Best Pendant Lights

Pendant lights or drop lights are an inexpensive alternative to traditional lighting systems. They are suspended from the ceiling with a cord and need no additional support or fixture. They are good for all types of rooms or areas of the house, office, restaurants, lounges, etc. They are an effective lighting solution, irrespective of the size of the room or area. They can be easily incorporated into different décor types. From classic to contemporary, from elegant to abstract, finding the best pendant light isn’t difficult anymore. In fact, you can now find pendant lights that come with a variety of features, thanks to the manufacturers who have brought in a wide variety of fantastic products in the market.

Best Pendant Lights


How to Choose the Best Pendant Light?

Pendant lights are quite popular, whether it be at home or in a commercial area. They complement the ambiance of the area. However, the correct choice of the pendant light is important if you want to make the best out of them. That is why, quite a few buying considerations are necessary, like below:

Décor and Color: This is the very first thing that you should take into consideration. You should look for a pendant light that will best suit your kitchen, living room, porch, hallway, or any other place where you want to use it. Make sure that you choose a light that matches and complements the décor of the place or it can be an eyesore. Color coordination is also often essential unless you want to go for a classy, timeless piece.

Natural Lighting: Before you buy a pendant light, find out how much natural pendant light enters the area. This will help you choose the best pendant light for yourself. If the area receives no light at all, you should choose a light that is powerful enough to light up the entire area. You can also go for a product that offers an adjustable lighting option for easy adjustments.

Design: The design of the pendant light is very important. From one bulb design to three or even six bulb designs, you can get everything you want with a pendant light. Some lights have a modern, sleek design while others may have a bigger, yet sophisticated design. The frames come in all shapes and sizes and you must wisely choose one.

Positioning: Pendant lights can be useful in many ways. Apart from offering strategic lighting in kitchens and porches, they can enhance the style quotient of your living rooms and hallways. That is why it is essential that they are properly positioned. Adjustable pendant lights are the best choice for this reason. You can also make a choice between inverted pendant lights and bottom open ones. This way you can ensure that the place receives the correct amount of light.

Size: You will be amazed at the variety of the sizes pendant lights are available in. You can choose small ones for your kitchen island and big ones for your hallway or foyer. Choosing the right size is paramount both for proper lighting and appropriate décor.

Dimmable: Many modern pendant lights come with this option. This allows you to increase or decrease the light intensity. This is the best pendant light option for bedrooms, restaurants, etc. where you may want to change the light intensity according to the mood.

Installation: Pendant lights are quite easy to install and you should have no difficulty doing it yourself if you have the manual with you. That is why a product that comes with a detailed installation guide is the best choice.

Price: Price is always an important deciding factor. These lights are available in a wide price range and you will surely be able to get one that suits your budget. Look at the various products available within your budget and choose one that has better features, suitable design and color, and good reviews. You should be able to find the right fit for your home or office or any other place.

Warranty and Service: Before you buy anything, look for the warranty period. Products that have a longer warranty are usually deemed to be long-lasting. Even if it fails to serve your purposes for long, you will have the option to get it repaired or replaced. You should also enquire about the after-sales customer support. Should you have any problem with the product, they should be able to assist you in every way possible.

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Best Pendant Lights with Reviews

1. Vintage Oil Rubbed Bronze Polygon Wire Pendant Light:

This vintage pendant from YOBO is a perfect combination of elegance and vintage look. The frame is nicely designed along with an oily bronze finish. It includes beautiful looking brackets that not only give your pendant light a superior look but also enclose the bulb as well. Apart from that this pendant light also includes a down rod that you can adjust to customize the height of the light. Similar to any other model produced by YOBO this one promises to meet the high-quality standard as well. Apart from the kind of modern look, it poses the construction being metal makes the pendant durable and sturdy. It comes with wires that can be easily connected to any standard electrical box, so you do not have to worry about the power extension. The design is pretty much compact to be exact and most importantly installation is super easy as well. The base of this light comes with a standard socket which means it will be able to fit most of the bulbs. Although it comes with a small bulb, you can use an LED bulb and if you adjust the height properly it can surely offer more light than you can imagine.


  • Industrial style design along with oil bronze finish
  • As per pendant light reviews Comes with a geometric design which creates a nice shadow on the ceiling if properly installed
  • Comes with E26 standard bulbs which allows you to fit different types of bulbs
  • Includes adjustable cord which allows you to customize the height
  • This light can be fit in a kitchen, drawing room, decorated living room, even in your bedroom


  • None so far


2. Primo LED Industrial Kitchen Pendant Light:

If you are looking to buy a high-quality well-designed pendant light, then this particular LED pendant light from Primo can be a good choice for you. Even though it’s really well designed to add a classic, timeless look to your kitchen, it’s absolutely affordable. There are 3 different choices of models available from Primo, antique brass, polished chrome, and brushed nickel; you can choose either of them to match your home décor but you can rest assured that the lights will only add to your room décor.

