Best Red Light Therapy Devices

Imagine the horror when you see the first sign of freckles on your beautiful face. You don’t want to end up looking like a haggard woman. Nobody does. I, myself, was horrified when I saw a few fine lines at the corner of my eyes. I wanted to do everything humanly possible to remove them. Creams, lotions, massages, and what not! But the result wasn’t as impressive. I wanted to cry at my changing face, but I didn’t. I did some research and got what I was looking for. An article mentioned the use of red light therapy that could revive damaged skin and give me firm, youthful skin. Immediately I started reading about the best red LED light therapy device. I couldn’t afford to go to a spa often for red light therapy. The more I read about these devices, the simpler they seemed. All I needed was the best red LED light therapy device and I could use it on my facial skin to undo the damage that age, pollution, diet, and lifestyle had caused. I didn’t procrastinate; I didn’t want things to aggravate. So, I bought a reputed device that claimed to solve my problem, and I must say, I didn’t have to regret it.

Best Red Light Therapy Devices


How to Choose the Best Red LED Light Therapy Device?

Since you have patiently read this far, I understand that you are interested in getting a red LED light therapy for yourself. But how do you get one for yourself? Buying isn’t a problem as they are easily available online. The question is how to choose the best red light therapy at home devices. Like any other product, not everything that you get in the market is worth it. Some are good; some better while others are a total waste of money. If you do not want to end up losing your money for a product that is no good, here are a few things that I feel are worth considering:

Size and Coverage: When you choose a red light device, you should consider its size and how much area it can cover. This is important if you want to enjoy the all-round benefits of the therapy. Remember, your facial skin isn’t the only area it can treat. You can use the therapy on any part of your body or on your whole body if you want. If you want a full-body treatment, the best red LED light therapy device would be one that is big enough for your entire body. However, if that feels unnecessary, you can choose a smaller device that will be suitable for your face, for example. I personally feel that you should start with a small device and gradually change to a bigger one with better coverage.

Ease of Use: The next important thing that you have to consider is ease of use. If the device is awkwardly shaped, you will not get as much benefit as you should. Not only that, but some devices also claim to provide full coverage while they are made only for targeted therapy. This will need you to adjust the device time and again so that you get an even treatment. It is best that you choose the device type wisely for better treatment.

Device Type: If you want the best benefits of red light therapy, it is important that you choose the right type of device. For full body treatment, it is best to opt for a stationary red light device. However, for targeted treatment, handheld devices are the best. The best handheld led light therapy device will help you make passes over the intended area as necessary for even treatment.

Power Output: The next important thing to consider is the power output of the device. Each red light facial machine has a specific power output that you can find in the specs section. The power output tells you how energy the device transfers to the body. The amount of energy decides how effective it will be for the treatment of skin problems, pain, etc.

Treatment Time: Not all devices are made the same. If you have a powerful device at hand, the treatment time will be comparatively less than what a less powerful device will take. A powerful device will save you some time.

FDA Approval: Safety should always be a concern when you are about to buy a device for any kind of treatment. That is where the FDA approval comes in. A product that is approved by the radiation will follow all the safety standards set up by the FDA. The best red LED light therapy device will protect you from any type of electrical or radiation mishaps.

Price: Unless you have inherited a fortune recently, you would be worried about the price as I was. None of us would want to spend a dime more than what is absolutely necessary. So, price comparison is a must before you settle on any product. You can easily get a handheld red LED light therapy device in the 100 dollar range while the best professional red light therapy devices would cost a few hundred dollars. Stationary devices are also priced on the higher side. So, it is important that you decide exactly what your needs are and choose a device that fulfills your requirements while being reasonably priced.

Customer Service and Warranty: For a product like this, I would always want to go with a brand that takes care of its customers, whether that be in the form of a nice warranty period or excellent customer support. The led light therapy machine reviews can be useful here. They will tell you how a particular brand takes care of its customers.

Reviews of the Best Red LED Light Therapy Devices

1. Wolezek 36w 18 led infrared light therapy device:

Wolezek brings to you one of the best red led light therapy device. This device is particularly designed to offer pain relief through infrared heat. The infrared heat tends to improve your blood flow and also heals your skin. It helps in building your muscles and heals damaged tissues as well.

