil blends, they are not that transparent about their test results. They do conduct tests by a third party but you may not find all the test results online for cross-checking. Most importantly, all their products are not really made of organic substances, so it will be wise to check the labels before you can actually buy them. Overall they provide you with the largest possible set of oil blends at an affordable price range and most of their products are 100% safe to use. While making an essential oil blend, it’s important to have a well-curated blend of oils and this is where Eden’s Garden stands tall. Although they have been known for their single-source oils they do produce one of the largest set of blended oils. They have a different blend of oils for different problems; for immunity-related issues they have an immunity blend, in case you need something to improve your mood, the Energy Boost might work. The anxiety Ease, Head Ease all these are pre-blended oils that can work pretty well with proper use. According to the essential oil brand reviews, these oil blends are created with great care can certainly be the key to find the best possible solutions to your problems.


  • The scent of most of the products is really strong
  • Most of the oil blends are organic and pure
  • Wide variety of oil blends available at your disposal
  • Well curated organic elements to provide you the best quality
  • Affordable price ranges


  • The bottles of the oil blends are not that well made
  • Comparatively, you might find the price of these oil blends a bit more
  • Not all the products are organic so the best option is to check the label before you buy
  • Test results are not available online, at least not for all the products manufactured by this company

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3. Young Living:

Young Living is one of those brands that you can recognize as soon as you think of an essential oil company. Although they have been one of the best in the market, in the long run of 25 years, they have seen ups and downs of the market and have managed to carry along the flow of the market. And the most amazing thing about this company is that they have been able to stand tall in the market even after competing with different companies in the market and still they are regarded as one of the best. Due to the fact that they produce a huge variety of products and the quality of their oil blends are really great, they have been able to satisfy their customers’ requirements. Apart from quality oil blends, they have also products like supplements, beauty products, and diffusers, etc. Along with the quality products they have done very well in providing good customer support as well. Their prompt reply and to the point suggestion have surely made their clients happy. Although they do offer their products separately in the market, to make sure you get all the products at your disposal, you will need to find a distributor, buy through their MLM system or you can start being a distributor yourself. If you go through essential oil brand reviews you will see that being a company working in this field for 25 years and having a successful name in this field, they are not really that transparent about their test results or methods. Nothing is made public and that might be an issue if you compare to some of the other transparent companies present in this field. When it comes to their product quality they have their long history of quality checking to speak for it. There was a time when the owner of the company actually used to cultivate peppermint, herbs, sage, and lavender so as to maintain their product quality. Apart from being able to produce quality products, their process of quality control and testing methods are really advanced and scientific enough to ensure better quality. That being said, they do not possess any Organic certificate as of now.


  • Pure and highly concentrated
  • The oil blends are really great
  • The bottles of the products from Young Living are always sealed perfectly ensuring zero spill


  • Prices of the products are in a bit costly side
  • Not really great for pets

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4. doTERRA:

Comparatively, doTERRA is a newer company than the other companies in the market. It has a similar type of MLM business model but they do have the therapeutic certificate and most importantly they have high-priced products. They have a wide range of products along with the essential oil blends which are definitely capable of competing with any other companies’ products. Although they have a few foggy test methods, looking at their user base, you can certainly decide that they do provide a good quality product in order to meet their client’s requirements. If you go through essential oil brand reviews to check on their quality control, you will find that they hold the CPTG certificate. Although it’s not one of those that you get awarded or a third party gives you, rather it’s an internal certificate issue when you meet certain criteria. They ensure they have zero contamination, zero artificial components, no pesticides, no chemicals, and most importantly they have 100% pure ingredients to start with. Although they do not conduct third-party results and certainly do not put them up on their web portal, that does not mean, they offer you a bad quality product.


  • All the products manufactured by doTERRA is of high quality
  • The products are CPTG certified
  • The cases and the bottles for the products are well packaged
  • The products are totally organic
  • 100% refund if the products are not satisfactory


  • Expensive in comparison to other company essential oils

5. Aura Cacia:

According to the essential oil brand reviews, Aura Cacia is a member-owned company. This means once you become a member of the company you will be termed as one of the owners of the company. It only takes 10$ to become a member and you will get an additional 5% rebate on annual purchases as well. Due to the fact that it’s a member-driven company, they ensure the maximum of the test results are made public and that adds to their transparency of the company as well. That being said, the most important part of this company is that you do not need to become a member to check those test results online. They promise to retest and reprocess any oil that you think does not meet the quality or the standard that a user requires. Although they faced some issues with the FDA, they ensure to make it up to them and strengthen their test methods a bit more to ensure a quality product. Overall you can certainly put their oil products under the Good category and when you add to the fact that they are available at an affordable price compared to other companies, you can surely put them at the top of the essential oil brands list. This company is truly committed to its product quality. They ensure that their products are not tested on any animal, does not contain any added colors, petroleum, parabens, or synthetic stabilizer of any kind. In short, they tend to have 100% pure and organic products. They are ready to reject, reprocess, and refine their product to ensure good quality of product irrespective of the price they have to pay for that.


