Best Low pH Balanced Shampoos

Thick long beautiful hair is like a crown on the head which cannot be removed. It is important that the crown is held up high so that the confidence of the bearer stays high. Those long luscious hair are not a god’s gift generally. The quality of your hair will vary with the amount of care and nurturing you give to your hair. We use hundreds of hair products, accessories, and styling tools just to make our hair look good, but the question then arises, are we choosing the right hair products? Or are we deliberately causing damage to our naturally beautiful hair? The most commonly used hair product is shampoo. It is like anyone and everyone needs a good low pH balanced shampoo to take care of their hair. But then, what is a good shampoo? Is a good brand name enough to justify the quality of the product? Are there some specific qualities that we need t look for while buying a shampoo? And there are thousands of more questions because hair care is such a complex task! Below we have solved all your queries and suggested some of the best products for you to take care of your hair.

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Low PH Balanced Shampoo – A Must Have

We come across the word PH quite often, especially while scrolling through the beauty blogs. But most of us aren’t actually aware of what a low or high PH means. PH scale defines the level of acidic or basic properties in a particular product. The scale has ratings from 0-14 where 0 is the most acidic and 14 the most basic. The acid and base characteristics of a product are needed to be studies while choosing the right beauty product for your skin or hair. While choosing the right shampoo for your hair, you should definitely have a look at the PH of the product as it would determine the kind of effect it will have on your hair. Usually, low or neutral PH balance shampoos are preferred, ie, PH 5.5 and lower.

Why Choose of Low pH Balanced Shampoo?

Haircare and skincare are affected by multiple factors but the most important one is usually the PH balance of the product being used. Below is a list of benefits you will derive when you choose a low ph level shampoo for your beautiful hair:

  • Prevents dryness, irritation or any other abnormalities
  • The pH level of shampoo directly defines your hair health
  • The shampoo is just right for your hair, ie, it won’t contain too much acid or too much basic detergent-like qualities
  • Helps fight bacteria or fungal infections
  • Reduces tangling and frizz
  • Maintain the natural shine of your hair

After reading so many benefits of a pH balanced shampoo, we are sure you must be wanting to try one yourself. If yes, then don’t think too much about how and where to get the best PH balanced shampoo according to your hair. We have got you covered! Read on to find.

Buying Guide for the Best Low pH Balanced Shampoo:

Finding the right shampoo to choose your hair type and the one which will treat all your hair troubles can be a herculean task! But we have got your back. Below is a buying guide that will help you choose the shampoo which is perfect for your hair.

Scalp Type: don’t choose a shampoo just keeping in mind your hair. Your scalp is equally important and treating the scalp with the right kind of shampoo should be your priority. high alkaline shampoos rip the scalp off of sebum leading to dandruff, dryness or itchiness. A balanced shampoo with a pH of 4.5-5.5 is ideal for all scalp types.

Hair Damage: if you are suffering from problems like dandruff or dryness in hair which makes them unmanageable, then, along with the pH balance you should look out for the anti-fungal or anti-bacterial properties of the shampoo.

Hair Quality: the type of hair you were naturally born with will determine the kind of care they require. For people blessed with already smooth and shiny hair, hair troubles are lesser compared to those with frizzy hair. Low pH balanced shampoos are ideally recommended for those with frizzy or dry hair as low pH is known for making the hair smoother and shinier.

Shampoo Ingredients: natural ingredients are always preferable when compared to chemicals. If you are able to find the right pH balance in a shampoo made of all-natural ingredients, then consider yourself very lucky! High sulfate or paraben formulae should be avoided as they cause great damage to the quality of your hair.

Not all shampoos that claim to be the best in the market, are actually best! It is important to find the right one by careful analysis of each aspect and most importantly by reading the reviews of the people who have already used it.

Below is a list of 7 best low pH balanced shampoos & conditioners we have found which are suitable for almost all hair types and have been known to deliver excellent results!

