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There are many people who love to do research before buying every big and small product like lip balms and even combs. If you are one of those and want to help other people with your reviews, then this platform is for you. Reviews icon is a platform where we work to suggest best 10 products in every category and if you want to share your views, you will also need to do that.


The platform is all about Product Reviews but that doesn’t mean all reviews. Reviews of best 10 brands of every product. We cover following categories of products.

  • Personal Care
  • Beauty
  • Home Improvement & Kitchen
  • Health & Fitness
  • Pets
  • Hardware & Tools
  • Electronics
  • Garden
  • Outdoor
  • Decorative stuff
  • Cleansing Essentials and many more.

Special Note:

The writers are requested to check genres that we work in, writing format, and other requirements related to the article before writing. We will not respond to irrelevant emails or articles that don’t suit our platform. The selected writeups will be posted and no response will be given to emails asking for the status of the article. Make sure you read all the guidelines properly so that we could have a good connection for future.

Essential Things Regarding Content

Content Quality:

All the content submitted by you is proofread by our editors to make sure it is up to the level of our platform. Only good quality content which is written in an interesting language will be accepted. Using jargons unnecessarily will be a negative point for your content.


The writers who wish to collaborate with us must understand the term plagiarism well. We will not allow plagiarized content no matter you have copied one line or whole content. Any copyrighted content, would it be any image or any research result will not be entertained. Only 100% original content will be accepted and we have paid tools to check for the same.


Research is the root of every good article and this is what we want our writer to do. Do a thorough research on the topic you take, check out various websites, reviews, find the good and bad things about that and then present everything in a good manner. Make sure you do not add any important information without any strong proof.


Poor grammar of the article will not be tolerated in any way. Make sure the grammar of your article is good and is easily readable. The language you use in the content must be user-friendly and it must not be too tough to understand for the readers.

Word Count:

Each and every article you submit must be of minimum <2000> words. You need to explain everything well and therefore, the word limit should be reached in a nice manner instead of just stuffing words. More words are not a problem, but less than the limit will not be accepted.


The format of the article must be strictly followed.

  • The article must be mailed to us in a word file along with proper information in the mail.
  • You must select a topic and make sure it is not present on the website already.
  • Discuss the topic with us and after approval search for top 10 products on amazon.com.
  • You must write a concise yet informative introduction. The ten products must be clearly explained as subheadings along with their features, pros, and cons separately.
  • The article must be formatted well and everything must be clearly visible.
  • Keep the content clean and readable.


We are providing you a platform to share your ideas and a large number of visitors having a look at your write-ups but we strictly don’t pay anything. We publish and promote your articles to make it visible to more and more people. Reviews icon can work as a platform to enhance your portfolio but any kind of payment should not be expected.

Publishing Time:

Once we have selected your article, you will be informed and the publishing time can vary according to situations. We can publish it on the same day or it can even take weeks to make that article live. We have a large number of writers contacting us for publishing articles and therefore, publishing time varies plus sometimes we keep some articles on hold if many articles closely related to that article are already live at that time.

Refusal and Removal:

The articles that do not qualify our terms of quality can be rejected by us. Be it grammar, plagiarism or any other issue, we are not bound to explain you the reason but you can use that article somewhere else after rejection from reviews icon. We have authority to remove any guest post without informing the writer.

Sponsored Advertisement:

You can mail us if you want to post a sponsored advertisement on our website. Keep the subject line as “sponsored advertisement”.

Link policy:

We allow one dofollow link in the post but the link must be relevant. Irrelevant links will be deleted without any prior information. Your main purpose should be serving the visitors with a great info and the link must be mixed in the content well. For commercial product and site links, charges are applicable and you can mail us for the same separately.

“Our editors can edit, delete some irrelevant info, and add something suitable in the article. We have all the rights to correct mistakes done by the guest writer”.

Things that Need to be Avoided

  • We don’t want to make our website look like a single product specific and therefore, you need to come up with new ideas that are not present on our website already.
  • Content submitted by you on reviews icon will belong to the website only once it gets approved. You can’t post it anywhere else. Sharing links to your content on our website is allowed.

Who should not contact us

  • Any marketing firm (especially online)
  • Freelancers or writers who wish to represent their business through content
  • Commercial websites whose services don’t belong to professional writers
  • Content writing firms
  • Anyone who wish to link affiliate links of companies other than Amazon.

Check this for advertising and commercial links.

How to Submit Your Post

  • Read all the guidelines and select a topic that belongs to niches we work on.
  • Mail us at [email protected] and share the topic you have selected for a little discussion. Either we will provide you top 10 products for the selected title or you need to do that. Select 10 articles from amazon.com with best reviews.
  • If any query rises, you may contact us anytime.

All the writers who wish to write for us must read all the above guidelines thoroughly. Keep everything in mind and create the perfect piece that we love to publish on our platform.

Knock us with your best pitches! We are waiting for the right talent.

Keep exploring, keep shopping, and keep writing.