Best Mole Removal Pens

Best Mole Removal Pens: Flawless skin is what everyone desires. After all, who wants to face an embarrassment caused by moles? When you have a mole, you may want to visit a dermatologist to get it removed. This might cost you a fortune and consume time as well! Fortunately, there is another solution available in the market at a much lesser price – the mole removal pens. It not only removes the mole, but also eliminates any signs of age spots, and skin tags as well.

With the availability of mole pens, you don’t need to worry any longer about your moles. They are easily available in the market and can help in easy removal of moles without having to go through a surgery or any other costly procedure. Moles are either genetic or appear due to overexposure to the sun. Moles differ in sizes, colors, and shapes. They can be nasty to look at and difficult to remove completely. People under the age of are most prone to mole eruptions.

Despite the fact that mole eruptions are mostly seen in early ages, there are chances of people getting prone to mole eruptions even in their 30s. This may occur due to change of place, climate, or any health issues. However, you no longer need to bear any embarrassment or discomfort due to your moles as you can now remove them from the comfort of your home without wasting time and money for a visit to the dermatologist.

Best Mole Removal Pens

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mole Removal Pen

Ease of Use:

Before you buy a mole removal pen, you must first check it’s review and how easy it is to use. The pen must be easy to hold with an ergonomic handle and comfortable to use with fewer technicalities. You definitely do not want a mole removal pen that is slippery or has too many unnecessary features to worry about.

Moreover, the product must come with a user manual on how to safely remove the mole and skin tags. It should also mention how to use the pen without causing any damage to the skin. If the manual is not clear, you must check for the tutorials online to understand the process of  how to use mole removal pen. As you are using the pen on your skin, you must fully understand how to use it properly.

Power Source:

Most of mole removal pens use batteries and a cord as their power source. The USB port is the best standard port as the wire does not comes in the way of functioning. When you use the pen for the first time, ensure that it is fully charged. The pens are powerful and can run up to several hours on a single charge. Ensure that you do not have to worry about the battery dying out in the middle of mole removal.


The moles differ in shapes, sizes and their sensitivity. Smaller moles and skin tags can be easily removed in one sitting. However, larger ones may require reusing the pen. Even tattoos also may require multiple treatments.

While buying mole removal pens, you must know how effective they are. There must be at least three settings and additional accessories for every type of removal so that it is a good choice for fulfilling all your needs.

Settings and Accessories:

Some mole removal pens have up to three or more settings. The higher is the setting, the deeper it penetrates into the skin. If the settings are low, it is likely to hurt more and leave scars on your skin. For tattoos and larger sized moles, you may need higher settings.

As for accessories, some pen comes with diverse sizes of needles to remove different scars. While fine needles are best for small moles and freckles, you need thicker ones to remove bigger moles. Check for the accessories that suit your needs before buying a mole removal pen.


We all know that seeing a mole on your face is a pain. Removing it can be equally painful. The pain you face while removing moles depends on factors like the needles, settings of the pen, quality of the pen and your tolerance. It largely depends on how sensitive your mole is. If your skin is sensitive, even the lightest settings can cause you extreme pain. Though some people can bear the pinching, many cannot tolerate the burning sensation.

Thus, before you buy a mole removal pen, you must do some research on your skin type and how much it can tolerate. Check the reviews of the product and find out how much pain it may cause. Try buying a pen that is less painful and more effective.

Pen Prices:

The price of the pen is also among the important factors to consider before buying a mole removal pen. A standard mole removal pen ranges from $15 to $70 depending on the additional settings and accessories.

Though some products are pricey, they perform the same task as the low priced pens. Therefore, you must compare the features, accessories, settings, and everything that you are getting for a quoted price. You may get all the features at a lower price as well.

Here is the List of  Top 10 Mole Removal Pens With Reviews

1. Professional LED Light Mole Removal Pen:

This is one of the latest Nano-needle pens that work directly on the affected skin. It is a low-temperature and high-frequency gadget that removes various elements on the skin like moles, age spots, tags, birthmarks, pigmentation, and freckles. This product comes with great features to give you full satisfaction. This Mole Removal Pen device is designed to use at home and also it comes with 20 fine and 3 coarse needles. The pen has 9 adjustable strength levels to suit different tolerance level. The pen leaves your skin feeing smoother and flawless after effectively removing the flaws from your skin. This Mole Removal Pen adds to your convenience and saves you from visiting a dermatologist. You can easily treat your skin at the comfort of your home at a very reasonable price.


  • Easily removes skin tags, moles, freckles, pigmentation, and other skin problems.
  • 9 adjustable strength level to suit different skin tolerance levels
  • 100% guarantee
  • Does not go harsh on your skin
  • The low temperature that saves you from skin burns
  • Comes with easy to read the manual for clear instructions
  • Uses the high capacity battery for 5 hours runtime.


  • You may have to rework on the moles for twice or thrice the time
  • Not suitable for people suffering from skin cancer
  • There are some problems with the LCD display
  • People face trouble using a wide range of needles.

