Best Portable Electric Fireplaces

For anyone looking to buy a portable electric fireplace for your home, office, or RV, there are many options in the market. When the chilly winter days arrive, the warmth of the indoors beckons. But if you live in a house or apartment that is not centrally heated, escaping the cold is often very difficult. Moreover, modern central heaters cannot create the cozy ambiance that you seek when the barometer drops significantly.

A portable electric fireplace would be the best choice in such situations. However, if your house or apartment doesn’t have one already built-in, getting a traditional fireplace installed can be quite costly and would need a lot of structural changes. With a portable electric fireplace, you get to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace, but without the hassles of installing one. Portable electric fireplaces are not only a great choice for your home, but for your office as well as recreational vehicles as well. They add a nice ambiance to your room and allow you to spend each day of the winter relaxing in a cozy armchair, savoring the warmth and crackles of the fireplace.


Best Portable Electric Fireplace Heater with Reviews

1. e-Flame USA Hamilton Portable Electric Fireplace Stove:

With a nice lavish design, burning log effect, and really a lot easier dancing flames, this particular portable fireplaces is one of the best that you can buy. According to portable fireplace reviews, the fireplace comes with decorative pillars and arches which gives this fireplace a wonderful look. Having said that, you can always choose to add some personal decorations to match the look and feel of your room decoration. And since the outer part of the fireplace stays really cool, you can easily change the decoration even when the fireplace is ON. Whether you are looking for a heater for your guest room, basement, RV, garage, or your workplace, this fireplace can surely serve your purpose. With the inclusion of 4 removable legs, it becomes a lot easier to transport the fireplace as well. And it’s completely kids safe too! In case there is some problem in the circuit the fireplace will be automatically turned off, so as to protect your device. This unit is really good for saving energy as well and is capable of heating a room of 400 sq ft of size with ease.


  • Lavish and quality design
  • Comes with a burning log effect and realistic dancing flames
  • Light in weight and is highly portable
  • Quite while in operation and fan-forced heater
  • You can have the visual effects around the year without having to turn on the heating functionality
  • Absolutely safe for your pets and kids to touch the unit
  • You can keep candles, photos on the top of the fireplace with ease
  • Not much noise while the unit is at work


  • Does not include any thermostat and you cannot control it either
  • Does not include any remote to operate from a distance

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2. Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black:

This particular fireplace from Duraflame is capable of heating a room of 1000 sq ft size. This heater is not only capable of providing you a warm atmosphere instantly but also is capable of maintaining a natural humidity of the air, thereby maintaining a nice and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Also, infrared heating technology ensures that your home does not have static electricity. When it comes to portability and low sound fireplace units, there cannot be any other better model than this. And this electric fireplace is really safe for the kids and pets to touch without having to worry about getting a burn. This fireplace can be perfect for your room, but that’s not because it has some amazing functionalities but also because of the 3D flame technology that will give you a real-life look of dancing flame on the burning logs. And the best part of having this electric fireplace in your room is that you can easily enjoy the look of the dancing flame without having to use the heating functionality. Both of them can work independently. Apart from that the fireplace also has the capability to be energy efficient. It also comes with a thermometer that can turn off the unit, as soon as the unit temperature goes beyond potentially a danger level which might lead to a fire hazard.


  • Capable of zone heating thereby saves a lot of energy
  • Comes with 3D flames technology that gives you the realistic flame dancing feature
  • The flame functionality can work without the heating functionality
  • The fireplace is capable of maintaining the natural humidity in your room and can reduce the static electricity as well.
  • The digital thermostat can be adjusted according to your choice
  • Comes with Fire prevention technology
  • According to the portable fireplace reviews, it’s completely safe for kids and pets to touch the unit
  • No noise at all while it’s ON


  • According to many users, they have faced a heating issue with the unit
  • The electric panels included are not that of great quality
  • Not much longevity to mention for the unit

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3. PuraFlame 12″ Octavia Portable Electric Fireplace Heater, 1500W, Black:

If you are looking for a portable electric fireplace then this fireplace can be a perfect option for you. This fireplace can be used in your office, trailer, home, and cottage with ease. Because of the compact design and size, this fireplace heater can be termed as one of the best portable electric fireplace heaters that you can make. The most important factor is that this fireplace is not only portable in nature but also can be a good energy saver and one of the best freestanding fireplaces that you can buy. It comes with an adjustable thermostat which is capable of heating a room of 400 sq ft size with ease. It includes an LED coal flame that can be of three different colors: white, black, and red. You can identify images of smoke or water while the fireplace is on. Although the flame effects are not that convincing, if you are buying a portable electric fireplace, well you cannot expect it to look like an original one. That being said, the flame effect is quite pleasant to look at and you can enjoy it even when the heating is off. The fireplace comes with 4 different heat settings and additional overheating protection as well. When it comes to noise reduction, this machine can surely stand out amongst the other fireplaces in the same category.


