Best Essential Oils for Dark Circles

Do you feel appalled every time you look at your pictures? Do you see a ghost looking back at you in the mirror? Well, those dark circles are surely ruining your looks and if you do not do something about them, you are surely not going to like looking at yourself in the mirror. Dark circles and baggy eyes can destroy any look and concealing them with makeup isn’t doing you any good. If not cared for, they are going to get darker and ghastly and makeup wouldn’t be enough anymore. You need to act and act fast. There are many ways to treat dark circles. A number of cosmetic products available in the market can help reduce dark circles when used religiously. However, many of them contain harmful chemicals that may harm the soft skin and sensitive tissues in the under-eye area. So, it is better to avoid them. You can opt for home remedies instead as they have practically no side-effects. However, it takes longer to see any visible results. If this makes you wonder what would be the best way to get rid of those nasty dark circles, then here is the answer you are looking for. You can use essential oils to get rid of dark circles.

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What are Essential Oils?

You must have heard of essential oils before. Even if you haven’t, there’s nothing to worry. Essential oils are not uncommon and you can easily get them in the market and in online stores. Essential oils are derived from flowers and plants and have many therapeutic benefits, including the solution to dark circles. Essential oils are distilled from different parts of the plant like seeds, petals, stem, and roots. Distillation is done either with steam or with water. The oils thus extracted have been used for numerous benefits since ancient times.

These are the same oils that protect the plants from harm and are, thus, very powerful. They are widely used in cosmetic products meant for hair and skin. When used in the pure form they can help cure many problems of the skin, hair, respiratory system, and more. Pure essential oils are now being made readily available, thanks to many brands and niche manufacturers.

How can Essential Oils Help Reduce Dark Circles Under the Eye?

Dark circles mainly occur due to lack of sleep, lifestyle disorders, poor food habits, aging, skin allergies, and more. All these hamper skin elasticity and make it thin. This allows the violet and blue light rays to pass through creating a dark shade on the under-eye skin. Dark circles may also occur due to hyperpigmentation caused by genetic makeup. Whatever may the cause of the dark circles be, essential oils can help lighten the skin in the periorbital area. Regular use can eliminate dark circles completely and make you look beautiful. You must, however, understand that essential oils, though powerful, are no magic formulas. They are not a quick-fix like makeup. You need to use them daily and over a period of time to see significant changes. They help remove dark circles by

  • Boosting blood circulation
  • Nourishing the skin
  • Evening out skin complexion
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Promoting sleep quality
  • Boosting natural healing processes
  • Fighting against bacteria, fungus, free radicals, and more.

All these promote skin and tissue health in the under-eye area so that the dark spots gradually disappear. Regular use of essential oils along with a healthy lifestyle will keep dark circles away forever.

How to Choose the Best Essential Oils for Dark Circles?

Choosing the dark circle right essential oil is very important. Only the best essential oils will give the results that you desire. So, here’s what you should look for before buying essential oils:


Essential oils are useful only if they are derived from plants growing in certain regions. A certain plant may grow in many areas, but only a particular species may be useful for human use. So, you have to make sure that you read the labels right to know the botanical name, origin, and chemotype of the plant from which the oil has been extracted along with the distillation and expiry date. This will help you understand whether the essential oil that you are about to buy is worth the money or not.

Organic, Wildcrafted, or Unsprayed:

The way the plants are grown can also have great impact on the quality of the oil. Organically grown plants are the best choice for essential oils as they avoid the use of pesticides. In case there is no organic certification of the farms where the plants are obtained from, the term unsprayed is used which indicates the plants have not being sprayed. Many high-quality essential oils are also obtained by wildcrafting where the plants grow in their natural habitat. So, understand how the plants are grown before you buy an essential oil.


Any essential oil that you want to buy must be 100% pure. Only pure essential oils are worth buying, irrespective of what you are planning to use it for. The oil must be free of any chemicals, carrier oils, fragrances, or preservatives. Diluted or adulterated essential oils have fewer benefits and may cause side-effects. So, make sure that the essential oil is pure. If you are buying a mix of several essential oils, make sure that only the required essential oils are present.

