Best High Pressure Shower Heads

Have you moved into a new apartment or house and found that your shower provides a moderate trickle of water at best? Well, this could be due to many reasons. While an inefficient showerhead or faulty plumbing can cause low water pressure, in many cases, the water supply itself has low pressure. To change it, you will need to shell out several hundred dollars for a system that will provide excellent water pressure. However, there is an easy fix for this. You could easily install a high pressure shower head in your bathroom and solve the low water pressure problem. High pressure shower heads are easily available online and cost around $15 – $50. At a very small price, the best high pressure shower heads can significantly enhance your showering experience.


How to find the Best High Pressure Shower Heads for your Home?

With hundreds of options available, choosing the best one can often be a daunting task. To make things easy, you can take the following factors into consideration:

Size: Showerheads come in different sizes. In general, the bigger the diameter, the better it is usually. A bigger diameter gives better coverage. However, you have to make sure that the size is suitable for your bathroom.

Flow Rate: This is a vital point of consideration. Since you are buying the shower head for better pressure, you would expect the standard 2.5 gallons/minute flow rate so that you can clean yourself easily.

Quality: If you are looking for a high pressure shower head for your bathroom, it is best to go for a quality product that will last you longer and will not need a replacement any time soon. Showerheads made of the best material will usually last longer.

Style: Shower heads come in a variety of styles and you need to choose which style fits you the best. You can choose a specific color too if needed. The best high pressure shower heads for your bathroom should match your bathroom style and décor.

Installation: Shower heads can be either ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted and you have to make sure that you buy one according to your bathroom plumbing. Make sure that you know your bathroom plumbing set up well before you buy a showerhead.

Price: The price of the shower head is one of the most important deciding factors. Shower heads are available at different prices and you need one that fits your budget and meets your requirement too.

Warranty: Good quality shower heads last many years. But having a long warranty on the product that you buy will surely give you peace of mind. Warranties can be as short as a year or as long as a lifetime warranty and anything in between.

Best High Pressure Shower Heads

Best High Pressure Shower Heads with Reviews

1. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo:

DreamSpa brings to you a luxurious showerhead and hand shower combo. It comes with a flow control button that allows you to change the flow settings easily using your thumb and that will do the trick. The showerhead has a 9” face that ensures a nice wide water flow. Leak-free connection, fashionable design, and premium quality are what makes this product different from other products. The handheld shower has a wide face of 4.75” which is better than any standard handheld showerhead. High power water flow control gives you the opportunity to experience the best. And most importantly it’s really easy to connect and does not need any other tools to get going.


  • Hand shower with adjustable wall bracket
  • The shower hose is made of stainless steel yet a lot more flexible
  • Comes with brass nuts which are easy to tighten and leak-free as well
  • Easy to install without any tools
  • Fashionable design
  • Comes with a chrome finish which suits most of the stylish bathrooms
  • With just a single shower head you can enjoy a gentle massage, waterfall, and drenching experience


  • The plastic material used might not be of high quality
  • Lever locations might make it difficult for the short people to access them with ease

2. Speakman, Polished Chrome S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Shower Head:

In case you are looking to buy a premium quality shower head then this particular product from Speakman is the best that you can buy. It is the best showerhead to get the perfect water flow. This particular showerhead comes with different settings as well which makes it one of the better choices. As per the high pressure shower heads reviews, this showerhead is built to resist any kind of hard-water residue build up which makes it easy to maintain as well. If you love using showerheads that are capable of better and innovative performance then this showerhead is the best choice for you. The water spray pattern in this showerhead is really great which ensures that you have a nice fresh feeling after every bath. It has a combination setting to provide you intense yet massage water spray pattern just to enhance your shower experience. Whether you wish to install these showerheads in your home or hotel, the simple yet sleek design ensures that it goes fine with the rest of the bathroom design and décor.