  • Different flame color options to choose from
  • Freestanding and easily portable
  • LED coal flames create a nice ambiance
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • You can enjoy the flame effect without the heating functionality at work
  • A thermostat can be adjusted
  • Features Safety measures like overheating
  • Good enough to heat up a small room of 400 sq ft size
  • Not much of noise while the machine is ON


  • The bottom of the fireplace is not of great quality

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4. Comfort Smart Jackson Infrared Electric Stove Heater Cream CS 25IR-CRM:

If you are looking for a perfect combination of elegant design and durable metal construction in a portable electric fireplace, this particular can surely be at the top of your list. The flame effects are perfect over the burning logs and with the capability of heating up 1000 SQL ft area, this heater can surely be termed as one of the best portable electric fireplace heaters in its category. It even comes with a remote that you can use to adjust the flame brightness, flame color, and the thermostat as well. If you have an easy source of electricity outside of your home, you can easily use this electric fireplace, outside of your home as well. Actually, the lightweight of this electric fireplace adds to the portability of this unit and can be really easy to transport to any place you want. Well, if you think about this unit, it’s a perfect combination of comfort and ambiance. With its classic design, it can fit in any room décor and can certainly become one of the best additions to your room as well. You can even use the flame effects independently, without having to turn on the heating functionality which allows you to enjoy the view all the year without any problem at all. The remote control included is flat, small, and can be used to operate and control multiple functions. You can adjust the ambiance and the temperature, and make your room a bit more comfortable to your liking. Once you set your fireplace to a certain heat and brightness settings, it will remember that setting, and when you start it the next day it will maintain those settings only.


  • Plug and play unit
  • You can use a 120V outlet to get going
  • Portable and light weighted
  • Comes with remote control with multiple functions
  • Top-mounted infrared heater
  • Capable of heating up to 1000 sq ft of area with ease
  • Comes with digital thermostat
  • Wonderful designs to match your room décor
  • Amazing flame effects
  • Metal construction that gives it proper durability
  • You can easily adjust the brightness of the flame and control the thermostat using a single remote
  • Comes with timer functionality as well
  • Flame and heat functions are separate and independent of one another.


  • Other than a flimsy bottom, there hasn’t been much of a complaint about this unit

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5. E-Flame USA Regal Portable Electric Fireplace Stove (Matte Black):

This fireplace from E-Flame comes with a lovely design, burning log effect, and realistic dancing flames. Perfectly weighted to be entitled as one of the best portable fireplace units and the reason why it can be easily transported from one room to another. The unit stays cool always even when it’s ON that makes it safe for the kids and pets to touch the unit anytime without having to worry about heat burns. And most importantly it can be used anywhere you want, even with the RVs. This electric fireplace comes with a fan-forced heater which you can easily adjust according to your need. You can enjoy the flame effects even when the heat function is turned off. With this fireplace in your room, you won’t have to worry about any smoke or odor either. Apart from that, the unit works really well towards reducing your electricity bills as well.


  • The fireplace does not create much noise compared to other products in the same category
  • Its completely safe to touch even when the heater is on, so you do not have to worry about the kids and pets touching the fireplace
  • Comes with auto ON/OFF facility
  • Comes with an auto-regulate facility that ensures a proper room temperature without having to keep the heater ON
  • Design wise the fireplace is really great
  • The log fire, flame, the grill looks pretty awesome
  • Even though the heating element is at the bottom, yet the floor does not get any heat mark or scorched
  • Capable of heating up a medium-sized room pretty quickly


  • According to portable fireplace reviews, the screws and plastic legs might be some issue
  • You will have to buy a power drill to fit the screw
  • The product is not really a heavy duty one

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6. Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove:

This electric fireplace from Dimplex comes with 3D fire that looks like pretty much real fire and with the introduction of handcrafted logs and crackling sound of fire, it creates a nice ambient in the room as well. Whether you are reading a book or enjoying some alone time, this fireplace can set the perfect mood for you. This electric fireplace is highly portable in nature and the metal construction gives it required durability as well. It includes a fan-forced heater and is capable of heating up at least 400 sq ft of the room area. The lightweight of this unit makes it easier to transport from one place to another. The unit comes with a remote that can control the flame, the heat settings and thereby controlling the ambient of the room. It comes with an adjustable heat knob as well but does not include any numerical marks. Apart from that, the unit is pretty much affordable too.


