Best Folding Trauma Shears

If you are someone working in the medical field, then you very well know that properly attending to an emergency situation can make the entire difference between life and death. If immediate steps cannot be taken in critical situations, the patient’s condition may worsen and he/she may even die. Among the different emergency responses that a medic needs to execute, an important one is getting the patient out of the clothes that he/she is wearing, cutting thin metals that may have got stuck in the patient’s body, etc. This often necessary when the patient has been incapacitated or cannot remove clothes, car seat belts, rings, etc. especially in case of serious burns, road accidents, etc. What this situation requires is a pair of specialized medical scissors called trauma shears that will be able to slowly cut through the cloth, metal, or any such hard surfaces and relieve the patient and make him/her ready for further treatment. If this cannot be done accurately and swiftly, the patient will have to suffer more and his/her treatment will be delayed. Naturally, having a pair of durable, efficient trauma shears is important for all medics, including nurses, EMTs, paramedics, or any other healthcare provider involved in offering emergency medical services. Moreover, due to their multi-purpose uses, modern-day folding trauma shears are also used by survivalists, hunters, fishermen, scuba divers, soldiers, as well as adventure seekers. Adding them to your home emergency kit can also be invaluable.


What are the Trauma Shears?

As mentioned above, trauma shears are a type of medical scissors that are usually used for emergencies in the medical field. Much like scissors, they consist of a metal blade and a plastic/metal body. However, unlike scissors, the metal blades bend at an angle of 150°, giving them a curved appearance. Moreover, they are much durable than regular medical scissors and that is why, they can cut through hard materials like leather, denim, metals, seat belts, rings, etc. Unlike scissors, the tip of folding trauma shears is blunt so that it can glide on the skin surface while cutting through clothes, etc. without hurting the skin. They are specifically meant to be externally used and their use in any invasive or surgical procedures must be totally avoided. Another point that needs to be noted here is that though most folding medical shears have a fixed structure, some can be folded. Foldable trauma shears are a modified version of the traditional ones where the blade can fold while the shears are not in use. Though only a few folding trauma shears are available in the market, they are a great choice for personal kits as well as for adventure seekers.

How to Choose the Best Folding Trauma Shears for Work?

Trauma shears are meant to use in an emergency or unpredictable situations, which is why it is essential that you get yourself a product that is not only the best in the market but also serves your purpose very well. That is why it important to consider the following things before you choose the best foldable medical trauma shears:

Durability: This is the first and most important point to consider. If the pair of shears that you buy isn’t durable, it is most likely to fail you some time or the other. This can make difficult situations worse and can even lead to death in some cases. That is why you have to ensure that you go for a pair that is known to be durable. They shouldn’t be such that they would fall apart after only a couple of uses or while in use as this will totally nullify their utility as an emergency tool. So, make sure that the product that you are planning is highly durable.

Purpose of Use: How you are planning to use your folding trauma shears is also important in making a decision. If you are planning to use the pair in a hospital, you can choose to buy cheap models instead of going for a costly one. This is because a hospital usually has several pairs of trauma shears available. So, even if a cheap pair fails, you will have many others at hand to carry on the work. That, however, isn’t the case for EMT medics, survivalists, hunters, and others who usually carry only one or two pairs of trauma shears for emergency situations. Life or death situations need immediate action without any chances of failure. That is why it is better to opt for high-quality foldable trauma shears even if they come at a higher price.

Features: Another point to consider is the features that you want in your pair. The basic pairs can help you cut through bandages, clothing, etc. in general. Such pairs are good for you if you work in a hospital where you would generally need to perform the above actions only. Moreover, hospitals have other improved ways of cutting through clothing and bandages as well, if necessary. That is why having a basic pair may be good for you. But when you want to use the shears on adventure trips, hunting trips, and much more, cutting through cloth isn’t the only thing that you would be looking for. That is why, for anyone who desires to have a utility tool when faced with difficult situations outdoors, a pair that is equipped with other features is also important. Apart from the folding feature, the best folding trauma shears are equipped with features such as a strap cutter, a ruler, a ring cutter, carbide glass breaker, and much more. They may cost more but will be ideal for difficult and perilous outdoor situations.