 Quality Control:

The best essential oils for dark circles are those that are produced under strict rules. Manufacturing quality control at all levels is important to ensure that the oil offers the best benefits. Even 100% pure essential oils may fail at offering the desired results if they have not been properly processed. The method of extraction will play an important role in determining how potent the essential oil is.


Another vital check that you must carry out is finding whether the manufacturer tests the oils for purity and benefits. This is usually done via mass spectrometry and gas chromatography tests usually referred to as GC/MS tests. Reputable manufacturers carry out these tests on all batches of essential oils that they offer in the market and also put up the reports on their websites. Some may ask you for a small fee to see the reports of the batches. Some manufacturers allow third parties to carry out these tests on their behalf for transparency.

Affiliations and Memberships:

Many manufacturers belong to national and international quality control bodies like the NAHA. This means that they follow the standards set by these organizations regarding the sourcing and processing of essential oils. This sets a standard for all the products manufactured by the particular brand and is a benchmark of trust.


Most essential oils are exotically obtained and their farming, extraction, and processing is a costly affair. Naturally, most essential oils have a high price tag. However, some brands mass produce certain essential oils, thus reducing the production cost many times. This makes certain essential oils very affordable. However, there are varieties that are produced only in small batches by big brands as well as niche manufacturers who strive to offer the best quality products. These products may be on the costlier side but are worth every penny.

Best Essential Oils for Dark Circles Reviews

1.  Sweet Almond Oil by Sky Organics 16oz- 100% Pure:

This organic almond oil from Sky Organics is one of the best multi-usage oils that you can buy. All the ingredients are natural and that is what makes this oil special. The quality you get compared to the price, it’s definitely worth it. Due to the fact that it contains no additives, you can safely use this oil for babies as well. With regular use, it can cure wrinkles and aging signs as well. The almond oil is extracted by first pressing and then grinding seeds using a stainless steel press. To retain the natural formula and fine aroma, almond is cold-pressed and that is what gives this oil a head start comparatively.

It’s safe for any type of skin and is free from chemicals it can be used for sensitive skin as well. Apart from having Almond oil, it contains essential oils, fatty acids, and Vitamins as well. Also, almond oil is pretty much light and easily gets absorbed which keeps your skin nourished, healthy and hydrated. In case you wish to add other essential oils with this product, you can do that and apply it on your skin. It’s good for hair as well. You can use it to remove dark circles, skin rashes, eczema, reduce hair loss, etc.


  • Comes with fresh & natural aroma
  • Almond oil gets easily absorbed to any type of skin
  • You can combine other essential oils to enrich this product
  • 100% organic
  • According to the essential oils for dark circles reviews, it has no chemical additives
  • Thicker compared to any other brand
  • Can be used for massages
  • Good for removing dark circles


  • The bottle is made of plastic
  • The bottle might leak a bit

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2. PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil:

This organic Arganic oil from PURA D’OR definitely sets the high standard in the category of essential oils. Its 100% pure and is cold-pressed, which means you get the all-important natural ingredients intact in the oil. It does not have any added chemicals so you can safely use it on your hair and skin. It has no sulfate products or parabens, synthetic fragrances, pesticides, or gluten which definitely makes it good for people having sensitive skin. It has an anti-inflammatory property which means you can easily use it for your face and with regular use it can easily treat psoriasis and eczema.

Apart from that it has moisturizing property as well. It helps to rejuvenate your skin, make your hair shine and strong as well. This oil is also capable of efficiently playing a part in hair growth as well. Due to the fact that it contains natural ingredients and vitamins, it can nourish your hair follicles and provide all important nutrients to make it strong. Even if you have dry skin, this oil can work magic on it easily. Due to the fact that it has an anti-aging property and it can soften your wrinkles and restore elasticity, it is truly known to be one of the best all-round essential oil


