Best Facial Epilators

Searching for the best epilator for the face? Read this article we have reviewed some of the best facial epilators for all types of skin. Any sign of facial hair and woman would go to great lengths to ensure that it is removed even before it grows a millimeter. In fact, women consider even a single hair on the face to be a curse, let alone a distinctly visible tuft of hair on any part of the face. That is the very reason why a number of facial hair removal techniques have been developed over time and cater to the needs of women with facial hair.

Do you stand in front of the mirror everyday scrutinizing your face, trying to find any trace of the little devil? Do you get panic attacks thinking someone might uncover your secret? Well, believe it or not, facial hair is a common problem in women across the world. While the other gender can boast of their facial hair, for women it is as freakish as it can get.

Best Facial Epilators


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Facial Epilator

Just like buying any other product, the choice of the best epilator for the face must be done with care. Different factors must be considered before you settle down on a particular model. Here are a few things to factor in:

The Purpose: The first and most important thing to be considered while making a choice is the purpose of your purchase. You are looking for an epilator to remove unwanted facial hair and that is why you need a facial epilator that is designed for the purpose. General epilators are a big NO if you do not want to end up with a half-eaten eyebrow.

Quality: Though it is true that you can get epilators for as low as $10 at your local drug store, they cannot give you fine finishes that comparatively expensive models can. However, if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of facial hair to pull out or do not need that fine a finish, you may go for such as well. For all others who desire a perfect, smooth skin at all times, investing in a quality product would be ideal. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to buy a fancy model that goes beyond your budget.

Budget: Your budget also plays an important role in deciding which the best facial epilator is. Many epilators in the market may have great features and reviews, but if they are out of your budget, they aren’t right for you. That is why it is essential that you consider your budget while making the choice of the epilator. However, it must always be remembered that a $20 epilator will never be able to match the performance and quality of one priced at around $100. So, try to have a moderate budget while choosing an epilator.

Features That the Best Facial Epilator Must have

Epilators come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, prices, and features. And deciding the best epilator based on just the above-mentioned factors isn’t enough. Your epilator must have the following features to guarantee smooth, hair-free skin for months to come:

Wet and Dry options: This feature is mainly important for those who are just starting with epilation or cannot bear any kind of pain at all. Though most epilators can be used on dry skin, some can be used on wet skin as well which means that you can epilate even while taking a shower or washing your face when the hair strands are soft. This will help make the process less painful and less irritable and is good for one and all.

Washable: Hygiene is very important when it comes to processes such as epilation. Thus go for a model that can be easily washed to remove any remains of hair, dust, grime, etc. This will reduce and eliminate the chances of an infection usually caused due to repeated use of dirty epilators. You can also go for a model that comes with antibacterial technology.

Exfoliating Properties: If you want your epilator to do more than just removing regular hair strands, you can buy one that comes with a brush head for deep cleansing and exfoliation. This will not only help you get smoother skin but also reduce the presence of ingrown hair.

Speed Settings: If you are planning to use your epilator frequently, then it is important that you go for an epilator that offers two-speed settings instead of one. This will not only help you epilate according to your convenience but will also be better for areas like the eyebrows, etc.

Ergonomic Design: You wouldn’t want to buy an epilator that is significantly big in size. It will not only be difficult to hold it, but also to use it on various difficult-to-reach parts. Always go for a model that is slim and compact and can be easily maneuvered.

Rechargeable: Epilators can be used for several years and that is why it is best that you buy a model that comes with a rechargeable battery. Even if it doesn’t, buy rechargeable batteries and let the epilators work for years to come.

Less Noise: Well, the sound produced during epilation may not seem to be a great deal when you hear it the first time. But having to bear that sound on a regular basis may not be what you would be up for. So, look for a model that doesn’t produce as much sound.

Multipurpose: Modern-day epilators not only help in facial hair removal. They also come equipped with brush heads that can be used to exfoliate your skin. This removes dead cells and gives you a brighter, smoother look.

