Best Wireless Headphones for TV

You have brought yourself a fancy modern TV. Great! But you can seldom watch your favorite movies or shows on your TV because it is too loud and disturbs those around you. Well, that’s surely a pitiful condition. What you can do is get yourself a pair of wireless headphones for your TV so that you can listen to all you want to without disturbing anyone around you. Not only that, you can easily block out all the surrounding noise that disturbs you. In short, you can have a better experience when you use headphones while watching TV.

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Things that you must look into Before Buying Wireless Headphones for TV

Wireless headphones are the perfect fit for your latest TV. That said, you need to choose your headphone very carefully or you may not be able to enjoy watching TV as much as you should. Wireless headphones are a good investment and you need to make sure that you get the best for the money that you pay. That is why, before picking a headphone for yourself, you should always check out the following things:

Sound Quality: Sound quality is, no doubt, the most important deciding factor. A pair of headphones that do not produce excellent sound quality isn’t worth investing in. You need a headphone not just to listen to what’s going on the TV, but to enjoy watching TV. So, good sound quality is paramount. While choosing a pair of headphones, try to find out about audio interference. Interference will lead to audio issues like sound cuts, etc. Good headphones are those that have the least interference issues. You will also need to find out whether the headphone is loud enough to block the surrounding sound. This is essential to ensure that you do not feel disturbed due to external noise. If you are buying a headphone that needs a transmitter to work, you also need to find out whether the presence of solid obstacles affects the sound significantly. Good quality headphones show the least effect even in the presence of solid obstacles. The headphone must also have some bass and produce a natural sound. To know all these, it is recommended that you go through the user feedback section. Reviews and feedback will tell you exactly how good is a particular headphone in all aspects of sound quality.

Connectivity: This is the next most important thing to look out for. To be able to pair your headphone with your TV, you need one that can easily connect with the TV. In most cases, a Bluetooth headphone will be the ideal pick, while in some cases IR or RF headphones may be the best. The 10 best wireless headphones for TV of 2019 will depend on what your TV supports the best. After you have found which type of headphones connects the best, you will have to find out the connectivity range. The better the connectivity range, the easier will it be for you to watch TV from any comfortable place in the room.

Comfort: If you love watching TV, you need a comfortable headphone for yourself. Since you would be wearing the headphone for long periods, hard and heavy headphones can cause stress or pain. That is why you need a headphone that is cushy and light as well. In fact, many things decide how comfortable a headphone is for you. You need to know how big the headband is. If it fits you too tight, it will squeeze your ears and head. If you have a large head, this should be a priority or you could go for an adjustable headband to eliminate any chances of a problem. Earcup cushions are also important. Choose cups that have protein ear pads or memory foam pads.

Battery Life: If you watch TV frequently and for long hours, you also need to pay attention to the battery life of the headphone that you are about to buy. A headphone that can work long hours on a single charge and recharges quickly is ideal for TV lovers. In fact, the best wireless headphones for TV offer you around 20 hours of listening time before it needs a recharge. So, you should also opt for such headphones with long battery life.

Build Quality: You may not think that this important, but you couldn’t be more wrong. A good build-essential if you want to use your headphones for quite a long time. Most reputed manufacturers take care of the build quality so that it does wear and tear easily when used for long hours. A durable built will save you inconveniences.

Latency: This is another important factor of consideration. Audio-video synchronization is referred to as latency. The lower the latency, the better will be your experience as you will be able to listen to the sound with negligible delay. The use of advanced software and hardware reduces latency. Moreover, the use of aptX or aptX HD technology helps in minimizing latency significantly so that you do not have to face delay issues.

Sound Leakage: The best wireless headphones for a TV not only be loud enough to offer you a disturbance-free experience, but it should also make sure that no one else feels disturbed. That is why there should be no sound leakage. Choose a headphone that leaks very less or no sound at all.

