Best Muscles Stimulators

Muscles stimulators have been around for quite some time now, but it is only recently that they have been incorporated into mainstream medical treatment. Healthcare experts, fitness experts as well as caregivers have started using the best muscle stimulators for therapeutic as well as complementary training purposes. With OTC and prescription muscle stimulators easily available, people have found a way of treating pain and muscle injury without the use of medicines. Not only are muscle stimulators useful for pain management and rehabilitation, but they are also useful to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others who want to gain and strengthen their muscles. The best muscle stimulators offer a side-effect free way of restoring muscle functions and enhancing them.


Best Muscles Stimulators

How to Choose the Best Muscles Stimulator?

A muscle stimulator can prove to be very useful for rehabilitation, pain treatment, and pre-workout warm-up but only if you choose a good one. Brand popularity isn’t the only deciding factor. There are several things that come together to make the best muscles stimulators, the most important being:

FDA Approval: The very first thing that you should look for in a muscle stimulator is FDA approval. Remember that muscle stimulators are FDA controlled and when you buy one with an approval seal from the FDA, you can expect it to deliver exactly what it promises. Not only that, but you can also avoid the risks of shocks and burns that untested or unapproved products may cause.

Adjustable Intensity Settings: Whether you want a muscle stimulator to enhance your workout or to recover from traumatic injuries, you must always look for a machine that has several preset settings for different purposes and levels of stimulation. You should also have the option to adjust the stimulation according to your needs and level of comfort. In fact, the best muscle stimulators can have anywhere between 16 and 24 preset settings that help in resistance, endurance, recovery, massage, and warm-up training. The different adjustment settings are meant to offer a variety of massaging techniques like cupping, acupuncture, tapping, kneading, etc.

Quality pads: This is the next most important consideration to be made while buying a muscle stimulator. Good quality pads are important for proper muscle stimulation. The quality of the pads is determined by the pad design, the adhesive used, the wiring, etc. Although you will need to replace the pads after quite a few uses, it is better to choose a product that requires less frequent replacements. The number of pads is also a consideration to be made. While most products have four pads of different sizes for different parts of the body, the best muscle stimulators have eight pads for stimulating many muscle groups simultaneously.

Remote: Not only should you opt for a product with good quality pads or electrodes, but you should also consider the quality and utility of the remote that comes with it. Remotes are usually of three types-

  • Remotes that have big buttons are easy for elders to operate.
  • Mobile phone or app operated remotes are good for tech geeks.
  • Remotes with a touch screen are ideal for most people.

That apart, you will also need to consider whether you would like to buy a battery-operated or a rechargeable remote. Rechargeable remotes may seem to be costly upfront, but they are cost-effective in the long run because you do not need to invest in batteries time and again.

Battery life: If you are planning to buy a muscle stimulator that works on rechargeable batteries, you will have to take into account the battery life as well. The standard battery life is about 10 hours which may seem like a lot. However, the actual battery life that you get will depend on the quality of the battery, the degree of stimulation, and whether the machine has an auto-shutoff feature or not. If the batteries included are high-quality lithium-ion ones, you can expect a longer run with a single charge.

Price: The next important thing to factor in is the price of the machine itself. While doctors and therapists use high-end muscle stimulators for treating patients, your personal muscle stimulator needn’t be as advanced or high-tech. You need something that would be able to provide you with your daily dose of muscle stimulation. As such, even the best muscle stimulators aren’t going to break your bank.

Brand: Personal muscle stimulators are still a niche domain and you will hardly be able to name a popular brand. That doesn’t, however, mean that all products in this domain are uncertified or unpopular. The thing is, since they are quite new, most people are not quite familiar with brands that offer the best muscle stimulators. That is why it is best that you do not look for brand name only; quality is important.

Reviews: Before buying a muscle stimulator, you need to look at the reviews the product has got. Genuine customer reviews will tell you how good a product is, what its upsides and downsides are, and whether it will be suitable for you or not. Going through these reviews will help you make a wise decision.

Best muscles stimulators with Reviews

1. Compex Sport Elite 2.0 Muscle Stimulator with TENS Bundle Kit:

Compex Sport Elite is a complete package that comes with 10 different programs. 4 of them are for strength, 2 for warm-ups, 3 for recovery, and 1 straightforward setting that completes your muscle stimulator training requirements. It includes 5 different progress levels as well which you can follow to grow your strength and recover sore muscle as well.