Lighting: This is an extra feature that you could look for in an epilator. If the epilator comes with inbuilt light, it will be easier for you to spot even minute hair growth and epilate accordingly.

Best Epilator for Face (Facial Epilator Reviews)

1. Epilady Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable Epilator:

This particular epilator from Epilady is one of the best epilators manufactured for women. The most important benefit of this facial epilator is that you can also use this device for your underarms, eyebrows, touch up your arms and legs, and even for your bikini line as well. The device is rechargeable like any cell phone, but there are no batteries. Instead of that, you will have to use an electrical outlet to charge your device. You can use it for a maximum of 1 hour once the charge is full. It has a coil system that is utilized for the hair removal process although the coil design is not really the popular most ones when it comes to the face epilators.


  • You can charge this epilator using either a 100V or 240V adapter that comes with the device itself.
  • This epilator is quite fast and strong too, and it can remove the shortest of the hairs right from the root.
  • It comes with 40 tweezers that ensue 32000 tweezes in just one minute.
  • The power adapter is compatible enough and really easy to get started with.
  • It can the socket does not fit your type of plug, you can use an extension to fit the adapter perfectly to your power supply


  • Comes with 2 different speed variations that enable the user to speed up or maybe slow down depending on the need
  • If you compare it with manual tweezing, this device is 12 times faster.
  • You can keep this device inside your pocket or maybe in your purse and it fits in nicely without any problem at all.
  • Don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries at a regular interval.


  • The coil system used for hair removal is not that reliable.
  • Once charged it will run only for 60 mins.
  • Ingrown hairs might be a problem

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2. Braun Silk-épil 9-941e Women’s Epilator:

The Slink Epil 9-941e from Braun is another wonderful product manufactured by one of the leading epilator manufacturers in the market. With a promise of better epilation in just 1 stroke, this facial epilator certainly makes the top list amongst the best. With the advanced tweezers technology, it can easily remove a lot of lesser hair from your skin compared to what waxing can do. The sonic shedding technology added by Braun, makes sure that it generates a lot more vibration every moment. The blue brush that comes in the package make sure that you get to remove your dead skins a lot faster than any manual treatment. It makes sure that you always have a smooth skin and once you start using this face epilator on a regular basis, you can rest assured that the result will be totally awesome.


  • Smooth skin instantly
  • The hair that grows back is a lot lighter and for an obvious reason less observable as well.
  • According to best facial epilator reviews Comes with an additional massager as well for the ultimate level of comfort
  • In case you have sensitive skin, you can certainly use this product rather than any other product available in the market.
  • If you are looking for a machine that has the precise and fastest epilation, then this is your product.
  • You get 2 brushes that can be used for exfoliation for radiant and flawless skin.
  • The wider head makes sure to remove the maximum of the hair from your skin compared to any waxing material.
  • You can use it anytime you want: wet or dry


  • Smooth skin in no time and result can last up to 4 weeks
  • This epilator is capable of removing hair 4 times shorter than any waxing can
  • Comes with a message attachment that can increase your comfort while using it
  • If you use this epilator on regular basis you will feel no pain eventually
  • It makes sure the next time hair grows back its a lot lighter and unnoticeable
  • This product is specially designed to be used for the full body: face, arms, underarms, bikini areas.
  • Really great product for anyone having a sensitive skin
  • Any woman with any type of skin can use this product without any side effects on the skin.


  • Quite expensive, but it should be fine, compared to what you get.
  • Battery life is not that great.

