Best LED Shower Heads

Bored of dull-looking shower stalls? Want to renovate your bathroom décor but cash strapped? Well, you needn’t spend a lot to change your bathroom vibes. All you need are some colorful racks, scented candles, and of course, an LED shower head! LED shower head? Seems alien? Well, you are in for a surprise. LED shower heads are quickly making way into the market, thanks to modern technology and believe it or not, they can bring about a surprising change to the way you bathe.


Best LED Shower Heads

What to Consider While Buying LED Shower Heads?

Whenever you buy something, you compare. It’s no different in this case. Comparing different products available based on a few factors will help you choose the right product. While it’s no rocket science, here’s a guide on the various factors that you need to consider:

Price: The very first thing that you would start thinking about is the price of the products. Although these shower heads create a better ambiance than the regular ones, they are not high priced. In fact, you can find LED shower heads in the same range as that of your ordinary shower head, may be a couple of dollars more. It is true that the best LED shower heads carry a high price tag, but you can easily get good LED shower heads for as low as $10. Products with a higher price tag usually have more features than basic ones. But price tag is not always the final determining factors. Products available at a reasonable price may often fare better than some products in the higher price category. So, consider other factors before deciding.

Installation Cost: Shower heads are usually pretty easy to install and shouldn’t require professional help. So, before you buy one for yourself, find out whether the product can be easily assembled and installed. If not, you will have to incur additional costs and that is not what you want. So, it is best to read the LED shower heads reviews to know whether you will require anything else for installation and whether you will be able to install it on your own. This will save you from hassles and extra expenses.

Shower Head Type: As with regular shower heads, LED shower heads, too, come in different types. You can get fixed, handheld or a combination of two. It will depend on your needs and preferences which shower head will suit you the best. If you have kids or pets in the house, you would prefer a handheld shower head or a combination head so that it can fulfill the needs of all. However, if you do not like the idea of holding the shower head, go for a fixed type.

Shower Pattern: LED shower heads are no different than regular ones when it comes to spray patterns. While cheap shower heads have fixed spray patterns, moderately priced products have quite a few options to choose from. If you need more spray patterns, you will find what you need in a comparatively expensive product. So, choose according to the needs of every person in your house.

Power Source: The LED lights can be powered up in two ways – by a turbine or by batteries. If you buy a shower head that uses batteries to light up the LED lights, you will need to replace the batteries time to time. That may be inconvenient for most people. It is better to choose a product that uses a rotating turbine to generate the power needed to light up the LED lights. This will save you the hassle of buying and replacing batteries.

Color Options: This is a must consider a factor for anyone looking to buy the best LED shower heads. If temperature indicators are your primary need, you could easily settle for shower heads that have three color options (blue – cold, green – warm, red – hot). However, if you are looking to take your showering experience a notch up, you should opt for shower heads that create a beautiful color play. Shower heads with a variety of color options will surely change the way you shower. Apart from color choice, you should also consider the number of LED lights present on the shower head and their location as well. More the number of lights, the brighter the shower will be. Light positioning determines how the shower will light up.

Durability: Just because you are choosing a fancy shower head doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the product. As with any regular shower head, you should focus on buying a product that is durable. Shower heads made of stainless steel or ABS plastic coated with chrome are the best choice as they are known to endure the harsh conditions of a shower stall. Products with a long warranty period usually indicate higher durability.

Design: Although this is not ‘the’ most important factor of consideration, it is important nonetheless. While choosing an LED shower head, pay attention to the design of the product. Choose a shower head with a polished metal finish so that it stands out even in the daylight. If you have a specific bathroom décor style, make sure the shower head matches the décor.

Customer Reviews: To make a final decision, go through the customer reviews of the product that you want to buy. Thoroughly reading the reviews will help you understand whether the product stands up to its claims and whether it will be a good choice or not. Hundreds of impartial and detailed reviews are available online for the best LED shower heads. You just need some time to go through them and arrive at a decision.

