Best Stone Electric Fireplaces

Owning a dream nest and being able to accessorize it is the best thing one experiences. In this era of innovation, when everyone is looking out for multi-functional products, the electric stone fireplace is a felicitous choice. A sfaux stone electric fireplaces not only provide the much-needed warmth but also amplifies the elegance quotient of the surrounding. The wood fireplace will do the same thing. So, why invest in a stone electric fireplace? The answers to all your questions are here; just keep reading.

Winters are getting colder, thanks to the global warming effect. The house and body must be warm to not succumb to the chilling winds. The heavy jacket, coat, scarf, and mitten can save you on the streets, but at home, one needs to install a fireplace to escape from the torment of the winters. The wood fireplace has been an authentic choice prevailing from the Paleolithic age, but science has changed life choices. Stone electric fireplace is an invention which would save you from the time and energy spent on the maintenance of a wood fireplace and there is also no emission of the carbon dioxide gas which is proven poisonous to the humankind. Moreover, stone lends the old world charm too.

Here is a detailed essaying of everything you would ever want to know regarding the stone fireplace along with a review of the best ones. It would help make a choice and soak into the beauty, elegance, and warmth of the hearth.

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Buying Guide for Choosing the Stone Electric Fireplace

There are some points that should be kept in mind before investing in a stone fireplace. Now that you have made up your mind to invest in a stone fireplace, here is a guide which would help you find out the best one most suited to your house.

Power Consumption: The amount of energy needed to produce heat is directly proportional to the electricity bills. More the heat more will be the electricity bills. So, before buying a stone electric fireplace conduct a thorough study of the space, where it has to be installed. A small room would heat up quickly without devouring huge watts of energy while a huge one would need more time and electricity. Invest in the right watts since then there would not be an overload of bills to pay.

Space: The stone electric fireplaces are usually wall-mounted and can be placed easily at any area in the room. Sometimes, there is a problem of space constraints; such a condition would demand the buyer to buy a stone electric fireplace with accurate measurements so that it fits in properly without any hassle. Also, some fireplaces are tiny and would not suit a large room. In both scenarios, it is necessary to take note of the measurements and assure yourself by checking whether the hearth you want to invest in, fits in the space or not.

Safety Features: When there are kids, pets, or even old people at home, it is essential to invest in any appliance only after considering their existence. Although stone electric fireplaces come with a child lock, cool glass, and an overheating detector, it is our responsibility to check whether the brand you are investing in provides all of these features. Safety of the family should always be the prime criterion while choosing any device for the home.

Warranty and Certification: Almost all the stone electric fireplaces come with a warranty period of one year. The warranty period is a safety precaution in case any damage happens to the product; there would always be professional help to either replace the part of the entire product. Safety certifications too are necessary since these ensure that the products are trustworthy and could be used at home without fear of any hazard. The respective authorities should have thoroughly checked and marked the device safe for use.

Remote Control: This function has to be taken care of if there are seniors at the house who would use the fireplace. Remotes with just two options of the switch on and off are apt for the old people to not confuse them with a lot of buttons. A two-button remote would be convenient for the old generation. While for the younger lot the contemporary device with a lot of function will work fine since they can access it from the sofa and enjoy heat and flames in various hues.

Now that you know all are the points to keep in mind before buying an electric fireplace with stone, here is a detailed review that would help to find the most suitable fireplace for your home.

Below are the Best Stone Electric Fireplaces with Reviews

1. JAMFLY Electric Fireplace Wall Mantel in Faux Stone:

The JAMFLY electric fireplace wall mantel in faux stone is a rustic piece of furniture that would add to the class quotient of any house. The log is so realistic that it would be a difficult task to distinguish between real and faux wood. The brightness and speed settings are calibrated with the remote control or the touch screen panel. The flame color can also be changed adding a bit of fun element to the elegance.


  • The JAMFLY electric fireplace wall mantel in faux stone consists of environmentally friendly materials.
  • The heating process is noiseless in comparison of other stone electric fireplaces which produce some sound.
  • The company lends a warranty period of one year.


  • There is no thermostat available in the JAMFLY electric fireplace wall mantel in faux stone so the device would not automatically regulate the temperature.