Charging Station: You are planning to buy wireless headphones to avoid cables and cords and the same should apply to the charging station. A mounting or docking charging station is the best as you wouldn’t need to connect a cable to charge your headphones. Look for it while choosing the best pair of headphones for yourself.

Best Wireless Headphones for TV with Reviews

1. ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones Over Ear Headsets:

This TV headphone from ARTISTE is definitely worth the money that you are going to spend. Its sound quality is really great and with this headphone, you won’t have to worry about any kind of audio distortion at all. Audio delays are really a common issue with wireless headsets but with this particular headset, you won’t be getting any audio delay whatsoever. The use of a quality transmitter in the device reduces any type of audio delay that you might expect from any other headset. With this headset, you can only expect good quality sound accompanied by a great performance.

The range of connectivity is a major issue with wireless devices. But with this headset, you can be literally anywhere in your house and still stay connected with the TV set. Due to the fact that it has a range of 100 feet, you can easily hear your TV while doing some other work in another room maybe. Apart from that, this headset is really light in weight and due to the presence of padded headband, it’s comfortable to use even for long hours. And you won’t have to worry about the headset getting slipped from your head. As per the wireless headphones for TV reviews, the batteries included can run for 20 hours straight when they are fully charged.


  • High-quality sound
  • Easy to control
  • Zero distorted sound
  • Nice wireless range


  • You might want to have a better bass if you love listening to music a lot more

2. Avantree HT280 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with 2.4G RF Transmitter:

HT280 from Avantree comes with plug & play option; that means you do not have to be a tech expert. You do not have to pair headphones with your other device at all. You have to just turn on both the device and connect them using the RF transmitter. This headphone also uses a charging dock that works as the transmitter as well. It has wonderful sound capabilities which means you do not have to be worried about low sound level. Unlike any other headset, this one allows you to have 30% louder sound and you can actually control it according to your choice as well. This facility definitely makes it the best for people with hearing problems. With this headset, you will always be able to enjoy true sound irrespective of what you are watching, a game, or a TV show.

Delay in wireless connectivity is the most disgusting of the issues that everyone has to face. With this HT280, you can enjoy zero delays in audio transmission. It uses wireless technology that supports audio data connectivity at 2.4 GHz which is really fast and most certainly can be useful while you are playing the game on your computer or watching a movie on your TV set. Along with HD quality audio, you can also enjoy perfect synchronization as well. Its flexibility and compatibility to connect to different devices are unmatched to any other headset. If your audio device has an RCA output port, optical port or AUX/3.5 mm output port this headset can work smoothly with that device. As per the wireless headphones for TV reviews the battery can last up to 12 hours and most importantly it has a connectivity range of 100 ft which should good enough for you.


  • Affordable price
  • Dedicated TV headphones
  • It has a range of 100 ft
  • Battery life is of 12 hrs max
  • Comes with a high-quality transmitter
  • Batteries can be recharged
  • No distortion or interference while listening to TV
  • Good enough sound quality in its category
  • Perfect for people who have hearing issues
  • Can be connected to any device having AV output or Wi-Fi
  • With the cradle, you won’t have to worry about wear-out problems


  • Sound quality is not that great compared to other devices available
  • It does not have Dolby sound
  • It’s not capable of connecting to multiple headphones at the base

3. Avantree HT3189 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching w/ Bluetooth Transmitter:

HT3189 is truly a high-quality Bluetooth transmitter enabled headset designed for TV. With this headset at your disposal you do not have to worry about anything; all you have to do is Turn On your headset and the Bluetooth transmitter and you are done. It will automatically connect to each other; you won’t have to pair them. Lip sync is a big issue while watching movies or videos on TV or computer using a headset. HT3189 from Avantree solves this issue quite easily. With its latest transmitter technology, you can enjoy the no-delay audio output from any device. Apart from that, it also supports dual-link, it means you can connect the same TV or Computer with 2 headsets and share the Audio with someone else.