The most interesting fact that impressed me is the socket compatibility. It can be used with any E26/27 standard socket and is really easy to get going as well. With this device at your disposal, you can easily enjoy a nice quick light therapy at home. The device is designed to be durable as well. Apart from that, it comes with a glass lens at 90 degrees which increases irradiance for better effect. The device also includes a 30dauy money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty as well.


  • Delivers wavelength perfect for the light therapy
  • The lens is designed in such a way that it increases the area of operation
  • As per the best red light therapy device reviews, this is one of the best drug-free solutions to your pain
  • You can place it on a socket


  • I think the biggest disadvantage of this therapy light is that you can’t see this light at all
  • Since you can’t see the light it might damage your light easily without you even knowing it

2. Red Light Therapy Device by Hooga, Red 660nm Near Infrared 850nm HG300:

This particular therapy device from Hooga is a wonderful addition to the red light therapy devices. Apart from the fact that the panel is made of 60 LEDs, it also features two different wavelengths of light as well. The lower wavelength red light offers skin rejuvenating capabilities while the other one with great wavelength offers relief from pain. Operating these two lights is really easy. With the two switches present you can control these lights with ease. Apart from that, the beam angle of these LEDs is 60 degrees which tend to work pretty well and efficiently too. The device is designed to offer 50000 hours of operation and includes an internal fan to reduce heating as well. Well, if you ask me, the best part of this light is the 24-month warranty. This makes you worry-free for at least 2 years which is really good.


  • This therapy device uses two different wavelengths of lights
  • 660nm and 850nm wavelengths are perfectly beneficial for the human body
  • Red light can be used for skin treatment
  • NIR light can e useful in the tissue-related treatment
  • Another feature that amazes me is the high irradiance capability of this therapy device
  • It offers 100 mW/cm2 of irradiance on the surface of the treatment
  • The therapy device comes with 60 LEDs which are fixed to offer a beam angle of 60 degrees
  • HG300 comes with 2 power switches
  • 1 power switch controls the RED lights and the other one controls the NIR lights
  • As per best red light therapy device reviews you can choose to use either of the lights or you can choose to use a combination of them
  • Includes an in-built fan to discard any chance of overheating
  • Comes with an additional door mount
  • Includes a hanging kit
  • Includes an easy to understand manual as well
  • You get a 30 days refund policy
  • Includes a warranty for 24 months


  • I think the problem lies with the fact that the lights might make your skin dry
  • To be precise not so much of irradiance effect

3. Anyork Body Red Light Therapy Devices in Deep Red (660nm) for Face Body Skin:

This is a light therapy body panel that comes with 338 LEDs. This device includes a hanger and is designed to cover the maximum area of your body. This device emits RED light of 660 nm wavelength which is really helpful in skin treatment particularly.

I personally like the size of this LED panel which allows you to have pain relief and inflammation reduction. It comes with a 2-year warranty and a 60day money-back guarantee as well. Treatment time might vary from 10-25 minutes which should be good for an effective result. Remember to use goggles while using this light therapy device to protect your eyes.


  • You can hang the device while using
  • Foldable, this makes it easy to store in small places
  • Affordable compared to other models available in the market
  • Easy to use even for the first-timers
  • Easy to set it up
  • Comes with a hanger and safety goggles as well
  • The treatment area is quite large
  • Powerful LEDs included
  • Designed to improve your skin
  • RED light therapy is designed to boost collagen
  • Somewhat pain-relieving as well
  • Can be perfect equipment if you are in sports
  • Helps in building your muscles and increases strength
  • Reduces your anxiety level as well
  • 660 nm red light is perfect for skin therapy
  • Comes with a maximum irradiance level of 100 mW/cm2
  • As per the led light therapy machine reviews, it’s really easy to transport from one place to another


  • While using this device, I did not find any problems

4. Red Light Therapy Device by Hooga Red 660nm Near Infrared 850nm HG24:

This is another wonderful therapy device from Hooga. Although this particular model has a similar kind of wavelength specifications, this one is a bit better than HG300 that I mentioned earlier. First of all this light therapy device is highly portable. Due to its weight being less than 2 lbs, carrying this device with you is not a problem at all. This is the reason why you can easily have your therapy session anywhere any time you want.

When it comes to the efficiency of this device, you might not find another device so versatile similar to this one. Apart from having a set of individual Infrared LEDs and normal Red LEDs, it comes with a single 24W bulb as well. Overall this best red led light therapy device is a great buy and with regular use, you can certainly get a beneficial result in the long term for sure.