If improving sore stimulator muscle and increasing muscle strength is what you are looking for, then this particular device might be right for you. It helps in reducing lactic acid and enables the nutrients to reach your muscles efficiently which in turn can reduce pain and provide relief to your sore muscles.

Apart from reducing muscle pain, it can be used for muscle strength recovery as well. With regular use of this TENS program, you can notice a change in your muscle performance. It’s designed to perfection to ensure that even a novice can use this device.


  • TENS program ensures decreasing your pain like never before.
  • It includes 10 different programs that can help you in building strength and endurance and even heal sore muscles as well.
  • Complex technology can also be useful in increasing explosive strength and resistance.
  • As per the muscle stimulators reviews, this machine delivers nutrients and fresh oxygen directly to muscles which can heal your muscles real quick.


  • It’s a bit costly compared to other models available in the market.
  • Has some difficulties with charging.

2. Compex Edge 2.0 Muscle Stimulator with TENS Bundle Kit:

According to the muscles stimulators reviews, Compex Edge 2.0 is one of the best versatile muscle stimulators that you can buy. With its TENS bundle kit, you can easily beat your muscle pain in no time at all. It’s designed to decrease your muscle pain while it increases your muscle function and motion as well. With this muscles stimulator, you can easily build strength, endurance, and recover from sore muscles as well. This device is advanced in technology and features is really easy t use and anyone with proper knowledge of this type of gadget can use this muscle stimulator without any problem. It helps in increasing the oxygen flow and delivers nutrients to your muscles for a speedy recovery. This system is designed to be used after and before any type of muscle exercise for either healing your muscles or warm-up them for the workout.


  • Decreases muscle pain and helps in muscles recovery.
  • 4 featured program for muscle endurance, strength, and recovery.
  • Activate Type II muscle fibers t develop explosive strength.
  • With regular use of this muscle stimulator, you can easily speed up your muscle recovery.
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Not the durability you would expect.
  • Takes time to charge and does not retain charge for long.
  • Not a good value for money.

3. TENS Unit and EMS Combination Muscle Stimulator from Muscle Therapy Concepts:

Muscle Therapy Concepts brings to you an EMS and TENS combo muscle stimulator. The first thing you will notice about this device is the giant screen. This highly portable device includes both the TENS and EMS settings for workout and muscle pain relief.

It comes with loads of preset settings which is definitely handy. And when you add to the fact that it has features like auto shut down and movable clock, you can definitely choose this device over any other. This device has 2 separate channels and you can set the power levels individually. Overall this is a quality machine that has a god built, nice features, and most importantly efficient at work.


  • Includes 2 channels and 4 electrode pads which you can control for the best results.
  • Anyone can use this device for acupressure, reflexology, relaxation, and pain relief.
  • 12 different programs along with 20 different intensity settings.
  • Comes with an adjustable timer, chose the kind of timer you think will be best for your treatment.
  • Highly portable device and delivers professional-level results every time.


  • As per muscles stimulator reviews, there are some issues with the device settings.

4. AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator:

If you are looking to buy a muscles stimulator that can offer you all-round performance then this particular device from Auvon is the right choice for you. This device is perfectly designed to offer you great versatility. The dual-channel of this device is completely isolated which means you can administer different treatments on different body areas.

Apart from the fact that you can choose different muscle treatment on the dual-channel, you can also adjust the intensity individually on each channel as well. It includes massage pads of different sizes which allow you to use them in trickier places. This device is not only a compact and portable machine but also affordable too which makes it one of the better choices that you can make. The lithium battery included is a powerful tool, and can offer 10 hours of life with ease.


  • High-quality muscles stimulator.
  • Reduces muscle pain.
  • Easy to use even for the new users.
  • Comes with an adapter and USB cable.
  • Takes only 60 minutes to fully charge.
  • Works for 10 long hours.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty as well.


  • You need to store this in a safe place.
  • Might not work for all muscle related problems.