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2. Plow & Hearth Stacked Stone Free Standing Electric Fireplace:

The Plow & Hearth stacked stone free standing electric fireplace features infrared quartz stone which can heat a room of 1000 sq. ft. The heat and speed settings could be altered to various levels with the help of the remote control. The device also allows the user to set an auto-timer of 30 minutes to 9 hours with the help of a remote. The quartz stone would provide an added sophistication to the décor of the house. There are no drawbacks to using this device, and every buyer loves it.


  • The Plow & Hearth stacked stone free standing electric fireplace works on an infrared quartz stone which holds the capacity to heat a space up to 1000 sq ft.
  • The key highlight of this device is that it requires no installation.
  • Auto- timer could be set from 30 minutes to 9 hours.


  •   NA

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3. Classic Flame Pioneer Stone Electric Fireplace Mantel:

The Classic flame pioneer stone electric fireplace mantel caters to the old world charm with quartz infrared lights capable of heating a space to 1000 sq ft. The color of the flame and the brightness could be altered according to your mood and weather conditions. The Classic flame pioneer stone electric fireplace mantel also can be used as a source of light for the summers by turning off the heat function. Moreover, the certification from CSA is an added safety feature which also raises the trust in the device.


  • The Classic flame pioneer stone electric fireplace mantel can be installed easily with the help of a Philips screwdriver.
  • The flame could be changed to three blue and three amber colors.
  • Safer plug fire control technology turns off the device once overheating is detected.


  • The Classic flame pioneer stone electric fireplace mantel may lead to a substantial increase in the electricity bill; hence it is advised to use it cautiously.

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4. Southern Enterprises Hillcrest Infrared Media Fireplace:

The Southern Enterprises Hillcrest infrared media fireplace comes in seven different color options. There is no way that these will not blend in with the interiors of your abode. The infrared quartz lends a cozy ambiance and heats the room of 1000 sq ft. The flame and brightness could be changed to a desired one with the help of remote control available with the product.


  • The focal point of Southern Enterprises Hillcrest infrared media fireplace is that there is a child safety lock which could be a sigh of relief for parents.
  • The fan helps to disperse heat evenly and warm the room quickly.


  • The Southern Enterprises Hillcrest infrared media fireplace requires installation which may take about 20 minutes.

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5. Dimplex Featherston Electric Fireplace Mantel:

The Dimplex Featherston electric fireplace mantel comes with a realistic log and lends a traditional vibe to the house. The flame and brightness could be set according to the preference of the user. Moreover, the glass is cool to touch which is an added benefit to buyers with children running around the space.


  • The Dimplex Featherston electric fireplace mantel is an energy-efficient device, so there are no worries of a hike in the electricity bill.
  • The company provides a warranty of 1 year.
  • The remote control with only two functions is easy to operate for the elderly members of the house.


  • The Dimplex Featherston electric fireplace mantel is costly when compared to the rest of the fireplaces.

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6. Pemberley Row Faux Stone Electric Fireplace TV Stand:

The white cast of Pemberly Row faux stone electric fireplace TV stand makes it apt for modern minimalistic houses. The LED bulbs are extremely durable and energy-efficient. Moreover, it also heats a room of 400 sq ft quite quickly. This product is a must-have for all modern houses, and the key highlight is that it doesn’t have any drawbacks too.


  • The polyresin material is environmentally friendly.
  • LED bulbs do not consume a lot of electricity.
  • A TV unit can be placed on the fireplace, and it would hide all the cords.


  • NA

7. Dimplex SMP-904-ST Fieldstone Pine and Stone-look Electric Fireplace:

electric faux stone fireplaceThe Dimplex SMP-904-ST fieldstone pine and stone-look electric fireplace look like an authentic wood fireplace due to the logs made of wood. There is also a heat and thermostat control which could warm a considerable space. The remote control accompanied with this product can only switch on or off the fireplace, which makes the usage easier for the older generation. The flame of Dimplex SMP-904-ST fieldstone pine and stone-look electric fireplace can be used even without the heating function. That makes it a source of light too. Moreover, this fireplace will also serve as a TV stand.


  • The key highlight is the flame which can operate without emitting heat.
  • It is suitable for large rooms up to the area of 400 sq ft.
  • The speed of both light and flame in Dimplex SMP-904-ST fieldstone pine and stone-look electric fireplace can be control according to the preference of the user.


  • The only drawback is that the remote has only two functions. For the other settings, one has to get up and reach the Dimplex SMP-904-ST fieldstone pine and stone-look electric fireplace.

