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When it comes to our hair, we women are very particular. Wavy, curly, straight – whatever may the need be, we want our hair to be perfect, any day, anywhere. While a hairstyling expert at a good salon can easily create the look we want, it is often not friendly on our pockets. In fact, most women visit a salon for hairstyling only a few times a year. So, what about the rest of the days? Well, most women depend on hair straighteners, curling irons, and dryers to style their hair as they want. Though these beauty tools work just fine in creating the style that you like, there is an easier and more convenient solution available – a rotating hot air brush – a single tool that can create different hairstyles with ease.

Best Rotating Hot Air Brush, Best Rotating Hot Air Brush reviews

A rotating hairbrush is a modification of the general hot airbrush and has a similar working mechanism. However, since these brushes vent out hot air, they work both as a hairdryer and styler at the same time. Moreover, unlike non-rotating hot airbrushes, the rotating ones come with a round-shaped barrel that makes hair styling more convenient.


Buying Guide for Rotating Hot Air Brush

A rotating hot air brush can, indeed, save you hundreds of dollars spent on salon visits, but only if you happen to buy the Best rotating hot airbrush. With dozens of models available online, choosing the right one for yourself may seem impossible. However, that is not true. Taking a few factors into consideration while making the choice of the Rotating hot airbrush can actually solve the problem. Here, we will point out some such factors that can help you make a wise choice:

Barrel Size:

The very first point of consideration while choosing the best rotating hot airbrush should be the barrel size. The barrel size varies from model to model and is suited for different hair volumes as well as different styles. For thin to medium thick hair, a barrel size of ½ to ¾ of an inch would be most suitable. Not only that, but a smaller barrel size is also ideal when you want to achieve tighter curls. However, if you have thick hair, larger barrel sizes (1 inch or more) are preferred. These barrels are ideal for loose curls. If you are looking to enhance hair volume, larger barrels would be the right choice. Barrel size must also be decided based on the length of your hair – barrels of 2 inches are ideal for long hair, 1.5 inches for medium length hair, and 1 inch or less for short hair

Barrel Material:

The material that goes into the making of the hot rotating airbrush is also important. The barrel can be made of chrome, ceramic, or tourmaline That chrome is the cheapest of the choices, it is not good for your hairs as it can cause tangles and lead to hair breakage. That is why ceramic and tourmaline is the best choices for your hair. These materials allow the heat to spread quickly and evenly throughout all hair follicles, thus making hair drying and styling faster and more efficient. This not only reduces heat damage caused due to prolonged exposure to heat and also makes it convenient for you to style your hair even during weekdays.

Another benefit that these two materials have is that they emit negative ions while working on your hair which makes your hair less frizzy and more manageable. Tourmaline works more effectively than ceramic. It, however, is quite expensive.

Bristle Material:

For good results, you not only need a good barrel, but you also need high-quality bristles to go with it as well. Bristles made of high-quality materials will not only be able to transfer the proper amount of heat to your hair follicles, but also withstand the high temperatures that they reach. That is why nylon bristles are the most favored by women who use or are willing to use hot airbrushes. They can get a good grip on the hair follicles and withstand the high heat as well.

Heat Settings:

Just as one size does not fit all, one heat setting doesn’t fit all types of hair. That is why you need a brush that comes with multiple settings. Having a wide range of temperature settings on your brush will mean that you will be able to style your hair without any issue. Thin hair needs less heat for styling while coarse, thick hair needs high heat for proper styling. Though more heat will help style your hair better, using too much heat on thin hair can damage them badly.

Speed Settings:

When choosing a rotating hot airbrush, it would be wise to invest in a model that has multiple speed settings. This will allow you to control the way you want to dry and style your hair.


Instead of choosing a brush that can rotate in one direction only, choose one that can rotate in both directions. This can make styling easier and help you achieve the exact type of curls that you are looking for without having to change directions often.


If you travel often, then it is quite possible that you would need to style your hair on the go. And you may not get a 110 V socket for everyone. So, try to buy a model that supports both 110 and 220 V sockets.

Switch Option:

Many rotating hot air brushes come equipped with a button that can be used to turn off the rotating feature of the brush and use it as a non-rotating one. This feature is useful for women who want to have total control over the hairstyling process.