Do you have to pause your videos in between just because you will have to go to some other room and your headphone will get disconnected? Well, with this headphone, you don’t have to worry about the connectivity anymore. With an amazing connectivity range of 328 feet, you can easily be on a different floor yet, you will be able to listen to your Computer or TV. And the best part is that you do not have to suffer any audio distortion even when you are away from your TV. Apart from being able to use this headset for TV, you can also connect this headset with other devices like cell phones, other audio devices, etc; all you have to make sure is you are using Bluetooth to connect to the headset and you are done.


  • It has a maximum connectivity range of 100 feet
  • Audio delay is really negligible
  • Battery life is of 40 hours once it’s fully charged
  • Comes with a padded headband
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • It has no support for Optical Digital Output

4. ANSTEN Wireless Headphones for TV with Charging Dock:

These particular TV headphones are really easy to charge. The base of the design is really unique. All you need to do is put the headphones on your base and it will start charging automatically. And the base also works as the transmitter as well which allows you to connect your headphones to your TV set super easy and fast. The transmitter has a range of 164 feet which is good enough for anyone in the house and having zero-latency makes it perfect for Gaming on PC or watching a movie on your TV set.

Normally the transmitter has a nice stable connection but you have to remember that the transmitter works on electric power only, so it will only work until you have power in your house. The battery for the headphones though will run for 25 hours and then will have to be recharged once again. It’s comfortable too! The headband is elastic and made to last long and the headphones have soft ear pads as well which will cause no harm to your ears even after using them for a long time. To connect your headphone to other devices you won’t need any cable or something; it will work fine if you have an RCA port or 3.5mm jack. Just plug it in and play! Easy as you like!


  • Range of device compatibility is really good
  • You can control the volume of your headset separately
  • You can choose between wireless and by-pass mode with ease
  • Comes with zero audio lag
  • Possible to share audio with another headphone or headset


  • Sound quality might not be of a high standard

5. Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System:

If you are looking for a quality audio device for TV, then RS 175 from Sennheiser might be the best choice for you. Performance is guaranteed with these headphones. Whether you wish to watch TV programs or videos on your computer this headphone system can be used to enjoy quality audio all the time. Apart from delivering great sound quality, it promises to offer the same level of performance through wireless transmission and analog mode. Normally you will have to face a reduced audio quality in wireless mode, but this headphone takes care of that and delivers quality with ease.

It also comes with surround sound mode and bass boost mode which completely enhances your listening experience. This model comes with rechargeable batteries and according to the wireless headphones for TV reviews, those batteries can run for 18 hours once charged to full. Its headband is soft and comfortable too which definitely helps if one needs to use the headphone for long hours. And most importantly you can enjoy a maximum connectivity range of 330 feet which is really great compared to any other headsets in the same category.


  • Surround sound facility along with bass boost
  • Additional bass effect
  • 330 feet of wireless range
  • Long enough battery life
  • Comfortable headband


  • As per the wireless headphones for TV reviews charging dock is not that sturdy

6. Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Bluetooth Transmitter:

This one is another Plug & Play Wireless headphone from Avantree that guarantees quality sound. It includes Bluetooth transmitter and headphone and the best part of using this set is that they get connected automatically. So, you do not have to go through any hassle at all. This headphone is specially built to fit most of the TV sets and it supports RCA, AUX, and OPTICAL audio output. Other than the TV sets, it can also be connected to any computer that supports USB audio and you won’t need any additional cable for that. But do remember that if your media has Dolby sound, it won’t be able to deliver that performance. Basically these Bluetooth headphones are built in such a way that any device that has a powerful Bluetooth connection can get connected with this.

