Best Lightest Wheelchairs

Accidents can happen any time, and when they do, they have a great impact on your mental and physical self. While some injuries heal within a couple of days, others can leave you incapacitated, temporarily or permanently. Not only that, old age and illnesses can take a toll on your health, especially your limbs and you may not be able to move around. You get confined to your room and become someone’s liability. If you do not want that for yourself, the lightest wheelchair can be your way to freedom. Not only can you move around the house, but also carry out most of your daily day activities without any issue.

Best Lightest Wheelchairs


Why Should You Buy the Lightest Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are, indeed, a savior for those who find it impossible to move on their own due to injuries, old age, or illnesses. However, the right choice of a wheelchair is important if you want it to be your best companion. You would want to use it in your house, pack it into your car, and even carry it while traveling for ultimate freedom. But doing all these with a heavy wheelchair is quite problematic, mainly because they are big and bulky. What you need is a lightweight wheelchair that will not only offer you the mobility that you want but also make it easier for you to carry it anywhere you want.

What Features make the Best Lightweight Wheelchair?

When you are selecting the lightest wheelchair for yourself or a dear one, you surely would want something more than just a basic wheelchair. Maximum comfort and convenience are what you would be looking for. That is why it is best to look for a product that comes with features suitable for your use. Considering the following features is important while making the choice of a wheelchair:

Leg Rests: All wheelchairs come with armrests. While some wheelchairs have elevating leg rests, others have swing-away leg rests. The choice of the leg rest totally depends on the user. If the user has partial control over his/her legs and wants to ‘walk’ the chair occasionally, a swing-away leg rest will be the best choice. However, if the user needs to place his/her legs in an elevated position for convenience, the elevating leg rests will be the best choice.

Arm Rests: When you are about to buy the lightest wheelchair, you can also make a choice of the armrest size that you want. Typically, wheelchairs have desk length or full-length armrests. Each type has its own utility. You can buy a wheelchair with a desk length armrest if you want to pull it up to a desk or table for working or eating. Some products come with fixed armrests (which is a bit inconvenient), while others can be flip down for easy movement.

Cushion: Comfort is, no doubt, an important factor, especially if the wheelchair is needed for long hours at a stretch. That is why the choice of the seat cushion must be made wisely. Standard cushions made of foam come cheap, but they aren’t as comfortable as memory foam cushions which stay comfy for a long while.

Wheels: Wheel size makes all the difference in the movement of the chair. For people who want to self-propel the wheelchair, larger wheels are a must. However, if you plan to have a caregiver by your side at all times, one with small wheels will be appropriate.

Safety: The safety of the person riding the wheelchair is of utmost importance. That is why it is best to choose a lightweight wheelchair that has the necessary safety features. This mainly includes anti-tip guards, good breaks to prevent involuntary rolling, and a seat belt to secure the person.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Lightest Wheelchair

Lightweight wheelchairs use the latest technology and best materials to ensure that you get only the best. That being said, the lightest wheelchair will cost you good money which is why it would be wise to make some considerations before you buy one for yourself or a loved one. Here are a few things that are worth considering:

Your Needs: This is the most important consideration to be made while choosing the best lightweight chair. Think of what you need the wheelchair for right now. Do you want it just to move around the house or do you want to use it for outdoor purposes? Do you want it to cut down on your care costs? The chair that you buy should be such that it fulfills all your needs.

Your Future Needs: If you need to use the wheelchair for quite a long time or maybe for life, you need to look for a wheelchair that will not only fulfill your present needs but will also be suitable for many years to come. As such, you would want to invest in the lightest wheelchair that is built to last.

Your Lifestyle: The kind of lifestyle you want to lead will also decide the kind of wheelchair you need. If you are more of the sitting down type, and would most want to roam about the house, a basic lightweight wheelchair should be good for you. However, if you want to lead an active lifestyle, you would need a wheelchair that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor mobility. You should also look for a wheelchair that is good on most terrains, if not all.

Size: The size of the wheelchair will also matter to you a lot, especially if you are going to use it a lot. The wheelchair must fit you well and it should neither be too big nor too small nor else, it can cause inconvenience. Choose a chair that is the best fit for your height and shape.

Weight Capacity: The amount of weight the wheelchair can carry varies from product to product. Since you are going to use the wheelchair for mobility, it should be such that it can carry your weight for a long and offer your good support. Make sure that you find out the weight capacity of the wheelchair from the product specifications before you plan to buy it. This is very important for people who weigh more.