  • Easy to switch between spray settings
  • 5 different spray settings
  • The showerhead is wall-mounted and comes with all that you need to install
  • Powerful nozzles


  • The showerhead includes a shower fact which is really small
  • You might not get the same effect similar to a rainfall style shower head

3. Spark Pod Shower Head – High Pressure Rain – Luxury Modern Chrome Look:

Looking to buy a high pressure shower system, well this particular shower system is designed to get you the feeling of a nice waterfall every time. Apart from having a nice luxurious chrome finish, it has individual nozzles as well which makes the water flow better. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to change the spray pattern, not at all! It comes with a universal connector which makes installing a lot easy and swift process than it looks like. Replacing your old showerhead should be as easy as changing your bulb in the room. And the best part is that you won’t need any tool to do this. With its fairly capable anti-clogging system you do not have to work hard for maintenance. And when you add to the fact that this product from Spark Pod comes with a 1-year replacement warranty, you should always choose this product over others.


  • Nice chrome finish
  • Nozzles are made to be anti-clogging
  • Need not tool to install
  • Universal connector to fit different plumbing
  • 6” showerhead is quite big


  • The connector might leak a bit
  • Not adjustable

4. Aqua Elegante 6 Function Adjustable Luxury Shower Head:

If you are looking to buy a durable and high-quality shower head then this particular shower head from Aqua Elegante should be the right choice for you. It includes a layer of BPA-free ABS Thermoplastic which tends to be leakproof and sustains high pressure as well. It can resist corrosion and good enough to deal with minor physical impacts. As per the high pressure shower heads reviews, lightweight design and ease of use is the best feature of this showerhead. The nozzles are made of mineral resistant silicone which ensures self-cleaning and nice sharp water flow throughout the year. With this showerhead at your disposal, cleaning and maintaining should not be a problem anymore. It includes 6 different shower settings, which you can control with the use of a button. Installation is super easy as well and does not require any expertise. Once you install this showerhead at your home, you can rest assured that you can have a nice shower experience every time.


  • Multiple designs available to choose from
  • Six different spray settings
  • Nozzles can be easy to clean
  • The flow restrictor is removable
  • The brass fitting is of good quality which ensures zero leak
  • The plastic interior promises zero rust or breakage
  • Different motion option
  • Installation is super easy


  • The fitting might become a bit lose causing leaks
  • Bit louder than any other model

5. AquaStorm by HotelSpa 30-Setting SpiralFlo:

If you are looking for a quality showerhead with steady performance, then this particular showerhead from AquaStorm is the best choice for you. Superior water flow and a drenching shower experience are what you can expect from this piece of wonderful bathroom gadget. It includes 6 different shower settings, adjustable angles, and a lot more. It even comes with a water-saving mode as well. You can use the same showerhead as a handheld and overhead shower. Its modern design makes it easy for you to install it in any bathroom with any type of décor. According to the high pressure shower head reviews, this is one of the best sophisticated and high-quality shower head that you can buy. If durability is what you look for while buying a shower head, this showerhead certainly meets your requirements. With a stainless steel hose extension and required flexibility, you can use the shower in any way you wish. Installation is lo easier too. You do not have to call any professional plumber either. Even if you are a first-timer, you will be able to fix this thing with ease and without any tool.


  • Comes with dual shower heads
  • You can use both the showerheads together or separately and it does not affect the water pressure
  • Quality showering experience every time
  • Separate controls for both shower heads
  • The handheld showerhead has a 5’ long hose
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with brackets, fittings, and wall mountings
  • Comes with an instruction manual which is good enough even for the first-timers
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with water-saving functionality
  • Classic design to suit different decor


  • It does not have any restrictor valve which can be a problem for a home with a low water pressure
  • Metal parts are susceptible
  • Docking for the handheld shower is not a good fit

6. WantBa 6-inch High Pressure Rainfall Massage Shower Head:

Have you ever bought a showerhead? Well, in most cases you will need to buy a small-sized head to get a high-pressure output. Not anymore, as WantBa brings to you a high pressure showerhead with a 6” shower face. Compared to any similar product available in the market, this showerhead has a wide area of rainfall water flow and with 57 nozzles you can always have the right amount of water flowing every time you turn on the shower. It even has a water flow regulator as well, which means you can control the water flow if required. The head is made out of ABS plastic but is nicely chrome plated which makes it look really modern and fashionable. The ball joint is metal and swivels to adjust your angles. Cleaning is really easy as you can remove the shower face and make the necessary cleaning. As per the high pressure shower head reviews, this showerhead has a water flow rate of 2.5 GPM is which is good enough and with a removable restrictor, it certainly gives you more options than what you are paying for.