5. Abody TENS Unit, EMS Muscle Stimulator:

If you are looking for an EMS muscles stimulator that can deliver quality results, then this particular muscle stimulator from Abody is the right choice for you. With 24 different massage modes, 6 timer adjustments, 3 intensity levels, you can easily get the best muscle stimulation you need. This device is fully touch-enabled and comes with a setting lock button as well. Apart from that, it comes with self-adhesive pads which are reusable too. It does not need any kind of gel to work with. The device is durable, comes with a powerful battery, and has a compact design. Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry this unit around with you.


  • 24 massage modes.
  • 6 different timer adjustments.
  • 3 different intensity adjustments.
  • Touch screen facility along with large LCD screen.
  • The dual output can offer your best massage effects.
  • Massage pads are reusable and self-adhesive.
  • No need for gel while using this muscle stimulator.
  • Portable, compact, and lightweight design.
  • 12 hours of battery life once fully charged.


  • Not the quality you would hope for.
  • Not strong enough power for muscle pain relief.

6. Belifu Dual Channels Tens Unit Electro EMS Muscle Stimulator:

Belifu brings to you another dual channel EMS muscle stimulator. It comes with 20 levels of intensity, 24 different modes, and timer control as well. Dual-channel allows you to heal 2 different body areas together using 2 different programs at 2 different intensity levels which is really appreciating.

It comes with a touch pen and an LCD screen which can be used to control operations, settings and view current settings or modes as well. Basically, you can have full control over the device using this LCD touch screen. It includes 24 different programs pre-installed to relieve different kinds of pain. The package includes 10 pieces of reusable pads, cable ties, and an organizer bag.

Battery backup is great too. Once recharged completely you can use this device for 20 hours. It can be charged using an adapter, USB cable, and even from a power bank. The LCD screen also displays battery life on the top right corner as well.


  • Works efficiently against acute or chronic pain.
  • No-drug, non-invasive option for relieving muscle pain.
  • Different massage methods.
  • Employs the highest quality technology to offer quality results.
  • Heals back pain, inflamed joints, muscle relief, arthritic with regular use.
  • You can enjoy 2 different massage modes at a single point in time.
  • Fully isolated dual-channel machine.
  • You can choose different programs and intensity levels according to your choice.
  • Affordable and rechargeable muscle stimulator.
  • According to the muscle stimulators reviews, the LCD screen is fully touch-enabled.


  • Comes with minimal documentation.
  • Cables are really weak.
  • Cheap quality material used.
  • Not much durability.
  • A battery cannot be replaced.

7. NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator:

When it comes to choosing a muscle stimulator with good design many would go for NURSAL TENS device. It has a nice compact design that adds to the portability and it offers 16 different massage nodes that can be useful. The 4 pairs of electrode pads are reusable and work more than efficiently. Remember that each of the pairs is designed for different muscle treatments and you need to understand them to get the best possible result. Not only they are designed for different purposes, but the size and design of these pairs are also different as well. According to the muscle stimulators reviews, this is indeed one of the best EMS TENs muscle stimulators that you can buy.


  • Electrode pads included are reusable.
  • Every pad is not for every type of muscle stimulation so you need to use them wisely.
  • Small in size.
  • Compact and portable in design.
  • Large touch screen with user-friendly options.


  • An instruction manual is not good enough for beginners.
  • Some of the thumbnails do not work at all.

8. NURSAL EMS TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator:

NURSAL is a well-known name in the industry of pain relief massager and this particular product from them is another wonderful addition in the market. This massager comes with an 8 electrode massager to heal different muscles. You get to choose between 10 different intensity levels and different pre-programs are also helpful in choosing the right mode for you. With this massager, you can get rid of joint pain, back pain, and even arthritis as well. The design is compact, light-weighted, and portable tool which makes it easy to carry around with you. It comes with built-in timers, adjustable settings, and a large LCD screen for display. The lithium battery is rechargeable and can be used for long 10 hours before it runs out.


  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • 10 hours of run time.
  • Large LCD touch screen.
  • Adjustable massage intensity settings.
  • A pocket-sized design that adds to the portability.
  • Comes with electromagnetic technology.
  • Dual-channel output.
  • Pretty much light in weight and compact in design.


  • As per muscle stimulator reviews, the navigation is not good at all.
  • Not a high-quality stimulator.