  • USDA certified which means its 100% pure and organic
  • It’s cold-pressed so you can rest assured that you get all natural ingredients
  • No paraben, gluten, pesticide or sulfate
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging property
  • It can reduce wrinkles, reduce facial blemishes, dark circles and treat your dry skin
  • Gets absorbed easily in the skin
  • No greasy residue is left after you apply it every time


  • The bottle might leak a bit

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3. Edens Garden Clove Bud Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil:

Edens Garden brings to you one of the best essential oil product that you can buy. It has a nice sweet and spicy aroma. Whenever you think you are having a low mood, the aroma of this oil can be useful to you. Apart from just having a nice aroma, this oil has a lot more benefit than you can imagine. Although Clove Buds are used mostly in cooking, but, its oil if used correctly can really be useful for many other reason. This particular product is a blend of essential oil and other ingredients which comes with natural and healthy benefits. And when you add to the fact that it’s completely affordable, you can certainly plan to give it a shot for sure. This essential oil is safe to use for any one and it’s pure too which means you get the best possible benefits out of its natural ingredients.


  • Works fine
  • Organic product
  • Removes dark circles in no time at all
  • Maintains standard quality and price is affordable too


  • It smells kind of odd and strong
  • The bottle might leak
  • Bit costly compared to what you get
  • Might not be good for all types of skin

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4. Plant Therapy Clove Bud Essential Oil 100% Pure:

This essential blend from Plant Therapy contains 100% pure and natural ingredient. It contains Clove bud, Orange Sweet, Nutmeg and Ginger Root which enhances the oil blend and ensure that you get high quality essential oil at an affordable price. The clove buds are first dried and then steam distilled in order extract the essential oil. It does not include any type of additives or filters. All contains is the undiluted extract of clove bud. With regular use it can improve your health but for skin application make sure to dilute it to 0.5%.

The best part of using this essential oil is that it goes through a lot of important tests before you use it. The manufacturer makes sure that you get the best possible quality at your disposal that too at an affordable rate.


  • Smells nice
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Can be used with other essential oils
  • Reduces dark circles effectively


  • According to essential oils for dark circles reviews it does not smell good and definitely not clove oil
  • Might not be healthy for your skin

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5. doTERRA – Frankincense Essential Oil:

Frankincense has been a well known dark circle essential oil that comes with plenty of health benefits. Frankincense has its place in the history as well. The Assyrians and Babylonians used to burn it for religious causes and the Egyptians used to use this resin for a soothing skin. This history has now changed the modern day use of Frankincense. Due to the fact that it’s soothing to skin and has beautifying properties, it can easily be used to rejuvenate skin and reduce skin infections as well. Apart from that it can keep your cellular functionality in good shape. If you inhale this essential oil, you can get a relaxed, satisfactory and peaceful felling. To have a balanced and relaxed mood, you can rub it just under your feet.

Since it uses steam distillation process to extract the essential oil, you can expect to get the best benefit out of its natural ingredients. With regular use of this essential oil, you can have a blemish free youthful skin. It can certainly strengthen your immune system and when it comes to remove your dark circles, this is certainly the product that you need to buy. Since it works at cellular level, it might be used to cure diseases like cancer.

Using this oil is really easy. You can inhale it which has the best calming effects. To use it on the skin, you will need to dilute it first and then apply directly on your skin to get the best result. You can even combine it with other essential oils as well to get the best possible result on your skin. It can be used as anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory product. In case you have wasted a lot of time finding the right essential oil, then this is the right product for you.


  • Provides a nice relaxed feeling upon inhaling this product
  • It can reduce dark circles, but only if you use it on regular basis
  • It rejuvenates the skin
  • It can reduce stretch marks, and scars
  • It makes the skin blemish-free
  • It has a soothing effect on skin and can act as a stress reliever
  • Reduces signs of aging and pimples


  • The product comes with a high price tag
  • The smell is not like what it should be

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6. US Organic Pure Frankincense Essential Oil:

If you check essential oils for dark circles reviews online, you will see that Frankincense is one of those ingredients which has been in use for years and comes with different benefits. From skincare to Aromatherapy it can be used for multiple benefits. There is not better ingredient than Frankincense to calm your body and mind. Simple massage with this oil can relax your mind and elevate your mood with ease. If you are having strong headache or pain in your body, this essential oil can be put to good use. The warm, menthol like aroma helps in creating a nice surrounding in the room. Be it in your house, office or clubs, this can be really useful.

