Best Ingrown Hair Serum

While there are many Ingrown Hair Serums in the market to treat ingrown hairs, it is essential that you choose only the best-ingrown hair serum. This can be done by taking into consideration a few factors that can determine how good serum is. Let’s talk about these in detail.

Unwanted body hair is a problem that many people suffer from. Whether you are a man or a woman, having unwanted hair on the body may pose to be a problem. Naturally, most people resort to hair removal techniques such as shaving, tweezing, etc. In fact, shaving and tweezing are amongst the most popular hair removal techniques amongst men as well as women. However, many a time, the areas that have been tweezed or shaved start showing pimple-like spots that cause itching and become very coarse over the course of time. These inflamed spots may look like pimples, but they are not. They are ingrown hairs and can often occur in areas that are tweezed or shaved frequently.


Best Ingrown Hair Serum

How to Choose the Best Ingrown Hair Serum?

Effectiveness: The first and most important point to consider is how effective the serum actually is. Ingrown hairs are a real problem and you wouldn’t want to bear the problem for much longer. That is why you need the best Ingrown hair serum product that can act fast. Products containing salicylic acid and glycolic acid can be great for quick action as they work as great exfoliating agents and anti-inflammatory and nourish your skin from within. So, while choosing an ingrown hair serum, find out how effective it is in curing the problem by reading their reviews. You will have a fair idea about how soon you can expect the results.

Packaging: Ingrown Hair Serums usually come packaged in tubes that make it easy for you to take them out and apply them quickly over the areas that need to be treated. A much easier way to use the serums is to try spray tubes that do not even need you to spread the serum with your fingers. The serum can be directly sprayed onto the ingrown hair affected areas and allowed to be absorbed by the skin. An innovative solution that some manufacturers have up with is the roll-on tube. Ingrown Hair Serums available in the form of roll-ons are much more convenient to use.

Feel: Since the serum will be applied directly onto your skin, it is important that it feels good on your skin. Not only should it work towards removing the ingrown hair, but it should also make your skin feel nurtured and soothed after you have used it. Moreover, for people with sensitive skin, it is important to avoid products that contain alcohol.

Price: The cost of the serums will also play a role in your choice. The serums are available in a wide price range and you have to choose the best-ingrown hair serum that is available in your budget. However, you have to keep in mind that several serums that come with a high price tag are actually very good at treating ingrown hairs and are, thus, worth the money spent.

Best Ingrown Hair Serums in the Market

1. Tend Skin Solution Unsightly Ingrown Hair Serum:

If you are looking for a product that can help you remove all those ingrown hairs, razor bumps caused by waxing or shaving, then this Tend Skin is the best solution to take care of your skin in every way possible. Normally, you get to experience razor bumps and ingrown hairs right after waxing or shaving and this particular product provides you the right solution to help you get irritation-free, smooth skin in no time at all. This product can be used by both women and men both and there are no strict guidelines or a course for this product to use. You can use this product as a skincare liquid on a regular basis, special after any hair removal process.


  • Apply Tend skin before shaving and you can get ingrown hair-free, smooth, clear skin after you are done with the shaving. To make sure you have calm and supple skin even after shaving, do not forget to use the product once again after shaving to get the best results.
  • Tend Skin can be used before and after you go for waxing. Using the product before waxing can make the waxing a lot easier whereas using it afterward can keep your skin way far from having any kind of redness. To reduce the number of ingrown hairs, you will have to keep using it on a daily basis for 2 weeks.
  • If you are going for electrolysis, you can also use this product before and after you go for the process. Make sure to use the serum on a regular basis to have a better result.
  • According to ingrown hair serum reviews, it can help you in removing dead skin, prevent exfoliation, and any kind of redness that might be caused due to any hair removal process.


  • Reduces ingrown hairs, redness, razor bumps, and burns
  • Great for women who shave their legs, underarms, and bikini lines
  • Men suffering from after shaving effect can also use the product as well.


  • According to some ingrown hair serum, reviews Might not work that well for those using laser methods for hair removal
  • Although it will soothe your skin after the laser hair removal process, using Tend Skin before the process might block hair follicles from getting the laser light.

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2. Kerah Lane Serum for Ingrown Hairs:

Kerah Lane is one of those products that can help you reduce the growth of ingrown hairs in no time at all along with razor burns and razor bumps as well. With the use of this product on a daily basis, you can surely improve your skin appearance and remove all the dead skin pores. This product moisturizes and cleanses your skin naturally and soothes any type of wrinkle or pimple lines. It can also reduce any kind of scar marks and improve your skin tone as well.


  • This product from Kerah Lane includes natural ingredients that make it a lot easier to remove any kind of razor bump or ingrown hair. Not only does it remove scars, acne, bumps, or unwanted hair, but it can also prevent them as well.
  • Normally, other serums that include chemicals and alcohol will give you a feel of burn and sting when you apply it on sensitive skin, but due to the fact that this product does not have any of these, you can easily apply it to your skin and it will not burn or make you feel irritated whatsoever.
  • Whether you are using tweezers, epilator, shaving, waxing, or using laser techniques, hair removal is always a painful affair and it might leave you a scar and burn in the area of hair removal. Be it your underarm, leg, back, or your bikini zone, this product can always soothe and calm your skin for sure.
  • If you go through ingrown hair serum reviews you will see that this is truly a versatile product that can provide a solution to multiple skin-related problems. The best part of having this product in your skincare collection is that it can work on any skin irrespective of whether it’s dry, oily, or sensitive skin.


