Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

Imagine yourself playing the latest game that has hit the market. You are about to beat your opponent and suddenly you have to stand up to stretch your back. You lose focus and lose the game. Has this happen to you often? Do have to take frequent game breaks because you cannot sit for long periods at a stretch? If the answer is yes, you need a gaming chair immediately. Sitting long hours in front of the computer can cause back, neck, and leg pain if you do not have the right chair to sit on. This can ruin your gaming experience. But why go through all that when you can buy a pro-grade gaming chair under $200 that makes sitting comfortable, even if you are glued to your seat for hours on end. And if you are thinking that a pro-grade gaming chair will cost you a limb, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can now get yourself the best budget gaming chair and forget your woes.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200


How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair Under 200?

To cater to the needs of gamers looking for pro-grade chairs under $200, manufacturers have come up with many options. In fact, you can find so many options in the stores that you are sure to be confused. However, choosing the best product isn’t a difficult job, especially if you consider certain important factors:

Metrics of the Chair: The very first thing that you should look for is the dimension of the chair that you want to buy. Gaming chairs come in a variety of dimensions and you need to decide what will suit you the best. If you are heavy or tall, then you have to look for a chair that will suit your body structure the best. A chair too small or too low will surely be a problem as you wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably in the chair. Being cramped into the chair will make it difficult for you to stay in the chair for long. If you are short, make sure that you buy a chair with adjustable leg rest or adjustable height so that you can keep your feet on the ground easily.

Comfort: This is one of the most important things to consider when you want to buy a gaming chair. Total comfort is what you should look for; nothing short of that. If the chair isn’t comfortable enough, you wouldn’t be able to play for long. And comfort isn’t the same for everyone. Some may be comfortable in a PC gaming chair while others may feel comfortable in memory foam. Common features that the best gaming chair under 200 must have to make it comfortable are padded back and hip support, well-cushioned head, and armrests, etc. Check the product carefully for comfort features before settling on one.

Material Used: Whatever may the type of gaming chair you want to buy be, make sure that the product is made of quality materials. Quality materials will give you a better experience. For the frame, it is best to choose steel as the material as it is extremely durable. For the upholstery, there are quite a few options. You can choose from leather, artificial leather, vinyl, etc. Each of these materials has its own upsides and downsides. The leather feels good against the skin but is expensive. Vinyl is a cheaper option, but it rips and stains easily. The problem with artificial leather is that it can feel sticky on warm days though it is comparatively cheaper and more durable.

Body Support: A comfortable seat isn’t the only thing that you should be looking for. Your neck and arms need support too during the long gaming hours. That is why chairs with padded armrests and cushioned headrests are very important if you want to avoid pain after playing. Properly designed headrests will help maintain a neutral spinal position by forcing one to be in the correct posture. Adjustable head and armrests do the job best.

Wheels and Rotation: Many gaming chairs come with wheels that can be used to move between multiple monitors or between the gaming area and your work station. The wheels make the chair easily portable even while storing them away as you can just wheel them into a closet. You should also remember to check the permissible rotation angle. Many products have no rotation facility while the best gaming chair under 200 will allow a 360° rotation for better access to multiple monitors without the need of craning one’s neck.

Weight Capacity: Just because you can fit into a chair doesn’t mean that it is ideal for you. You could exceed its maximum weight limit if you happen to be bulky and this could be dangerous for you. The frame of the chair may break and you may fall down suddenly and obtain injuries. So, it is best to know the maximum weight capacity of the chair and stay within the safety limits for your own good.

Additional Features: While comfort and body support are the most important things that one should consider while buying the best gaming chair under 200, there are a few other things that demand attention. One such thing is the extra features that the chair comes with. Modern gaming chairs offer a range of features to make your gaming experience better. You can get chairs with pullout footrests so that you can relax your feet in a position that is most suitable to you. You can also get chairs with a body massager that uses vibrations to stimulate muscles and blood circulation while you stay static at one place for a long period. Some chairs also come with built-in speakers which create an immersive effect.

Storage Space: If you have enough space in your gaming or living room, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you have a space crunch, you should look for a chair that is compact and be easily stored away to free up space. A foldable chair would be ideal as they take very little space for storage.

Warranty: Whenever you are investing make sure that the product is worth investing. Buying gaming chairs is not different. Look for products that come with a good warranty. Though several popular gaming chairs have a warranty of just six months, some provide longer warranty periods, the best being a lifetime warranty on the chair frame. Products that have a long warranty period are usually the best pick.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200 with Reviews

1. GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair:

GTRACING brings to you one of the most well designed, stylish, and comfortable gaming chair that you can buy. Whether you use this in your office or for gaming purposes, the comfort while you sit for long hours is just unmatched. The color combination might not be suitable for office use for any gamer at the home would definitely want to have one of these.

This chair comes with a reclining backrest which means the support you get in your back area is just awesome, especially if you are a gamer and have the habit of sitting on gaming chairs for long hours.


