Best Wearable Pain Relief Devices

Chronic pain can make your life hell. From hampering your day-to-day activities to robbing you of a good night’s sleep, body pain is a silent killer. Irrespective of where the pain originates, it is sure to affect the entire body if it lasts long. Naturally, people have to resort to painkillers to keep the pain under control. But painkillers are no cure; acute or chronic pain doesn’t go away on its own. Moreover, taking painkillers can be harmful to your health in the long run. So, what does one do? Well, electrotherapy can be a solution. In electrotherapy, electrical impulses are used to stimulate nerves and muscles. This is usually done in two ways: TENS and EMS. In TENS, electrical impulses are sent to the nerve endings, thus blocking pain signals on their way to the brain. It also causes the release of endorphins that create a feeling of happiness and relief. In the EMS technique, electrical impulses are used to stimulate muscle contraction that increases muscle endurance and strength, and also helps expedite recovery in case of injuries. Although electrotherapy can be highly effective for many, traditional electrotherapy techniques can restrict you from leading a normal life. You will need to attend electrotherapy sessions on a regular basis which can be both time-consuming and inconvenient. Enter wearable pain relief devices, the gift of modern technology that makes electrotherapy portable.


How to choose the Best Wearable Pain Relief Devices?

Buying a wearable pain relief device can be a great decision if the pain has made life difficult for you. However, the choice of the right device is important for proper pain relief and pain management. Moreover, since this is quite an investment, you would want to be double sure before you order one for yourself. So, here are a few things that you need to consider:

Size and Design: This is the very first thing that you should consider while buying a portable pain relief device. While all of these are wearable, not all of them may be ideal for use on the go. Some may be too big to go under your clothes while others may restrict certain activities. If you want a device that you can wear at any time without any inconvenience, consider its size and design. Compact devices are best for you.

Versatility: Wearable pain relief devices work in different ways. Some offer pain relief to areas where the electrodes are placed while others offer overall pain relief. If you experience acute pain in different parts of the body, the best wearable pain relief devices would be those that aid overall pain relief. However, such devices may cost you more. So, if your pain is restricted to a particular area of the body like your legs or back, you may go for a device that offers localized pain relief.

App control: Pain relief devices perform best when they are fine-tuned to your needs. Anything more may harm you, anything less will make them ineffective. So, you need a device that comes with an easy-to-control app that will tell you everything about the treatment that you are receiving. This will help you monitor the frequency of the impulses and control them as per your needs. The better the app is, the better tuned will your electrotherapy session be.

Intensity: The output intensity of the device must be taken into account. According to standards, the output intensity of the device must be at least 80 mA. Anything below that may not be well-suited for effective pain relief.

Batteries: Wearable pain relief devices run on batteries. These batteries can be of two types – rechargeable and disposable. With rechargeable batteries, you don’t need to spend extra money on new batteries at regular intervals. But you will have to make sure that you recharge the batteries from time to time. The best wearable pain relief devices come with rechargeable batteries that last quite a few sessions. Now it depends on you what type of batteries will suit you the best.

FDA approval: Wearable pain relief devices are, comparatively, a new addition to pain management techniques. While some of these devices are approved by the FDA, many are not. FDA approval guarantees that the device is effective in treating pain which makes the device worth buying. If you want to go for a device that’s not FDA approved, you may want to take a look at the customer feedback section.

Travel friendly: If you take flights quite often, you must look for a device that will easily pass off at airport checks so that you do not get held up every time for wearing or carrying the device. This is important only for frequent travelers.

Do Wearable Pain Relief Devices Work?

There is no absolute answer to this. Wearable pain relief devices use electrical impulses to block pain receptors and pain signals. While this helps in reducing pain for most users, everyone may not receive equal benefits. Studies show that about 80% of people using these devices enjoy at least a certain degree of relief. The pain may not entirely go away in many cases, but using these devices makes pain management more effective and drug-free. This comes as a boon to millions of people worldwide who want a way out of intolerable pain without regular intake of pain meds. However, there may be cases where the user receives no pain relief at all.

Best Wearable Pain Relief Devices

1. Red Light Near Infrared Therapy Led Benefits Back Pain Reliever:

This particular infrared flexible pad contains red LED lights. It’s perfect to use for different body parts. You can wrap it around your back or lay on it to rest your waist as well. It’s designed to heal your tissues fast and control your pain. This is truly one of the versatile infrared pads that you can buy. You can even use it while you are sitting on a chair. Whatever reason you might have to use this pad, you have to remember that, this thing is operated on electrical power, so you need to have an outlet where you are planning to use this infrared pad.

This pad provides an effective wavelength of 750 – 1400 nm which is close enough to any infrared light therapy. Most importantly this wavelength of light therapy is actually good for joint and muscle pain. Apart from its near-perfect efficiency, this pad is portable too, which makes it easier for anyone at home to use this pad as and when required.


