Best Propane Water Heaters

If you are looking for the best propane tankless water heater, then you have come to the right place! We present to you an exhaustive guide containing all that you need to know before you purchase the ideal propane tankless water heater. Our team has formulated these propane tankless water heaters reviews so that your task becomes easier. As our standard of life and living is improving, it becomes difficult to imagine a life devoid of all the luxuries that we take for granted. Home appliances have not only improved the quality of our life but have also made it easier for us to enjoy life’s comforts without any stress or worry. Whether you wish to relax after a hard day’s work or are returning from the gym; a warm shower or a bath sounds like a beautiful dream. Naturally, when you are looking to relax, carrying warm water around or heating buckets of water on your stovetop may not sound pleasing. Hence, it is important to have a water heater that you can simply turn on to have your tap spout soothing warm water.

Purchasing a propane water heater is an investment that needs a robust market survey before deciding on your purchase. On purchasing the correct propane water heater, you could not only be enjoying nice warm baths but also saving up on your expenses.

Best Propane Water Heaters


Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Propane Tankless Water Heater

Since the best propane tankless water heaters come at a sizeable amount, you would naturally want to make a more informed choice rather than just picking one at random. To do this, you need to be aware of the features and specifications, plus, you would also have to match up your personal expectations in line with the offerings of the product. You can only make the most of your item if you have bought the product that is tailored to meet your needs.

Hence, to support you in your quest, we have outlined a comprehensive buyer’s guide for you to refer to while making the purchase. The following are some important parameters that will help you shortlist the best propane tankless water heaters.


The measurement of the size of propane tankless water heaters varies depending on their capacity. In turn, this capacity is proportional to the water supply that the heater can supply. The capacity for tankless water heaters is measured in gallons per minute (or GPM). Therefore, the ‘size’ in question here is not of the water heater, but of your household. Identify your hot water requirements to determine your GPM usage. Furthermore, check out the GPM rating of your shower head as well so that it is in sync with your geyser. Other outlets such as sinks or dishwashers, which make use of hot water in abundance, should also be checked out. If you make use of multiple appliances at the same time, add their individual GPMs to measure the total water consumption. Once you find out the quantitative size, you can choose a water heater that will be suited for consumption.


The warranty coverage for water heaters come in the range of 3 years to 12 years. You could shell out some more cash to get a model offering a longer warranty duration. Doing so will ensure that your appliance is covered for years to come. Plus, a certain time, heaters offering longer warranty covers have larger burners that can make heating quicker and efficient.


The performance of the water heater greatly depends on the climate. Consider the external climatic conditions and the temperature of the water supply to determine a water heater that is suitable for your use. If you happen to live in colder areas, you would need a stronger propane tankless water heater. Thus, factor in the climate to determine the water heater that can offer you adequately heated water irrespective of the environmental conditions.


Safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with propane tankless water heaters. The biggest safety hazard and threat is asphyxiation and poisoning. Due to this, you should go for a model that offers maximum security. This can be ensured with the help of automatic sensors, which can detect the presence and excess of dangerous gases (such as carbon monoxide) and shut down the water heating system immediately.

Best Propane Tankless Water Heater

Our team researched the market and shortlisted some of the best propane tankless water heaters. Scroll below to read the propane tankless water heaters reviews to figure out which model is suited best for your requirements.

1. Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Tankless Water Heater:

Takagi, a Japanese manufacturing company, is extremely popular for producing the best water heaters in the entire world. The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater (Natural Gas) has received great positive reviews and is a bestselling item in the category of water heaters.


  • The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG is the smallest yet the most efficient tankless heater. The supply line of the Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG is equivalent to that of a 40-gallon water heater. It has a flow rate of 6.6 GMP.
  • The working system monitors the water temperature in the thermistor chamber. The water heater can not only regulate the temperature but can also shut down automatically when the temperature surpasses the minimum threshold. This auto shut off feature makes it safe to use.
  • Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG is equipped with an Air Fuel Ration sensor that tracks the harmful pollutants emitted from the heater.
  • Other safety features include freeze protection, surge breakdown protection, and digital meter protection. All these measures ensure that the water heater does not encounter a breakdown.


