Best Laser Hair Growth Combs

Laser hair growth combs work on Low-level laser therapy (LLLT). People have to switch it on and start combing the hair. In general, you have to comb it for at least 10 to 15 minutes and have to do this twice or thrice a week on alternate days. Infrared LED lights are arranged in these Laser hair growth combs. Batteries provide the power to the comb. The usage of the laser hair growth comb depends on your hair condition. General frequency of usage can be found in the user manual of these products. Some comb products use the laser while some use LED. If we compare both, the one with laser lights is more effective compared to LED. Following the user guide in terms of usage is important. It is because if the comb is equipped with more lasers, less time is required to do the combing and vice versa. Not only the number of lasers, but it also depends on the intensity too. So, it is always advised to comb the hair with laser hair growth combs as per the company’s suggestion.

Best Laser Hair Growth Combs


Things to Consider Before Buying Laser Hair Growth Comb

We have so far discussed the functionality and uses of laser hair combs. But there are a few things to consider by people before buying them. If not done so, the product may not work or other problems may appear.


Before purchasing a hair laser combs product, check for its build quality. Being good quality is important as the user will comb the hair for 10 to 15 minutes without a break. If the build quality is poor, it may get broken with regular usage or lights may get defective. These issues are to happen if the quality of the product is poor.

Proper Battery Backup:

Some of the laser comb for hair growth requires just 1 battery, and some require 2 batteries. It all depends on how many LED/ lasers are used in the product. No matter the number, they all emit light of the wavelength which hair follicles can absorb that energy. But with more LED’s, more energy can be transmitted and people can observe a bit faster results compared to combs of fewer lights. Price also differs as the latter one is more costly. General usage is two or three times a week and makes sure to check whether the comb is giving good battery backup or not before buying.

Checking Reviews:

We all know that most of the products get mixed reviews rather than full positive or negative. It is difficult to decide to purchase or not when a product has got mixed reviews. Most of the old users who tried these products will give a genuine review of whether it works or not. They will also discuss quality and many other things related to the product. It is not said that we should buy only based on reviews. But checking reviews must also be a part of the factor to consider buying. One advantage is that if more customers are writing the same issue, then that issue exists with that product. We can decide when to buy or search for another one. Some people may not use the product for months as they needed quick results. It is already stated that using the hair comb requires a minimum of a few months to notice changes in hair growth. So, they will simply put a negative review with or without any comments. However, the truth is that laser hair combs are helping hair follicles to get back in their life cycle. It is not harmful and takes time. You have to consider the laser hair comb reviews too but not make reviews a top priority. Hair growth happens in less time to those people who are at the beginning stages of hair loss.

Below are the Best Laser Hair Growth Combs

We have thoroughly researched top laser hair growth combs available to buy in 2019. The list is narrowed to the top five products and details about them are as follows

1. NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser Comb:

This product is FDA Cleared & Clinically Proven. Rechargeable batteries are used to power up this device. So, there is no need to buy batteries and just recharging will do fine. Usage is also clearly mentioned on the box, or we can also find it in the product description on the website. People will have to use it for 8 minutes per session. This should be done on alternate days, and that counts to 3 times a week. Any person (male and female) above 18 years can try this comb. It will take a maximum of 6 months to 1 year for growing hair using this laser comb. The time may be less too, and it all depends on the hair follicle condition.


  • 12 low-level lasers do the work of growing hair with perfection
  • Beep sound every 4 seconds to alert the user for moving the comb
  • Less time to use per session


  • Rechargeable batteries deteriorate over time and people need to replace them frequently

2. Hairmax Prima Laser Hair Growth Comb:

This product is too FDA cleared both for men and women. A total of 9 lasers were used in this comb. People should use it for 11 minutes per session and 3 times a week, i.e. alternate days. 1 rechargeable battery is provided which does the job quite well. This comb deals with all significant problems like hair loss, thinning hair, and stimulates hair growth.


  • Good battery backup
  • Works well for men and women with effective results
  • The comb is lightweight


  • Nothing as such is reported yet.

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3. Funwill Hair Growth Comb Hair Electric Loss Regrowth Hair Massager:

2 batteries are required for powering this comb. ABS material is used in the manufacture of this product. As it is low energy infrared, using the comb will not result in any side effects. Using the comb will result in stimulation of hair follicles, oil control, strengthening the hair, and regeneration of hair too.


  • The material used (ABS) is of great quality
  • Battery backup is decent
  • Low weight and comfortable


  • Rechargeable batteries are not provided with the package

4. Yeamon Electric Regrowth Hair Massager Brush:

This comb has more features compared to its competitors. While most of them are giving combs for hair growth, Yeamon along with this feature added a massager too. So, this comb can be used as both massagers and for hair growth. A comb head is provided which can be taken off when not needed. It acts as a massager without a comb head. 2 AA batteries will be required for powering this comb. When enabled the massager, vibrates in a gentle way which improves blood flow. It can be used to reduce headaches, neck, and shoulder problems. When this comb is with the comb head, it now emits light towards hair follicles. Gently comb the hair for a few minutes per session and hair growth can be observed in a few months.


  • The massager works pretty well along with the laser comb feature
  • Build quality is good
  • Vibrating massager indeed provided good results by healing the pain in neck and shoulder joints and customers are fully satisfied


Nothing as such is reported yet

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5. Lucky Fine Hair Growth Light Comb:

3 pieces of laser come with this comb. The comb is organized as it has buttons for power, timer, and intensity adjustment and indicators to know whether the comb is active or not. There are 52 comb teeth present in this comb. Once you connect this to a power supply, switch it on, set the timer and intensity, and start combing, it does the work on hair follicles. It improves blood circulation, regenerates hair, and results in more production of enzymes that carry energy to cells of the hair.


