Best Skin Tag Removal Creams

Do you feel irritated with the small flap of skin that resides over your lip or on the cheek? Does it make you feel flawed and imperfect? Well, you aren’t the only one facing the problem. These small flaps of skin are known as skin tags and are commonly present in people of all ages. Some have them from a very young age, while others may get them at a later stage of life. Whatever may the situation be, skin tags often mar one’s beauty and are, thus, totally unwanted. In fact, for many, the cream removal of skin tags come in the way of one’s confidence and image.

Best Skin Tag Removal Creams


How to Choose the Best Skin Tag Removal Cream?

Skin tag removal creams are easily available in the market and you can buy them without any prescription at all. However, you have to be sure that you choose only the best skin tag removal cream for yourself so that you do not end up spending a lot on fake products that fail to offer what they promise. That is why it would be prudent that you choose your cream very wisely and keep the following points in mind:

Brand: If you are planning to buy a skin tag removal cream, you should always go for a product from a reputed brand. This is very important as new and untested products from shabby or unknown brands may cause side-effects and you may end up hampering your skin. Not only will this nullify your efforts at skin tag removal, but also make things worse. So, always go for a product that has credibility in the market.

Ingredients: Before you buy any product, you should always check out for the ingredients. This will help you understand whether the product will be useful in removing the skin tags or not. For example, salicylic acid is a very common ingredient in all types of skin tag removal creams. It works by altering the tissue structure of the skin tag so that it falls off from the skin easily. So, if you find that the cream that you are planning to buy has salicylic acid, it will probably do what it is meant to do.

Chemical vs Natural: Skin tag removal creams based on salicylic acid are chemical in nature and may cause mild scarring in certain cases. So, if you want to avoid such issues, it is best that you go for products that use natural ingredients like tea tree oil, apple cedar vinegar, etc. to assist in skin tag removal. This way, you can ensure that there is no harm to your skin.

Performance: Each cream has its own technique of working on skin tags and this determines how long it will take to remove the skin tag. Some creams can get rid of the tag in just one day while others may require a few days to get rid of the tag. Depending on how fast you need the skin tag removed, choose your cream so that there is no disappointment later.

Price: Most skin tag removal creams are available over-the-counter, and are affordable. They usually cost in the range of $20 – $40 and can be used to remove a few skin tags.

Below is the List of the Best Skin Tag Removal Creams

1. Pristine Herbal – All Natural Mole and Skin Tag Remover:

This award-winning herbal cream from Pristine can really be effective to fight any type of mole related problems. The most important feature of this cream is that this product is completely made out of natural plant extracts and it can surely remove moles and skin tags without any sort of side effect at all. Basically, you can use this skin tag removal cream to fight skin tag related problems irrespective of your skin type. As per the skin tag removal cream review, this is one of the best natural products that you can choose to buy from the market.


  • It takes only 20 minutes to start showing you good results. If you apply it for 20 mins you can see 5-20 small moles gone and if you have larger growth it can work on 2-5 of them.
  • It’s really fast and efficient and effective on moles or skin tags and you can get a good result with just one use per day.
  • Ingredients are all natural plants and that is the reason why it can work on any skin type and is 100% safe for face and your body.
  • It comes with a money back guarantee as well.


  • Natural product, so it does not have any side effects.
  • Works on skin tags, moles and warts
  • You get money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the result
  • Completely affordable compared to other home-based treatments
  • Pretty much popular amongst all the users
  • Easy to apply and you can get a fast result


  • As per the skin tag removal cream review, it might seem like costly if you compare with some of the products in the market
  • The cream might leave a scar after removing the moles and skin tags
  • You might feel a stinging sensation while applying this skin tag removal cream

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2. HaloDerm Homeopathic Moles or Skin Tags Remover Cream:

Haloderm brings to you one of the best and effective skin tag and mole removers that you can get. This particular product is a combination of natural ingredients and you can certainly use on body and fact to solve skin tag and mole related issues. As per the skin tag removal cream review, there isn’t any other product that can match the reputation of this particular cream.
Not only does it work effectively on the moles and skin tags to remove them but also it can improve your skin as well. Since this product is formulated using homeopathic formulas you can rest assured that it’s completely safe and irrespective of your skin type, you can use this product without any side effects.