  • Nice wide coverage range
  • The capacity of 2.5 GPM
  • Comes with swiveling ball joints
  • Shower face can be detached
  • Easy to clean and install


  • The spray pattern is fixed
  • Build quality is not that good

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7. Ezelia High Pressure Shower Head, 5-Settings Hand Held Shower Head:

Ezelia brings to you one of the finest and quality shower heads that you can buy. From installing the showerhead with ease to perfect reliable fitting, this shower head is a great buy. This high pressure shower from Ezeila comes with a standard interface that can be connected with any water pipe or shower arm that has a standard spec and most importantly you don’t need a lot of tools or even a plumber to get this thing installed in your bathroom. When it comes to the shower head it is really important that you are comfortable while using it. To help the users with this facility Ezelia have designed the shower head to perfection so that you can easily adjust the angles at which you like it to be. With this shower head at your disposal, you can expect to have a nice shower experience every time. Apart from that, you get to control the comfort level of your bathing experience. It also includes a pause mode which will allow you to temporarily turn off the water flow. So this means you can save a lot of water while the shower is not in use.


  • Perfectly fits in every standard water pipes and shower arms
  • The hose is made of high quality stainless steel
  • Cleaning is not an issue
  • Installation is super easy
  • 5 different water flow settings for a better bathing experience


  • Shower surface might get dirty pretty quickly

8. 3 Inch High Pressure Shower Head from Aqua Elegante:

If you go through high pressure shower head reviews you will see that simple yet sleek design is what fits your bathroom the best. This is exactly what Aqua Elegante has come up with. It offers a simple design yet perfectly functional shower head that meets your demand. This shower head is perfect for you especially if you have low water pressure and with this shower head installed you are sure to get a lot more spray while you bath. All you need to do is have a standard shower arm and you can install this showerhead to have an improved bathing experience. It uses water flow restrictors to ensure that you get a lot more water pressure through the spray. And the best part is that it does not waste or require any extra amount of water to create that extra water pressure. Apart from that this shower head has a nice chrome finish that gives it a modern look and the durable shower jets make it lasts long as well. Due to the fact that the jets are rubberized, you do not have to worry about corrosion or staining and cleaning becomes super easy as well.


  • Nice flow rate compared to its size
  • Installation is really easy and every single required material is included in the package
  • Durable build and it’s stain-resistant too
  • Affordable price tag
  • 42 nozzles for a wonderful bathing experience


  • To adjust the water pressure you need to remove your shower head and adjust the flow restrictor
  • Spray modes cannot be adjusted
  • Not that wide spray area

9. WASSA High Pressure Shower Head:

As per the high pressure shower head reviews, this is one of the best high pressure shower heads that you can buy. This shower head from WASSA might not look much but it maintains a high quality and ensures that you get to experience one of the best bathing experiences that you can hope for. This shower head is of only 3“ diameter but with 45 silicone nozzles, you can always get a better performance than you can expect. Pressure wise this might be one of the best shower heads that you can buy but it’s not that great when you consider the build. With chrome plating, ABS construction, and 2.5 GPM this can surely be a good addition to your bathroom. It might be small in size but you can rest assured that you are buying a high quality, shower head that will surely be able to meet your requirements.


  • Jets are all made of silicone
  • 45 jet nozzles included in the shower head
  • Joints are of brass which means you do not have to worry about rust
  • Affordable compared to what you get


  • You might experience a leak from the shower head and arm joint

10. Shower Head High Pressure Rainfall from Waydeli:

Waydeli beings to you 8” shower head that is built to fulfill your dream of taking a shower in fine rainfall water flow. With an 8” shower head, you can expect a nice coverage area with high water pressure rainfall. It comes with 90 silicone nozzles, which means you do not have to maintain the shower head a lot. No chance of getting corrosion as well. Installation is a lot easier than you think it is. You won’t need any tool to connect its universal connector at work. You also get an adjustable showerhead as well which means you can use it at any angle you want and have the best bating experience. With the chrome-plated finish, it looks really nice and made to fit any bathroom décor. It’s made of ABS plastic which means it’s durable and long-lasting too. As per the high pressure shower head reviews, you won’t have to deal with any sort of leakage, finish, or drips at all.