The light includes clear glass along with decorative hardware and 5.25 round-shaped canopies. The cord is wrapped in fabric and measures up to 100 inches which can surely allow you to adjust the pendant height from your ceiling. The set up also includes a LED Edison style bulb which can definitely offer the kind of ambiance you need in your room.


  • The cord included for height adjustment is of 100 inch
  • Includes a LED filament bulb, Edison style
  • E26 standard socket which is compatible with most of the CFL, LED, and halogen bulbs
  • 3 different designs available for you to choose from
  • According to pendant light, reviews Brushed nickel pendant looks lovely in any kitchen or bedroom
  • It can work with any dimmable switch
  • Installation is super easy


  • The cord is wrapped in black fabric which might not go nicely with every type of room décor
  • The cord does not come straight down from the ceiling either

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3. Westinghouse Lighting 6332500:

Westinghouse lighting has been a well-known name in the world of pendant lights and this particular product does not disappoint as well. Apart from the fact that the light is designed to perfection, it looks great as well. It includes 3 lights and you can adjust the height using a pulley. To ensure that you are able to match your room heights with ease, this light includes a pulley that allows you to adjust the hanging height from 31” to 58”. Due to its adjustable heights and great design, it can be used in the restrooms, kitchen bar, living room and in the kitchen, but remember to use a different kind of bulbs to match your lighting requirement. Typically if you use 3 same power of bulb that should do the trick for you.


  • Quality LED lights
  • Professional design
  • Great warranty
  • Comes with height adjustable pulley
  • Cords can be adjusted
  • Lights can be used in different rooms to match your decorations
  • Bronze medal


  • As per the pendant light reviews, it might not look great in the night time

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4. CLAXY Ecopower Vintage Style Pendant Glass Hanging Light:

CLAXY Ecopower brings to you another wonderful lighting option. The key advantage of this pendant being the design, it can definitely be used in any modern style kitchen, living room, or coffee shop. With this pendant light at your disposal, you can always add a nice modern look to your room. The pendant includes a nice-looking glass dome which will only add glamour to your well-decorated kitchen. Apart from the look this light also allows you to adjust the pendant height as well.

Since every household tends to have a different ceiling height, CLAXY Ecopower comes with the right solution to solve this issue. This pendant also supports dimming bulbs/switches as well. This is really fascinating since this particular feature adds to its excellent performance as well. Installing this pendant is not that difficult at all. All you need to do is go through the manual included and it should not take a lot of time. As per pendant light reviews, the light base is standard E26 which means you can use most of the LED, Edison style, and other sophisticated bulbs as well.


  • Suitable design for decorated kitchen and coffee shops
  • Lovely collection item for well-designed living room
  • Simple to install
  • Adds a stylish, vintage look to your room
  • Cords can be adjusted to customize the pendant height
  • Glass shades are all dome-shaped which creates a classic and elegant look
  • Standard E26 bulb base


  • The glass dome tends to come off at times
  • No bulbs are included in the package

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5. Globe Electric Amaris 1-Light Plug-In Pendant:

This pendant light from Globe Electric comes with a brushed nickel along with frosted plastic shade which definitely adds sophistication to your room. This pendant offers accent style lighting which adds elegance, simplicity, and a traditional look to any modern home. The cord included is 15 feet which can be adjusted to customize the pendant height from the ceiling.

The set comes with swag hooks which you can use to hang this pendant light and plug into any electric connection and you are done with the installation. In case you have a vaulted or sloped ceiling you can hang the pendant from that ceiling as well. This pendant light comes with an E26 standard base that fits most of the bulbs easily which allows you to change bulbs according to your choice.


  • Comes with an engaging look
  • Fits in any type of room with a modern look
  • As per pendant light reviews, this is the most affordable lighting solution along with modern decoration
  • Can be used in your kitchen
  • Appears to be classic and adds a nice ambiance to your room


  • You might have to face some spark issues with the cord

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6. LANROS Industrial Mini Pendant Lighting:

If you are looking to install a pendant light with an industrial look then this mini pendant from Lanros is the best choice for you. This pendant light comes with clear glass along with seeded glass shade. This light is a perfect combination of vintage and retro style that allows you to install it in any modern kitchen you want.

Apart from its look, it features a standard bulb base as well, which means you can easily use halogen, incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs. It also includes an adjustable rope that allows you to customize the height of your pendant light. This pendant light has a minimum height of 10” and the maximum you can have a 60.75” height that should be good enough.