  • The brand name of Takagi is enough to guarantee the durability of the product. The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG has lasted even generations for as much as 10 years!
  • Setting up the Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG is as easy as it can get. The user manual contains step-by-step schematic instructions demonstrating how to install the water heater.
  • The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG comes with inbuilt DIP switches. These switches can be set to the altitude at which your house is located. The available options range from 0 to 6,000 feet divided into steps of 2,000 ft.


  • If you are not big on DIY, then installing the Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG can dent a sizable hole in your wallet. To install the water heater correctly, one needs skilled professionals to carry out the job for you, which can turn quite pricey.
  • The tankless water heater is not quite suitable for large houses. While the Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG can effortlessly provide a continuous supply of hot water to two bathrooms, for anything bigger than that, you may have to make use of more than one unit.
  • Since the water heater is fuelled by natural gas, it restricts your multitasking capabilities. Thus, you cannot take a shower while putting your laundry to clean.

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2. Rheem RTEX-13 240V Tankless Water Heater:

The Rheem RTEX -13 is an upgrade of the public favorite Rheem RTE 13. Inheriting the efficiency, durability, and space-saving capacity of its predecessor, the newer models come with additional features the most prominent being the inclusion of a digital thermostat.


  • The user-friendly digital thermostat comes with an LED display. It can be externally controlled and is highly accurate (with a tolerance of +/-1o)
  • Instead of having a live flame, the unit contains two long-lasting copper immersion heating elements. The elements are complemented with heat sensors and exchangers. All the components can be serviced on spot.
  • The Rheem RTEX-13 has a flow rate of 4 GMP, owing to which you can run hot water on your shower and a low-grade tap simultaneously.
  • The compact unit has to be installed right above the sink, close to the source and supply. Hence, it is ideal for small apartments.


  • It is a value for money appliance considering that it offers a flow rate of 4 GMP, which is rather high for the water heaters at the price range matching the Rheem RTEX-13.
  • Since it can be comfortably installed in cramped spaces, the ultra-compact water heater is perfect for smaller residential spaces. You can easily install it in cupboards, where it will be out of your way.
  • The Rheem RTEX-13 is extremely affordable and offers features and facilities that are on par with highly-priced counterparts. The unit and the installation cost can pay for themselves in about 1.5 years, which is an impressive turnover period.
  • Unlike its predecessor, the Rheem RTEX-13 has a rugged construction and is built to last. The model is durable and reliable.


  • The unit is ideal for small households. If you have a family composed of more than 4 members, then this model may not offer you the satisfaction as it would to a bachelor or a couple.
  • The performance of the water heater varies according to temperatures. When operating at lower temperatures, the 4 GMP flow becomes slow and is a disappointment.
  • Since the water heater can only be used for two outlets, if you have a larger home, you may have to purchase multiple units.
  • The Rheem RTEX-13 serves a low output rate and to balance it out, you may have to install low-flow fixtures, which will add to your installation cost.

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3. Rinnai V65EP 6.6 GPM Tankless Water Heater:

Rinnai is yet another company that is well-known for manufacturing high-quality water heaters. The Rinnai V65EP 6.6 GMP has an enhanced scale detection system, which eases your worries regarding any kind of damage.


  • The temperature lock feature ensures that the water is not overheated. The water heating unit automatically shuts down when the water temperature crosses the threshold. Furthermore, it prevents any damage caused due to temperature fluctuations.
  • The NOx in the model name stands for Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide since it is a low Nitrogen effluent appliance. While it may not be dangerous in small concentrations, it is still recommended to install it outdoors.
  • The Rinnai V65EP can produce water at the rate of 6.6 GMP. It possesses an energy factor of 0.82 for Propane and Natural Gas, making it affordable even in the long run.
  • The gas valve and blower can automatically regulate the incoming gas to match with the water supply. This is carried out using a digital controller.


  • The 0.82 energy factor not only makes this model environmentally friendly but also saves energy. Thus, the water heater is extremely efficient in supplying hot water at 6.6 GMP without exhausting the gas entirely.
  • You could choose between the reasonably priced natural gas models or pick the high-performance propane fuelled model.
  • The temperature lock feature in the Rinnai V65EP can avoid any mishaps or unauthorized temperature variations.
  • The user does not have to be very knowledgeable on the working of this unit as it is easy to install and operate. Additionally, low NOx emissions make it suitable for safe usage.