The Material of Make: This one is often tricky but important at the same time. While shears are usually made of stainless steel, that’s not the only option that you have. You can opt to buy a pair that has fluoride-coated blades. This coating makes these blades ‘non-stick’, thus making them ideal to cut through tape without any issue. For medical use, you may want to buy a pair that can bear the high temperatures reached during autoclave sterilization. As such, titanium made shears are the ideal choices in these cases. If you plan on using the shears for outdoor needs, choose a pair that comes coated with titanium. The coating makes it more suitable for rugged outdoor use. Apart from the blades, you should also consider the material of which the handles are made. If the handles are made of cheap plastic, they may break or peel off while using the shears. That is why choose handles that are made of good quality rubber or plastic and are well contoured for a firm grip.

Cost: The quality of the shears along with the purposes that it can serve determines the price of the shears. That is why high-quality, durable shears with multiple features will cost a lot more than basic shears that can only be used to cut through bandages and clothing. The prices start from around $10 and go up to $100 or more for a pair of shears. That is why you have to first decide what you want to do with the shears and then choose the best folding trauma shears according to your budget.

Best Folding Trauma Shears Available Online

1. LEATHERMAN – Raptor Medical Shears:

When it comes to best multipurpose tools, Leatherman always stands apart from its competitors and trauma shears are not an exception either. If you compare the durability, design, and functionality, these raptor shears are truly one of the best that you can get in the market. These folding trauma shears also include a holster which enables you to keep the shear with you all the time. If you think about the functionalities this shear offers, you will see that it can be used as 6 different tools and it includes a really sharp cutter as well. It’s really important to have a multifunctional shear with you especially when you are in the field. The durability of the product enables you to work even in the difficulty of the conditions. And the best part of having this shear is that it comes with a warranty of 25 years. So, technically you will never have to buy a new one for sure. In case you face some difficulties you will have a repaired or a replaced product right away.


  • Versatility at its best! There is technically nothing it can’t cut through.
  • Leatherman is a well-known brand for its quality multipurpose tools and this product is not an exception either
  • As per the folding trauma, shears reviews the compact design makes it easier for anyone to carry the shear with them.


  • Although this product is truly one of the best in the market, it’s really an expensive item to own.
  • Although you get different tool functionalities in a single tool, it makes it a bit heavier tool
  • In case you used something sticky, it might become a bit difficult to clean the shear.
  • In case you are a first-timer, you might not get used to this shear that quickly

2. Leatherman Raptor with Free Personalized Engraving:

In case you are looking for a shear that you can carry with you in an emergency situation and that too safely, then this particular Raptor shear from Leatherman is the best choice that you can make. This product was built after consultation with the professionals from fire, medic, and EMT fields, so as to develop the perfect balance of multipurpose functionalities. When it comes to fighting in a life-threatening situation, this is the shear that you need. And when you add to the fact that this folding trauma shear includes a holster, it can surely become the top product of your list. This product enables you to have personalized engravings but remembers to include only letter and numbers for engraving


  • Sturdy in design
  • Can cut through jeans, clothing, straps, jackets, and even plastic tubes with ease
  • Folds up nicely and is quite heavy which makes it easier to cut through thick materials
  • The name and date engraving is perfect


  • The design is a bit bulky. Creates a bit of a problem especially when folded
  • According to the folding trauma shears reviews, these shears get rust just after one week
  • As per some users, the engraving is not of the best quality
  • Not the best affordable of the shears that you can buy

3. Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool:

Raptor Medical Shears are the perfect multipurpose tool that can help any professional to carry lesser tools in difficult situations. Probably that is the reason why Leatherman collaborated with professionals from different fields to find the best combination of the multi-purpose tool. These folding EMT trauma shears come with the serrations on their blades so as to cut through thick materials fast. Also, you can dismantle these folding trauma shears while cleaning which adds to the easier maintenance as well. The package also includes a strap cutter which you can use with just one hand and an aviator-style glove. It also includes an oxygen tank wrench that can help you in some difficult situations. It includes a ring cutter that can certainly cut through any gold band and is a must carry for the first responders.


  • Solid construction
  • The plastic holster is very durable.
  • The blades can cut through a number of hard metals.
  • The blades fit perfectly into the holster even when they are open.
  • The carry case can slip solidly to any type of carrier belt.
  • Comes with Leatherman 20 Years warranty which means you do not have to buy another shear ever
  • According to the folding trauma shears reviews, these shears stay sharp for a long time


  • The blades may rust if exposed to water, sweat, or moisture.
  • It is somewhat heavy.

Other than the fantastic products reviewed above, you can also choose fixed trauma shears if they serve your purpose well.

