Best Lightweight Massage Tables

Massage tables are essential for all professional masseurs and therapists. They help provide quality service to people in need of a good massage. While some professionals may opt for traditional, bulky massage tables, lightweight massage tables are in trend these days. This is because lightweight massage tables are easily portable which means you can provide service both at your massage parlor and at your client’s place. This makes things convenient for clients who cannot travel to your parlor but need massages frequently. Moreover, many clients prefer enjoying massage services in the comfort of their own house. So, you can easily extend your services to all types of clients.


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How to Choose the Best Lightweight Massage Tables?

To offer the best service to your clients, it is vital that you choose your lightweight massage table very carefully. While online stores are flooded with options, you must make a wise decision when it comes to buying a lightweight massage table. They are an investment that can get you good ROI and you do not want to mess it up with a hasty decision. So, while you are looking to buy a lightweight massage table, you should consider the following things:

Table Length: This is an important consideration while buying the best lightweight massage tables. Massage tables, especially lightweight ones, usually come in three different size categories – 73”, less than 73”, and more than 73”. You must choose the table size after proper deliberation. Tables that are 73” long are considered to be standard and should suit people with standard height. If you want a table that is on the lighter side, you can buy one that is shorter than 73”. The few inches lost will reduce the overall weight of the massage table making it easy to carry. You can make up for the lost inches by adding a face cradle that can extend the length up to 77” without adding too much weight. However, if the majority of your clients are tall, it best to choose a table that’s more than 73”. Take note that this can add quite some weight to the table.

Table Width: When you are looking to buy a lightweight massage table to provide professional service to your clients, you should also factor in the width of the table. The standard width of massage tables is 28” as this can accommodate most people easily. You can also go for tables with a width less than or more than 28”. Tables with standard width can be further extended by adding winged arm extensions for the comfort of your clients. If you like a massage table that is less than 28”, you can easily add these extensions to the table to add more space for the comfort of your clients. However, if your potential clients include elderly and larger people, you may consider buying a table that is more than 28” wide. That said, you should always make sure that you can properly reach the center of the table that you want to buy. This is essential for a good massage.

Table Height: While buying a massage table, it is best that you choose one with adjustable height options. This is good both for you and your clients. You can easily increase or decrease the height based on your convenience and that of your client. Opt for a table that offers easy height adjustment options so that you do not have to struggle while adjusting the height of the table.

Frame: The next important thing that you should consider is the frame of the massage table. Massage tables frames are usually made of wood or aluminum as both these materials offer stability and durability. But while choosing a table for your needs, you must weigh the pros and cons of each material before buying one for yourself. Wooden frames are sturdy and durable and have a nice appeal, but are quite heavy. They aren’t the ideal choice if you are looking for a lightweight option. Aluminum is, however, the ideal choice for best lightweight massage tables as they are strong and sturdy while being lightweight. This makes it easy to move. However, you must stay away from cheap models that use plastic joints or plastic support cables.

Working Weight: This is an important deciding factor. The working weight denotes the total weight the table can bear while you are working on it. This will not only include the weight of your client but some of yours as well because most of the time you will be leaning in on it. So, make sure that you buy a table that can bear a considerable amount of weight, especially if you intend to serve clients who are on the heavier side. Moreover, people while turning tend to put a lot of pressure at particular points of the table. These are veritable pressure points and the table must be sturdy enough to handle the excess pressure at different points.

Upholstery: While this is not the most important thing to consider, it can make a difference if you are keen on the appeal of the table that you are about to use. PU leather or PVC vinyl leather is the most common upholstery material used by massage table manufacturers. PVC vinyl leather is oil and waterproof which makes it a great choice for massage parlors. It also has a nice, polished look and requires minimum maintenance. You can easily clean it with warm water and detergent. However, they are pretty thick. You can also opt for PU leather which is an alternative to original leather. It is soft and durable, but not oil and waterproof. Though it doesn’t stain immediately, regular cleaning is necessary to avoid staining in the long-term.