Below are The low pH Shampoo List:

1. Tree to tub-gentle Hair Growth Shampoo:

Among the wide variety of shampoos available in the market, one generally tends to ignore which one best suits the hair.  This, Tree to Tub Shampoo, will surely put an end to all your hair problems. From the wild soapberries that deep cleans the follicles naturally to the DHT Blocking Organics that boost the hair growth; this low pH-balanced shampoo serves all hair needs in the best possible way. Known to provide the nutrition that the thin hair has been longing for, this shampoo suits dry, oily, and sensitive skin. The creamy and organic lather formed by this shampoo deeply clean all the dirt from the hair thereby ensuring a refreshing look. This shampoo has a pH of 5.5 which is known to be the best for the human body. Recommended by many dermatologists, this shampoo comes with a free gift of wild and sun-dried soapberry. The eucalyptus and tree tea essential oil scent of this shampoo perfectly complements any date or outing with friends. The best feature of this shampoo is that it doesn’t harm the environment in any way.


  • Best low PH balanced shampoo
  • Doesn’t harm the hair since it is antibacterial and antifungal
  • It can be used by men as well as women
  • Enriched with organic botanicals like Argon oil, Sage and Aloe Vera


  • The shampoo may take long to improve the thin quality of hair

2. Tree to tub – Organic Argan Oil Shampoo for Dry Hair:

Most of the shampoos aim to thoroughly clean the hair but many of them ignore the nourishment that skin requires. This Tree to Tub shampoo has been specially made for the purpose of scalp nourishment. The perfect 5.5 low pH level of this shampoo is not only the best one for improving the hair quality but also for the skin. The soothing Lavender scent adds a really refreshing edge to the shampoo and helps one cope up with the harsh sun during summers. A shampoo that can serve the purpose of every member of the house, Tree, and tub can be used by kids as well. Elements like Argon Oil, Chamomile and Olive leave to ensure that the skin is deeply enriched with nutrients. Harvested with love in the eco-reserves of Taiwan, this organic shampoo is all you need to solve all your hair related problems. The gentle lather formed by the shampoo ensures a smooth hair wash experience and keeps the hair smooth for a much longer duration as compared to other shampoos. Flawlessly adding a shiny and bouncy look to the hair, this low pH balanced shampoo is really affordable.


  • Cruelty-free; doesn’t harm the environment in any way.
  • This shampoo is perfect for dry hair.
  • Completely organic; doesn’t harm the hair in any way.
  • Nourishes both hair and scalp.


  • Some people feel that the quantity is comparatively less when compared to price.

3. Dawn Mist pH Balanced Shampoo and Body Bath:

Nothing can beat this complete body cleansing package by Dawn Mist. A multi-purpose solution to all your hair and body needs, this shampoo and body bath is very gentle and soothing on the skin.  Consisting of perfect pH formula for the human body, this product by Dawn Mist smells very different from all other perfumes. The fresh apricot scent of this shampoo cum body bath is surely something that one should not miss. The best thing about this product by Dawn Mist is that it is really economical for everyday use. Advised by many dermatologists, this is known to provide a remedy to many skin problems. Supplied by one of the leading businesses in medical products, DUKAL Corporation and one can simply rely on this product for every skin problem.


  • Serves two purposes together; body bath and hair wash.
  • Low PH based formula ensures that it doesn’t harm the scalp.
  • Fresh Apricot scent differentiates it from all other similar products.
  • The packaging can be easily carried along while traveling.


  • Some people don’t prefer to apply the same product on hair and body.
  • This product is not organic in nature, this may affect the hair quality.

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4. ResQ Organics – Thick and Nutrient Rich Ph Balanced Shampoo:

All those who are tired of changing shampoos finding a remedy for their thin hair no longer need to continue their search.  ResQ Organics is here for the rescue of all such people. Recommended by many professionals, this shampoo has been known for years when it comes to hair strengthening. This salon-quality hair product prevents hair loss to a large extent and can be used even on colored or dyed hair. Be it dryness, fizziness, thinning or breaking of hair, this one can help to solve all your hair related problems. The fact that this shampoo comprises of Manuka Honey, one of the best antibiotics in the world, itself speaks about why one should go for this product. The conditioner that comes along is thick and highly concentrated thus ensuring proper treatment of itchy and dry scalp. The completely organic therapy ensures that no chemicals touch the hair thereby preventing hair loss. This shampoo also consists of Aloe Vera in large amounts which ensure that the scalp remains hydrated and moisturized. The presence of such organic elements in the product not only makes the hair nourished but also gives a perfect salon look to them.


  • The money guarantee mechanism ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Only a small amount is needed at once since it’s completely natural.
  • Manuka Honey acts as one of the best antiseptics for all hair problems.
  • The presence of organic elements ensures natural glow and shine to the hair.