Best LED Shower Heads Reviews

1. LED Modern Luxurious Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head from KunMai:

If you are looking for a rectangle ceiling mounted best LED rain shower head then this particular product from KunMai might be the right choice for you. It’s made of stainless steel and comes with brushed nickel finish which makes it elegant and attractive too. The shower head is large enough in size and comes with 2 different water inlets. Cleaning is supper easy too. You can just wipe the shower head with your fingers and mineral build-up will be cleaned. With the oversized shower head you can always experience a nice rainfall shower. This shower head includes a free replacement or refund policy for defective parts as well.


  • Comes with LED
  • Brushed nickel finish shower head suits most of the bathroom décor
  • Oversized shower head
  • A fine rainfall shower experience
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Manufactured to last long


  • As per LED Shower Heads reviews, no negative point has been noted yet.

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2. Fyeer 12 Inches LED Rain Shower Head Stainless Steel:

Fyeer brings to you one of the best stainless steel shower heads at an affordable price. It has a nice smooth finish that certainly adds elegance to your bathroom décor. It includes 3 different color temperature sensors which change according to the water temperature and make sure you get the right showering experience every time. The LED lights are all powered by the water flow so you do not have to worry about any external power supply. The nozzles are made of silicone, which is really easy to clean and saves a lot of time as well. With the inclusion of tool kit along with this shower head, it really becomes pretty much easy to install the unit as well.


  • Nice durable construction
  • Bushed nickel finish
  • Quick and easy installation
  • You can adjust the shower for better and comfortable bathing experience
  • Includes temperature sensor that changes LED color
  • LEDs are powered using the water flow
  • Self-cleaning nozzles makes it easier to keep your shower clean and hygienic
  • LED lights change according to the water temperature


  • Not that durable in nature
  • Tend to have damage issues
  • Quite costly to maintain

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3. Rozin Chrome 12-inch Rainfall Shower Head:

Rozin brings to you one of the best chrome finish shower head with rainfall experience. This shower head is 12” in size which is wide enough for a great shower experience every time. With this shower head in your bathroom, you do not have to worry about additional electricity or battery connections since the LEDs work on the water flow only. The material used is brash which is definitely rustproof and durable in nature too. Installation of this shower head is easy too. With the inclusion of rubber gasket, ball joint and standard connector you can easily connect this head with any plumbing in your bathroom. Rozin also offers a full replacement warranty as well on their products which means in case you are having any problem with your product, you can easily get it replaced.


  • LEDs used are really pleasant to eyes
  • LEDs are powered by water flow
  • Does not need external power source
  • Comes with additional nozzles for replacement
  • Material used is highly corrosion resistant in nature
  • Durable construction and long-lasting feature
  • Fits every type of standard plumbing


  • As per LED Shower Heads reviews, it only works for high pressure water

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4. LED Shower Head – 3 Color 12” Fixed Shower Heads:

This particular LED shower head comes with a brush nickel finish along with quality stainless steel body which makes it durable and long lasting. Cleaning is also really easy too. It includes 3 different LED colors which tend to change with the water temperature. The LED color changes automatically and warns the user about the temperature of the water. Moreover these LEDs are powered by water flow only so you do not have to worry about any additional electricity or power consumption.

The 12” shower head is equipped with 196 silicone nozzles which is really wide enough to provide you with great shower experience. This product also comes with a tool kit that you can use to install the product in your bathroom. Overall this is a quality shower head with nice LED features that can certainly fit any bathroom décor.


  • Design and construction is really great
  • Easy to install
  • Steady water flow and nice body coverage
  • Water powered LED lights which do not require any electricity or battery power
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty for parts replacement
  • It includes 3 different LED colors that change according to water temperature
  • Simple to install on the bathroom wall or ceiling
  • Compatible with any standard size plumbing connector


  • Finish quality is not that great
  • Not scratch proof at all
  • LED lights might not work the way they should

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5. Fdit LED Shower Head Handheld Temperature Controlled Shower Head:

If you are looking for an elegant looking handheld shower head, then this particular product from Fdit might be the right choice for you. It comes with color changing facility that changes according to the water temperature. It has 3 different LED colors that indicate the water temperature. The color changing facility also provides a safe and secure environment for the kid and adults to take a shower whenever they want.

This shower head is made of TPR and ABS material which are environment friendly, safe and durable. These materials are long lasting too and come with corrosion resistance as well. This showerhead is really easy to fit in your existing shower. All you need to do is remove your old piece and screw this new one to its place. It’s easy to remove and clean for the shower anytime. Its powerful yet soft spray offers great shower experience every time. Fdit has been known for its great work in home-kitchen appliances and this product is not an exception either.