Comfort: For people who will need to use the wheelchair a lot and for a long time, considering the comfort factor is important. While buying the lightest wheelchair has many benefits, you have to also ensure that it doesn’t compromise on the comfort factor. While going through the product specifications, see to it that the backrest is appropriately high, the cushions are well padded, the armrest and footplates are adjustable, etc. In short, you have to make sure that you have maximum comfort while in this lightest wheelchair.

Construction: Since you are about to invest a good amount of money, it essential that the product is durable and will give a long-lasting. That is why a product that has a sturdy construction and is stable is the best choice. As such, you should look for products that have frames made out of aluminum which ensures stability and durability.

Weight: The weight of the wheelchair is a major point of concern. The heavier the wheelchair, the difficult it is to self-propel the wheelchair. Obviously, you would want a wheelchair that is easier to move. Although all lightweight wheelchairs are good for self-propelling, the lighter the wheelchair is, the easier will it be for you to use. Heavier wheelchairs restrict movement which actually nullifies the benefits of using the wheelchair. It is better to choose one that you think you will be able to propel conveniently.

Supplier: When choosing a wheelchair, it is advisable to check who the manufacturer and supplier are. When you buy a product from a reputable manufacturer and seller, you can not only rest assured about the quality of the product but also have better customer service and support in case the product turns out to be faulty or malfunctions. This will also help you find spare parts easily if you need to fix or replace anything at a later time.

Warranty: While choosing the best lightweight wheelchair, care must be taken that the product has a manufacturer’s warranty. The longer the warranty period, the better it is for you. You will not have to worry about buying a new product any time soon.

Best Lightest Wheelchairs with Reviews

1. NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair:

This particular lightweight wheelchair from NOVA comes with a sleek design along with a red or blue colored frame. It has a weight of 27.5 lbs and is capable of carrying around 300 lbs of weight. It comes with a nice padded comfortable seat along with the padded armrests. Both of them are designed to perfection and are meant to offer high quality.


  • This wheelchair is perfectly safe for anyone
  • This chair comes with a hand brake which can be locked according to your choice of convenience
  • With this wheelchair, one can easily get through bumpy terrains and any type of inclines without any problem at all
  • This wheelchair is designed to not only fold quickly but also efficiently as well
  • You can easily carry this wheelchair while traveling
  • If you go through the lightest wheelchair reviews you will see that this is one of the best sturdy and durable wheelchairs you are ever going to buy


  • Since it weighs almost 30 lbs, it’s most likely that lifting this wheelchair is not going to be a cup of tea for everyone
  • The size of this lightest wheelchair is not really that big to fit anybody
  • Brakes are not of great quality and are pretty much low to have quick access
  • The material used for the construction is not of great quality

2. ProBasics 19-Inch Transport Aluminum Wheelchair:

This aluminum wheelchair includes desk length arms, foldable footrest. Both of them make it easier to store anywhere you want. With only 22 lbs of weight, this wheel is portable too, which means anyone can pick it up and carry it to a car or somewhere else. The size of this wheelchair pretty much maintains a standard which makes it easier to clean. It has a capacity of a maximum of 300 lbs hold which is quite high compared to other wheelchairs available in the market.


  • It’s made out of aluminum which makes it very much light in weight
  • Perfect for transporting someone from one place to another who is not able to walk
  • Well padded which makes it comfortable
  • It can hold up to 300 lbs of weight
  • You can fold the wheelchair with ease
  • Brakes are really easy to use and efficient
  • Due to the presence of sturdy wheels, you can go anywhere on this wheelchair
  • As per the lightest wheelchair reviews, you can easily maneuver it through tight spaces


  • This chair might not be the best option for someone who is really tall
  • No option for the users to roll by themselves

3. Drive Medical Cruiser III:

This particular wheelchair is one of the best compact wheelchairs that you can buy. It includes armrests which are table friendly for sure and can be flipped back while you store the wheelchair. The seat included is quite comfortable and the backrest is suitable for anyone who needs to ride long. If you are trying to buy a stable ride at an affordable price, this is the wheelchair that you need to buy.