9.  Loverbeby Dual-Channel Rechargeable TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator:

This particular TENS unit is equipped with 16 operation modes and 12 electrode pads. Loverbeby the manufacturer of this product has made sure that you get to choose between multiple intensity levels, 20 to be exact which is really admirable. The device also has a 60 minutes timer and an auto-shutdown option as well.  Timer, intensity, etc can be controlled from the control pad with ease. Another great aspect of using this device is the large screen size. This screen makes you aware of the options you have and the options you choose. You can charge this device either with a USB cable or an adapter.


  • No medication pain relief.
  • Safe to use and fast pain relief from sore muscles.
  • 16 different massage modes.
  • Adjustable Intensity.
  • Designed to deliver different types of pain relief at n time at all.
  • Dual output enabled.
  • 12 self-adhesive reusable pads included.
  • Gel pads are all replaceable.
  • No need to use gel and cream together.
  • You can use 6 pads at a time for 2 different muscle areas.
  • Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery.
  • 10 hours of lifetime.
  • USB port charging enabled.
  • Adjustable timer from 10-60 minutes.
  • Easy to use.


  • Durability is the biggest concern of this device.

10. AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator:

Auvon brings to you one of the best TENS machines that you can buy for muscle stimulation. Quality is what their main priority is and from the day of their inception, Auvon has been offering quality products in the market. This is a well-designed device that has different operational modes. Actually, there are 16 pre-programmed modes along with quality pads, a durable battery, and a lot more than what you pay for. The LCD screen is completely touch-enabled which definitely adds to the ease of use. Some of the functionality is still on the buttons though. As per the muscle stimulators reviews, this is overall a quality product will great pain relief technology.


  • Affordable and high-quality gadget.
  • Different operating modes.
  • Ease of use.
  • Self-adhesive.
  • Dual-channel can be used independently.
  • 20 pre-programmed modes.
  • Offers efficient pain relief.
  • 16 different intensity modes.
  • 10 hours of battery back up.
  • Compatible with most of the accessories.
  • User friendly.
  • Compact and portable design.


  • Expensive compared to other models.
  • Need a lot of maintenance.
  • Might not be suitable for every single type of disease.

Do Electronic Muscles Stimulators Work?

Though muscle stimulators aren’t a new introduction, there have been many debates regarding the use of these simulators. Naysayers have always promulgated the idea that these are just gimmicks and have no therapeutic value while proponents have gone a bit too far by claiming that these devices can work wonders in helping lose weight. While claims of no-workout weight loss and muscle increase are fake, the use of the best muscle stimulators can help patients recover from a muscle injury, muscle impairment, muscle atrophy, etc. Not only that, but muscle stimulators can also increase blood flow and enhance muscle strength, both of which help athletes perform better.

Frequently Asked Questions about Muscles Stimulators

EMS or TENS – which is better?

Muscle stimulators commonly available as OTC devices or prescription devices either use EMS or TENS or both. EMS devices focus more on muscle stimulation while TENS devices work to stimulate nerves. If you want the benefit of both techniques, it is best to choose a device that offers the benefit of both.

What batteries do muscle stimulators use?

Unless you are buying a device that works on rechargeable batteries, you will need to buy batteries every time they run out. Typically, these devices use AA or AAA batteries for operation.

Do you need to buy gel for the pads?

Unlike other electrical devices that are attached to the body, muscle stimulators do not require the application of the gel. This is because the adhesive on the pad fulfills the need.

What to do if the pads wear out?

Although the best muscle stimulators come with pads that can last several uses, they will eventually wear out. However, the good part here is that these pads are universal and can be easily bought.

Do muscle stimulators increase muscle mass?

There is a common idea that the use of muscle stimulators can help grow muscles. This is partially true. These devices, themselves, have no effect on the increase in muscle mass. However, if they are used for warm-up before workouts, they can help you work out better which, in turn, can lead to an increase in muscle mass.

Are muscle stimulators safe?

Yes. The best muscle stimulators are safe for repeated and regular use. However, people with pacemakers, epilepsy, lymphedema, and pregnant women should avoid the use of these stimulators unless prescribed by their doctor.


Muscle stimulators have become a boon for people with chronic pain, muscle soreness, traumatic injuries, musculoskeletal diseases, etc. The best muscle stimulators are also being put to good use by fitness freaks, athletes, weight lifters, etc. However, they are not a magic formula. Following a fixed regime as directed by a fitness or health expert can give you the desired results over a period of time.

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