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2. NeatCell Picosecond Laser Mole Removal Pen by DEWIN:

Now you can remove skin tags and moles anytime without taking a trip to the dermatologist. The NeatCell Mole Removal Pen is good to remove skin tags, moles, and freckles with ease. The pen features ionization-carbonization technology that gives you a shock-free treatment. The pen instantly removes moles and tags without any signs of bleeding.  The manufacturers offer a 100% guarantee on the product with full satisfaction. The pen comes with an LED light that helps to sweep the area quite easily. The LCD screen displays the working status, battery status, and strength level. The pen is equipped with 30 removable needles to treat different types of skin issues.


  • Remove skin tags, moles, freckles, tattoos, pigmentation, and other such issues at home.
  • Saves the time spent on visiting a dermatologist.
  • Iodized and carbonated technology
  • No bleeding and no rash
  • 8 different level of treatment
  • Higher level strength to remove moles at once


  • The high-level temperature may burn your skin if not done properly
  • Complicated technology
  • Expensive

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3. Yekilan PortableMole Removal Pen:

Yekilan PortableMole Removal Pen is a fantastic product that is quite easy to operate. The product is non-slippery and has an easy to grip handle. The pen not only removes moles but also makes the pigments disappear at once. The pen is equipped with 6 different adjustable scan spot power output to treat 6 types of skin issues. While the lower level is best to remove freckles, the highest level is suitable for mole and tags removing. The safe and effective mole removing pen gives a rash free, burn free and blood free removal of moles. It is a high-grade, exquisite plasma pen with electronic ion carbonation function.


  • Easy to use
  • Different level of heating for differ skin issues
  • Effectively removes spot
  • Highly affordable prices
  • Value for money
  • Safe and effective
  • Removes moles without burning the skin
  • Easy to follow manual


  • The battery does not stay long
  • Heating problems
  • Numerous needles make it difficult to use

4. Dermasmoothe Mole Removal Pen:

Dermasmoothe is a high-quality mole removal pen made of highly durable material. The pen is easy to operate and has a sturdy grip. The pen is great for removing moles, tags, pigmentation, freckles, and other skin issues. The ultra-portable lightweight mole removal pen saves you thousands of dollars you spend on a dermatologist. The skin care kit comes with 20 fine needles and 4 coarse needles. With 30 days money back guarantee, the product is a boon to people who desperately want to own a flawless skin. The pen features the newest technology with an LCD screen that displays every detail about the pen.


  • Best suitable to remove skin tags, freckles, moles, pigmentation, nevus, and dark spots.
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Fine and coarse needles for various types of removals
  • Ultralight and easy to handle
  • Available with a complete skin care kit


  • Leaves the flesh burning
  • The product does not have any instruction manual
  • Not good value for money
  • Various heating power options that may make it difficult for you to determine the right one.

5. HHQHHQ Electric Mole Removal Portable Pen with LED Tools:

Who doesn’t want to look flawless? The age spots and freckles showing on your face may make you lose your confidence. With three different power modes, you can adjust the levels to remove freckles, dark spots, moles, age spots, and skin tags. The mole removal pen kit is equipped with 5 fine needles and 1 coarse needle. The new generation of plasma needles works great at every temperature. The manufacturers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The pen comes handy with a USB portable charger and erases pro that needs charging only once a week. The product will surely boost your confidence by giving a delicate flawless skin.


  • Value for money
  • Removes dark spots, freckles, skin tags, moles
  • Safe to use
  • 3 modes of temperature control
  • Not complicated
  • Easy to use


  • May burn the skin and leave it itchy
  • Use it on other parts to know better about the temperature
  • Needles are not reusable

6. The Ultimate Mole Removal Kit:

If you are struggling your way with those unpleasant moles, blackheads, skin tags, freckles, or pigmentation, then here is an ultimate solution to it all! Here is a cheaper solution to all your skin troubles. The Ultimate mole removing pen is a US-based product that has been launched after conducting several experiments. The makers understand the troubles faced by people with different types of skin marks and have launched the product to offer a solution. The pen doesn’t have a LED light or an LCD display as they believe that it drains the battery fast. The mole removal pen is available with 100% lifetime money back guarantee as well!


  • Free innovative eBook tutorial
  • High-quality material
  • No LCD and LED so as to save battery
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • Equipped with a travel case
  • 5 thin needle and one big needle
  • Reusable needles
  • Doesn’t burn


  • Lack of LCD display means that you cannot check status during the removal process
  • Can be used to remove only moles, skin tags
  • Temperature is unknown

7. Moleskin Tag Removing Pen:

Incorporated with high-end technology and a unique electronic system, this mole and skin tag removal pen removes moles with ease. There are no traces of bleeding and no side effects at all. This professional pen is equipped with only 2 needles to remove dark spots, moles, freckles, and skin tags. With an LED indicator, the pen has 6 adjustable modes that can be set as per the requirement. The pen portrays the fastest mole removing technology and is extremely safe and comfortable on the skin. Whether you want to remove a tattoo or a wart, the pen comes handy.