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3. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator:

Silk-Epil 9-579 from Braun is mostly known for its wider head and the MicroGrip Tweezer Technology that ensures a better and efficient epilation compared to other epilators available in the market. With this facial epilator at work, you do not have to worry about being wet or dry it works the same way in both cases. In case you are having sensitive skin, you can surely use this epilator to face without any problem at all. It uses a pulsating vibration technique to make sure you have a better epilation experience. And when you add the pivoting head, you can surely expect a quick and easy removal of hair from your skin. It’s so efficient that it can even remove 0.5 mm hair from your skin with ease and you won’t have any kind of painful sensation or burning of any sort. This epilator comes with a facial brush as well which is completely waterproof. The brush actually helps you in cleansing the impurities from the pores and it can actually clean a lot better than any manual cleanser. And the most amazing part of this facial epilator is that you can actually combine the trimmer and shaver to have an electric shaver in case of emergencies.


  • Easy one stroke hair removal
  • Keep your skin smooth up to 4 weeks
  • Comes with a wider head that allows you to work efficiently on skin hair
  • Best and efficient solution compared to waxing
  • As per the best facial epilator reviews perfect for dry or wet skin.
  • You can even work with it even if you are in the shower.
  • If you use it on a regular basis, you won’t feel any pain at all.
  • You get a gentle sensation because of the pulsating vibration
  • The pivoting head gives you an extreme level of efficiency and comforts
  • With the use of the smart light, you can spot the smallest of hairs.
  • If you have a beauty routine, do not forget to add this tool to your collection.
  • The special brush helps you in removing any impurities and makeup with no hassle at all and the best part is that you can use it even while taking a shower.


  • A better way of cleaning your pores and exfoliation
  • When it comes to epilators this is the best that you can get
  • Takes lesser time compared to other epilators
  • You can recharge the batteries after every use
  • Supremely user-friendly
  • One device is good enough for grooming on a regular basis.
  • Economical compared to what you get


  • Does not have any cooling glove that you can use after epilation
  • The razor might take a few gaps
  • The overall price is a lot higher

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4. Foraco 4 in 1 Rechargeable Electric Hair Removal Epilator:

If you wish to have a smooth arm, leg, fine bikini line that you can show off in your two-piece, or a hot skirt, then it’s time that you stop going to the salon, waste time in waxing, or using any other product that promises you to give you smooth skin without the tiniest of the hairs. There is another better option you can go for; start using epilators today and make your skin smoother than ever. Amongst all the epilators available online this particular epilator from Foraco is certainly one of the best that you can get. This Facial Epilator is rechargeable and you can use this device for multiple reasons.


  • It comes with a hair clipper, epilator head, shaver head, and a callus remover as well.
  • It can exfoliate dead, skin on your feet, remove unwanted hairs from legs, arms, or other sensitive areas, especially your bikini line.
  • This device is rechargeable and comes with replaceable heads as well. All you have to do is, know your requirements and you can use the head that you need. With only a switch, you can control all these and it’s really easy to do so as well.
  • Comes with 2 different speed adjustments for softer hair in your sensitive parts
  • The design also fits your body curve nicely resulting in a faster epilation.
  • Hypoallergenic blades ensure that you do not have to worry about any irritation or infection at a later stage.
  • Very much easy to carry in your purse or maybe the bag.
  • You do not have to worry about buying batteries. All you have to do is recharge it before every use and you are done.
  • According to best facial epilator reviews Easy and fast epilation without any hassle or skin irritation
  • Painless hair removal from all the body parts even from your bikini line as well.
  • Epilator works perfectly to uproot even the shortest of hairs.


  • Get a smooth and fair skin tone with ease.
  • Comes with LED lights
  • Completely portable
  • You do not have to purchase batteries for every use


  • You need to have an electric supply to recharge it otherwise you cannot use it once it’s out of power.

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5. Panasonic ES-ED50-N Multi-Functional Epilator:

If you go through the best facial epilator reviews you will see that this multi-functional electric shaver for women that can provide you with great epilation and high-level performance as well, then this particular facial epilator from Panasonic is the best. This comes with an additional 4 attachments that you can use to remove hairs from different parts of your body with ease. The shaver head has hypo-allergic blades that can easily work on the sensitive skin areas and also comes with a pop-up trimmer that can help you capture the stray hairs and shape your bikini areas perfectly. You can even use the Bikini comb for trimming your bikini areas as well. With a wide head hair epilator, you can easily remove hairs from your body with perfect precision. Although this device is perfect for arms and legs but can be used for the face as well. You can remove your hair during or after bath as well. It takes a maximum of 1 hour to charge and you can use it for 30 mins once it is charged.