Foam Type: The type of foam used in the lightweight massage table is also important. It not only provides support to the body during a massage, but also makes the experience more comfortable. Naturally, it is vital that you consider the type of foam that has been used in the table that you are planning to buy. Some tables use low-density foam. This is the poorest choice that you can make. This type of foam will feel very soft in the beginning but will gradually change shape overtime and become a hard, patchy one which becomes a nightmare for your clients. A better option would be high-density foam that isn’t too soft but can retain its shape even after repeated use. It returns to its original shape after every use without any damage. The best lightweight massage tables, however, use small cell foam. This is a high-density foam as well but performs far better than any other type of foam. The lower part of the foam provides support and stability while the upper part offers comfort. As such, you get foam that’s both durable and comfortable.

Foam Thickness: Once you have chosen the right foam type, look at the foam thickness. A 2’’ thickness is considered to be the standard. However, you can also get tables with foam that is 2.5” or 2.75” thick. In general, if you are buying a table with high-density foam, the thicker, the better.

Cable System: You should always find out whether the massage table has a cable system or not. A cable system offers stability and support to the massage system so that it doesn’t sway while you provide service to your clients. This is very important for all professionals, and as such, is an important point of consideration. Make sure that the cable system is made of high quality materials like aluminum or steel and not cheap ones like plastic.

Leg Design: Another thing that you can consider while buying the best lightweight massage tables is the leg design system. You can choose from any of the three leg design systems available – strut-leg system, cradle-lock system, and others. Strut legs create a very stable system but are a bit difficult to use. The Cradle-lock system is quite commonly used in many massage tables as they are quite easy to use and open up automatically when the massage table is opened. This is unlike what happens in the strut-leg system where the user needs to pull the struts to open them and place into the holes that present in the legs. Aluminum tables, on the other hand, use other leg design systems that are meant to reduce table weight without compromising the stability of the table.

Guarantee: A massage table is an investment that you are making for your profession and you must never compromise with it. You should look for a product that offers a product satisfaction guarantee so that you can easily return it if you do not like its performance or if it doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Warranty: Since this is an investment that you are making towards your profession, you should always look for a product that comes with a nice warranty period. Most manufacturers offer a standard warranty period of 1 year on the frame while others offer a longer warranty period of 5 years or more. You should opt for a table that comes with a longer warranty. You could also look for manufacturers who offer a warranty on upholstery and the deck as these parts are prone to damage due to repeated use. Choose a table that comes with a satisfactory warranty period.

Best Lightweight Massage Tables with Reviews

1. Massage Bed Spa Bed 84 Inches PU Portable Massage Bed:

This particular massage table from Best Massage is one of the high quality, portable massage tables which is affordable too. Whether you are professional massage expert, a student or a beginner, you can easily get this item. This table is made out of quality beech and the corners are made of reinforced hardwood which makes the table sturdy.

This table has the facility to adjust height. You can adjust it in the range of 24 to 34 inches. It’s highly portable and easy to carry along with you in case you are traveling around as a professional. The table cover is made of durable, soft PU leather.


  • Great quality for the price that you pay
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comfortable for any type of massage
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Height can be adjusted according to customer’s comfort and choice
  • Folding and highly portable
  • Includes a carry case which adds to its portability
  • The wrap is of PU leather which is definitely the best that you can get
  • According to the lightweight massage tables reviews the PU leather covering is truly soft, skin friendly and easy to maintain as well
  • Comes with high density foam padding which provides uniform pressure on your body
  • Headrest made of comfortable material and is adjustable too
  • Really easy to install and fold it back to carry case


  • The legs of this table are not that strong
  • Bit heavy than it should be

2. Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table:

If you are looking to buy a sturdy massage table then this particular product from Sierra is the best that you can get. The table frame is of beech hardwood and it includes steel cables for support as well which allows the table to carry at least 450 lbs of weight. The deck has high density foam for comfort and the upholstery used is of great quality too.