  • If you are looking for a product that can effectively and efficiently work on your skin tags and unwanted moles, then this is the perfect choice for you.
  • It works really fast and you can have a low price solution to all your skin tag related problems. You can get a mole free skin in just 1 week.
  • This powerful homeopathic formula can certainly save you time and money and help you avoid problems related to surgery.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the cream


  • Removes skin tags and moles efficiently
  • Made out of natural ingredients only
  • You can get a distinct result, in just 24 hours
  • Cost effective for sure
  • Irrespective of your skin type, you will have no side effect


  • A single tube can remove only 3 skin tags or moles
  • Might have to deal with some sort of stinging sensation while using the cream

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3. HaloDerm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Removal Cream:

In case you are tired of mixing, and brewing just to remove skin tags then this advanced Skin Tag remover from HaloDerm is the perfect product that you should be looking for. This cream-based skin tag remover might look a bit nasty in its brown/reddish color, but it works pretty much fine. This skin tag removal cream mostly includes Zinc Chloride and Blood Root which is pretty much the most effective ingredient to fight off skin tags. In case you have an acne-prone, sensitive, oily skin, then this water-based cream can be the perfect solution for you.

Normally, this type of cream does take some time to effect, but with this particular product, you can have visible and improved results in just 8 hours after using the product. In case you have a lot of moles or skin tags in your body, then it’s important to note that a bottle of 0.17 ounce of this product will be able to fight at least 15 of your skin tags effectively. But you need to make sure that you spot your skin tags pretty much at the early stages in order to get the best results.


  • Really easy to use
  • Does not have any kind of foul smell
  • Reapplication is completely minimum
  • It can remove maximum of 5 moles on your face which is really high compared to other creams of the same category
  • Moles or the skin tags are really problematic specially if you have to deal with a lot of people and can be embarrassing at times too. But with the help of this effective and fast skin tag removal cream you can certainly start enjoying your life.
  • All the ingredients used are natural and they are completely safe to use. Even if you have a sensitive skin, you can still use this cream without any side effects at all.
  • The manufacturer gives you a money-back warranty in case you do not get the desired result.


  • Super effective compared to other products available in the market
  • Water-based
  • Works faster than any other cream
  • All the ingredients are natural
  • Skin tags and moles can be removed completely
  • You can have quick results
  • You may avail the benefits of return policy
  • Comes with guaranteed money back promises
  • Irrespective of your skin type, you can use this product to deal with skin tags and mole related problems
  • You can categorize it as homeopathic treatment


  • The amount of cream you get for the price is quite low
  • If you compare the number of moles and skin tags it can remove per tube, it’s really a costly product
  • According to the skin tag removal cream review, you might get a burning sensation or slight stinging feeling.
  • If you wish to see a better and effective result, you may have to use the cream more than one time a day

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4. BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit:

If you are looking for an alternative to remove skin tags then you can surely buy this Skin Tag & Wart remover Kit. This product can help you get the best result without having to spend a lot of money or go for expensive surgeries. This product does not include any kind of harmful chemical or acids; its ingredients are completely natural and are safe to use irrespective of any type of skin you might have. It’s formulated to help you remove the skin tags and moles on your body and face. The best part of using this product is that you do not have to keep on using this product to have a good result. You will need to use this product for 1-2 days and once the skin tags are gone, you won’t have to use it any more. Although the whole process might take 6 weeks or so, as per the skin tag removal cream reviews, you might get a better and faster result.

