Best Folding Camping Chairs with Footrest

Camping is an activity that attracts two types of people – those that want to lose themselves in the wilderness and those that want to get out of the humdrum of their lives and relax. If you belong to the second category, you will need a good camping chair to relax. Having the best folding camping chairs with footrests will allow you to relax and chill, sip at your favorite beer or read your favorite book while your family engages in their favorite pastimes. Once you have decided on a nice tent, a good sleeping bag or bed, you should focus on buying a camping chair. The best folding camping chairs with footrests are not only necessary for people who want to relax, but also for people who want to explore nature. Who wouldn’t like the comfort of a nice chair in the evening after an exhausting trail through the wilderness?


Best Camping Chairs With Footrest

How to Choose the Best Folding Camping Chairs with Footrests?

Buying a camping chair with footrest may seem to be a super easy job. You go online, search for one, and buy what you like. But the reality is quite different. If you pick just any chair, you may not get what you need. You have to choose one after proper deliberation. This may take some time and effort, but you will be guaranteed comfort and convenience on your camping trip. So, here are a few things that you should focus on:

Use: How you want to use your camping chair is the first point of consideration. Do you want to relax and unwind when you go camping? Then you should look for a folding chair that offers good comfort. Camping chairs that focus on comfort have taller backs, raised seats, and better support and stability in addition to the footrests. They are usually big and luxurious which means that they would take up more space in your car or caravan. You could even get reclining camping chairs with footrest if comfort is your priority. However, if you aren’t so intent on comfort, you can buy a lightweight basic camping chair. Lightweight chairs are also good for budget buyers, occasional campers, and backpackers.

Frame Construction and Seat Fabric: Once you have decided the type of chair you need, you need to focus on the build quality. Unless you are an occasional camper, this will make a pretty big difference to your camping experience. Camping chairs go through a lot more than other outdoor chairs because they are used in the wild. That is why it is vital that have a strong frame. A strong frame is important so that the chair doesn’t wobble when placed on the ground or doesn’t give in to the weight of the body. Aluminum is a common material for the frames, legs, and tubes. It is lightweight and durable. The best folding camping chairs with footrest, however, have rivets and tubes made of steel since they are more durable. Such chairs, though rare, are the best pick.

The seat fabric is important for overall support and comfort. Camping chairs generally use nylon or polyester for the seat fabric. Nylon is a thick fabric; hence can bear more weight. It is also resistant to abrasion; so it will last long even when used for camping frequently. However, nylon isn’t heat resistant; so be careful if you have fire crackling nearby.

Durability: While choosing folding camp chairs with footrest, you should also consider how frequently you would use it. For occasional or one-trip campers, this shouldn’t be a major concern. However, if you are going to use the chair frequently, you need to buy something that is highly durable. You wouldn’t want your camping chair wearing off after a few uses or breaking down after a couple of camping trips. That is why look for chairs that are known to be durable and can stand the elements of nature quite effectively.

Chair Height: If you want to use your camping chair frequently, pay attention to the chair height. Here you will have to take into account two types of height –

  • The height of the back
  • The height of seat from the ground

While choosing an outdoor chair with footrest, it is essential that you consider the seat back height. Tall seat backs are, in general, more comfortable as they offer better support. Moreover, you have back pain or other such issues, it is a must that you invest in chairs that have a higher seat back or your camping trip may be ruined.

Coming to the seat height, a higher seat is more comfortable to sit on. The higher the seat is from the ground, the more it is comfortable your legs. This is an important concern if you are tall or have long legs. A high seat also makes it easy to get up and sit down which happens frequently during camping. Camping chairs with high seat are also ideal for use in outdoor events like concerts, etc.

Seat Size: If comfort is your priority, you should factor in the seat size of the camp chair that you are about to buy. A bigger seat means that you would be sit comfortably, even for long hours. Minor movements can be easy accommodated. People with fuller figure will also find big/oversize camping chairs more comfortable, especially if they want to lounge for hours.

Weight Capacity: This may not seem like an important factor, but it is. Each chair that you can find online has a weight threshold and if you exceed it, it may break. Sitting on a chair that isn’t made to bear your weight can strain it and it can creak, wobble, and finally give in. This can be embarrassing and dangerous too. So, it is best to choose a chair that has a weight threshold more than your body weight. This will ensure that you are not straining your camping chair. This is particularly important if you are fuller/overweight or want to buy a lightweight camping chair which may compromise on the frame strength.