Grip and Weight:

Another factor that is worth considering is how good is the grip of the brush you are planning to buy. It is preferable to choose one with an ergonomic design so that it doesn’t slip off your hand while using it. Also, go for a light brush as holding a heavy brush for too long can cause pain.

Best Rotating Hot Air Brushes Reviewed

1. John Frieda Hot Rotating Brush:

In case you are looking for a rotating airbrush that will allow you to get rid of all the flyaway hair and leave you with smooth, bouncy, and shiny hair, then this hot airbrush from John Frieda is the best that you can buy. This brush does not damage your hair like any other curling wands or irons. This brush comes with two different heat settings and an additional cool setting that allow you to get the best styling result. The cord included is long enough to move around. Although according to the Rotating hot air brush reviews this is one of the best rotating brushes that you can buy, remember that this rotating brush is a bit slower compared to any other hairdryer, so you will have to make sure your hair is almost dry. That being said, this brush is certainly best for those who have long, thick hair.


  • Compared to other hot airbrushes, this one is pretty much affordable
  • Easy to grip and easy to style
  • Not much weight, so you can use the airbrush for a longer duration of time
  • It dries your hair really quickly and can style your hair at the same time
  • Comes with ionic technology to ensure frizz-free, smooth, and healthy hair
  • Comes with an additional titanium-ceramic coating
  • This ensures an even distribution of heat while you style your hair
  • No damage to your hair root
  • Comes with two heat settings
  • Lets you adjust the heat level according to your need
  • Low settings can be used for fine, and thin hair
  • The high settings work fine for the thick hair
  • The cool settings ensure that you get a long-lasting effect while you style your hair


  • According to some of the users, this airbrush needs some improvement
  • The brush might not work with the same efficiency if you have a thick, long hair
  • Hair might get tangled with the bristles accidentally
  • Adjusting the heat settings is not that easy
  • The barrel of this brush is really big to handle the short hair
  • The rotating brush might not work well for the short hair
  • This device is not for the beginners
  • To use this device and get the best result, you will have to have some experience
  • It does not support dual voltage, so in case you are non-US resident, you will have to buy a separate power adapter to get going

2. Revlon Perfect Heat:

Although Revlon hasn’t been in the market for too long, still it’s cool features and price range certainly beats the best of the lot available in the market. If you go through Rotating hot air brush reviews you can easily understand why the users love this product. Apart from being less costly than most of the well-known brands in the market, this airbrush also provides you higher air blowing power as well. With 900 watts of power, it ensures you lesser dry time and great styling results as well. With this hot air rotating brush, you can easily get your hair styled right at your home without any problem at all. The brush uses a material known as tourmaline, which ensures shiny, frizz-free, and sleek hair. With the proper use of this hot brush, you can easily have curly hair with great volume to match your style. It comes with different heat settings and can be really good for all types of hair. It offers you great control and comfort while working on your hair as well.


  • Comes with a ceramic coating that ensures protection from any kind of heat damage
  • Affordable compared to other well has known hot airbrushes
  • Comes with folding handle
  • Works in Dual-voltage which makes it a good option to carry with you
  • Fast heating
  • Fast result
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Quality matches the salon standard
  • Smooth and frizz-free hair in no time at all


  • The heat settings aren’t digital
  • Comes with heat level settings instead of exact temperature readings
  • No separate settings for airspeed control
  • Not that effective on all types of hair
  • Limited settings options

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3. Helen of Troy Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush:

If you have medium or short length hair and looking to buy an airbrush that will offer you shiny, smooth, and curly hair, then this airbrush from Helen of Troy is the best that you can get. This hot airbrush comes with two different heat settings that allow you to get rid of any tangles while you style your hair. The bristles used in this airbrush are really flexible and that makes it really easy to curl your hair in no time at all. It comes with a power cord long enough to help you move around while working on your hair. This brush comes with a soft handle that ensures ease of use for every single user. And most importantly, unlike the curling irons or curling wands, this hot air brush is truly a great tool to have, especially for the fact that it works gently on your hair.


