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At Reviews Icon, we believe that every individual has the ability to become an influencer and change the world for the better. Nobody knows better than us how the digital world has molded thought process and decision-making skills. Every person who uses the digital space knows that their opinion matters and shapes up others’ perceptions towards a brand. Reviews have shifted the power back to the consumer, through which one can demand better goods and services. Hence, we appreciate honest and unbiased reviews that can enhance brand value and in the process contribute to healthy community development. To nurture this quality and passion, Reviews Icon offers scholarships to undergraduates from various academic fields.

Could you be the next recipient of our scholarship?

Qualifications/Eligibility Criteria

The following are a few qualifications/eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill to sign up for the scholarship:

  1. The applicant must be a permanent legal resident or a citizen of the US
  2. Only one submission per aspirant will be considered.
  3. The contender must be a high school senior (graduating from the final semester and intending to enroll at college) or a college graduate or undergraduate student currently studying from a recognized college or university (the enrollment could be in a technical, vocational, 2-year, or 4-year course in the United States).
  4. Only full-time students are eligible for the Reviews Icon scholarship, and online and part-time students will not be entertained.
  5. All GPAs and SAT or ACT scores will be considered and there is no minimum score requirement.
  6. Age no bar provided that the applicant is enrolled in a recognized college or university.
  7. Candidates pursuing major in any field are encouraged to participate
  8. Only the entries received from valid email addresses of the writer will be accepted.
  9. All personal information shared by the contender should be authentic and accurate.
  10. Submissions will be evaluated and scholarship will be accordingly, both being the sole discretion of Reviews Icon.

How to Apply for the Reviews Icon Scholarship?

Participating in the Reviews Icon Scholarship is as easy as ABC, just follow the steps given below:

  • Input your personal details in the registration form given below. Submitting the duly filled form will complete your registration for the Reviews Icon scholarship program.
  • The mandatory fields of the registration form include:
    • Your first and last name
    • Your email address (preferably a .edu email ID)
    • Your contact number
    • Mailing Address containing: Street address, City, and State or Region
    • Zip Code
    • Name of your college/university
  • Email your entry at [email protected] from the registered email ID that you mentioned while signing up for the scholarship. Remember to enter ‘Scholarship’ as the subject of your email.

What Should Your Entry Contain?

The submission that you send us should contain a well-researched review of any product. You could make a list of Top 5 or Top 10 items belonging to the product range that you need to review in complete honesty.

Depending on your comfort, knowledge, and experience, you can choose any commercial product. The main categories from which you can choose products include:

  • Mobiles, Tablets, etc.
  • Computers and Accessories
  • Televisions
  • Audio devices
  • Cameras
  • Home and Kitchen Appliances (Such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.)
  • Garden and Outdoors Items
  • Healthy and Beauty Products
  • Sports and Fitness gears (Such as exercise machines, fitness trackers, etc.)
  • Video Games

There is no word limit with regards to your submission. However, try to make the entry as crisp (yet exhaustively informative) as possible.

Terms and Conditions

Following are some of the terms and conditions of the Reviews Icon Scholarship program:

  • The Reviews Icon Scholarship prize money will be directly deposited to the financial aid office of the college/university registered against your name.
  • The submissions will be judged by the Reviews Icon panelists, who will rank the entries on the basis of creativity, uniqueness, and writing skills.
  • Reviews Icon will not tolerate plagiarism in any form and violation of this condition may result in the termination of their candidature.
  • If the winner does not claim their prize within 60 days of the declaration of results, Reviews Icon reserves the right to withhold the sum and award it to the runner up.
  • Once the awardee has been chosen and declared, the credentials submitted by them will be verified and prize money will only be disbursed after the confirmation. If the winning candidate fails to meet the eligibility criteria, the scholarship will be awarded to the next runner up.
  • Persons associated with Reviews Icon (including employees, partners, affiliates, and family members) are not eligible to participate in the scholarship program.
  • In the event that no candidate meets the eligibility criteria or writing aptitude, Reviews Icon reserves the right to withhold the release of scholarship grants.


The last date to submit your review article is 30th June 2019 latest by 11:59 pm (PST)*. Entries submitted post the mentioned date will no longer be entertained.

(Note: Deadline is subject to extension.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the registration fee for participating in the Reviews Icon scholarship?

Participating in the Reviews Icon Scholarship Program is absolutely free of charge. You do not have to submit any registration fee nor do you have to make any purchases to be eligible.

2. What happens to my application information? How will it be used by Reviews Icon?

Reviews Icon will only use the information for the purpose for which it was collected, that is, to contact the winner of the scholarship. We respect the privacy of the applicants and all the personal information will be kept confidential. Reviews Icon shall not, in any way, transfer, share, lease, donate, sell, trade, or rent the personally identifiable information to any third party platforms.

That being said, Reviews Icon does reserve the right to disclose the personally identifiable information of a scholarship applicant in order to comply with any local, state, or federal laws as applicable to protect Review Icon’s rights.

3. What is the prize for the Reviews Icon scholarship?

The candidate who wins the Reviews Icon Scholarship program will be eligible to win a $1,000 scholarship award!*

*subject to verification of information submitted by them at the time of registration.

4. When will the winner be declared?

The winner of the Reviews Icon Scholarship will be declared before 31st July 2019 (Subject to change in case the deadline is extended).

5. How does the winner get notified?

Keeping to our privacy policy, we shall not be publishing the name or any personally identifiable information of the winners anywhere online. The winner of the Reviews Icon Scholarship Program will be contacted over mail and the contact number provided by them while registering for the program. They will be contacted within a week of declaration of results.

6. What is the mode of payment of the scholarship prize money?

For an already enrolled college student:

Students who are enrolled at a college will have a check of $1,000 sent to their academic institution. The check will be issued to their name and/or the name of their institution (depending on the rules and regulations laid down by the college or university).

For a high school student:

Students who are graduating high school may have to furnish a proof validating their acceptance to a college or university before receiving the scholarship. The check of $1,000 will be sent in their name and/or the name of their institution (depending on the extant rules and regulations pertaining to scholarships).

The scholarship money will not be sent directly to the student under any circumstances.

7. Will my application be subject to verification? If yes, then how?

Yes. Before the dispersal of the scholarship amount, the winner will be requested to provide copies of the official documents such as the official transcript and proof of college enrollment and/or acceptance.

8. How and where can I contact Reviews Icon with my queries?

If you have any doubts or queries related to Reviews Icon, then feel free to drop us your comments in the contact form. Additionally, you can also connect with us by sending us an email on [email protected].


For the Reviews Icon Scholarship Program to count, a minimum of 5 eligible contenders/submissions is necessary. Although unlikely, in the event of not having sufficient participants, the current entries will be carried forward to the next campaign.

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing and enrich your academic year of 2019 with the Reviews Icon Scholarship. Apply now!

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