Portability: This is another factor that you can consider while buying a fold chair with footrest. If you have a small car to accommodate you, your family, and all other camping gear, you may not have a lot of space to carry your camping chairs. That is why you need a chair that can fold up to a compact size. This will reduce the space it takes up within your chair. However, if space isn’t a constraint, you can carry bulky camping chairs that have a range of added features and accessories. While choosing a chair, you can also look for those that come with a carrying case. A carrying case increases portability. Some chairs have attached fabric sleeves and handles for carrying.

Accessories: When you are buying a fold chair with footrest, you should also concentrate on other accessories that can add utility and comfort. This includes cup holders, pockets, neck pillows, arm rests, canopy, etc. Cup holders and pockets are essential for any camping chair. They provide the necessary space to keep water bottles, beer bottles, small essentials, etc. while you are enjoying a lazy time in the lap of Mother Nature. If you want to read books while camping, armrests can come useful. A canopy would be very useful if you do not want to expose yourself to direct sunlight and heat while camping. You may have to pay more for a camping chair with footrest and canopy, but it will be worth it.

Budget: The last but most important consideration is your budget. Lawn chairs with footrest come with various price tags but you have to decide what fits your budget the best. If you want a chair that offers comfort, wide seat space, quality frames, and necessary accessories, you will definitely have to shell out more than you would for a cheap backpacking version. How frequently you want to use the chair will also decide the budget. If you want camp out often, you wouldn’t mind paying more for a chair that lasts long and comes with all the benefits. So, decide what your needs are and set up a budget accordingly.

Best Folding Camping Chairs with Footrests Reviewed

1. Happybuy Folding Camp Chair with Footrest Mesh:

While a camping chair is must while you are out for outdoor activities having a camping chair with footrest can certainly add that extra bit of pleasure to your relaxation. The fabric used is mostly mesh which is the best to provide you the required comfort in a warm weather. The chair has a headrest and both the armrests are padded as well. One of the armrests has a cup holder and other one comes with storage pouch. The chair weighs around 10 lbs which is quite light and makes it portable too. The seat is a bit low and still has the capacity to support 330 lbs of weight.

This folding chair is made out of oxford cloth which is reliable and durable too and most importantly long lasting as well. This chair can be adjusted in either of the two positions. You can either recline on your back or you can sit up. In both cases you can feel the comfort and convenience. It also includes a carry bag which makes it easy to fold, keep and carry along with you anywhere you want. Even you can use it in your garden or may be take a nap indoors.


  • Backrest is made of mesh which ensure proper ventilation
  • Heights of the chair can be adjusted according to your need
  • Construction is of heavy duty metal which ensure durability
  • Portable and light in weight
  • Includes a cup holder and a strong bag to keep your belongings
  • Easy to assemble and get going in the camping site
  • Maximum capacity of 330 lbs which is really great


  • Arm rests are not of great quality

2. VINGLI Folding Fishing Chair Plus Foot Rest Attachment:

If you are looking for a comfortable fishing cum camping chair with footrest then this particular folding fishing chair from Vingli can be a good choice for you. This one has the option to recline for 180 degrees which is really great for someone who loves to take a nap on these types of chairs. While you are on your back, you can choose to extend your legs on the footrest rather than keeping them hanging from the front edge. The extending legs of this chair are slope-adjustable which means in case you are on an uneven floor you can adjust the legs to sit properly without any problem. This chair despite of having so many features weighs only 27 lbs. Even though this fishing chair is regarded as one of the most luxurious of the chairs that you can buy but surprisingly this chair does not have any additional accessory or cup holder attached to it. So, in case you need any you will have to attach them separately. Overall this is a great buy comparing the kind of comfort you get and the value you pay for it!