Also, it has a zero-delay feature that makes it perfect for anyone to watch movies, videos, TV shows and even if you are gaming, this headset can be of great use. And since the transmitter supports multiple devices you can share your movie with someone else as well using another headset or Bluetooth headphone. With the advanced Bluetooth technology it can stay connected with your TV in the range of 100 ft. And more importantly, even if you are in a different room, this connectivity stays fine through walls.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Long-lasting product
  • Battery stays for long hours
  • High-quality sound output
  • Easy to control
  • Versatile Bluetooth transmitter
  • Completely Plug & Play technology
  • Compatible with different devices and audio ports
  • Zero-delay in transmission
  • Long enough connectivity range


  • Overall built is not up to the mark
  • No Noise cancellation options provided

7. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle:

Sennheiser has been a well-known name for its quality audio devices and this particular wireless headphone for TV is not an exception either. It comes with powerful Wireless connectivity of 120 feet and can be termed as one of the best in its category. And most importantly it can work through the walls, so in case you are working in a different room and still wish to listen to the TV program you can easily use this headphone. And even when you are at the optimal distance the sound quality does not get degraded at all.

This headset is capable of receiving 3 different frequencies and you can choose to listen to either of them by using switching and changing the frequency. The controls on this headset are really good. It’s comfortable to use and most importantly you won’t feel the problems with the sound quality at all. Overall this is really a good buy for anyone looking for a quality headset at an affordable price range.


  • Sound quality is really nice
  • Battery life is good enough for longer use
  • Nice design to go with
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery


  • As per the wireless headphones for TV reviews this headset is not that comfortable for longer use

Why Choose Wireless Headphones Over Wired Ones?

TV headphones are of two types – wired and wireless. As you understand, wired models need to be connected to your TV while you listen while wireless ones do not need to be. This is, in fact, the most important reason why you should choose a wireless headphone over a wired one. With no wire connected to your headphone, you have all the freedom to sit anywhere in the room and in any position you want while you enjoy watching TV. Moreover, wired headphones necessitate the use of cable extenders to be able to sit at an optimal distance from the TV. This means a whole of cords all over the place which can create a mess and cause accidents. With the best wireless headphones for TV, you no longer need to worry about wires and cables.

Different Types of Wireless Headphones that you can buy for your TV

Wireless headphones have come a long way since their inception and they can now be categorized into the following types:

Bluetooth Headphones: These are the most common type of wireless headphones that you can use with your TV. The benefit of a Bluetooth headphone is that it can be used with a variety of devices. This increases its utility. If you already have a Bluetooth headphone, you may want to use the same for your TV. That, however, may not be a good idea unless the headphone has aptX low latency support. This is essential to receive sound without any delay. Unless you have a wireless headphone that offers the feature, you will need to buy a new one for TV watching. Your new headphone can, however, be used for all devices without any issue. Another benefit of buying a Bluetooth headphone for TV is that it requires no additional equipment.

Radio Frequency Headphones: RF headphones are in many ways similar to Bluetooth headphones. They, however, have two major differences – they require a base to work and their work frequencies are different. In order to make the headphone work, you will need to connect a transmitter with your TV. To create the connection you can use 3.5 mm analog output or RCA or coaxial audio output or optical audio output according to the connection types that the transmitter and TV can support. That said, it is always best to use a digital connection if available. RF headphones are preferred because they eliminate sound delay issues. However, they may produce loud and annoying static sound when you move too far away from the transmitter.

Infrared Headphones: Infrared or IR headphones are seldom used for TV watching. This is because though they work quite similar to the RF headphones, they pose two major problems. The first problem with IR headphones is that the headphone must always be in direct sight of the transmitter. Any obstacle in the path and the headphone will not work. The second issue with IR headphones is that they fail to provide good sound quality. As such, these headphones are rarely used.

Over the years, Bluetooth headphones have undergone major changes, thanks to the improvement of the Bluetooth technology. As such, modern Bluetooth headphones have negligible or no delay at all. Manufacturers have also worked upon the sound quality and battery life which means that the latest Bluetooth models are the best wireless headphones for TV.


If you enjoy watching TV, it is best to invest in a wireless headphone today. The best wireless headphones for TV can enhance your experience and offer you the flexibility to enjoy TV shows without disturbing anyone around you. So, buy anyone from the list of the best wireless headphones for TV reviewed above and have a great time, always!

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