  • Comes with a shaver head along with a trimmer that can be really great for removing hair from silky, smooth skin
  • Since the blades are hypo-allergenic, you can easily use this for your sensitive parts of the body.
  • Comes with an additional bikini comb to help you trim and remove hair from your bikini areas.
  • Comes with an epilation head along with 48 tweezers that can rotate and give you perfect and precise extraction of hair from the root. Once you by this, you can rest assured that you will have the least discomfort while working with this device irrespective of where you are removing your hair from, and definitely works faster than waxing and manual tweezers.
  • The epilator head makes sure it removes the hair with proper precision and comfort without causing any irritation on the skin.
  • The dual-speed motor gives you the advantage of removing hair with great efficiency and you can also control the speed of the hair removal process as well.
  • You can use this shaver in the shower when your hair is wet or when it’s dry which gives you total comfort and quick touchup facility as well.
  • Comes with a built-in light that can be used at the time of need.
  • You can wash the shaver and the epilator completely using water. All you have to do is put it underwater and it will clean up easily.


  • Smooth skin in no time at all.
  • Epilators can be washed completely
  • The epilator is completely waterproof so you can easily use it under the shower as well.
  • You can keep this in your purse while you are traveling.


  • Might be a bit costly than your expectation

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6. Braun Women’s Epilator, Silk-épil 7 7-561 Electric Hair Removal:

Silk Epil 7 from Braun is the ultimate epilation kit that you might be looking for. It’s the perfect package that can fit all your requirements for removing short hairs. The head comes with 40 tweezers that can easily take out the hairs from their roots and you can work on both wet and dry skin. The design enables you to work smoothly and remove hair without any problem at all. It comes with an in-built light that ensures that you find out even the smallest of the hairs and the massage rollers ensure that you get a nice experience while using epilating. Apart from epilation, you can use it as an electric shaver as well which you can use to remove hairs even from your armpits. The kit also includes a special trimmer to meet your bikini line requirements as well. It takes a maximum of 1 hour to charge while you can use it for a maximum of 40 mins before you recharge it once again.


  • This product from Braun is completely waterproof, so you can use it while you taking a shower and of course you can use it while your skin is dry as well.
  • The head moves nicely to fit in your body shape and making it less painful and you get a nice smooth skin without any patches.
  • The in-built light can help you find the finest of the hairs in case you wish to remove those smallest of the hairs for precise and smooth skin.
  • The shaver head can be used to make this device into an electric shaver which can be really ideal to clean your sensitive areas.
  • This device comes with a trimmer for free which can be really useful if you wish to trim your bikini line to perfection without going for waxing or any other painful option.


  • A faster way to remove hairs from your skin
  • Comes with different attachments for a different purpose.
  • Comes with an extra bikini trimmer to enhance your bikini line
  • Completely waterproof


  • It does not have any massage pad or exfoliation brush
  • The facial trimmer operates on a battery so you have the recharge every time you need to use it.

Need for Facial Hair Removal

The need to remove any facial hair isn’t a new trend in women. They have been doing it for decades and though many consider it to be patriarchal and foolish, yet it has stuck on like a social norm. Every time a woman sees a hair growing in the so-called no-growth region, they become anxious to remove it, permanently or at least temporarily so that no one can catch a glimpse of it ever.