  • Perfect to use in any area of your body
  • Can remove razor bumps and ingrown hair
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • No feeling of burn or irritation after you apply the solution
  • Works on any type of skin


  • Might not work well after shaving your bikini areas
  • Might not prevent ingrown hairs after waxing

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3. Skinerals Ingrown Hair serum :

If you are looking for an organic solution to your skin-related problems, then this particular serum from Skinerals is the right product for you to take care of your ingrown hairs and other skin-related issues. Instead of using chemicals that are harsh on your skin, Skinerals use natural ingredients only to ensure a safe product for any type of skin. As per the ingrown hair serum reviews with regular use of this serum, you can certainly enjoy soft and healthy skin in no time at all and all due to the use of organic and natural ingredients used in the product.


  • This ingrown hair serum from Skinerals does not only soothe your skin but also makes sure that your skin stays bacteria-free and clean.
  • This product does not include any kind of chemicals, thus ensuring zero irritation and burn feeling after you apply it on your skin and most importantly it helps in soothing your skin as well.
  • It includes products like Witch Hazel, MSM, salicylic acid, Aloe, etc which are all-natural and tend to do good to your skin.
  • Helps you to keep the painful ingrown hairs off your skin and prevent any kind of razor bump and acne as well.
  • Fights of bacteria from the skin pores and ensures a clear skin after every application
  • If you apply this lotion before and after shaving, you can surely enjoy the best shaving experience without any irritation or pain.
  • With this product, your skin gets to enjoy the benefits of orange peel extract, lavender oil, shea butter, vanilla bean extract, etc. basically everything that your skin needs to nourish and moisturize.
  • This product from Skinner is perfect for any type of skin and can work after any process of hair removal for sure.


  • This product is recommended by Dermatologists
  • Includes skin-nourishing ingredients like Witch Hazel, MSM, Aloe, salicylic acid, etc
  • Gives you instant relief from ingrown hairs, acne, or razor bumps
  • Safe for any kind of skin
  • Does not contain gluten, paraben
  • Completely Vegan


  • Might not work well for your bikini line
  • Sticky and smells really bad

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4. Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment, 3 fl. oz:

If you are looking for a men-only product that can help you soothe razor burn and reduce the redness effect after shaving, then this ingrown hair serum from Anthony is the perfect solution for you. This product includes glycolic acid which tends to exfoliate your skin thereby removing any dead cells and preventing any ingrown hairs. It also has the capability to kill bacteria under your skin resulting in lesser inflammation and razor bumps. It works fine with any type of skin and works really amazingly for men susceptible to any type of ingrown hair. Ingredients like phytic acid, salicylic acid fights off the bacteria and makes sure you do not have any dead pores while lavender and willowherb make your skin calm and soothing.


  • Reduces redness due to shaving
  • Sooth any type of razor burn
  • Exfoliate dead cells under the skin
  • As per the ingrown hair serum reviews are given by the users, it removes ingrown hairs perfectly
  • Kills bacteria under skin pores
  • Works fine for all types of skin.


  • No harmful chemicals included
  • Perfect for men skin
  • Works fine as an aftershave lotion while working on removing dead cells and fighting the bacteria
  • The best result against ingrown hairs


  • Your skin might be allergic to the product
  • Might not work as fast as other ingrown hair products work.

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5. Follique Serum  for Ingrown  hair removal:

If you are familiar with hair removal processes like waxing or shaving, then you must have faced problems with razor burns, razor bumps or ingrown hairs as well. Ingrown hairs are really common amongst those who remove their hair on a regular basis and can cause inflammation and pain around the place where the hair grows back. To make sure it does not bother you much and to control your ingrown hairs, use a product like Follique Roll on Serum that can put up a protection against the ingrown hairs.  Make sure to use the roll-on as much as you need but remember to stop using the product in case your skin gets dried up.


  • According to ingrown hair serum reviews, this is the best possible solution to your ingrown hair-related problems and can be a good product to use if you have razor bumps too.
  • You can have distinctive results in just 24-48 hours after you use the roll-on.
  • You can use this product on your face, neck, bikini areas, underarms, back, or chest.
  • This roll-on can be effective against razor bumps too, as it comes with the witch hazel, acetoxy benzoic, and other bump fighting ingredients as well.
  • You can use it on a weekly basis to ensure that you have clear, ingrown hair-free skin.


  • Perfect to fight razor bumps
  • Result in just 24-48 hours
  • The best solution to ingrown hairs
  • The best result if you use it on a regular basis


  • The rollerball might not work fine after a few uses
  • The smell is really bad

What Are Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs occur when hair that has been shaved or tweezed starts growing inside the skin instead of breaking the skin surface and growing out. The hair curls and reenters the skin after the area has been shaved or tweezed out and starts growing into the skin. This occurs more frequently in people who have coarse or curly hair as these hairs have a tendency to grow inside the skin. Over the course of time, dead skin cells gradually clog the follicles and this leads to inflamed skin that can look like red spots or pimples. Sometimes, the area may also get filled with pus-forming pustules. Ingrown hairs can cause rashes and be painful as well.