  • The pad really works great on back pain
  • Easy to wrap around back, arm and leg
  • Does not require any prior knowledge of using this kind of pad
  • Comes with red and infrared light
  • Perfect for treating deep muscle pain
  • Both the pads can be used simultaneously without any issues
  • Comes with a replacement warranty for the first 8 months


  • Runs on electric power, which means you need an electric outlet to run this ting
  • On a daily basis, you can use it for a maximum of 40 minutes
  • The LED lights are non-replaceable

2. DGYAO 660nm Red Light and 880nm Infrared Light Therapy:

The DGYAO brings to you one of the best-infrared light devices that you can use to treat back pain, joints, arthritis, elbows, knee pains. It’s drug-free, safe to use, and most importantly it’s a natural solution for your physical pain. You can use this device to wrap your joints, or around your lower back to relieve your spine. Works fine for your hands and feet as well. The most important aspect of using this red light device is that it works efficiently and ensures pain relief almost instantly. With this portable device, you can easily go for therapy even when you are at the office. This system is designed to be used in any part of your body and most certainly capable of stimulating your blood circulation, relax your muscles, and helps in healing as well.


  • According to the wearable pain relief devices reviews, the treatment area is quite large compared to other products in the same category
  • Comfortable and soft to use for a long duration
  • Comes with automatic shut down timer for 20 mins
  • Includes 18-month replacement warranty


  • A connector is a bit fragile
  • It requires electric power to control this model

3. RESTECK- Massagers for Neck and Back with Heat:

If you are looking for a spa experience at your home, then this massage pillow from Restock is the right option for you. It is equipped with 8 massage nodes along with heating features as well. The sole goal of this massage pillow is to heal your sore muscles and ensure better blood circulation using popular massage techniques. The device comes with simple buttons that can control the heating, speed, and direction of your massage pillow. This definitely allows you to have a customized and optimized experience every time.

Apart from being a neck and shoulder massager, this device is useful for any kind of muscle or joint pain. It comes with 2 hanging loops that allow you to rest your arms while you enjoy a nice massage on your back or neck or shoulder. It also enables you to manually adjust the pressure to have the desired result.

This leather made pillow is durable in nature and its compact design makes it easier to carry around as well. It also includes a wall and car adaptor so that you can use it right when you wish to use it.


  • Direction and speed can be adjusted
  • Comes with heating function separately
  • Light in weight which makes this unit portable


  • It’s not cordless
  • Massaging nodes might feel a bit hard to deal with

4. MaxKare Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Massager Electric Back Massage:

MaxKare is truly one of the best waist, leg, shoulder, and neck massagers that you can buy. The best part of using this product is that you get to adjust the massage intensity as well. With this massager at your disposal, you can always have a professional massage experience. Apart from being able to relax your body muscles, it is capable of improving muscle flexibility as well. This massager is good for arthritis pain and headache as well.

With regular use, you can have reduced muscle tension and stress and it can definitely reduce joint soreness and stiffness as well. All these versatile benefits should be good enough reason for you to buy this product.

According to the wearable pain relief device reviews, this device has a heating function for efficient muscle pain relief and heal your damaged ligaments. And when you add to the fact that it has an automatic shut down facility, you can certainly choose this device over others in the same category.


  • You can power up your device in 3 different ways
  • Rotation spheres are bi-directional
  • Does not need any cord or electrical outlet while using this device
  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Heat therapy included in this device
  • Not harmful to your skin
  • You can adjust the heat intensities


  • It’s a bit heavy to carry around with ease
  • No remote control facility offered
  • risk of electrocution is really high

5. Portable Head Massager, Sleep Instrument from ToullGo:

ToullGo brings to you one of the best head massagers in its category. This electric massager is light in weight and is portable too. it can be used as a head relaxer and sleeping instrument as well. With regular use, you can also have an effect on your level of anxiety and depression. With the use of TSNS waves, this massager stimulates the endorphin secretion which calms your nerves and also it helps in relaxing your muscles as well. With this device, you can sleep properly at night without having to worry about any sort of tension, anxiety, or stress. Only a session of 15 minutes per day can allow you to have headache free, relaxing night sleep with ease. The electrode sheets can be reused and more importantly it can certainly last long.


  • 2 different modes of operation with adjustable pulse
  • Light in weight which makes it easy to use and portable too
  • Electrode sheets are reusable
  • Takes only 2 hours to get fully charged
  • Standard V8 charging interface
  • Perfect for patients to get good sleep
  • Perfect to heal a headache
  • Easy to use
  • As per wearable pain relief devices reviews, it has zero side effects
  • You can use this device anywhere you want
  • Helps you to get rid of anxiety, insomnia, depression


  • This device is really prone to get damaged

6. Back Brace by Sparthos – Immediate Relief for Back Pain:

If you are looking to buy a back brace from a specialist there is no better brand than Sparthos for sure. They are known for their different high-quality back braces and this particular product certainly lives up to the expectation. It has a nice black, attractive design that works in a versatile way.