Different Techniques for Facial Hair Removal

Quite like men, hair can grow in different areas of the face of women. These mainly include the upper lips, chin, between the brows, along the jawline, and anywhere else possible. And when this happens, most women would immediately jump at trying to eliminate it. To make it easier to remove unwanted facial hair, a number of techniques have been developed over the years and many of these are quite popular till today. Each technique has its own merits and demerits and women choose one or the other to ensure that not a single hair can mar their facial beauty. Let’s take a look at the various facial hair removal methods that are popularly used by women across the world:

Tweezing: One of the most basic yet common methods of removing facial hair is tweezing. A pair of tweezers is used to pull out unwanted hair. Since tweezers are easily available in all households, this process doesn’t require any special product or device to get rid of the ungodly tuft of hair that develops on the upper lip, or between the brows, or under the chin. The process is also very simple and just needs a few minutes to be completed. This is, however, a temporary process and the hair will grow back in a period of usually 2-4 weeks.

Shaving: Quite like men, shaving can help you get rid of unwanted hair. Razors made especially for feminine skin and needs are quite easily available in the market and you can buy them for a couple of dollars. Shaving off the unwanted hair is not only an easier way to do it, but it is a time saver as well. It will not usually take you more than a minute or two to shave off the unwanted hair. Shaving is especially good for women who have excessive facial hair or have hair over a considerable large area, like the entire upper lip, or along the jawline. The entire hair mass can be removed with a couple of strokes while tweezing it may take a lot of time and effort.

Threading: This is a technique mostly common to Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Though it can be done by the person herself, it is strongly recommended that you get an expert to do it. This is mainly because threading involves the use of a super-taut thread that pulls out the hair from the desired area. Doing it on oneself can lead to mistakes and can cause you minor issues. However, do not worry as the charges for threading are usually nominal and the process is quick too.

Topical Treatment: Over the past years, a number of gels, lotions, and creams have been developed by pharma to assist in controlling hair growth. It must, however, be understood that these creams and lotions help reduce the growth of hair in the applied areas, but they cannot remove the hair already present. You will have to remove the existing hair first and then apply these products on a daily basis so that the hair doesn’t grow back. However, this isn’t a permanent cure and the hair will gradually be back once you stop using the product.

Depilation: A product of modern technology, depilation is quite similar to shaving. However, instead of cutting the hair above the skin, depilatory creams use chemicals that can break the disulfide bonds that hold the hair. As such, the hair follicles become weak and can be removed while wiping out the cream. However, you must be very careful while choosing the correct depilatory cream as your skin can be sensitive to certain chemicals.

Epilation: Epilation is often confused with depilation. However, the two processes are quite different. Epilation entails the pulling out of the entire hair follicle, directly from the base. Since the hair follicles are uprooted from their base, the growth of new hair will take time and you can enjoy a completely hair-free face for at least a month or more in some cases.

Laser: This technique uses laser rays that can be absorbed only by the hair follicle. The absorbed light rays then transform into immense heat that damages the hair follicles present in the treated area. The laser can be used on an entire area, instead of having to kill one follicle at a time as in the case of electrolysis. Thus, it can save time as well.

Electrolysis: For women looking for a more permanent facial hair removal solution, electrolysis is a suitable technique. The process involves the use of concentrated heat in areas where unwanted hair is present. This totally damages the hair follicles and guarantee that the hair doesn’t grow back any time soon. The process is a great choice for women who cannot opt for laser due to their light or fuzzy hair.

Why is Epilating the Best Alternative for Facial Hair Removal?

Though many techniques for facial hair removal exist in the market today, epilation is often considered to be amongst the best in the lot. It not only gives you freedom from unwanted facial hair for many weeks at a stretch, but it is also a safer method of facial hair removal as compared to electrolysis and laser treatment that guarantee smooth, hair-free skin for many weeks. The process of epilation is, however, not that commonly known and used which is why this may not be the very first thing that comes to your mind when you think of facial hair removal. But epilation does have many benefits that make it an ideal choice for removing any unwanted hair on your face and even other parts of the body. Let’s take a look at why epilation is the best choice for facial hair removal:

Long-lasting results: The first and most important reason why epilation is the best technique out there is that it provides results that last for quite a long time. Unlike methods like tweezing, threading, shaving, etc. where the hair grows back within a couple of weeks, epilation guarantees that you can enjoy hair-free skin for a month or more. This means no looking at the mirror every day to find whether you have the hair growing back.