8. OK Lighting Portable Fireplace with Faux Stone:

stacked stone electric fireplace heaterThe modern apartments do not have a real space to mount a fireplace. The OK lighting portable fireplace with faux stone is fit for such small homes due to its tiny size. It is made of strong polyresin material which makes it highly durable. The wood finish creates an old-world ambiance in the surroundings. The OK lighting portable faux stone electric fireplace is a decorative yet functional piece that would easily blend with the décor of your home.


  • The polyresin material is strong enough to withstand any wear and tear.
  • The portable design allows easy carriage from one place to another.
  • The OK lighting portable fireplace with faux stone is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The stone electric fireplace is tiny and may not be able to heat a large room.

Why is a Stone Electric Fireplace the Best Choice?

Electric fireplaces are conventional these days but opting for a stone electric fireplace will be a smart decision due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, stone is an elegant and efficient material when it comes to fire. Moreover, the stone electric fireplace is extremely durable and maintenance-free too. Secondly, it retains heat so; even if the power is of your room will remain hot for a long time and the thirdly along with having all these advantages stone also doesn’t break or form crack due to extreme temperatures, unlike other materials which may not be able to withstand severe temperature changes. Stone fireplaces are in every room without the fear of tarnishing the general attic of the place

Safety Features of a Stone Electric Fireplace

Stone electric fireplace adds an element of elegance along with added safety. The fake flame and enclosed box do let a feeling of added protection. There are many other features too which would ascertain the fact that stone fireplace is a safe product to install in a house even with hyperactive children and pets around.

No Heat Outside the Fireplace: The glass on the exterior surface is cool to touch. The internal temperature will not affect it in any way. If you happen to touch the glass, it will not burn you. Even the stone outside would not be emitting heat since it is an electric fireplace and the flames are not real.

Easy to Access Remote Control: Normally, the stone electric fireplace comes with a remote control that has all the necessary features. The timer setting is excellent since you can have a peaceful sleep or can even venture out without worrying about the hearth. The fireplace would automatically stop once the time is up.

Certification: The Stone electric fireplaces are safety certified by reputed authorities like the CSA and also come with a warranty in case there is a problem with the product.

Installation Tips of the Stone Electric Fireplace

The stone electric fireplaces come with an easy to understand manual and the installation process will not more than half an hour if the steps are correctly followed. Here are some tips to help you set up your exotic piece of furniture:

  • The priority would be to take accurate measurements and 10% extra to not mess up things in the future.
  • Smoothen the walls by scrubbing and cleaning the area properly before starting to fix the stone.
  • Take care of leveling at each layer.
  • Apply the adhesive generously onto the stone; a thin layer may not help keep the stone intact.
  • Wipe off any glue immediately before it dries up.

Maintenance of a Stone Electric Fireplace

The stone electric fireplace is increasingly becoming a favorite because of various reasons such as energy efficiency, rustic charm, and also low maintenance. There is not much needed to procure a stone fireplace for an extended period. The only method to make your hearth durable is by regularly cleaning it. A small sponge with water would do the task but if the grit is hard to remove, here is a technique to help you take care of the stone:

  • First, lay some towels beneath the fireplace so that the cleaning process does not damage the floor.
  • Then add some dishwashing liquid to water and dip the cleaning brush in it.’
  • Start scrubbing lightly till the grit disappears.
  • Now take a clean cloth and immerse in fresh tap water and wipe the surface.
  • Repeat cleaning with clear water till all the soap removes.

This method would help in easy maintenance of your stone electric fireplace, and it would stay for ages without any wear and tear.

Minor Risks and the Measures to Prevent Them

Although there are no significant risks in installing a stone electric fireplace, sometimes there are mishaps. Extensive heating could lead to fire, but this condition is avoidable. There are settings in the stone electric fireplaces which make the device turn off once there is an overheating detection. It is necessary to inspect the fireplace regularly. Any malfunctioning should be looked upon. The technicians would effortlessly remove the bug, and this will bring down any possibility of mishap.


This review of the best stone electric fireplace would help you find out what is best suited to the interiors of your nest. These are available in all sizes and budgets, so do read and zero down on likable to the family. It is a trending piece and adding one to the living space would only hike the glamour quotient. A cozy evening with family along with the flames of a stone electric fireplace is the perfect place for making memories.

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