A herniated disc, sciatica, and scoliosis are amongst the back problems that this belt of capable of healing. Apart from being able to heal your pain, this device is one of the best adjustable back braces as well. With this belt on your back, you can easily go for running, lifting, and other activities easily.

With regular use, you can expect a nice, long-lasting healing effect for your back problems. And the best part of using this back brace is that you can wear this pretty much any time you want other than when you are sleeping. This back brace is medically certified which means you can easily wear this even if you are in a medical condition. With the inclusion of a lumbar pad, it gets really comfortable to wear this back brace for long hours as well. Apart from being adjustable, it has a perfect fit as well which makes it more comfortable for you irrespective of your belly size.


  • Really easy to use
  • You can use it any posture
  • Works efficiently
  • You can wear this back brace under your cloth
  • Breathable material used to manufacture this product
  • 3 different sizes available
  • Cleaning is really easy


  • The instruction manual is not that great; new users might get confused at the beginning
  • Might not work well for those having a sensitive shoulder
  • Not that comfortable

7. Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat:

Tridacna brings to you one of the cheapest and affordable neck massage pillows that you can buy. If you are looking to buy a neck massager without having a hole in your pocket, this is the product that you need to buy. This product is definitely worth buying due to several user-friendly and efficient features. It comes with heat functionality to ensure a quality massage session. It has 8 massage nodes to ensure an evenly matched massage effect on your shoulder.

Apart from that, it comes with 3 different speed options as well. This allows you to adjust the amount of pressure you need depending on your muscle pain. It includes long handle straps which makes it easy to modify the position and strength of the massager. It’s completely safe to use and it’s power-saving too. Due to the fact that this product switches off automatically after 15 minutes, you can save a lot on your energy bills and you do not have to worry about overheating as well.

This product has a leather case which is durable in design, and definitely easy to clean as well. This massager is designed for neck massage but can be used to heal your legs, back, and shoulder pain as well. It does not weigh a lot which means it’s portable too. It uses a high-quality copper motor which ensures durability and longevity for sure. And if you add to the fact that it has noise reduction capabilities, this product can surely be termed as one of the best wearable pain relief devices.


  • Affordable
  • 3 different speed levels
  • The deep and effective massage experience
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Long-lasting and efficient


  • A design might not be as user-friendly as it should be

8. Ice Pack for Back Pain Relief for Men Women:

This is one of the perfect back braces including Ice packs to deal with your back pain. Construction is really nice and makes it comfortable to wear even for long hours. You can easily do your daily activities even while you wear this back brace. This belt is completely adjustable and is designed to fit anyone who buys it. According to the wearable pain relief devices reviews, this product is comfortable enough to wear even when you are running or dealing with strenuous work on a daily basis. With this belt, you can easily opt for hot/cold therapy without having to spend a lot. This product is safe to use and no side effects of using this belt for a longer duration.


  • Ensure cold therapy with the incorporation of an ice pack
  • Designed to relieve back pain especially lower back
  • Great for those having issues with disc displacement, sciatic nerve, and scoliosis
  • Offers a soothing effect on your lower back
  • It has a flexible neoprene construction which offers comfort, pain relief, and perfect back support
  • It comes with a dual elastic band which makes sure that anyone can wear this
  • Even if you are involved in strenuous activities this back brace is ready to provide the back support that you need
  • Does not slip from your back
  • Steady fit even for a longer duration
  • You can adjust the amount of compression that you need on your back
  • The pocket for an ice pack is perfectly designed so that it stays in shape and in the right place
  • The gel pack include is good enough to cover your lower back, spine, and lumbar easily
  • Capable of providing relief to your nerve and spine
  • Stimulates your blood circulation
  • Great for muscle soreness as well


  • Not really great at holding heat or cold for a long duration
  • Not cold enough to heal your back pain
  • Might not work for every one

9. Quell 1.0 – Wearable Pain Relief Technology:

Quell is one of the best and well-known wearable technologies that can help you get relief from chronic pain. This does not include any type of drug and you can use it even at night or during your active hours in the daytime as well. This product comes with a free app as well, which allows you to enjoy customized therapy, adjust the intensity, track your activity, and improvement of your pain. With daily use, you can certainly get rid of any type of chronic pain that you might be suffering from. It is perfect for those who wish to try this technology for the short term first and then go for long-term usage.


  • No drug included
  • FDA approved wearable technology
  • Perfect to relieve your chronic pain
  • The device is light in weight
  • You can recharge its battery very easily
  • This device is built to provide quality performance day and night
  • As per wearable pain relief devices reviews, it comes with a free app to track your sleep, activity, and pain intensity as well
  • Quell also offers a full refund facility in case you are not satisfied with the product.


  • Might not work out well for every single patient
  • Might make your pain situation worse


Wearable pain relief devices may be the new kid on the block and there may still be a need for extensive research in this field to achieve better pain relief results. However, that doesn’t invalidate the fact that they are a drug-free alternative for those suffering from persistent pain. Using the best wearable pain relief devices can at least help reduce the pain, if not completely cure it. So, buy yourself one today and zap away the pain!

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