  • If you have a home that has more than 2 bedrooms, you may have to supplement the effects of the Rinnai V65EP with an additional water heater. Thus, they are unsuitable for large homes.
  • Even though the water heater boasts of low NOx emissions, the unit is not suited for indoor usage. The water heater has to be installed outside your home for safety purposes.
  • In colder climates, a 6.6 GPM gets contracted to a lower value of a mere 4 GPM, which may not be as comfortable as the flow would have been in warmer climates.

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The Camplux Enjoy Outdoor Life Pro BD158 is a confluence of portability and luxury. With this unit, you can heat water even while you are out camping in the woods. In fact, you can even use this unit outside the 4 walls of your house, whether you are giving your pet a bath or washing your car!


  • The Camplux Enjoy Outdoor Life Pro BD158 can be fuelled by propane gas or 2 D batteries. Batteries are not included with the pack. Along with the ignition method, the compact size of the unit makes it an extremely portable water heater.
  • The unit has a low power ignition, which allows it to operate even when the input water pressure is low. The minimum pressure threshold is 2.8 PSI of water pressure while the maximum pressure limit is 110 PSI.
  • It can deliver 1.58 gallons per minute of hot water with a mfaximum temperature rise of 46oC and a minimum temperature rise of 8oC for the 1.58 GMP rate.
  • 20 minutes automatic safety feature and oxygen depletion safety shutoff protection ensures that safety while using the propane water heater. Furthermore, the additional features include a flame failure device, dry combustion failure, and an anti-freezing protection mechanism.


  • The design aesthetics of the Camplux Enjoy Outdoor Life Pro BD158 enable a compact but durable build and a folding handle, which enhances the portability of the unit. The system is easy to set up and operate.
  • The device has a high energy efficiency of 88.5, which not only saves you money but also saves essential resources when you are outdoors. Additionally, the ability to fire up the water heater with the 2 D cell batteries make it ideal for campsites and cabins. You are not entirely dependent on the availability of electricity or propane.
  • The 1.58 GMP ensures that you are adequately supplied with hot water without expending too much energy. 1.58 GMP is more than sufficient for outdoor showers, campsites, lodges, and cabins.
  • It offers high performance even if it is put into operation in low water pressure circumstances. The system can operate with a 12-volt pump to raise the pressure to the desired level. The power output offered by the water heater is 41,000 BTU/hour at a steady supply of propane at 0.4PSI.


  • The showerhead which is available complimentary with the water heater is rather short for easy operation. You may overcome it by using an extension and an adjustable shower head, but that involves purchasing the accessories.
  • Users have experienced issues while using the ‘quick connect’ fitting to supply water to the unit. The quick-connect seems to fail often botching up the customer experience.
  • Quick and strong gusts of wind could blow out the heating flame, which is rather inconvenient if you are using it outdoors. However, you may invest in a cover that may shield the unit from the wind.
  • Users can become vulnerable to a gas leak or a fire hazard if they forget to add the gasket into the adapter before they connect the regulator to the propane water heater.

5. Sio Green IR260 POU Infrared Water Heater:

The Sio Green IR260 is an infrared technology and thus makes use of coil-less technology to heat up water without the involvement of the metallic heating elements. Thus, you only make use of the necessary amount of water and need not worry about the corrosion inside the water heater. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the buildup of algae or bacteria. This tankless water heating unit operates effectively in areas receiving hard water since it prevents the accumulation of limescale and calcium.


  • Since the unit does not heat up additional volumes of water, it is highly energy efficient. It reduces energy costs up to 65% when compared to any regular Electric Tankless Water Heater.
  • The Sio Green IR260 POU Electric Tankless Water Heater offers a flow rate of 1.36 GPM for a 30oF temperature rise at a 107oF output. This output is achievable in warmer climates.
  • The tankless water heater makes use of the electric supply of a mere 220 V to heat water using the infrared technique. It is easy to maintain and does not contain any heating coils and metallic elements.
  • The heating unit offers about 4 different power levels from 1 to 4, which allows users to control the intensity of water heated. You can regulate the input from 10 to 30 amperage, which will result in a power variation ranging from 1.5kW to 6.0kW.