  • Comes with 3D flame technology
  • Comes with crackling sound and fire appearance
  • Fan forced heater
  • Does not create much noise while its ON.
  • You do not need venting for the fireplace
  • Control for the thermostat is included
  • You can control the heat and the flame with a remote control
  • As per the portable fireplace reviews, it includes a handcrafted log set
  • Portable and freestanding


  • Low-quality bottom
  • The heating knob does not have numerical increments
  • The heat comes out from under the fireplace which is really inconvenient

How to Choose the Best Portable Fireplace for your Home?

Many popular brands across the world have introduced a wide range of models in the market to suit the requirements of the users. As such, your search online for the best portable fireplace will land you up with a long list of names that can leave you confused. That is why here we will list a few important factors that will help you in deciding which one will be ideal for you:

The Type:

Portable fireplaces electric are available in different formats. Some are freestanding, some are tabletops, some wall mounts and such. Depending on your liking and your requirement, the choice of the type of portable heater must be made. If you have enough floor space, a freestanding unit should serve you well. However, if your room or RV is already cramped, choose a model that can be placed on the mantelpiece or any other countertop or top-shelf available. This will save you space. So, choose a unit that will fit well in all aspects.

The Look:

Electric portable fireplaces come in a wide array of colors, hues, designs, and looks. Some have a crisp modern look while others are more rustic and traditional. Some may have a glass casing while others may a wooden one. Options are ample; it is you who needs to decide what look you are looking for. This will, not only depend on your tastes and preferences, but also on the décor of your room. The fireplace must go well with your room interiors.


Portable electric fireplaces are available in a wide range of sizes. From models as small as 10 inches to models as big as 25 inches or more are available in the market. The choice of the size must be done based on the space available, the portability factor, your heat requirements, and much more. In general, the bigger the size, the more will be the heat output. So, if you want to heat up an entire room, models that are 25 inches or more. Else, if you want to create a cozy ambiance by your armchair as you read a book, a small 12 or 14-inch portable electric fireplace heater will also serve well.


Apart from the look of the portable electric fireplace, what you need to consider is the type of ambiance that you are looking for. Electric fireplaces may not use wood for generating warmth, but they do not fall short when it comes to creating the ambiance that traditional units offer. Modern models not only offer fantastic, real-like views of the flames, but some models also go the extra mile producing the crackling sound of the fire burning to give you the feel of a traditional fireplace. You can also change the flame color in many models to suit your mood. So, before you make a purchase, be sure of what you want and whether a particular unit lives up to your expectations.

Why are Portable Electric Fireplaces a Great Choice?

When it comes to buying anything, we all want to know whether it would be good for us, what benefits it can offer, and a lot more. If the same is considered about portable fireplaces, it can be easily said that these fireplaces have several benefits. That is the very reason why they are often a much better choice than the traditional ones unless you already have one installed in your house. Let’s check out what makes the portable electric fireplaces a favorite for residential as well as office use:

No Installation Required:

This is, in fact, the most important reason why portable units are preferred by most people. Installing a traditional fireplace involves a lot of work and expenditure as well. Moreover, if you are living in a rented flat, you may not even get permission to install one. Portable units do away with all these problems. All you need to do is bring them home and plug them to a socket and they will start working instantly.

Small in Size:

Another benefit of having a portable unit is that these are small in size. As such, you can accommodate them practically anywhere. Some units can be placed on the floor itself while others can be placed on a mantelpiece, countertops, or anywhere else that you want. As such, they often take up little or no floor space at all. This makes the portable units suitable for people living in small apartments where there is a space crunch or wants to have a fireplace in their RV.

Light Weight:

Since they are small in size, they weigh much less than traditional units. This allows easy portability of the units. That is why, you can not only move them from one room to another within the house but also from one house to another if you have to shift often.

Easy to Use:

Unlike traditional units, portable units do not involve a lot of work. There is no need to collect wood for the fire, no need to install smoke vents, no cleaning up of ash after the wood has burned out, etc. Moreover, there is no fear of amber hurting people or fire accidents. Thus, these portable units are ideal for homes that have kids and pets.


Best Electric Portable fireplaces are a great buy for any home or office. They can not only warm up the chilly days but also add to the ambiance and feel of the room. So buying one is perhaps the best decision that you can make. You just have to ensure that you get yourself the right model and you are sure to enjoy your winters more than ever.

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