  • Oil blends are perfect in quality and smell strong
  • Affordable price
  • Amazingly 100% pure organic product


  • Bottles are not of that quality
  • You might find broken bottles and spilled oils in the box
  • Shipping takes a lot of time

In a world where we feel that everything around us is restless, polluted, and of poor quality, there is something that can come as a solution. Nature is what we need to bring back the calm into our lives and improve its quality. And that is nothing new. For ages and across cultures, natural extracts have helped humans with their fantastic properties, whether that be for curing and healing, soothing and relaxing, or improving the overall quality of life. Derived from different plants and trees, essential oils can offer unparalleled benefits to humans. Let’s see how.

Importance of Essential Oils

Essential oils have far more uses than you can ever think of. Here we will get to know the most important uses of essential oils:

  • Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy that is used to relieve stress and uplift mood. It also helps in soothing the body and mind to help it relax.
  • Essential oils have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties which are why they are used in cosmetics, perfumes, incense, and even room cleaners.
  • Essential oils can also be used in the treatment of ailments of the respiratory system, relieve migraines and headaches, reduces joint pains.
  • Products from the best essential oil brands can help in better digestion, improved brain functions, and higher energy levels.
  • They help in reducing body toxicity.
  • Improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Essential oils are important for good skin and hair health.

These are only some of the most common benefits of essential oils in our present lives. The overall benefits of these natural extracts are more far-reaching than you can even imagine.

Ways to Differentiate Between Genuine and Fake Essential Oil Brands

The market is filled with brands that claim to provide ‘the best’ essential oils. And since the demand for essential oils is quite high and brings in a lot of money as well, fraudulent brands have mushroomed all over the world. If you do not want to fall prey to such brands and not end up with impure, harmful products that cannot deliver the goodness of essential oils, then here are a few points that will help you differentiate the good from the bad:

  • Products from genuine brands are clearly labeled mentioning the Latin name of the plant, plant origin, distillation, and expiry date, distillation method, etc.
  • Good products are available in the open market, while shady ones may be available with certain distributors only.
  • Best essential oil brands thoroughly test their products before offering them to the users. You can also check the test results online.
  • Genuine essential oil brands should have their own website offering details of their date of establishment, owner name, company location, history, privacy policy, etc.
  • Another common thing that the best essential oil brands have is good customer service that you can contact via email, phone, chat, etc.
  • Brands that are non-GMO, GMP certified are the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Essential Oil Brands

While essential oils are essentially good, a few questions might crop up when it comes to using them. Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about essential oils.

Is the use of essential oils safe?

Generally, yes! However, if you are suffering from conditions like epilepsy, asthma, etc., you should avoid these oils.

Can my children use essential oils?

In a word, yes! That said, it is not safe for use in children below the age of 2. Moreover, use only diluted essential oils for your kids and that too, after consultation with a doctor.

Can essential oils be used on pets?

It is better not to use any type of essential oil on your pets. This is because the strong smell of these oils may make irritate them as they have stronger olfactory senses.

Can essential oils be consumed?

Some of the essential oils can be used internally, which means that they can be consumed. This depends on the composition of the oil. Thus, it is better to consult a doctor before you consume it.

Can pregnant or lactating women use essential oils?

Though there has been no hard proof about whether essential oils are harmful to to-be or new moms, it is best to consult a physician before you use anything.

Do essential oils have an expiry date?

Contrary to the common belief, essential oils, too, can get spoilt after a certain period of time. That is why they come with an expiry date that varies from oil to oil.


Essential oils play a very important role in improving life quality. Using them for aromatherapy, topical application, or consumption can help you stay healthy, stress-free, and relaxed at all times. This is really very important in the present times when lifestyles are hectic and unhealthy. However, choosing the best brand for your needs is very important if you want to benefit from the use of essential oils. That is why read through the essential oil brands reviews given above and choose the one that suits you the best.

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