Normally, after the skin tags are removed, it will leave a scar. That’s why this kit comes with a healing cream as well. It can help you to heal the skin and you won’t need to use any chemical product to remove the scar either. In case you are not satisfied with the product or you haven’t got the desired result that you might be looking for, you can get your money back totally.


  • Completely Natural ingredients used
  • 100% homeopathic formulation for better result
  • It’s a complete package to help you remove warts and skin tags
  • Includes natural plant extracts which is why you will never face any side effects at all.
  • Easy to use and better experience with fast results


  • It will need just 1-2 applications to remove the skin tags
  • Comes with additional after healing cream
  • Homeopathic formulation makes it completely safe to use
  • Comes with Money back guarantee


  • The spatula included is somewhat big which is why it might be a bit uncomfortable to use.
  • You might feel burning like sensation while using the cream

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What are Skin Tags?

As already mentioned, skin tags are flaps of skin that may be located on any part of the body, especially those that see a lot of friction like armpits, necks, etc. They are benign (harmless) and a person may have one or more skin tags on his/her body and their number may increase with time. Additionally, they may vary in size and grow as big as 2 inches. Their color may also vary from person to person. Skin tags have their own tissue structure along with blood supply ducts, fat cells, nerve cells, etc. covered by a thin layer of skin. As such, they feel pain if you try to pick at them. However, since many people feel uncomfortable having skin tags, they look for ways to remove skin tags.

Is it Necessary to Remove Skin Tags?

Skin tags are usually benign and therefore, they usually do not need medical attention. However, many people would want to get rid of the skin tags anyway because of a variety of reasons. Many people feel uncomfortable about skin tags that are present on the face, arms, and other body parts that are usually visible. The main reason for this is that the skin tags hamper their look and appearance. Moreover, sometimes skin tags in unusual parts of the body may cause discomfort to the person concerned which is why they may want to get them removed.

That apart, sometimes, skin tags may start growing or may feel itchy and painful. In such cases, it is important that you consult a doctor and get it removed. In certain cases, a supposedly benign looking skin tag may be a skin tumor which is why it is vital to seek medical attention and get it treated or removed at the earliest.

Why should you Use Skin Tag Removal Creams?

If you have a skin tag that you removed as fast as possible, then you must have already researched the various quick skin tag removal techniques. Amongst these, surgery may seem to be the quickest and easiest way to get a skin tag removed. However, that isn’t a wise choice, unless you have a symptomatic one which means that it is painful or may have been caused due to some associated illness or disease. Surgically removing your skin tags can be quick, but the process is quite costly, especially if you have many skin tags to be removed. Moreover, since surgery for non-symptomatic skin tags does not come under the purview of your medical insurance, you will have to shell out all the expenses from your own pocket.

That’s not all. Surgery may lead to itchy skin, scarring, burning, etc. which will need further medical attention, implying added expenses. That is why going for skin tag removal creams is an easy and effective solution for quick removal of embarrassing skin tags. They are easy to use and cost only a few dollars but can give you fantastic results in just a few days.

Alternatives Methods of Skin Tag Removal

Topical creams are, indeed, a great way to remove skin tags, but they aren’t the only available method to do so. Here we will discuss a few other techniques that can effectively remove skin tags on any part of the body:

1. Using a Tag Removal Device: This is a popular and easy technique for removing skin tags. These devices apply a band at the base of the skin tag which helps in effectively cutting out the blood supply to the skin tag. The tags fall off naturally when they do not get any blood supply for a prolonged period.

2. Using ligation: This is another simple way of removing skin tags. This technique involves the use of a string or dental floss that is tied at the base of the skin tag. Quite similar to the above technique, the string stops all supply of blood into the tag which falls of naturally. This technique is practically cost-free but you may need someone to tie the string.

3. Cryotherapy: This is also a topical method of skin tag removal and involves the use of liquid nitrogen-based products on the skin tag. The liquid nitrogen will freeze off the tag which will fall off in a span of 10 days. You will have to apply the product quite a few times to see the results.