Here are some of the Best Non-Foldable Trauma Shears

4. The BATCLIP Premium Handmade Leather Trauma SHEARS:

A belt clip is well known for its quality medical equipment and this premium quality shear along with the holster will definitely meet your requirements. These shears are made in such a way so that anyone can use them irrespective of the fact that the person is left-handed or right-handed. Also, the holster can be put on a vest or you can attach it to a waistband or your belt. This shear is definitely the slimmest of the shears that you can find, yet the durability of this product is unmatched, and most importantly handling this shear is a lot easier than another similar kind of product. These shears are made of handpicked and quality leather that gives perfect comfort while using. The holster, on the other hand, is designed to be light weighted and balanced especially when the shears are holstered. Due to the fact that these shears are made of titanium, they have the hardest of the blades even compared to the steel ones and can simply outlast any other product available in the market.


  • The design of the holster is perfect to keep these shears as well as any other shears if you wish
  • It’s a product that you can clean with ease
  • To clean the holster make use of peroxide and hemostats or forceps might do
  • These trauma shears are perfect to fit in any emergency nursing equipment


  • Although the shears included are not really of bad quality, but people tend to buy this product just for the perfect holster
  • According to some reviews, the holster might get detached out of your belt, especially while you try to take the shears out of your holster in a hurry.

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5. Prestige Medical Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor:

When it comes to reliable and quality trauma shears then Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissors is one of the best that you can choose. According to many medical professionals and EMS technicians, these shears can deliver the level of performance that no other shears can match. With the capability of getting through the toughest of the jobs, this shear is the perfect combination of efficiency and value. These shears are made out of stainless steel and are really easy to sterilize as well. In case you have enough experience with medical shears, you will certainly know the difficulties that you have to go through to clean those things, but that’s not the case with this shear for sure. Lengthwise it maintains the standard 7.5” of size but due to the fact that it has a fluoride coating, it makes it a non-sticky and durable option for any professional. The handles are made of plastic but still, they are capable of withstanding heavy-duty use. Most amazing thing is that these plastic handles are actually a lot more durable compared to other models. These shears are autoclavable, which means sterilization of these shears is really easy. All you need to do is put the used shears in the autoclave machine and you are done.


  • The fluoride coating ensures an easy cutting experience through the bandages and tapes
  • Really easy to clean too
  • Highly affordable compared to other similar types of products
  • Well built and sturdy in nature that ensures you can easily cut through zip ties, seat belts, denim, seat belts, and even paracord as well.


  • To some users, the product might have some quality issues
  • Since the edges are serrated, this might damage some fine fabrics more than it should be
  • Due to the fact that these shears are used for heavy-duty purpose, they might get damaged a bit quicker than other products in the same category

6. Madison Supply – Medical Scissors, EMT, and Trauma Shears:

If you have been in the field of medical equipment for a long duration, you must have encountered high-quality products from Madison. And that is the reason why this particular stainless steel can be termed as one of the best that you can get. These shears come with milled serration on both the edges which ensure that you get to cut any type of material you need and irrespective of the thickness of the material as well. Apart from that, the blades have a fluoride coating that not only enhances the efficiency but also keeps the blades from getting rust and makes them non-sticky as well. Also, the durable plastic handles are of good quality and can withstand daily, frequent, and heavy-duty work as well. So, if you are thinking about using this product for the long term, you are thinking it right.


  • One of the heavy-duty shears that you can find in the market
  • The shear has a bent shape that enables you to slip under any tight bandage with ease


  • Initially, they tend to be a bit stiff
  • Quite heavy in weight to handle

7. Prestige Medical Nurse Utility Scissor, 5.5 Inch, Hot Pink:

If you research well, you will see that there are two different types of requirement in the market for trauma shears. One is bulky in design and the other one is compact and smaller. This particular shear from Prestige falls into the second category. Apart from being small in size and easy to carry, these shears are really easy to perform cutting jobs as well. When it comes to opening medication packets or dressing changes, these shears are perfect for the job. The tip of the scissor is so small that you can easily carry it in your tiniest of pockets. And also due to the fact that they are so small in size, it becomes really easier to clean them and disinfect them as well. Although the scissors are really light-weighted, the sharpness of this tool is really amazing. The blades included are really sharp and can cut through most of the toughest materials with ease.


  • These trauma shears are really sharp enough to cut through literally any material
  • Cleaning is really easy


  • The handles do have some strength issues


Folding trauma shears make a great buy whether you want to use them personally or gift them to someone. Whether you want to use them for medical or outdoor purposes, they will serve you well if you can choose the best folding trauma shears. With our detailed guide and reviews, doing so would be a very easy task for you.

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