  • The heating unit is not only compact but is also easy to use and install. Furthermore, it needs negligible maintenance.
  • Since the unit does not allow deposition of lime scales, algae, and bacteria; nor does the unit experience corrosion, it makes the propane water heater last long. The operational longevity provides the water heater the quality of being durable and value for money item. Some infrared water heaters can last for as much as 20 years if they are used with prudence.
  • You can tailor the heated output water according to your needs by controlling the 4-level power regulator. You could vary the current from 10-30 amps such that the resulting power is 1.5kW to 6kW. Additionally, the water flow regulator controls the flow of water into the water heater. Increasing the water flow will decrease the temperature of the output water and vice versa. Thus, the unit offers complete control over the temperature of the water.
  • Since the propane water heater is composed of recyclable material, it is extremely favorable for the environment. In addition to that, the energy-saving capacity of the water heater also imparts the quality of a smaller harsh impact on the environment.


  • While the Sio Green IR260 POU offers a steady supply of hot water depending on your needs, it only does so for one outlet at a time. You cannot carry out concurrent appliances such as the laundry or dishwasher while taking a shower. It is recommended that you only make use of a single faucet shower head one at a time.
  • Installing the water heating unit is not a DIY expert if you are a rookie. Users cannot simply plug in the Sio Green IR260 POU into the outlet. It needs a dedicated circuit operating on a 30 amp breaker with a 10g wire, which implies that you need an electrician to carry out the installation for you.
  • The user manual that comes along with the water heater is quite unclear and confusing for some. It does not contain any clear instructions on how users can program the temperature settings. The LCD display shows the temperature in degrees Celsius, which can be inconvenient for those using the imperial system for temperature measurement.
  • While the main water heating unit is sturdy and durable, the additional shower head that comes along with it is flimsy and may break if it is screwed on too tightly.

6. MAREY Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater:

The propane gas-based Marey 10L Tankless water heater does not require any electricity to operate. Equipped with an auto-ignition feature, the water heater is quick to heat water even if the input supply is available at low water pressure. The water heating starts automatically when the faucet is turned on and the hot water output is at 3.1 gallons per minute.


  • The water heater is ignited by 2 D cell batteries, which bypasses the need for an electric supply for ignition. The ions in the water heating system since the flame to trigger double ignition heating.
  • The freeze protection feature enables the removal of the water discharge valve so that there is no accumulation of standing water in the internal pipes of the system. Once the water is out, water will not freeze in the pipes even when the temperature falls below the freezing point.
  • The Marey Gas Tankless Water Heater comes with a summer-winter switch, which saves energy spent in combustion. In the winter setting, the flame burns with a stronger intensity to balance out the external cold, thereby providing additional heating.
  • It is equipped with a low-pressure startup system which allows the heater to run even at water pressure at 8 PSI. However, a steady supply of input water is necessary to ensure that the tankless water heater is in operation.


  • The Marey 10L Gas Tankless Water Heater sports an auto-shutdown feature that powers off the appliance to prevent overheating or any related mishaps. Additionally, if the heater’s flame goes out, due to some reason, the gas supply to the unit is also disrupted to prevent any accident. This feature also saves gas, which would have otherwise gone waste.
  • The summer-winter switch conserves gas depending on the influence of the external conditions. Thus, users will not be burning excess gas to heat water in summers. Plus, it offers greater control to the user, who can choose how hot should the water run. You can monitor the water temperature as it is displayed on the digital panel.
  • The output water of this unit is clean and even consumable. The unit does not allow any kind of buildup or rusting, which may contaminate the hot water. Apart from the regular use of bathing, you could also use this water for cooking.
  • The water heating unit is compact and portable. It needs less space for installation as well as storage. Installation of the water heater is simple and once the system is up, you can get your hot water on demand!


  • While the heating unit considers external factors such as the weather, it may have overlooked the influence of altitude on the heating capacity. If your house is located above an altitude of 2,000.
  • The company offers a warranty for 5 years. However, the water heater has to be registered under the Marey Heater Warranty Program within 30 days from the day it was purchased. The warranty stands invalid if the user fails to register the water heater. This fine print makes the warranty not quite convenient for the users.
  • The installation and mounting of the water heater require certain clearances. Additionally, the unit requires a supply of fresh air. This obstacle may make the Marey 10L Tankless Gas Water Heater unsuitable for certain apartments.
  • The original fittings of the water heater are notched at ½ inch. In contrast, most home-based pipes and hoses are at 3/8 inches, which means that you might have to tinker around a little and make some replacements to ensure that the fittings are compatible.