  • Height, armrest, and backrest can be adjusted
  • The backrest can be inclined up to 170°
  • As per the gaming chair under 200 reviews it’s a nice stylish gaming chair


  • Might not be suitable for office use
  • Seat cushion is not that great

2. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair:

If you are looking to buy racing style affordable gaming chair then this particular product from OFM might be the right choice for you. It comes with a nice long warranty and offers a comfortable enough sitting experience for the users. The fabric used for this chair is artificial leather which definitely adds to the comfort.

This chair is built to swivel 360° and comes with 4 plastic wheels for easy movement. The chair can be easily tilted front or backward but do not expect any rocking movement. The maximum weight supported by this chair is only 250 lbs which is pretty much high and should be good enough for healthy users as well.


  • Neck and back rests are really of high-quality material
  • Armrests are designed to flip up which allows you to create more space
  • The whole chair can easily be tilted back and forward


  • Does not include any backrest or headrest pads
  • It’s not a rocking chair
  • You cannot recline the backrest

3. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Swivel Thicken Leather PC Computer Chair:

Looking to buy a stylish and comfortable yet affordable gaming chair? Well, Devoko brings you exactly what you need. This chair is designed with carbon fiber leather which is durable and comfortable and gives the chair a nice look and finish. The backrest is really nice and the adjustable seat allows tall users to adjust the chair height according to their comfort.

This chair is built to withstand up to 330 lbs of weight and is set on 4 plastic casters which are sturdy enough to move around easily. The chair allows you to swivel 360° and allows you to lock your chair in different titled positions as well.

The chair has a nice pair of armrests but the problem is you cannot adjust them according to your choice or comfort. Although the chair includes a warranty period of only 6 months according to the gaming chair under 200 reviews Devoko has done a nice job to help out their customers when in need.


  • The chair is made of carbon fiber leather
  • You can adjust the chair according to your comfort
  • The backrest is really nice and is perfect for even the tall people
  • It can carry people weighing up to 330 lbs.


  • Warranty is for 6 months only
  • You can adjust the armrest as per your comfort

4. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair:

RESPAWN-110 brings to you truly a high-quality gaming chair that offers you comfort like no other gaming chair. It might be a bit costly compared to other products available in the market but certainly worth the money if you consider the quality and warranty that they offer.

Apart from that, it has nice padded armrests that are longer than other gaming chairs. These padded armrests offer nice cushioning for your elbows too. As per the gaming chair under 200 reviews the armrests are designed to shift back when you recline the chair so that you always have the same comfort level no matter what position the chair is in.

In comparison to other chairs that are available in the market, the RESPAWN-110 is way better in durability, sturdiness, and most importantly warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty on all the parts of the chair and they do ensure that replace the faulty parts as and when required by the users.

Even though overall this chair might seem the best of the lot, but this chair might not be suitable for those who love to use soft cushioning for their chairs. This gaming chair has a firm cushioning which is great for a few but might not be suitable for all for sure.


  • The armrest is padded and is extended up to the back of your chair
  • The footrest can be extended which makes it perfect for people with pain in their feet
  • Lifetime warranty for breakdown chairs


  • Costs a lot more than it should
  • Padding on this chair is a little bit stiff
  • Not perfect for those who loves a soft chair

5. Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Office Racing Chair:

Furmax is a well-known brand in the world of gaming chairs and this particular model from Furmax does not disappoint as well. With a 30-day money-back offer, warranty for faulty parts and most importantly a quality customer service, Furmax makes it easier for users to buy a gaming chair. The chair has a nice durable construction and comes with PU leather that is long-lasting too.

The chair is designed for tall gamers; the high back suggests the same. That being said, you have to consider the fact that the footrest might not be long enough for the tall users. The chair is adjustable and comes with a headrest, neck support, and lumbar pad which makes it highly comfortable.

One of the best features included is that you can recline the chair up to 180° and can actually lock it in the same position. So, if you extend the footrest, it becomes perfect for taking a nap. You can even adjust the armrests as well to support your shoulders.


  • Customer service is really nice from the user point of view
  • Adjustable chair along and reclining too
  • The footrest is adjustable too


  • Footrest might not be long enough for the tall people
  • Assembling the chair is not that easy specially because the manual is not that clear

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6. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Pu Leather gaming chair:

This gaming chair from Homall is not only comfortable, but is one of the best feature packed recliners as well. Height control is super easy and can be locked in a tilt position as well which can definitely add to your gaming convenience.

This chair looks beyond your general sitting comfort and has added some extra cushion for a better support to your neck and back. The backrest also has a lumbar cushion and is adjustable too.

The 3600 swiveling seat and an extended footrest definitely add to the comfort while you sit for a long gaming session. The padding on your seat has enough thickness to provide you the right comfort.


  • Comes with additional lumbar support and headrest
  • Extended footrest
  • Nice adjustable backrest upto 1800
  • Armrests can be vertically adjusted
  • The base swivels 3600
  • Kind of rocking facility
  • Comfortable gaming chair with high back
  • Wheels are multi-directional
  • Construction is pretty solid to last long
  • Footrest is padded to provide your maximum comfort


  • As per gaming chair under 200 reviews Armrests are not adjustable

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7. AutoFull Gaming Chair – Video Game Chairs High Back Racing Style:

AutoFull brings you another stylish gaming chair at an affordable price. The chair is designed to perfection which adds to the décor of your gaming room. The cover is made of mesh which improves airflow and provides you extra comfort for long gaming sessions.