More efficient: Epilation is more effective at hair removal than common methods like waxing, shaving, etc. While waxing or shaving, some light hair may remain behind which will need you to repeat the process. But not with epilation. In this technique, the hair follicles are grabbed in tufts and uprooted, thus ensuring that even the smallest hair strands are removed from the face.

Immediate Results: Epilation doesn’t need any sort of preparation as in the case of shaving, lasers, electrolysis, etc. Nor do you need to wait for the hair to grow to a minimum length in order to be able to remove them like with tweezing, shaving, etc. You can epilate even at the smallest sign of regrowth or whenever you feel the need to.

It is gentle: Well, you would obviously have the feeling of hair being pulled out but the pain is often much less than in processes like threading or repeated tweezing. Moreover, the initial discomfort gradually goes away as you get used to the feeling.

Less Regrowth: Even when the hair starts growing back, they become finer and softer than before. This is quite the opposite of what happens when you wax when the hair becomes noticeably coarser and thicker. Moreover, since new hair growth depends on the growth cycle, it is often seen that the regrowth becomes sparser with every session.

Best for Sensitive Skin: Most hair removal techniques affect the skin in some way or the other, more so if it has to be carried out on sensitive skin like that of your face. However, you can epilate even the most sensitive areas of the skin, especially when the area is wet. Epilation doesn’t directly affect the skin tissues and is, thus, ideal for everyone. No more dark skin, bruises, itches, etc.

Cost-Effective: Unless you are comfortable with tweezing which practically costs nothing (but is painful), you are sure to spend several hundred dollars to remove the unwanted hair from your face whether that be on waxing, threading, shaving, etc. But not so if you epilate. Epilators come cheap and can go on for years.

It’s Simple: Last but not least, it is indeed the simplest hair removal technique out there, even easier than tweezing because you do not have to keep looking at the hairs. You can just glide the epilator over the areas and your work is done.

Types of Epilators That You Can Choose From

Epilator devices usually come in three types. The classification is made based on the working mechanism of the devices. Let’s take a look at them:

Spring Type:  The very first epilator that was introduced in the market was the spring type epilator from a company called Epilady. This epilator had sprung with metal coils that moved in such a way that the hair was pulled out from the roots. These epilators needed more passes to give you smooth skin. Naturally, better alternatives have been invented, though the Epilady epilator is available still today.

Rotating Disc Type: The spring concept from Epilday was improved upon by Remington and replaced by metal discs that worked in a similar way to pull out the hairs. However, the process became faster and the epilator became more durable.

Tweezer Type: This is the most common type of epilator that you can find in the market these days. The epilators have a number of metal plates arranged together that move in a way to replicate the working of many tweezers at once. This helps pull out hair faster and also guarantees high durability.

How to Epilate Successfully?

Epilating is essentially a home-based technique and you can easily do it on your own. But that doesn’t mean that you can take out your epilator any time you want and start epilating your skin. A few simple, yet important steps need to be followed to ensure that you epilate smoothly and successfully.

  • First, decide on the time when you want to epilate. It is best to epilate at night as your skin will not be exposed to any external agents after epilation.
  • Before you begin to epilate, exfoliate your skin. This is a necessary step if you want to get the best results and avoid side-effects.
  • Make sure not to apply any lotion or moisturizer before you epilate. The skin must be free of any external agents.
  • If you are willing to wet epilate, step into a hot bath or shower next. This will soften your skin and hair. If you want to dry epilate, you needn’t use this step.
  • Start the epilator and put it on a gentle setting. Never start with fast speed as you may feel a lot of pain in the very beginning.
  • In order to epilate efficiently, make sure that the epilator is held perpendicular to the area you want to epilate and not parallel.
  • If you are new to epilating, the buzz of the epilator may seem a little frightening, but you must ensure that the epilator is held flat against the skin.
  • Keep the skin as tight as possible. You can use your fingers to hold the skin taut or may stretch it using facial gestures. If the skin isn’t properly stretched, the epilator will not be able to remove all the hair and it may pinch your skin as well.
  • Start working a bit away from the area that you actually want to epilate and move against the hair growth.
  • Cover the area slowly and meticulously. This will give you a better result than if you hurry through the process.
  • If you see any swelling after epilation, apply some ice on the area to soothe it down. You can also try using products that are meant to soothe your skin post epilation.
  • If you are wary of the pain, you can take a pain med like Advil about half an hour prior to epilating.