  • Absolutely reliable while riding
  • You can travel anywhere you want
  • Comfortable to sit for long hours
  • Armrests are flip back
  • Stable to ride on uneven roads


  • According to the lightest wheelchair reviews, no negative issues are reported until now

4. Medline Lightweight – Transport Wheelchair:

This lightweight wheelchair from Medline is one of a kind. With only 43 lbs of weight and the capacity to support up to 300 lbs of weight, this is a wheelchair you should be looking for. The maximum weight capacity is high, it is mostly used by those having a healthy figure. It is also capable of providing a stable, comfortable, and steady ride. Although it has options for independent operations, it’s really easy to transport from one place to another. It comes with a flip-back design along with adjustable leg rest and armrests. You can elevate the leg rests to match your requirements. It comes with a durable and sturdy design that makes it easy to use even on difficult roads. The fabric of this wheelchair is nylon which makes it a lot more comfortable as well.


  • Weight capacity is really high
  • Design is pretty much modern
  • Comfortable seating facility
  • Reliable
  • Stable to ride long distances
  • Leg rests can be elevated to fit your requirement
  • Independent operation is possible
  • You can adjust the seatback to have maximum comfort
  • You can flip back the armrest which is really good for storage
  • It can carry even heavy users with ease
  • Folding the chair is really easy


  • The footrest can be detached but reattaching them might be a bit difficult

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5. Medline Lightweight Transport:

If you are looking for a lightweight wheelchair that can carry a lot of weight, then this particular wheelchair from Medline is the best that you can buy. The frame is made out of strong material but it’s light in weight which makes the wheelchair easy to move around and port as well. According to the lightest wheelchair reviews, this wheelchair provides better convenience and comfort. You can fold the wheelchair completely which makes it really easy to store it anywhere you want. It has a compact design which ensures that you can travel with ease even though the uneven roads quite easy. It weighs only 22 lbs which adds to the portability and easy to carry along with you when you are going for a trip or somewhere else. The real wheels are really big and perfect to get you through the terrain and uneven surfaces. The handbrakes included might come in handy if you are riding through a slope of sorts. Also, remember to use the seat belt included along with a padded comfortable seat.


  • Absolutely light in weight
  • Folding the wheelchair is really easy
  • Helps in storage as well
  • Footrests can be detached from the wheelchair
  • Comes with hand brakes and seat belts which add to the safety of the rider
  • Perfect for heavy users
  • The frame is pretty much durable
  • Rear wheels are large enough to ride you through any type of terrain


  • The wheelchair does not have an option for independent operation

6. Medline Mobility Ultralight Transport:

If you go through the lightest wheelchair reviews online you will see that this ultra-light wheelchair from Medline has the best lockable footrest and tablet-friendly armrests. Medline has been known for its quality wheelchairs and this lightweight product is another addition to their long line of quality items. It is not only a featured-packed wheelchair but also affordable as well. With the capacity to support 300 lbs of weight this can easily help you to travel with no problem what so ever. It’s only 15 lbs in weight, so it’s portable for sure. Compact design helps in quick folding and storing the wheelchair shouldn’t be an issue. It includes footrests for additional comfort which you can adjust according to your choice and lock in particular positions as well. The nylon upholstery is padded and provides you all the comfort that you need. With big rear wheels going forward and reverse is not an issue at all.


  • You can lock the footrest
  • Weight support capacity is really high; up to 300 lbs
  • With this wheelchair, you can easily travel long distances
  • Armrests are table-friendly
  • Design is simple yet compact which makes it easy to fold as well
  • It weighs only 115 lbs which not only increase portability but also make it easy to transport


  • You cannot move the wheelchair by yourself; you need someone to assist you
  • The armrests are fixed in position, so it might be a problem to store the wheelchair

7. Invacare TREX28RFP Tracer:

If you are looking for a wheelchair with a comfortable design and padded arms, then this is the wheelchair that you need to buy. This particular wheelchair from Invacare is made of quality material which makes it durable. The seat and armrests are all padded and make it comfortable to sit or travel for long hours. It can be folded pretty quickly which makes it easy to carry even in a small car. With this wheelchair, storage is not an issue at all.


  • According to lightest wheelchair reviews, you get great quality for the price that you pay
  • Nice design to match the modern style
  • Comfortable seating and backrests
  • Truly affordable
  • Sturdy design
  • Rolls easily through uneven surfaces
  • Easy to fold and carry in a car
  • Perfect wheelchair if you have to travel for long hours
  • Comes with padded arms


  • Not the lightest to be precise
  • cannot support more than 250 lbs


The need to use a wheelchair is not a matter of embarrassment. With the best lightweight wheelchair by your side, you can definitely carry on with your regular life without any problem at all. It will take a bit of time to adjust to it, but once you have adapted yourself, you can enjoy your freedom and your life.

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