The high density foam used for the seat is appropriately cozy and makes it ideal for the gamers. Also the PU leather used for the upholstery makes it easy to clean.

The chair has a metallic construction which is definitely durable and sturdy and the rolling wheels make it easy to move around as well. According to the gaming chair under 200 reviews with the 3600 swiveling wheels, back and head rest and most importantly adjustable seat this chair can be termed as one of the best that you can buy.


  • 7 different settings for height adjustments
  • Reclining functionality
  • Swivels 3600
  • Comfortable design that provides enough support for your back
  • Back is made of mesh that certainly improves airflow
  • Construction is of great quality and is built to last
  • The seat is sturdy too and is capable of carrying at least 280 lbs of weight


  • The seat does not rock at al which can be a bit tiring if you love gaming for long hours
  • Might not be suitable if you wish to use this in your office

Why Buy Gaming Chairs?

You spend hundreds of dollars on gaming consoles, gaming PCs, and more. But if you do not have the right chair to sit on, all these may go in vain as you wouldn’t be able to play for long. And that’s not what any avid gamer would want. Investing a small amount in a good gaming chair would give you the following benefits:

Prevent Pain and Stiffness: Any gamer would agree that they sit in the same position for hours together, immersed in their game. While this fulfills their hunger for gaming, it does take a toll on the body. Sitting static in an uncomfortable chair can cause pain and stiffness in the back, neck, and legs. Joint pain is common in gamers without a proper sitting arrangement. Using a professional gaming chair can help prevent such issues. They are so designed that provide maximum support to your lower and upper back, your spine, neck, and other joints. So, even you are sitting in the same place for hours, your body is less likely to be overexerted. This significantly reduces chances of pain and stiffness.

Prevents Injuries: Sitting in an uncomfortable and unsupportive chair can not only cause pain in the spine and joints, but also lead to musculoskeletal injuries. This happens at places where the body exerts pressure on the chair. A properly cushioned chair will help prevent this and improve body circulation. This, in turn, will prevent issues like muscle soreness and improper cardiovascular function in the limbs.

Improves Gameplay: Buying the best gaming chair under 200 will not only save you from a variety of health issues, it can also significantly improve your gameplay. You will not be distracted by chronic pain and will not need to leave your chair frequently to stretch yourself. This will ensure that you have undisturbed gaming sessions. Moreover, many modern gaming chair models have features to enhance gaming experience. Some chair come with headrests that have inbuilt speakers that create an immersive experience, some have in-seat vibration features to create stimulation while some swivel and rock to match in-game motions.

Different Types of Gaming Chairs Under 200

If you are looking for affordable gaming chairs, you have a variety of options to choose from. However, these can be categorized into few specific types based on their design, structure, etc. These are –

Rocker Chairs: Stylish and comfortable, the rocker chairs are a bit different from their traditional counterparts. They are more close to the ground and come with a scooped L shape and comfortable headrests and padded backs. However, they are not really ideal for long-term gamers. This is because of the ergonomics of these chairs which offer temporary comfort. They are great for living room gaming with friends and family, but not for hardcore gaming.

Pedestal Chairs: These gaming chairs are an upgradation of the rocker chairs. They have a design quite similar to the rocker chairs but have a pedestal that lifts the chair to a small height above the ground. The design is modified to offer better spinal neutrality and hand and head support. They can also easily rotate and rock for a better experience. However, the downside is that there is no way to unflex the knees and hips as the feet do not touch the floor flat.

PC Chairs: These are the most common favorites of hardcore gamers. They are raised well above the ground to match the height of a PC desk and are equipped with proper headrests and armrests that maximize comfort. They are quite similar to office chairs in their built, but come with a bucket-style seat so that you can stay static for hours together without any problem. These chairs usually have several features built into them that improves posture and enhances gameplay.

Bean Bag Chairs: Quite similar to the conventional bean bags, those made for gaming are placed on the ground as well. However, they are well padded to ensure better comfort than ordinary bean bags. That said, bean bag gaming chairs are a poor option as compared to other gaming chairs available under $200. They have no option of armrests, headrests, and lumbar support and also do not have features like RCA inputs, speakers, etc. If you are on a shoestring budget, this is what you can buy.

Memory Foam Chairs: If you like the appeal of bean bags, but want something better, then memory foam chairs are what you need. They are bigger and better than bean bags, and thus, are ideal for people of all sizes and structure. The memory foam offers firm and comfortable support to important areas of the body to avoid pain and soreness. However, they do not offer features like armrests, headrests, speakers, etc.


If gaming is your passion, you shouldn’t hesitate buying a professional chair for yourself. It costs much less than what you spend for your gaming gears and accessories but is vital for an undisturbed gaming experience. So, buy the best gaming chair under 200 and you can enjoy gaming like never before.

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