Apart from that the legs are completely adjustable using the knots which allows you decrease or increase the height of the table according to your choice. Installing and dismantling of this massage table is super easy too and the carry case included makes it a lot easier for anyone to carry the table around.


  • Includes quite a few accessories so you do not have to invest in massage accessories
  • Stable and sturdy hardwood frame
  • Perfectly designed for different types of massage techniques
  • Great massage experience every time
  • Really comfortable to use
  • High quality product at an affordable price
  • Easy to install and pack
  • Highly portable and easy to store in small places
  • Oil and water resistant
  • You can adjust the legs
  • Optimal level of comfort
  • Comes with additional carry bag which makes it easy to carry while traveling


  • Carry bag comes with a strap which is not so convenient for carry the massage table
  • The armrests are made of low quality material
  • Leg screws have a problem
  • A bit noisy
  • Heavier to carry around
  • According to the lightweight massage tables reviews it might be difficult for beginners to handle

3. Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table:

If you are looking to buy a massage table that will fit the customers with large bodies, then this massage table from Merax is the right option for you. The construction is of aluminum and it includes a PU leather covering. It includes high density foam to make your client feel comfortable during the massage session.

Setting up this table and folding is really easy and can be done without the help of any expert or tool kit. The feet portion is adjustable and can be either elevated or pushed down according to your need. Leg height can also be adjusted along with the table height. The armrests on the side are completely removable and allow you to have more space. The headrest of this table is also adjustable to get the perfect alignment. The weight capacity of this massage table is around 450 lbs and it includes a carry case that adds to the portability of this massage table.


  • The backrest can be adjusted according to your need
  • Backrest can be used to elevate your leg or you can use it while in a sitting position
  • Easy to get going
  • Set up of this massage table does not require a lot of time
  • Leg position is adjustable
  • Sturdy massage table
  • Highly portable


  • If you are a first timer, understanding the user manual might be a bit difficult
  • According to the lightweight massage tables reviews adjusting the backrest is a bit difficult

4. Artechworks 84″ Professional 2 Folding Portable Lightweight Massage Table:

This particular massage table lightweight from Artechworks is precisely crafted to make it durable and sturdy. Along with high quality wood, it uses high density padding as well which allows the users to have ultimate padding experience. The padding is thick enough to be comfortable too. Leg height of this massage table can be adjusted to customize the height of the table as per your choice. It includes an additional foot pad as well. Due to its quality and ease of use, this massage table can be used for versatile work.

This table weighs only 27.6 lbs which makes it lightweight and portable too. It comes with aluminum legs and nicely designed structure to provide great support for your clients. The head rest is adjustable and can be used for different purposes. It folds into a compact pack which can be easily carried in the carry case that comes with the product.


  • The PU leather used for upholstery is of good quality
  • The leather used is oil resistant and water proof which makes it easy to clean
  • Comes with a face cradle and a carry case
  • Sturdy built along with adjustable legs
  • Legs can be adjusted using a single push button
  • Aluminum frame is of great quality and makes the structure sturdy
  • Face cradle can be adjusted
  • Uses high density foam for comfort
  • Height of the table can be adjusted
  • Supports till 500 lbs of weight
  • Carry bag comes with a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry around
  • Not that heavy


  • Headrest has to be kept separately
  • The headrest seems to drop every now and then
  • Material used is not that high quality

5. Saloniture Portable Physical Therapy Massage Table:

Saloniture has been a well known brand for its quality product in the field of massage tables and this particular therapy cum massage table is not an exception either. If you are looking for a feature packed, well designed massage table then this might be the best choice for you. Performance wise it’s extraordinary too. The thick foam provides a nice padding to give your clients a nice feeling while they enjoy a good massage. The table is covered with PU leather. The wrap is not only made of high quality PU leather but also is oil and water proof. The frame of this table is made of hardwood. The durable frame along with the support cable only increases its workability and stability.