4. Home Remedies: A number of daily use products can help in getting rid of the skin tags. This will include tea tree oil, apple cedar vinegar, iodine, etc. You must, however, remember that home remedies require several days to treat the problem and they work only when the tag is small. For tags that are quite big in size or are located in sensitive areas like the genitals, near the eyes, etc., home remedies aren’t a good choice.

5. Excision: Sometimes your doctor may use a sharp blade or scalpel to cut off the skin tag. This technique is simple and requires very less time. Unfortunately, it will work only for small and thin skin tags.

6. Surgery: As you already know, you can get your skin tags surgically removed. This process becomes necessary if you are in a hurry to remove the tags or if the tags have grown too big and stubborn.

7. Electrosurgery: This technique involves the use of high-frequency electrical energy to burn off the skin tags. The technique is fast, but not suitable for people with sensitive skin. The tag usually falls off after 1-2 sessions.

Should you see a Doctor for Skin Tag Removal?

Skin tags can usually be removed at home using creams, devices, or any other technique that you may prefer. They do not usually require medical attention unless you want to get your skin tags operated upon by a doctor. However, in certain cases, it would be prudent to see a doctor about your skin tag, especially if you face the following situations:

Blood and Pain: If your skin tag is painful or is bleeding, it is a matter of serious concern and needs medical attention. Remember that benign tags do not bleed or pain, and if yours does, see a doctor immediately.

Growth and Change: Skin tags usually grow to a certain size and then remain as it is, without any changes for years. However, if your skin tag has started growing all over again, or is changing color and shape, seeing a doctor is essential.

Infection: If the skin tag causes continuous itching, then seeing a doctor is your best bet. Your doctor will be able to identify the cause of the continued itching (usually an infection) and help treat it. Not only that, if any tag removal technique has backfired or has created a mess, see a doctor immediately.

It’s something else: Skin tags are harmless, but if they aren’t actually skin tags, just look like one, you have to be serious about them. In many cases, harmless looking skin tags may actually be warts, infected cysts, or cancerous growths that definitely need immediate attention from an expert. If in any situation, you feel that it isn’t actually a skin tag, you must visit a doctor without a delay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Tag Removal

Though skin tag removal is usually a very simple process, yet it is natural to have questions in your mind before you actually buy any of the products given above. We have tried our best to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding skin tag removal in the section that follows.

Q. Will it Hurt to Remove the Skin Tags?

A. Using creams for removing skin tags is a painless procedure. They work by gradually killing off the cells in the skin tags so that the tag can fall off naturally.

Q. Are the Creams Good for All?

A. Yes, these creams are suitable for all types of skin. However, if you have certain skin allergies or skin diseases or chronic conditions like uncontrolled BP, diabetes, epilepsy, Keloid scarring, etc, it would be prudent to seek advice from a doctor before using any cream.

Q. Do Creams Prevent Skin Tag?

A. Unfortunately, no. Skin tag removal creams are not preventative. They get rid of existing skin tags but cannot prevent new ones from occurring.

Q. Do Skin Tag Removal Creams Interact with Medicines?

A. Usually, no. But if you are taking meds for blood thinning or anti-coagulation, never use anything without letting your doctor know.

Q. Do Skin Tag Removal Creams Cause Side-effects?

A. Generally no. However, in certain cases, the creams may cause redness and itching, with very rare chances of infection.

Q. Do I need any Aftercare?

A. Yes. After the tag has fallen off, make sure that the area is kept dry and clean to avoid getting an infection. You can use topical antibiotics or keep the area covered with a bandage.

Q. Will it Cause Scarring?

A. No. However, you have to make sure that you do not disturb the skin during the healing process. If you had a big tag, scarring may sometimes occur.


With multiple OTC creams available in the market, getting the ideal cream for your needs isn’t a difficult task anymore. You can easily go through the skin tag removal cream reviews given above and choose a product according to your liking. They are very effective in removing skin tags and you can apply them topically with less or no side-effect.

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