  • Quality, durable material used to manufacture this unit
  • Easy to screw with your old shower
  • Nice 3 color changing LEDs
  • Temperature controlled color change
  • Soft and powerful spray
  • Nice and easy way to clean your showerhead anytime you want


According to the LED Shower Heads reviews, there is no negative point found yet.

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6. KAIREY Led Handheld Shower Head:

Looking for a high quality LED shower head, then this product from KAIREY is going to impress you for sure. It comes with 7 different LED colors that seem to appear in a random sequence. They are bright and vivid and make your showerhead look really dazzle even when your bathroom is completely dark.

It includes a 60” shower hose and adjustable bracket which are required to install your shower head. You can install it instantly without having proper or prior plumbing knowledge. In case you do not need the shower hose included, you can buy the shower head separately as well and since it is designed to fit any standard hose, it should not be a problem.

Shower head, wall bracket, and the hose are made of stainless steel and are all chrome plated, which makes it attractive to look and durable and most importantly rust proof as well. This showerhead only includes a single high pressure setting which means you can enjoy stead, stable water flow all the time but for that, you will need to have a high pressure water supply.


  • Rust proof and corrosion proof
  • All the 7 LED lights are really great
  • Nice water pressure
  • Silicone nozzles are self cleaning
  • No clog in your showerhead nozzles
  • Does not require any additional tool to install this showerhead in your bathroom
  • Comes with standard hose connector
  • Limited warranty for 1 year on parts repair and replacement
  • LED colors change automatically and are powered by running water only
  • Tough, durable and strong construction along with chrome finish


  • Works with only high pressure water supply
  • LED lights won’t change depending on water temperature

7. Nosame Led Shower Head with Ionic Filter Filtration:

If you are looking for a safe, yet nice looking shower head, this particular model from Nosame might be the best choice that you can make. It includes a water flow generator, it does not require electricity to run the LEDs, it does not need any battery power, automatically changes the lights in all 7 colors, and comes with different shower experiences. All these can truly mean that you are going to have most beautiful of shower experiences you ever had.

It works on increasing water pressure using denser and smaller nozzle technology that ensure 30% of water as well. Higher water pressure makes sure that you get a nice, steady water flow all the time and enjoy your shower every time.

As per LED Shower Heads reviews, this particular shower head model will take care of your health. It has an in-built filtration system that removes all the harmful substances from your bathing water and it is also engineered to maintain pH balance of your water as well. With this shower head in your bathroom you can always have a strong hair and soft & smooth skin.

Installation of this shower head is easy too. It comes with a standard fitting which means, you need a screw and you can attach it to your shower hose with ease. You won’t need any expert help or any kind of additional tool kit to do this at your home.


  • Saves a lot of water upto 30%
  • Cleaning is super easy
  • Durable construction
  • Mineral build up is not an issue
  • Affordable price
  • Luxurious high pressure showerhead
  • Does not harm your skin with high spray force
  • Environment friendly
  • Comes with standard hose fitting
  • Does not require experts to install this accessory in your bathroom
  • Less water expense for every shower that you enjoy


  • Comes with an in-built blade which tend to wear out a bit quickly than it should
  • As per LED Shower Heads reviews, the mat texture will be lose in a month or so

8. DreamSpa Color-Changing LED ShowerHead:

DreamSpa is known for its quality bathroom fittings and this LED shower head is not an exception either. This shower head has color-changing LEDs and its controlled by the water temperature. The lights are only ON when there is a water flow, so you do not need to get any additional battery for external power source. Apart from that these LEDs are programmed to change their colors according to the water temperature. The showerhead also includes 5 different settings to offer you different shower experience according to your choice. Installation is not that difficult as well especially when you think about the fact that the product comes with a standard fitting.