Why Want to Remove Ingrown Hair?

Ingrown hairs may not seem to be much on the outlook, but they can pose a problem if left alone that way. The hair growing inside your skin will cause continuous itching and will also make the area red, bumpy, and inflamed. Not only will it affect your looks, but the ingrown hairs can also become infected over time and lead to other skin issues like folliculitis, staph infections, etc. As such, it is important that you try to remove the ingrown hairs as early as possible.

Different Ways to Remove Ingrown Hair

In many cases, an ingrown hair problem can go away on its own if the hair shaft breaks out of the skin and starts growing normally. However, if that doesn’t happen, you may have to find a way to cure the problem yourself. In fact, there are several ways in which you can do that. This includes:

Exfoliation: As already mentioned above, ingrown hairs tend to occur more when the follicles are clogged with dead skin cells. So, if you can keep the follicles clog-free, the hair can actually break out of the skin and start growing normally. That is where exfoliation comes in. Using a natural or chemical exfoliating product can help keep the skin pores clear and allow the hairs to grow normally, thus removing the ingrown hair.

Body Brushing: Dry body brushing has many benefits and removing ingrown hairs is definitely one of them. Brushing your body before every shower can significantly increase your cell turnover, thus reducing the chances of clogged pores. Once the pores are clog-free, the ingrown hairs can easily move out, thus solving your problem.

Scrubbing: Another easy way to get rid of the dead skin cells and solve the problem of ingrown hairs is to try scrubbing. You can use a natural product or things like pumice, microbeads, etc. to scrub. These scrubbers will do away with the dead cells, allowing the ingrown hairs to break free easily.

Shower Gel: If you do not often get time to scrub or dry brush your body, then use shower gels that contain AHAs that can exfoliate and soften the skin and make it easier for the hair shaft to emerge out of the skin.

Retinoid Treatment: Vitamin A, the key ingredient in these products, is known for its exfoliating properties that help in removing the obstructions that lead to ingrown hairs. Moreover, Vitamin A is very useful in removing the dark pigmentation that occurs due to ingrown hairs.

Serums: Ingrown hair serums are an excellent option to treat the problem of ingrown hairs. Not only do the serums help the ingrown hairs to break out of the skin, but they also nourish and soften the skin and ensure that ingrown hairs do not further grow. These serums are made specifically for people who suffer from the problem quite often and want an easy solution to the problem.

What Else Can you do for Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs are nothing to be worried about. Even if they do not go away on their own, there are ample ways to treat them. However, you can take steps to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs. This way, you will have fewer or no ingrown hairs to deal with. These steps are very simple and easy to follow and will, indeed, save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Stop Hair Removal: If you already have ingrown hairs, do not shave or wax or tweeze. Things can become worse. Moreover, if you have to remove hair from certain parts of the body, try other techniques like using depilatory creams, laser treatments, electrolysis, etc. This will serve your purpose without enhancing the chances of having ingrown hairs.

Try Warm Compresses: Warm compresses are a great way of pulling dirt and dead cells out of the skin pores. This opens up the pores and the hair shaft can easily emerge.

Try Home Remedies: A number of common home products can reduce the chances of growing ingrown hairs. This includes tea tree oil, baking soda, salt, sugar, etc. all of which can keep the skin healthy and follicles clog-free.

Avoid Sensitive Areas: Unless absolutely necessary, do not try to remove hair from sensitive areas like the bikini line, pubic area, upper lips, etc.

Ingrown Hair in Men

Not only do women suffer from the problem of ingrown hairs, but men also do too. Moreover, since men have to shave their facial hair on a regular basis, the chances of men getting ingrown hairs in their beards are very common. Since one cannot avoid shaving the area, it is important that men take precautionary measures to ensure that ingrown hairs do not occur. This is what men can do to reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs:

  • Before you start to shave, use warm water to rinse the area that you will shave.
  • Apply any mild cleanser suitable for your face.
  • Applying a shaving gel or cream is a must before you take up that razor.
  • Make sure that the razor that you use is sharp.
  • Single-blade razors are usually recommended to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Shaving too close to the skin is a big NO. Try to leave stubble if that isn’t an issue.
  • Make sure that you shave along the direction of your hair growth and not against it.
  • Do not tighten up your skin too much while shaving.
  • The razor blade must be rinsed after every stroke.
  • Use as much fewer strokes as possible to complete the shave.
  • Using too much force while shaving should be avoided at all costs.
  • Once you are done shaving, applying an after-shave lotion is a must.
  • You can also use different beard products like beard oil, balms, etc. to keep the hair and skin moisturized at all times.
  • You can also use a trimmer instead of shaving.


Ingrown hairs are not something that you should be afraid of. They can be easily treated and cured. All you need to do is choose the best-ingrown hair serum for yourself and use it as instructed to start seeing the effects within a very few days.

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