Possible Side Effects of Epilating

Epilation is, no doubt, one of the best techniques to remove facial hair. That, however, doesn’t mean that there are no possible side-effects to epilating. Given below are some common side-effects that may occur due to epilating:

Pain: Anyone willing to epilate must understand that it will cause some degree of pain. While some may feel a minor pain while the hairs are being uprooted, others with less pain tolerance may feel major discomfort while epilating. So, before you start epilating, try to find out how much pain you feel by pulling out a single hair using a tweezer.
Redness: The skin in the epilated area is likely to become red just after epilation. It may also be inflamed. However, this usually goes away within a couple of hours. However, if you see that things get too serious after epilation, it would be wise to consult a dermatologist.

Bumps: This is a common side-effect seen in people who have sensitive skin. These bumps grow due to the release of histamine post epilation. However, they heal naturally within a short time.

Pimples: Whiteheads or pimples can also occur in the epilated area. This is because the removal of the hair follicles paves the way for the entry of bacteria into the skin pores, thereby causing pimples. This can be easily avoided by cleansing the area both before and after epilation.

Swelling: If you have very sensitive skin or epilate very fast on soft skin like those of the upper lips, the area may be become swelled. This is a temporary side-effect and can go away with the use of ice.

Bruising: Though epilation normally doesn’t cause bruising, bruises may be seen in the epilated area if you epilate at a speed higher than what is ideal. Try to epilate gently and ensure that the skin in the epilated area is all tight.

Frequently Asked Questions About Epilating and Epilators

If you are new to facial hair removal or will be using an epilator for the very first time, you are bound to have several questions. Here, we will try to answer a few of them so that purchasing an epilator becomes easier for you.

Is it safe to epilate?

Yes. Epilating is totally safe and even dermatologists recommend using one for facial hair removal. However, should you see any major side-effect after the first epilation, you can consult your doctor before you epilate the next time.

Is epilation a permanent solution?

No. Epilation does not permanently stop hair growth on your face. But it can significantly delay the growth of hair with every session. This means that you will be able to enjoy smooth skin for a long time than most other techniques.

Should I buy an expensive epilator?

Not at all, unless you like going to fancy things. However, do not buy an epilator that’s too cheap as you won’t get all the necessary features in a cheap epilator. A moderately-priced epilator is surely the best for a newbie.

Can epilation cause dark skin?

Not at all. Epilation doesn’t involve the use of any kind of harmful chemicals and that is why it doesn’t cause any harm to your skin. It also doesn’t bruise or scratch your skin, so no worries about affecting your skin.

Can I use my epilator to remove peach fuzz?

Yes. Epilators can be used to remove any coarse hairs that you may have, even on difficult areas like the upper lips.

How often should I epilate?

Well, ideal after every 2 weeks. However, you can increase or decrease the time interval between two epilations. However, it best that you wait at least for a week before you epilate again and do not delay it longer than four weeks as the hairs can grow too long.


Epilation is indeed a savior for women across the world who freak out at the very sight of facial hair. The process is simple and epilators are easy to use. You will not have to spend a lot of money every time you want to remove your facial hair and you will be able to get smooth skin at home. All you need to do is choose the best facial epilator that will best suit your needs and enjoy smooth, glowing skin always.

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