This device is engineered to deliver powerful output without any disappointment. It promises to deliver an irradiance value of 80 Mw/Cm2 which can be really effective and help you get quick and easy results in no time at all. On top of all these features, this device comes with a warranty for 1 year and a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.


  • This device is designed to offer 600 nm and 800 nm wavelength of light
  • Capable of emitting Infrared lights which can be beneficial in treating your skin tissues and joint pain
  • The lower frequency output can be useful in treating skin diseases or reducing muscle pain or healing your muscles
  • Offers a great level of irradiance up to 80 Mw/Cm2 which is great compared to all the other products available in the same category
  • Effective and quick treatment without using any drug at all
  • Its designed to be light in weight (weighs only 2 lbs) which definitely adds to its portability
  • According to the led light therapy machine reviews it can be used for a different purpose
  • It can heal your joint pain, muscle pain, repair your damaged tissues, and a lot more than you can imagine
  • The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee without any trouble at all


  • As far as I am concern I am annoyed with the lack of clamping facility that this device comes with
  • Might not be the best option for light therapy
  • Skin does get a bit hot but does not seem to effect a lot on the skin

5. UL Certified 660nm Near-Infrared and 850nm Infrared Led from Ryumei:

Ryumei brings to you one of the high quality and effective therapy devices that you can buy. Installing this device is not an issue at all and even if you are a first-timer you can easily get it done without any help from any professional for sure. The device is engineered to emit 2 different wavelengths of light: 660nm and 850 nm. The first one is a RED light which can be used for joint pain, muscle pain relief, etc and the other one is the near Infrared light which can be used to heal your skin tissues and boost your muscles as well. It comes with a better irradiance value as well due to its 30-degree lens attached to the device. Overall this is a safe device to use at home and does not require any special socket to get going either.


  • Comes with socket and light bulb
  • Emits 2 different wavelengths of light
  • Capable of healing your skin tissues, muscles, joint pain, and many more
  • Comes with 6 near-infrared LED lights
  • Irradiance effect is measured at 100mW / cm2 or more which is really great for light therapy
  • Regular treatments for your waist or knee can relieve arthritis as well
  • Designed to fit a standard socket
  • Easy to use
  • You can install it without any professional guidance
  • Comes with a 60 months warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The clip does not work well
  • Not really effective to be frank

6. Proaller Infrared Light Therapy Pain Relief Devices for Knee, Neck, Joint, and Muscle:

If you are looking for a solution to your joint, muscle, neck, and knee pain, then this particular light therapy device from Proaller can be a good choice for you. This device is designed to provide effective results and there are really good reasons to believe this. As far as I have experienced, this device is equipped with two different wavelengths of light. The 650 nm light can be used for skin-related treatment whereas the 850 nm light can be useful in much-complicated treatment like muscle or joint problems. Whether you have shoulder pain, muscle issues, knee pain, with regular use of this device, you can easily have a nice effect on these physical problems.

Apart from that this device is an awesome example of a no-drug treatment. It employs nothing but light therapy which encourages natural healing without any cross-infection or additional pain. A 15-minute session twice a day can be beneficial for anyone suffering from pain or tissue-related issues. Another amazing fact that surprised me is its efficiency in the treatment of your pet cat and dogs. This device is one of those rare devices that can be beneficial for both humans and animals. If you ask me, this portable, easy to use the device is certainly good enough to give it a go!


  • I have seen no other therapy device this easy to use even for the beginners
  • Designed to be lightweight
  • You can recharge the battery once power runs out
  • Do not need any constant source of power
  • Highly portable design
  • Emits lights with wavelengths of 650 nm and 850 nm
  • 650 nm light effects on the skin tissues and overall skin health
  • 850 nm light helps in the recovery of your muscle, reduces joint pain, and much more
  • With this therapy device, you won’t need any type of drug to get rid of your pain
  • Perfect pain reliever in no time at all
  • Perfect for tissue repairing and muscle building
  • If you ask me it is technically one of those therapy devices that can even work on your pet dogs and cats as well


  • So far I haven’t found any issue with this light therapy device

7. DGXINJUN Red Light Therapy Devices for Joint & Muscle Pain Relief:

Even though this particular therapy device from DGXINJUN does not have a wavelength variation like so many other models do, but there are enough reasons to buy this product. Apart from getting a free replacement warranty on all accessories, this device performs efficiently too. It comes with advanced LED lights with high reliability, longer lifetime, robustness, and most importantly lower thermal resistance as well. This device is perfectly designed to offer you a daily dose of light therapy at home.