  • Indicators will help users understand in which mode the comb is ON.
  • The light emitted from the comb is of the wavelength 660 nm so that hair can absorb and turn it into energy.


  • The direct power supply is provided without any batteries i.e. connect to the power supply and do the combing.

Hair loss is a common problem for many people. Along with men, women also suffer from hair loss problems due to several reasons. Hair fall may be due to age, stress, vitamin loss, pollution, food habits, or even due to hereditary. There are a lot of home-made or medication provided solutions for hair fall prevention. But yet, people suffer from this problem. It is because people do not find the root cause of the problem. As said above, for example, if the hair fall is due to outside pollution or radiation, covering the hair with a cotton cloth or minimizing going outside will reduce hair fall. So, it is vital to know the actual cause of hair loss. Common reasons are lack of vitamins and reduced blood flow in the head. Laser hair growth combs are a perfect solution for preventing hair fall. It stimulates hair growth and sends energy into hair follicles with laser light. These Best laser hair growth combs are tested and verified to re-grow your hair in a less risky manner.

How Does Laser Hair Growth Comb Work?

Hair falling off and regrowth is a cycle. As the age progresses and as per the natural cycle, hair falls off and re-growth gets tougher. That’s when people observe severe hair loss and get worried. As said above, there are plenty of reasons that affect hair loss. They disturb the cycle of hair growth in a way that hair follicles will take more time to grow or never grow again. Laser hair growth combs will focus on this point and stimulate hair follicles such that they begin the process of growing hair. Most of us know that our body fat gets converted to Vitamin D while exposed to sunlight. But one condition to follow is not to be exposed to the sun more time during mid-day. Our hair can absorb energy from light but only at a certain wavelength.

So, these laser comb for hair growth when switched on, they emit light of that specific wavelength directly towards hair which is in between 650 to 660 nm. This process leads to the increase in the production of two enzymes which are Keratin and ATP. Actually, these are the enzymes that deliver the energy to living cells including hair follicles. So, now more energy is being delivered to hair follicles and they are back to life in the hair growth cycle. Combing the hair with a laser hair growth comb device for a prescribed time also improves blood circulation which results in a healthy delivery of nutrients and vitamins to hair. The body needs sufficient vitamins and minerals for the functioning of the body parts. Basically, your hair is getting all it needs, i.e. vitamins, energy, and nutrients. This results in hair growing back within a few months. The exact time for hair production cannot be said as it depends on the condition of hair follicles. People will see faster results if they are at the beginning of hair loss. It will take more time if you are experiencing hair loss already. With LLLT, we are trying to bring back hair follicles into the hair growth cycle. We are not trying to alter anything, so laser hair growth combs are risk-free.

Is it Safe to Use Laser Hair Growth Combs?

Yes, they are safe to use. The condition of hair can be characterized into three types.

  • Less damaged
  • Medium level
  • High

We are talking about the health and state of hair follicles here. More chances people can grow their hair with laser combs is when they are in the first and second stages. What happens is, hair follicles are not dead, but they are not growing hair too. We stimulate them, provide nutrients, vitamins with the help of laser combs. The last stage wherein follicles are damaged and is very hard to get them back to life. That’s the reason why any solutions are tough to work for bald heads. Hair follicles are dead, and operation is the only thing that can grow hair for them. So, laser combs are safer and are healthier for your hair. Just like a tree sheds its leaves and grows back, human hair also has a cycle. The hair tends to fall off, regenerate and start coming out of hair follicles. But due to various reasons, hair is falling off but failing at the second step which is regenerate or taking more time. This process is speeded up by using laser hair growth combs. While using them, hair follicles start to get more vitamins and nutrients. Blood flow is more, thus more energy can be obtained by follicles. In simple terms, we are making sure that the cycle of hair growth and fall off is happening as it should have.

Benefits of Using Laser Hair Growth Combs

The main aim of any man-made product is to solve a particular problem. A lot of tests are done before releasing them in the market to avoid side effects. A notice will be visibly printed if that product might result in side effects to the body. In our case, Laser hair growth combs have a lot of benefits. Hair grows back, gets thicker, provide nutrients and vitamins, and increase blood flow with combing are some of the benefits. As explained above, hair follicles need to absorb energy, react, and start the hair growth cycle. This will of course take time. But most of the people use it for a few days or weeks and give bad reviews that hair is not growing up etc. This is wrong. The frequency to use the comb is clearly mentioned in the user guide of any laser hair growth comb product. People must have patience, follow the suggested frequency of usage and they will healthily see results. One point to observe is that if people stop using this comb after hair growth, they may observe hair fall again in less time. It is because whatever vitamins and nutrient supply will be gone or hair follicles receive fewer amounts. If you stopped using it, there are chances that the hair may go back to the previous state, i.e. hair loss. So, it is advised to continue using the comb even after observing the results as this is non-risky and has no side effects.


Laser hair growth combs are a risk-free route to regaining your hair back. It should be understood that these combs do not perform surgeries. They stimulate follicles and try to get them back to life by providing vitamins and nutrients. For people who are bald or facing severe hair loss problems, these combs may or may not work because the condition of hair follicles will be very poor for them.

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