  • PU leather used is not made of synthetic which means its environment friendly
  • The headrest does not get bent even when it’s in the case
  • Perfectly designed to provide you best level of comfort and massage experience
  • The PU leather is totally oil resistant and water proof
  • Cleaning the leather covering is really easy as well
  • Assembling the table is not that difficult even a beginner can do it with ease
  • Accessories can be kept inside while the table is in the carry case


  • The strap holding the accessories is a bit loose
  • Carry strap is not wide enough

6. Massage Table Massage Bed Spa Bed:

PayLessHere brings to you one of the best quality spa bed that you can buy. Its strong, comes with comfortable and soft sponge padding. The table is constructed with high quality beech wood and the corners are all reinforced hardwood which makes the table sturdy and durable. It allows up to 450 lbs of weight to work with. For a spa bed to be of high standard the height adjustability must be one of the features and this massage bed is not an exception. Every single leg comes with a knob which can be used to adjust the table height to perfection.

As a massage expert you need to carry your massage table pretty often and that is the reason why one should look for a lightweight, easy to carry and portable massage table. Fortunately this massage table comes with all these features and is the reason why many people choose this particular product above others in the market. The table comes with a PVC leather which is easy to clean, soft, durable and luxurious as well. When it comes to setting up this table, it takes no expertise at all and it’s easy to fold as well.


  • High quality PVC leather for covering
  • Soft and comfortable feeling for your customers
  • Foam padding for ultimate massage experience
  • Headrest is completely adjustable for better comfort
  • Comes with easy height adjustment feature
  • This massage bed can be used for versatile massage work
  • Sturdy and durable massage table
  • Highly portable and light weight in design


  • Table tends to tip over if you sit on the edge by mistake
  • Width might not be enough for every customer
  • According to the lightweight massage tables reviews the carry case handle is a bit weak and might get broken too soon

7. Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Massage Table:

If you are looking for an easy to fold, light weighted and portable massage table then this particular product from Luxton might be the right choice for you. It has a nice compact design and comes with enough places to keep your accessories.  This massage table is equipped with memory foam which definitely gives your customers the ultimate massage experience.

Apart from that each of the legs includes a knob which can be used to adjust the table height with ease. Just make sure that you tighten the knobs carefully after you adjust table height to ensure firm grip. The mattress is made of durable, quality material which can hold up to 551 lbs of weight. The hardwood frame, steel support cable is what makes this table a sturdy and durable choice.


  • Premium quality memory foam for extra comfort for your customers
  • Best probable body support for your customers
  • Setting up takes only two minutes
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Compact design makes it easier to fold into a small size
  • Crafted precisely to offer better performance
  • Sturdy and strong structure
  • Knobs attached with the legs can be used to adjust the height of the table
  • As per the lightweight massage tables reviews the Legs are strong enough to hold enough weight


  • Headrest is of not great quality
  • Not that comfortable padding

Frequently Asked Questions

Do lightweight massage tables creak?

No. Quality massage table lightweight should never creak if they are set upright. If you hear noises, check whether the legs are set at the same height and the knobs are tight.

What foam thickness is ideal for women lying face down?

It is best to choose foam that is at least 2.5” inches thick for the comfort of women lying face down while receiving a massage or physical therapy.

What should be the ideal working weight capacity of the massage table?

Massage tables have varying working weight thresholds – from as low as 250 pounds to as high as 800 pounds. However, an ideal capacity would around 500 pounds so that the table can easily support clients who are bulky as well as a part of your weight.

How much time does it take to set up a massage table?

Most massage tables require little to no assembly time. You should be able to set up your table in a minute or less. Height adjustments should require about a minute or two.


You can get a variety of massage tables online from a variety of manufacturers. But before you buy one for yourself, you need to consider whether the table would be suitable for your needs. Only after you have considered the factors mentioned above and studied the pros and cons of each product reviewed above, should you narrow down to a particular massage table? This will help you buy the best lightweight massage tables for your profession.

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