7. Rinnai V65IP 6.6 GPM Indoor Water Heater:

The brand name “Rinnai” is enough to infuse greater trust and promises durability to its customers. The V65IP is an interior mount water heater, which is capable of supplying 6.6 gallons of hot water per minute. It contains all the features and advantages of a Rinnai water heater including the advanced heating options coupled with a compact design. The durable water heaters by Rinnai are built to last.


  • The Rinnai V65IP has a very lightweight and compact build. It is also certified for installation in mobile homes. Thus, the heating unit is highly portable.
  • The heating unit offers 6.6 gallons per minute of hot water output. This means that it can provide an uninterrupted supply of hot water to 1 to 2 bathrooms. Additionally, it has a preset temperature of 120oF and can be adjusted to 140oF by the installer.
  • The water heater conforms to the Texas and California NOx emission standards. Thus, the unit is safe to operate and is an eco-friendly model.
  • The Rinnai V65IP is highly efficient with an energy factor of 0.82. The unit provides as much as 150000 BTU, which also points out its high efficiency.
  • It can withstand a maximum water supply pressure of 150 PSI and a minimum water supply pressure of 20 PSI. For optimum usage, a supply pressure of 30-80 PSI is recommended.


  • The unit is equipped with an automatic leak detection that shuts off the propane gas supply if it suspects the leakage of gas supply. This feature saves up on wastage of gas, thereby not only being environmentally friendly but also saves you expenses.
  • The water heater is ultra-compact, lightweight, and is easy to install. Furthermore, due to the low NOx emissions, it can be safely mounted in mobile homes.
  • The automatic water leakage detection shuts off the water supply to the tankless water heater if there is a leak in the water supply. Additionally, the anti-frost feature prevents frosting inside the water heater.
  • Can supply a steady stream of hot water at 6.6 GPM with a uniform temperature. The digital temperature regulator allows the user to control the water temperature.


  • Depending on the temperature of the water supply, heating up the water may take a longer duration and not as instant as some of its counterparts.
  • While the water supply of 6.6 GPM is sustainable for smaller houses, it is not advised to install this unit in larger homes with more than two bathrooms.
  • Maintenance can be an issue if you live in an area that receives a hard water supply. You need to ensure that the unit is occasionally flushed out with vinegar that can prevent the buildup of scales.
  • The water heating unit makes a low hum while in operation. While this whirring sound may not be too loud or unpleasant, it can be slightly annoying to those who mind noises.

8. Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Tankless Water Heater

Camplux offers pocket-friendly, compact, and portable outdoor water heaters. The Camplux 5L model can deliver hot water almost instantly, offering it an edge over its competitors. The unit is one of the best-selling products from Camplux range of water heaters and its popularity speaks volumes about the item.


  • The water heater can operate on as little as 2.5 PSI of supply water pressure, which is the lowest supply pressure for water heaters in this range.
  • The Camplux 5L can attain a maximum temperature of 1145oF and a minimum temperature of 46.4oF for a rate of flow of 1.32 GPM.
  • The folding handle and the compact design make it ideal for outdoor use. The lightweight build makes it convenient to carry around this unit.


  • With features such as temperature control, automatic shutoff, antifreeze protection, oxygen depletion, users can safely operate this propane water heater without any worries.
  • The heating unit is worth the money since it offers quick heating and loads of features at a very reasonable price. Hence, it is an affordable and practical option.
  • Camplux is a trusted brand that offers premium services for its customers, including reliable and long-lasting warranty and also regular servicing and maintenance.
  • The water heater can heat up and sustain the high temperatures of the water for long durations. This not only makes hot water available for longer periods but is also energy efficient.


  • Considering that this model is of the portability type, leakages can occur while traveling on rough terrains. Thus, safety measures such as including a gasket should be a must to ensure that no leakages occur in transportation.
  • While the Camplux 5L is extremely effective at regular places, it seems to be an issue at higher altitudes. Thus, consider the altitude while taking it the water heater out for a shower.
  • Compared to other water heaters available at this price, the Camplux 5L offers a slow water supply at the rate of 1.32 gallons per minute. Other water heaters can provide nearly 2.5 to 10 GPM.
  • Due to the slow water supply, the Camplux 5L is suitable mainly for individual use. Thus, it is not suitable for large families or for running hot water simultaneously.