  • Takes time to form lather since it is applied in less quantity before rinsing.

5. Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Shampoo and Conditioner:

Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo and Hydrating-Calming Conditioner can’t be beaten by any other hair product in the market. The EcoChic Technology of this product by Giovanni serves the need of every woman. Generally, people get really tensed due to deterioration in hair quality, but this one would surely help you maintain it to the maximum extent. It ensures the protection of over-processed and color-treated hair over a long period of time. Leaving the hair moisturized, shiny and perfectly pH balanced, this shampoo and conditioner make sure that each strand of hair is healthy and nourished. Paraben and Silicon free products ensure that the hair stays healthy even in the long run. When used on a daily basis, this perfect combo of shampoo and conditioner can definitely do wonders for your hair. Adding sparkle to your entire look, this pack removes all the fizziness from the hair simultaneously ensuring that no harm is being caused to the environment.


  • Suitable for normal and dry hair.
  • Caters to need to today’s women who have colored and over-processed hair.
  • Both shampoo and conditioner are completely environment-friendly.
  • EcoChic technology ensures proper treatment of the hair.


  • It doesn’t really serve the purpose of the hair that isn’t treated chemically.

6. Darshana Natural Moisturizing Shampoo with Ayurvedic Botanicals:

Made with the goodness of nature, this is one of the best natural pH balanced shampoo you can find in the market. It is free from all the chemicals which may harm your hair in any form. This no sulfate, no paraben formula makes your hair two times stronger and shinier. There is no artificial fragrance. All you can smell is the goodness of the aloe, honey, and other natural ingredients. The low pH balance of this shampoo is ideal for any hair type or quality. It helps repair and strengthen your hair, and also restores shine which may have been taken away because of the dirt and pollution. This ayurvedic formula has an ideal pH level of 4.8-5.8 which makes it suitable for all scalp types. This product has been prepared with the wild ingredients directly from the rich forest lands of India. The shampoo is a natural moisturizer for your hair which is bound to show excellent results with zero side effects.


  • No sulfates, parabens or other chemicals
  • Color safe
  • Repairs strengthen and protect your hair
  • Fresh citrus scent
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Balanced pH to help gently cleanse


  • The shampoo is very thick so you need to make some effort to get it out of the bottle and then apply by mixing it with water.

7. Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo:

This is one of the finest organic shampoos in the market as it contains no preservatives or harmful substances. It gently cleanses your scalp and makes your hair thicker and stronger. You can see the difference in your hair structure even after a few uses only. The formula has been made with certified organic, plant-based substances and essential oils which help increase the volume of hair. This low pH-balanced formula deeply conditions your hair from the follicles through the entire hair length. This scientifically tested formula is created with nature’s purest ingredients. There is no synthetic color or fragrance. The use of organic substances and the ideal pH balance makes it a must-try! The shampoo is a perfect blend of modern science with botanical ingredients. And you must try it out.


  • Made with natural ingredients only
  • Fruity smell
  • Low pH balance
  • Helps boost hair growth and shine
  • Provides deep nourishment to the scalp


  • The formula is runny, so there might be a lot of wastage if not used properly.

Reasons to Avoid Shampoos with a High pH level:

Highly acidic or highly alkaline shampoos tend to cause irreparable damage to your hair. A good pH balanced shampoo can help give you the beautiful hair you deserve with no brittle split ends and frizz. Low pH balance helps deep cleansing of the scalp and makes hair shinier and smoother. Your hair texture improves and they become more manageable. Not all shampoos that claim to be good are good. It is important that you consider analyzing the contents before making the final choice. It is easier to fool buyers in this era when there are so many products available, all giving a similar claim. To get the best results, you can consider asking your hairstylist or regular salon person for advice as they are in good knowledge of both your hair as well as the market products.


A good shampoo is a very important part of your daily life. There are so many products that have the ideal low pH balance which is perfect for your hair health. If you still think pH is not an important part of consideration while choosing the right shampoo, then you should definitely re-read this blog! PH plays a vital role in determining the overall condition of your hair and scalp. From protecting your hair from environments aggressors to making the hair look shinier, smoother, pH has a role to play at every step.

So, its time you throw away your old shampoo and switch to a low pH-balanced shampoo to make your hair smoother shinier and manageable as a whole. Nurture your hair with the utmost care and the best products so that you can look flawless! Don’t hesitate to invest in a good shampoo.

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