  • Luxurious sitting chair with 180 degree reclining option
  • Footrest attached is of great quality and allows you to fully lounge
  • In case the floor is uneven you can adjust the legs according to your choice
  • The chair is nicely padded which makes the cushioning really great
  • Weight capacity is around 350 lbs
  • Carry bag included is completely waterproof


  • Bit expensive compared to other products available in the market
  • Weighs almost 27 lbs which might be a bit difficult to transport
  • Does not have any cup holder or attached bag

3. Giga Tent Outdoor Quad Camping Chair:

Giga Tent brings to you one of the best folding camping chairs with footrest that you can buy. This particular chair is made of polyester and has a steel frame construction which makes it durable and sturdy. This chair is indeed a good addition to your belonging on a field trip, picnic or a beach party. This unit is only 9 lbs in weight which means you can easily carry this on any trip you want. It’s really easy to fold and folds into a small size unit which makes it easy to store in your closet or in your car while you are traveling. This chair is perfectly designed to allow you the utmost level of relaxation you need. You can just seat back and relax why stretching your legs straight up on the foot rest. You can even adjust the footrest height to match your level of comfort.

This camping chair comes with a high back, 250 lbs of weight capacity and the arm rests are comfortable too. When you add to the fact that it has an in-built cup holder to go with, you can certainly choose this camping chair over others. Apart from that it includes padded seat and comes with a carry bag as well.


  • Folds into small size which makes it easy to carry round in almost any car
  • Includes a carry bag which makes it easy to store in places and adds to easy transportation as well
  • Made of durable material which makes the construction sturdy and long lasting too
  • Different colors options to choose from
  • One of the best versatile camping chairs that you can buy


  • Heavy and not easy to port
  • Carry bag included is not of great quality
  • Material used might not be of highest standard

4. SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Ottoman:

SwimWays brings to you one of the best and exception outdoor comfort chair at an affordable price. This is a fold chair with footrest that is designed to fold-out. It’s perfectly designed to offer you the best level of comfort and satisfaction while you are out on an outdoor activity. While you relax on your back you can have the ottoman fold-out or while you sit up, just simply push the ottoman under the chair. The canopy on this chair is patented and is designed to protect you from sun for long hours. Carrying this camping chair with footrest and canopy is real easy, you can just fold this chair into a carry bag and you can carry this thing along with you anywhere you want. The design is compact; the unit is light in weight and comes with high quality mesh seat for comfort as well. The chair also features a cup holder, a carry bag with shoulder strap and a capacity to hold at least 250 lbs of weight. Whether you love to go a relaxed fishing, camping, field trip, tailgating or any other outdoor event, this chair can be termed as one of the best folding camping chairs with footrest that you can buy.


  • Steel frame construction is quite sturdy
  • Mesh used is breathable and comfortable to sit for long hours
  • Weight capacity is of 250 lbs which is good enough
  • Suitable for all kind of outdoor activities
  • Comfortable design
  • Compact and Portable design
  • Folding the chair is really easy
  • Easy to assemble and get going
  • Rust proof construction
  • Light in weight
  • Includes an ottoman
  • Comes with a cup holder in the armrest
  • The carriage includes a shoulder strap which makes it easier to carry


  • Carry straps are not at all durable or comfortable
  • Not so simple design

5. ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair review:

This particular best camp chair from ALPS Mountaineering comes with 600D high quality polyester and aluminum frame which makes it long lasting and sturdy. But that is not all what makes this product one of the best. It’s a high quality fold chair with footrest. It’s actually an in-built ottoman that can be used to keep your feet on. This feature definitely adds to the comfort of sitting while you are in a camp site. These types of chairs are not built to hold a lot of weight but amazingly this one can hold up to 225 lbs of weight which is really good enough. It’s constructed with steel frame which makes it durable as well.

When it comes to portability, weight is not the only issue that you have to think about. What about the size of the thing you are about to transport. This camp chair takes care of that fact too. When you fold this thing, it packs into a small unit so that you can easily store it and port it from one place to another. Last but not the least factor about this chair is the affordability. This chair is definitely one of the affordable of the camp chairs that you can buy. Especially when you think about the features that you get, and the price that you pay, you can surely choose this chair above any other product available in the market.


  • Footrest is easy to adjust or remove according to your need
  • 10 lbs of weight only
  • High backrest allows you to keep your head easily
  • Comfortable to sit even for long hours
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Comes with an additional carry bag which adds to its portability
  • Steel frame constructions makes the chair durable and sturdy
  • Durable fabric makes the chair comfortable and long lasting too


  • Quality of the mesh cup holder is not that great
  • Might be a bit problematic to get out of your seat if the footrest is up
  • Length wise it might be difficult for tall people to settle in
  • Packs into a long package

6. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair:

Caravan Sports brings to you a high quality portable gravity chair which can be termed as one of the best folding camping chairs with footrest. This chair comes with great reclining facility and offers you locking mechanism to fix your reclining position. It includes an adjustable headrest as well which definitely is one of the best features of this chair. Whether you love seating in your backyard, or go for a beach holiday or some sporting event, you can always take this portable chair with you and enjoy your time. This chair is easy to recline in different positions and with the new locking mechanism you can fix your favorite reclined position as well.