As per pendant light reviews, this pendant is designed to fit well with the sloped ceilings, and installation of this beautiful pendant light also really easy to start with and can certainly give your kitchen a new and fresh look.


  • The glass shade comes with a nice design
  • This pendant light can be fitted to any sloped ceiling which means you can easily hang it in different positions
  • Due to the fact that the base comes with a standard socket, you can use different types of bulbs with ease
  • The bubble glass used can be a great addition to your kitchen décor
  • The glass used for this pendant light is really heavy which makes it durable and strong as well


  • All the material used is glass, so you have to be careful while cleaning the pendant otherwise it might get damaged

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7. Effimero Medium Hanging Pendant Light – LL-P314F-BN:

Effimero brings to you one of the best medium-sized pendant light for your kitchen. It comes with a nice-looking brushed nickel finish which coupled with frosted glass shade makes it one of the best stylish-looking pendant lights that you can buy.

As per pendant light reviews, the shade is made into a cylindrical shape which gives the pendant light a contemporary look. It includes a hanging cord which can be adjusted to customize the pendant height but none of the wirings are visible.

Although it comes with an E26 base which allows you to use any type of bulb you want if you really wish to give your kitchen a fresh and nice look, try hanging multiple of these lights at different heights to get a nice and fresh look.


  • The canopy included is of round shape which allows it to fit well in any sloped or curved ceiling
  • It is designed to use wi-fi enabled bulbs, color-changing bulbs, and smart bulbs with ease
  • It comes with frosted shade which is easy to clean too
  • In case you are using any average-sized bulb, you can still get a nice glow in the room


  • Only 3 different height options

Types of Pendant Lights

Like all other lighting options, pendant lights, too, can be of different types. This classification is usually based on the utility of the pendant light. It is essential that you choose the right type of pendant light to meet your needs. The four types of pendant lights that you can choose from are:

Task light: As the name denotes, this type of pendant light is designed to illuminate targeted areas only. For example, the kitchen countertop where you cut vegetables, the game board in your living room, the sitting areas on your porch, etc. These lights light up a small area with powerful light so that you can see things very clearly. They aren’t, however, ideal for light up large areas.

Ambient light: This type is the best pendant light for lighting up entire rooms, halls, foyers, porches, etc. They spread uniform light throughout the area instead of focusing on a target area. They are good for general lighting of your kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. Such lights should be bigger to ensure proper lighting of the room or area.

Accent light: If you have a beautiful or antique design feature to show off, these lights are the best choice. They highlight the feature properly so that it easily attracts attention. You can use these lights for highlighting art, carved or intricate work, etc.

Decorative: Pendant lights are not only utility lights, but decorative ones too. You can use a beautiful pendant light in your otherwise well-lighted room to add to the look and feel of your rooms. You will find a variety of decorative pendant lights that have a soft glow to complement your interior décor.

Benefits of Pendant Lights

When you think of giving your home a new look, what do you do? Most people would go for a repainting job or buy some new curtains and cushions or add a new showpiece. But how about you buy a pendant light or two for your home. Irrespective of whether the rooms of your home are well lighted or not, pendant lights can add character. They can be a utility light or just a decorative one, but it sure will change the appearance of the rooms. Not only homes, but pendant lights are also great for commercial use as well. In fact, they are in many ways a better choice than traditional lighting systems. For example:

They are Adjustable: Unlike conventional lighting fixtures, pendant lights are adjustable. They can be adjusted as per the height of the ceiling making them a good choice for most people. You do not have to worry about the height of the ceiling as most of these come with long suspenders.

They are Versatile: The next important reason to buy a pendant light is its versatility. You do not have to worry about whether they will match the style of your rooms. Pendant lights are easily available to match each and every décor type, personal preferences, lighting needs, etc.

They Save Space: Unlike conventional lighting, they save space while still offering focused light. You can easily light up your kitchen island or countertop, gaming zone, etc. without wasting table space.

They are Affordable: They may look fancy but are not expensive. You will surely get the best pendant light within your budget. If needed, you can easily install more than one pendant light without burning a hole in your pocket.

They are Decorative: With pendant lights, you get double benefits for the price of one. Not only the light up the area but are decorative too. You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs to glam up your interiors or create a sophisticated look.

They Enhance Ambiance: With features like inverted lights, remote-controlled diming, etc. pendant lights can enhance the ambiance of any place, be it your house or office or someplace else. One simple installation and you can enjoy these lights too.


If you are looking for better lighting or want to change the ambiance of your home or office, you can sure buy a few pendant lights. They are quite useful, stylish, easily available, and very affordable. Unlike fixed lighting fixtures, you can set them up wherever you want and however you want. And getting the best pendant light is very easy, now that you have our buying guide.

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