If you are looking for an option to clean your nasal tract and your skin, then this Frankincense essential oil is the one you should choose. With the presence of other natural ingredients and essential oils, this product can be really one of the best choices for you. All you have to do is use warm water and inhale the vapor, or dilute it up to 0.5% before you apply it on your skin. It will help you reduce acne, dark circles, pimples or any type of skin rashes. And since this does not include any toxin, additive, preservatives, sulfate or paraben, you can safely use this oil for any type of skin and get the best result.


  • Easy to use even for the first timers
  • You get what you pay for
  • The scent is quite appealing
  • Does not cause unnecessary coloring
  • The product is very strong; only a small amount is needed
  • Does not cause irritation to the skin
  • Comes with anti-inflammatory property


  • According to the essential oils for dark circles reviews you might not have any improvement even after regular use
  • Costly
  • Can cause burning sensation

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7. Plant Therapy Chamomile Roman Essential Oil 100% Pure:

Looking to buy an essential oil that can be used in aromatherapy? Well, then this particular essential oil from Plant Therapy is the best choice for you. With just a few drops of this oil in the diffuser, you will have a nice relaxing night sleep. It contains 100% pure and natural ingredient. Being free from chemicals, you can use it for the kids as well. For adults it can be used for any type of skin problems and diseases. According to the essential oils for dark circles reviews, every single bottle from Plant Therapy goes through a lot of medical tests before it’s put up in the market. This definitely takes care of the quality and standard that you have been looking for. This is indeed one of the best product available at an affordable price range and definitely works well for who wants to use this.


  • It soothes and rejuvenates your skin
  • It moisturizes the skin
  • Reduces under-eye puffiness
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Lightens tired and dull skin
  • Reduces dark spots and black circles
  • It safe to be used on kids
  • Non GMO product
  • USDA certified
  • Third party GC/MS testing
  • Cost effective


  • Slight pungent odor

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How to Use Essential Oils to Reduce Dark Circles?

Essential oils are very helpful in reducing dark circles, but only if you use them properly. Buying the best essential oils for dark circles isn’t enough, you need to follow this guide for the best results:

  • Take a small amount of the essential oil on your fingertips.
  • The skin below and around the eyes is very sensitive. So, touch the area gently with your fingertips to start massaging.
  • Start by massaging the skin around the eye socket in the downward direction along the nose bridge; then move upwards.
  • Use light pressure to massage the skin at the start of your nose and between the eyebrows.
  • Gently massage the skin around your eyes in a circular motion.
  • Use your ring finger to lightly tap the skin under the eye to promote blow flow in the area.
  • Keep your eyes closed during the entire process.
  • Repeat the massage 5-10 times per day for the best results.

What to Keep in Mind Before Applying Essential Oils?

Before you buy yourself a bottle of the best essential oils for dark circles, here are a few things that must be considered:

  • Essential oils are the purest form available. They are very potent and may not be suitable for everyone. So, before using any essential oil, talk to your doctor about what’s good for your skin and what’s not.
  • Before you use essential oil, do a patch test.
  • Apply only 1-2 drops of essential oil along with carrier oil.
  • Essential oils must not be used if you have skin issues.
  • It is best to use essential oils only if you are an adult unless otherwise advised by your doctor.
  • Do not use oils that include two or more essential oils if you are new to them. Once your skin adapts, you can use a complex mixture of essential oils.
  • Make sure that you consult a dermatologist if you see any kind of skin irritation or rashes after use.
  • Use only pure essential oils and avoid diluted or impure essential oils at all costs.


Essential oils have been used for therapeutic benefits for centuries. With essential oils from many brands easily available in online stores, getting the best essential oils for dark circles is now very easy. Just choose a product that suits your needs the best and can give fantastic results without any side-effects.

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