  • Installation is quick and easy
  • You do not need any additional tool to install this showerhead
  • You do not need any power adaptor or external power source to run this shower head
  • LED lights tend to change their colors according to the water temperature
  • The plate the is large and slow enough to spray water evenly
  • LED lights have 100,000 hours of lifetime
  • Comes with 5 different spraying patterns to go with


  • This LED shower head does not meet the industry standard for quality
  • As per LED Shower Heads reviews the LED lights are not that bright as they might seem

9. GuDoQi LED Shower Spray Head With Temperature Sensor 3 Colors Change:

Ever thought of having a shower spray head in your bathroom? Well, this particular product from GuDoQi might be a good option for you then. This model is perfectly designed to save water, provides you a nice rain shower and of course it comes with 3 color LEDs that changes according to the water temperature.

Apart from having changing LED lights, this shower head also includes multi-layer water filtration. It uses anion and FIR mineral stones to purify the water. The installation of this shower head is really easy as well. You do not need any tool kit or prior knowledge of plumbing. And when you add to the fact that the LEDs are water powered and the overall product is made to last long and durable, then you are surely going to choose this model over others in the same category.


  • Affordable price and great quality
  • Amazing bathing experience every time
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Durable ABS material
  • Built to last long and stay strong
  • 3 different LED color options that changes with the warm water
  • No external battery required as the LEDs are water flow powered
  • Fits any standard hose in no time at all
  • Multi-layer filtration for clean and pure water


  • Water pressure might be a bit low

10. Whitelotous Colorful Led Handheld Shower Head LED Lights Shower:

Looking to buy a handheld showerhead with LED lights, Whitelotous brings to you one of the best and colorful shower heads you can every buy. The material used to build this shower head is ABS which is rust proof and durable in nature. The LEDs are available in 7 different colors but they change automatically only. All the LED lights are only water flow dependant, means they will be illuminating while the water flows and will be off when you are done with the shower. You do not have to get any additional power supply or use a battery to power the LEDs. This shower head comes with standard connectors which mean installation without any additional tool kit or expert is possible. It has 3 temperature sensors as well which triggers the LEDs to change the lights when the water temperature changes.


  • One of the best and affordable LED shower heads available in the market
  • The LEDs have 7 different color options
  • LEDs are water powered only so it’s safe to use and does not incur any additional electricity bill
  • This product is completely eco-friendly
  • It does not require any additional battery power either
  • The lights are only ON while the water flows


  • Needs high water pressure to work properly
  • The sprayer needs an adjustable water flow

What are LED Shower Heads?

As the name suggests, LED shower heads are equipped with LEDs that light up when you turn the water on. The energy to power the LEDs is produced by the water flowing through the turbines present in the shower head. So, no direct electricity is involved. These shower heads are usually of two types –

  • Ones that produce random colors during the entire shower.
  • Ones that produce fixed colors according to the water temperature.

Products belonging to the first category will produce a variety of colors throughout your shower. This is really very appealing and good for people who want to spice up their showers and have an added element of surprise for their guests. The second category of products, however, works a bit differently. These shower heads have micro-controller sensors that detect the water temperature. When the water is hot, the color changes to red, and when it is cold, it switches to blue. Green color usually indicated warm water. Some products also produce red flashes when the water is scalding hot. These indicators are good for easy detection of water temperature for safe showering.

However, it must be noted that there is no standardization in this aspect and you must check thoroughly before a purchase. Another thing that must be noted here is that shower heads with temperature indicators will produce only a few colors and will not be as vibrant or colorful like those without it. So, choose depending on what suits you best. You must also understand that even the best LED shower heads will create a mild noise as the propeller within the shower head rotates.

Advantages of LED Shower Heads

If you are questioning yourself whether LED shower heads are worth purchasing when there are hundreds of shower head models available, then here’s why you should buy one:

  • They add an oomph factor to your regular showers. The color play will surely make showering more fun.
  • The color indicator is quite useful as you do not have to check again and again for the right temperature.
  • You will easily get to know if the water is too hot or too cold.
  • No fear of getting a burn from extremely hot water.
  • There’s no need to have your bathroom light on while you shower. You can easily save electricity.
  • With a water-saving LED best shower head, you save both money and water.

Surely the above points are enough to drive you to buy the best LED shower heads for your home.


LED shower heads can glam up your bathroom and enhance your showering experience. They are available in various designs, styles, colors, and spray patterns and will suit any budget. All you need to do is select a product that will meet all your requirements and fits your budget and you can have an exciting shower every time for your lifetime.

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