9. Rheem RTEX-18 240V Residential Tankless Water Heater

The Rheem RTEX-18 240 has a robust brass and copper heat exchanger that can endure even the harshest water conditions. Thus, the water heater is not only long-lasting but also an asset for those living in areas supplying hard water. It sports a space-saving design and consumes low energy.


  • The model comes equipped with an On-Unit panel that helps display and regulates the temperature and the modulating power.
  • The RTEX-18 has a water supply capacity of 3.51 GPM at 35oF, which is quite impressive.
  • Since the unit is an on-demand water heater, it is extremely energy efficient and heats water only when it is required.
  • The LED display indicates the active elements in the water heating unit and upon inactivity after long durations, the standby mode is activated.


  • The maximum flow rate that the Rheem RTEX-18 can offer is 5 GPM, which is capable of running hot water in two bathrooms during summer and one bathroom in the winters.
  • The on-unit panel allows the user to enter settings according to his or her preferences. Thus, you can get hot water at the correct temperature without having to fiddle around with knobs.
  • When compared to other gas water heaters, this model claims to have almost no leakage. This claim has been supported by many customers who have used the water heater.
  • The unit is not only compact, but it has a sleek and stylish look. The water heater can comfortably be installed or mounted even in tight spaces.


  • Unfortunately, the water heater does not come with a user manual. Thus, those who are new to appliance-related DIY should not try setting up the Rheem RTEX-18 as it will not only be complicated but can also be a safety hazard.
  • While the model produces hot water on demand, it is not absolutely energy efficient as it consumes a greater volume of fuel.
  • Even though the 5 GPM is an impressive number for the hot water supply rate, it can be insufficient at times considering that it can only provide hot water to a single bathroom during the winter season, when hot water is truly required.
  • Rheem is a reliable brand that has been working in the field of water heating for years, the warranty of this particular unit is not quite user-friendly and users have had to suffer due to the degradation of the water heater parts resulting in the short life of the water heater.

10. Gasland 1.58GPM 6L Outdoor Tankless Water Heater:

The Gasland 1.58 GPM 6L water heater is perfect for outdoor use when you are looking for a portable option amongst water heaters. While the hot water may not be used for drinking purposes, it can be handy for getting a relaxing hot water shower out in the wild. With the Gasland 1.58 GPM outdoor portable water heater, you can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of water.


  • Compact and lightweight construction to make it even more portable and suited for every kind of outdoor use.
  • The water heater can operate even at low water pressure. A mere 2.5 PSI of supply water can start up the heating unit.
  • It offers and supplies a water flow of 1.58 gallons per minute, which is rather impressive for an outdoor, portable water heater to offer hot water on the go.
  • The unit comes with additional features such as a device flame failure alarm, anti-freeze protection, and overheating automatic shutdown protection.


  • The water heater can be triggered simply by 2 D cell batteries instead of solely depending on the electrical trigger. Hence, it is not only useful for outdoor use but also for homes that experience frequent power outages.
  • Along with its robust build, compact and lightweight design, the water heater also has brackets and handles which make it easy to hang or carry the water heater. This addition makes it all the more portable.
  • It can operate even on low water supply pressures with a normal operating range of 2.5 to 110 PSI. On the other hand, the operating propane gas pressure is calibrated at 0.4 PSI having a maximum power output of 41,000 BTU/hour.
  • The heating unit is capable of raising the water temperature quickly and retaining the high temperature. Additionally, the temperature regulator is easy to use.


  • Installing the unit can be quite hectic especially since the water heater lacks a comprehensive guide to help with the same. The instruction manual is plain confusing and is very tough to comprehend.
  • While most of the necessary items come packed in the box, it does lack some important attachments such as the water and garden hose, or necessary accessories, like the 2 D batteries and propane bottle.
  • The fittings of the water heater are set according to British standards. Hence, if you live in America, you may have to tinker around with the plumbing while installing the water heater.
  • Despite the seemingly robust build, the same design considerations are not implemented in the shower hose. It is not only heavy and bulky, but it is capable of blowing off at even remotely high pressures.

Types of Propane Water Heater

Propane water heaters can be broadly classified as:

  • Tank Storage Propane Water Heater; and
  • Tankless (or on-Demand) Propane Water Heater

Tank Storage Propane Water Heater:

As the name suggests, tank storage propane water heaters can store from 40 to 100 gallons of water. In this model, water is first stored in the storage tank and then heated using a propane gas burner. These heaters take longer to heat water. Furthermore, they require special venting arrangements.