  • Safe and effective
  • Microcomputer control
  • Professional quality
  • One year warranty
  • Easy to carry with a USB charger
  • 6 gears spot remover


  • May leave the skin itchy
  • Needs recovery period of up to 3 months
  • Only one-year warranty which is quite low as compared to their products
  • Not suitable for sensitive skins

8. Skinosm Mole Removal Pen:

Uses the latest high-end technology and unique ionization features to remove unpleasant freckles and moles from your face. The pen successfully removes dark spots, moles, pigmentation, and freckles without bleeding. The product has an LCD display that shows the battery status, working status and strength level. The product is equipped with detailed medical instruction, 20 fine needles, and 2 thick needles. The manufacturers provide 100% money back guarantee on the product which is quite rare. The mole removing pen is easy to operate and has a strong grip that eliminates chances of slipping it off over the skin.


  • Highly affordable
  • Value for money
  • 22 needles altogether for every type of problems
  • Removes freckles, dark spots, moles, pigments, tags and more with ease
  • Adjustable up to 8 levels
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • The needles are not reusable
  • Poor instruction manual
  • Poor quality needles

9. Beyond Mole Removal Pen:

The Beyond mole removal pen is made with German electric ion carbonated technology. The beauty pen has 8 strength levels for various skin issues. The 11 needles are popularly known to remove blackheads, moles, skin tags, nevus, warts, age spots, and granulation. With a portable rechargeable battery, the pen comes as a handy beauty product. Every woman loves to have flawless skin and this product exactly knows it. Beyond mole removal pen boosts the confidence you lack due to various eruptions on the skin. Build your confidence without spending too much on your skin treatment. The product is backed by an easy to use the manual as well.


  • Portable and handy product
  • USB charging
  • LCD display
  • Professional spot removal kit
  • 8 strength level
  • Risk-free purchase guarantee


  • May cause burning
  • The pen does not work until it is completely charged
  • Needles are not reusable

10. BDSii Portable Mole Removal Pen:

The easy to use and operating mole removal pen comes with 8 strength levels. The pen easily treats the target area and works through blemishes. The product is equipped with 2 coarse needles and 20 fine needles to remove various types of moles, skin tags, blemishes, freckles, and pigmentation. The pen is highly affordable to the extent it saves you from investing in the various dermatologists. You can easily treat your skin and make it flawless with this simple to use a pen. The FDA approved pen comes with a 100% money back guarantee on the product. Instantly remove blemishes with this flawless mole removal pen.


  • Safe and secure
  • No bleeding and no burning
  • Value for money
  • Portable
  • Easy to charge through a cell phone charger
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Ionization and carbonated technology


  • Leaves the skin-stinging
  • Various needles make the pen confusing
  • There is afterburn sensation
  • Hurts the skin
  • Not suitable for people having medical conditions

How do Mole Removal Pens work?

The mole removal pens, as the name says, are used to remove moles without an assistant or a dermatologist. The pens are equipped with small needles that are used for various applications. The needles heat up and cauterize the area around the mole.  It prevents the skin from bleeding, however, a scab forms after the mole is removed. It may take few weeks to completely remove the scabs. As soon as the scab sheds, you will be left with a clear looking skin.

Most of the moles may require two to three settings for complete removal. You can use the same process to remove age spots, freckles, skin tags, and small tattoos as well.

Though mole removal pens come in handy, they may not be best for everyone. If used incorrectly, mole removal pains can leave mild burns or scars. Even when you know how to do it right, you may feel some pain. If you are not ready to suffer the pain or minute inconvenience, you may consult a dermatologist howsoever.

Additionally, you must not use mole removing pens on moles that look unusual or painful.

Tips on using Mole Removal Pens

  • It is necessary that you understand the product well. Read the manual and research on the points you do not understand. Using the pen without proper understanding may cause severe damage to the skin.
  • If you are a newbie in mole removing, you need to practice it first. Use a banana peel or any other surface for better practice.
  • If your face is sensitive or if you are using the pen on a sensitive area, take extra care. Use the pen only when you are comfortable with the same.
  • It is always advised to start with the lowest settings first. Increase the setting only when you find it not effective. Using the pen at high temperature may burn the skin or leave scars.

FAQs of Mole Removal Pens

  • How long does it take the mole to disappear?

Some mole removal pens are super powerful and remove the moles at once. But it may leave behind burns or marks. A normal mole removal pen requires two to three sittings to completely remove the mole. The scrub may take up to 30 days to fall off.

  • How often do you need to charge the pen?

The need for charging depends on the heating temperature, LCD display, and LED lights. It takes up to 5 hours or longer to charge a mole removal pen. When you are using it for the first time, you must ensure to charge it fully. Later ensure that your pen is charged for uninterrupted use.

  • Can you remove raised moles?

Mole removal pen can remove all types of moles including raised moles, flat moles, and skin tags. However, each type of mole requires a different time period to get it all removed. You may require multiple treatments to completely penetrate the needle into the mole.


Mole removal pens are a highly budgeted option to save the time and money you spend on a dermatologist. However, if you have severe skin problems, do not know how to use the pen properly, or are not comfortable with the pain, it is advised to visit a dermatologist only. In addition, you must always check the reviews before buying a mole removal pen. It is important to know your skin type and pain tolerance before you invest in the pen.

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