  • Comes with Anti-Clogging TRP jets
  • Cleaning gets easy with 80 TRP jets
  • 8” showerhead is wide enough to provide a great coverage area
  • Durable, long-lasting, and high quality performance
  • Adjustable angle to ensure best rainfall shower experience
  • Powerful, strong, and wide water flow


  • Nothing negative has been reported yet

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

There could be many reasons why you have low water pressure at home. This includes:

Poor Water Supply: Many areas face problems with the pressure of the utility water supplied. In such situations, there is hardly any affordable solution other than installing a high pressure shower head. Relocating to a place with good water pressure is often not a possible solution.

Plumbing Problems: If there is no issue with the local water supply, low pressure may be caused due to problems in the house/apartment plumbing. This is a common problem if you are living in an old house/apartment. Blockages/corrosion in the pipes may cause reduced water pressure. You can ask a plumber to check your plumbing for any signs of a blockage or corrosion in the pipes. A leak in the pipes could also reduce water pressure. If all other faucets or water outlets are working just fine, you may consider inspecting your bathroom plumbing only. The pipes leading to your shower may get blocked or your shower head may have been clogged. A good servicing will restore water pressure to normal.

Pressure Regulator: Problems with the water pressure could be due to a faulty flow restrictor present in the showerhead. You can try altering or removing it for better water pressure in the shower.

What is a High Pressure Shower Head?

If you can identify the root cause of low pressure in the shower and fix it, it’s all good. But if there is no solution to the problem, showers may not be as pleasant as they should be. High pressure shower heads can solve your problem very easily. A high pressure shower head is made in such a way that it intensifies the water pressure with the same water flow. This is usually achieved in two ways:

  • The shower head has fewer holes which increases the pressure of the water that comes out.
  • The shower head has a pressure chamber that exerts pressure on the water, forcing it to come out faster.

Benefits of Buying a High Pressure Shower Heads

Showering with low pressure is really frustrating, especially if it persists. By buying the best high pressure shower heads for your bathrooms, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Better Washing: When you have good pressure in your shower, you are guaranteed a better cleaning. With increased pressure comes better washing and rinsing.

Better Feeling: When water pressure is low, you will never be able to enjoy the showers you have. Higher water pressure increases the pleasure of showering and you are more likely to feel good after a shower.

Conserving Water: When the water pressure is high, you have the same benefits with less water. Thus, you save water with every shower that you have.

Different Options: When you buy high pressure shower heads, you get the option of adjusting the spray pattern according to your needs. You can have anything between a soothing mist and a therapeutic massage.

Types of High Pressure Shower Heads to Use

High pressure shower heads are not new in the market. They have a good demand and hence, you can find a variety of high pressure shower heads in the stores. But not all are the same. High pressure shower heads are of different types and you need to choose the best fit for your bathroom. That is why knowledge of all the types available is important.

Fixed: Fixed shower heads are the most common that you can find online or in stores. Fixed high pressure shower heads are the cheapest option and are good for home or commercial use. they are directly connected to the water supply pipe on the wall and are, thus, suitable for any bathroom. Moreover, installation is super easy. Fixed shower heads also offer options of a number of sprays, spray settings, filters, etc.

Dual: The next type of shower head that you can choose to buy is the dual head. As the name suggests, these shower heads have both the fixed and handheld shower option. These showers are quite versatile because you can easily clean all areas of your body.

Handheld: Though these shower heads are meant for hand use, they can be used as a fixed shower head as well as they come attached to a stand. You can detach it and use it as a hand shower or keep it fixed and use it as a fixed shower head.

Water Savers: If you want to manage your water bills, you may want to use water saver shower heads that apart from offering a high pressure shower, allows you to save water as well.


If you are facing problems with low water pressure, you should switch to high pressure shower head without any delay. After all, if you cannot enjoy your shower, you will most likely feel it the whole day. Why deprive yourself of a nice showering experience when you can buy the best high pressure shower heads at a very reasonable cost? Choose the best product to suit your needs and you will never have to complain.

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