Tankless Propane Water Heater:

Tankless propane water heaters do not have any storage tanks in place. In this model, the water is passed through the heater in pipes and a gas burner heats up the water as it flows. Thus, compared to a tank storage propane water heater, tankless propane water heaters have a slower flow.

How Tankless Propane Water Heaters Work

In a tankless propane water heater, water is heated directly without the involvement of any storage tank. When the user turns on the hot water tap, cold water is supplied into the heating unit. The propane gas burner is responsible for heating up this water as it passes through the pipes. In this way, there is a steady supply of hot water from a tankless propane water heater.

Advantages of  Propane Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are ideal for those living in regions where natural gas is readily available. Even though the initial capital cost of gas water heaters is high, they have many advantages. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Gas water heaters are relatively easier to install and operate. Furthermore, they are more durable than electric water heaters. Plus, they require minimal maintenance, making them cost-effective.
  • Since gas is cheaper than electricity, gas water heaters are more affordable when compared to electric water heaters. The cost of operating a gas water heater is nearly 1/3rd of that of an electric water heater.
  • Gas water heaters have shorter recovery periods. This means that your supply of hot water can be quickly replenished without much delay. In fact, gas water heaters take up nearly half as much as the time that is taken by an electric water heater. Thus, all your hot water requirements will be met by a gas water heater.
  • It is suitable if you make heavy use of hot water. They heat up water quickly making it suitable for large families.
  • Since gas water heaters are fuelled by gas, they can heat up water even in the event of a power outage or electricity cuts.
  • As strange as this may sound, gas water heaters offer cleaner water. Electric water heaters have conductive heating elements that may decompose after a while and this rust or bits and pieces may fall inside the water. However, that is not present gas water heaters, so the water remains cleaner.

Why You Should Buy a Propane Tankless Water Heater

When you have to choose between a Tank Storage Propane Water Heater and a Tankless Propane Water Heater, you need to weigh out the pros and cons of each type. Tankless systems outweigh the tank systems in the following ways:

  • Tankless water heaters have 80% efficiency and a solid 82% recovery rate, due to which it not only helps you save on electricity but is also environmentally safe. Using tankless models cuts down your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.
  • Since tankless models cut down the need for filling up the storage tank and then heating the water, they are instant water heaters. You can draw unlimited hot water with uniformity in heat and reliability similar to that of regular cold water supply.
  • Tankless water heaters have a longer life than tanked water heaters. The durability stems from the fact that since there is no storage tank involved, there is no risk of a mineral deposit or rusting. Therefore, it is also ensured that the water is clean.
  • They offer better performance in the cold weather and can supply uniform hot water right on demand.
  • If you eliminate the factor of the initial capital investment, tankless propane water heaters basically pay for themselves. They save you money by cutting down your electricity consumption and run on cheaper fuel, propane, making it cost-efficient.
  • Tank Storage type water heaters require a larger amount of space. On the other hand, tankless systems can be installed even in tight places. The compact build of the water heater makes it easy to mount them on walls without posing as a hazard in any form.
  • Tankless systems require less frequent maintenance rounds, fewer replacements, and therefore infusing them with long life.

Final Verdict

This concludes our list of some of the best propane water heaters available in the markets. We have provided an extensive buyer’s guide that may help you read about propane water heaters in-depth and zero down on a unit that may be perfect for your requirements. However, if you were to ask us to pick the best propane water heater, we would undoubtedly vouch for Takagi’s T-KJr2-IN-LP, which is a champion water heater with a solid 6.6 GPM on consuming a mere 140,000 BTUs to heat water. It is extremely efficient and literally pays for itself. The unit is fully equipped with impressive features coupled with an effective thermistor that can regulate the temperature to what you set it. The fact that it is a durable appliance also indicates that it is worth every penny spent. Furthermore, Takagi offers over 10 years warranty on the water heater, which is enough to support the claim that the company truly believes in this model. Thus, the Takagi T-KJr-IN-LP is perfect due to its all-round nature. However, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ manner in which one can locate a suitable water heater. Thus, take the time out to survey the market and scout for a tankless propane water heater that will meet your requirements.

We hope that our guide can help you make up your mind!

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