  • Ball tip bristles are really flexible and soft
  • Get rid of tangling without damaging your hair
  • The added lock feature offers great results if you wish to have a curly and bouncy hair
  • Barrel size is only 1” which makes it great for curly hair
  • You can remove the brush sleeve with ease and that lets you clean the barrel in no time at all
  • Does not cause overheating
  • The handle features a soft-grip that ensures comfort more than any other hot airbrush
  • Temperature settings are adjustable and can be great for detailed styling
  • Long power cord for better accessibility and efficiency


  • It uses only 250-watts of power which means you might not get enough power to dry your hair quickly

4. Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Brush:

If you are looking for an airbrush that can help you gain the perfect hair shine and volume then, this hot air brush from CONAIR might be the best choice for you. These airbrushes work pretty similarly to a blow dryer and can be really effective. With 3 different heat settings and 2-speed settings, this airbrush is truly one of the best that you can get. It’s really easy to use and works fast as well. You can even use the brush without the spin and it will work like any blow dryer. Although it might seem that your hair will get tangled, this brush comes with anti-static bristles that can provide you tangle-free hair every time. Apart from that this brush comes with ion technology that ensures you a frizz-free, shiny and smooth hair every time you brush. With this rotating airbrush, you can style and dry your hair altogether. Safely dries your hair without any issues and offer smooth and silky hair.


  • 3 different settings for heat
  • The barrel is 2” which makes it really easy to style your hair
  • Anti-static and tangle-free brush
  • Bi-directional rotating brush
  • You can replace and remove the filter as per your requirement


  • Airflow is not that high
  • The brush diameter is a bit thick which may cause a little bit of from curling your hair

5. Babylisspro Nano Rotating Hot Air Brush:

This rotating airbrush is another of the best hot air brushes that you can get. Apart from allowing you to have healthy and shiny hair, it volumizes your hair as well. It comes with a 2” barrel which definitely adds to the easy use of this airbrush. It comes with a simple push button to control its direction forward or backward. If you go through Rotating hot air brush reviews you will see that this brush comes with ionic technology that enhances not only your shine but also promises to reduce your frizz. Comes with 3 different temperature settings and you can use it on your hair irrespective of your hair being dry or wet. And when you add to the fact that it works really fast, you can surely want to have one of these in your collection.


  • This airbrush rotates in both directions
  • Ionic technology that ensures shiny hair and fast drying
  • Heat distribution is even
  • The bristles are anti-static
  • You can control the rotational direction with a simple push-button


  • If you have curly hair, this airbrush is not for you
  • The handle might be a bit thick to your choice

Why Buy a Rotating Hot Air Brush?

Rotating Hot airbrushes are, indeed, a great addition to any woman’s style kit. However, what makes the rotating variant a much more favored choice than its non-rotating counterpart is the convenience that they offer. Not only that, but a rotating barrel also helps you create new and better styles with ease, something that non-rotating ones cannot provide. It helps you get salon-like hair styling right at your home, and that too, within a very short time. These brushes can replace your curlers, straighteners, and dryers, which makes them more travel-friendly.

How to Get The Best Results From Rotating Hot Air Brushes?

If you are looking for salon-like results at home with your Rotating hot airbrush, then it is imperative that you use it correctly. If you are new to hot airbrushes, here’s what you can do to get the best results:

  • Before you start styling your hair, allow some time to let the brush get heated up. This will guarantee that all your locks get even heat.
  • Your hair must be divided into sections of uniform size so that the desired heat can be applied to each section and not haphazardly.
  • While using the brush on your hair, be patient. Allow it to glide down slowly from the root to the tip to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed and the hair becomes voluminous.
  • Once you have styled one section of your hair, wait for it to cool down before styling another section. This will protect your hair from getting exposed to too much heat continuously.

Cleaning Your Rotating Hot Air Brush

Quite like any styling tool that you own, these brushes require maintenance. Without regular cleaning and care, even the Best rotating hot air brush will falter and fail. That being said, caring for your new favorite hair styling tool isn’t complicated. All you need to do is follow the given regime:

  • After you are done using the brush, allow it to cool down. Once cool, use a moist cloth to clean the brush and the bristles of any hair strands that may have got entangled.
  • Use a dry piece of cloth to rub off any hair product residue that may have got deposited on the bristles or the barrel. Doing so regularly will keep the brush clean and offer better styling.
  • You can also use cleaning products that are available online or in your local store.


Buying a rotating hot air brush isn’t a big deal. It is buying the best one that will make the difference. So, carefully go through the Rotating hot air brush reviews and choose one that will suit you the best and you are sure to turn heads the next time you step out of your home.

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