  • The fabric used is textaline which is durable and long lasting
  • Comes with double bungee system
  • Smooth reclining function that allows you adjust your lumbar support and headrest without any problem at all
  • Locking system is easy to access and user friendly too
  • Folds into a small package
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Steel frame makes it sturdy and strong
  • Can be used in different reclined position
  • Definitely one of the affordable camp chairs
  • Light weight and portable design
  • Comfortable to sit on even for long hours


  • Material used is not really high quality
  • A bit on the heavy side
  • The carry bag does not come with any shoulder strap
  • Steel frame gets broken easily
  • Weight capacity might be 300 lbs but does not fit the tall people very well
  • Armrests are all plastic and is not that strong
  • No side tray included
  • No cup holder included

7. Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair – 2 Pack, Grey:

This particular gravity chair from Caravan Sports is one of the best folding camping chairs with footrest that you can buy. It comes with all new locking system which helps in adjusting the chair in different positions and additional headrest adds to your comfort as well. Folding this chair is really easy and you can easily transport it to any where you want. Once you have this chair with you, just sit back, relax and enjoy your time in a beach or a barbecue party.

The legs can be elevated according to your comfort and it certainly will reduce pressure on back. This kind of gravity free experience can be really comfortable for the people using this chair. The chair has a capacity of 330 lbs of weight as well.


  • Complete zero gravity experience
  • You can sit in different reclined positions
  • Useful for people suffering from back problem
  • Fabric used if quite durable and of high quality
  • Comes with bungee system that makes it flexible and adds nice back support
  • Light in weight and easy to port
  • This outdoor chair with footrest is perfect for you relax in your backyard
  • Locking mechanism is great and easy to access


  • Structure of the chair might not be strong enough
  • Locking system is not that strong either
  • Adjusting to different reclining positions is a bit difficult

Frequently Asked Questions about Folding Camping Chairs with Footrests

What is a better choice of material – steel or aluminum?

Most buyers have a concern about the material they should choose when it comes to the frame of the camping chairs. When it comes to folding camp chairs with footrest, both aluminum and steel can be a good choice provided the frame has been designed and engineered correctly. This is what contributes to the strength and durability of the chair and when done right, they can make the frame strong and sturdy, irrespective of the metal used.

What to do if the camping chair breaks?

Unless you have bought a cheap model, your camping chair should last quite long, provided you have chosen the right one for yourself. In case, it breaks, you can try to repair it. Fabric tears are easy to repair as you can simply patch it. If a rivet breaks, you can find another one easily at a hardware store. If, however, the legs or tubes break, you may have to discard the chair. If the fold chair with footrest is still covered by a warranty, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement or repair.

Can I use a camping chair with footrest around the fire?

Yes, you can. However, you have to be careful about errant sparks. A single one can damage the fabric. For safety, you can cover the seat with a towel. Remember to choose a chair with pockets and comfortable sit size for the purpose.

What is the weight capacity of folding camping chairs?

Different camping chairs have different weight thresholds. While a standard chair can support 250 pounds, some of the best folding camping chairs with footrests can support as much as 500 – 800 pounds.

Can I use my camping chair on the beach?

Yes, you can. However, the legs can sink into the sand if you do not add proper base to the legs. A camping chair with footrest and canopy will be the ideal choice for this purpose as you needn’t worry about the sun.

How to maintain lawn chairs with footrest?

Maintaining a camping chair isn’t difficult. You have to avoid water or moisture at all costs to prevent frame damage. Regular oiling will keep the parts in smooth and working. You can also take off the fabric for a machine wash or use water and soap to clean it.


A nice, comfortable chair can make camping an enjoyable experience. It will allow you to relax and spend lazy hours doing what you like doing the best. You can read a book, enjoy your favorite beer, see your children playing around, or listen to nostalgic music without moving a bit. And the best folding camping chairs with footrests guarantee that you will never feel any pain or discomfort. So, get one for yourself today and go camping!

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