This one of the best red led light therapy device is truly a wonder of engineering. It has two different types of penetrating systems which allows you to heal the pain in your joints and thigh, back, neck, or muscle pain. The point penetrating system allows you to relieve your joint pain where as the area penetrating system lets you heal your back, thigh, or any type of muscle pain that you might have.

It’s a medically proven light therapy device. With its 660nm light, it can prove to be effective against any type of pain in your body. With multiple uses of this device on daily basis, you can surely get a healthy body in no time at all. Even if you use it on daily basis you do not have to worry a lot, as it does not affect your skin at all.


  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Advanced LED light system
  • Reliable, long-lasting, and robust
  • Perfect for daily home health care
  • Can be used for healing joint pain
  • Perfect against muscle, neck, or back pain
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for any type of skin
  • No side effects
  • No need for any type of drug
  • Comes with skid-proof lines that hold the device safely
  • This device is widely used by professional trainers, physical therapists, and doctors
  • Perfect athletes and aged people
  • Not that costly at all
  • Emits 650 nm of light which is clinically good for healing your pain and skin-related issues


  • Well I think this device is a bit costly than what you get
  • Batteries are not capable enough to hold charges for long

Benefits of red LED light Therapy

Before I talk about red light therapy at home devices, it is important that you understand how red light therapy can help you. Remember that this is a proven way of improving skin health and there is hardcore science behind it. Red light therapy can help in skin cell regeneration, increase blood oxygen content, improve micro blood circulation, boost elastin and collagen production, improve skin tone, enhance skin plumpness, and expedite skin wound healing. When properly used, red light therapy yields the following benefits:

  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, sagging skin, skin dullness, etc.
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces acne scars, acne blemishes, Rosacea, etc.
  • Repairs broken capillaries
  • Aids in wound healing
  • Treats psoriasis, eczema, etc.
  • Reduces inflammation

When you use the red light facial machine at home, you get the benefits that any salon treatment would give you without having to spend hundreds of dollars. So, for people like you and me who do not want to go broke trying to look younger, red LED light therapy at home is the best choice. Moreover, the use of red light therapy makes skin serums and creams work better to remove any signs of skin damage.

How does Red LED Light Therapy Work?

I have often seen people who are afraid of adapting to something new. Just because you have seen salon experts using professional red light therapy devices doesn’t mean that it is beyond your reach. You do not need to be an expert to use a home red light therapy device. These devices are designed for common people like you and me and using them is no rocket science. The working principle of these devices, however, involves some serious science. The red light emitted from these devices has a direct effect on the mitochondria of the cells. The mitochondria are responsible for the production of ATP. When red light hits the mitochondria, they produce more ATP or cellular energy. With more energy now available, the cell functions more actively; rejuvenating and repairing itself. This helps cure skin damage, aging, certain skin diseases, etc.

But don’t be alarmed at the complex science behind the working of the red light. All you need to know is that the best handheld led light therapy device can be a potent tool for firmer and youthful skin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Red LED Light Therapy

Do red LED light therapy devices to work?

Yes. They do work. I can tell from my personal experience that they can treat signs of aging skin. Not only that, they are also useful in treating pain, improving testosterone production, enhancing healing, and boosting overall health.

Can I treat wrinkles with red light therapy?

Yes. The red light therapy at the home device will significantly reduce wrinkles and prevent the onset of new ones by boosting collagen formation. I would suggest using red light therapy with topical anti-aging creams.

Can Retin A be used with light therapy?

Yes, definitely. In fact, when you apply Retin A after therapy, you will get better results. If irritation occurs, do not use it.

Can red light therapy promote hair growth?

Yes, it can only if you use the intended wavelengths. When proper wavelengths are used, hair follicles are stimulated. This helps in hair growth.

How often can I use red light therapy?

There is no one answer to this. It depends on the treatment of you. Some may need one session every day while others may need multiple sessions in a day. I would recommend talking to a doctor before you start using it.

Can red light therapy restore skin firmness?

Since red light boosts elastin and collagen production, it can help make skin firmer than before.


Red light therapy is, indeed, very useful for a number of skin problems as well as for overall health. Choosing the best red LED light therapy device is imperative for the best results. With optimal wavelengths and proper strength, it is possible to achieve the effects that you are looking for. Hope you got the information that you were looking for. Happy shopping!

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