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Excited to join your friends on a hunting trip? Well, anyone would be. Hunting is, in fact, a thrilling, adventurous experience that brings you up close to animals and birds in their wild habitat. And securing yourself the prize that you crave is nothing short of an achievement. While hunting is all fun and exciting, it is a risky game too. To be in close proximity to wild animals in the open needs a lot of courage and appropriate gear. If you are not well-equipped, you may put yourself and your party in danger. And that is why having a bowie knife in your arsenal is a must. A bowie knife is a multi-purpose tool that can is useful for hunters, survivalists, wilderness lovers, and others.


Important uses of a Bowie Knife

If you are planning to be in the lap of the wilderness, having a good set of knives is important. And a bowie knife is, undoubtedly, an integral part of your tools. It has multiple uses, each equally important for those who love to spend time in the wilderness. Let’s consider a few situations where a bowie knife comes in handy:

Hunting: If you are out hunting, you need something that would allow you to skin the animal and cut the carcass. The best bowie knife is what you would need in such a situation. Bowie knives come with long blades and curved tips that are ideal for the purpose. Moreover, the handles of these knives are so made that you can cut/clean/skin even the oddest curves of your kill.

Defense: Even if you are not out hunting, a bowie knife can be extremely useful. A bowie knife is as strong as a hatchet and can be used as a weapon of self-defense against predators or dangers that be lurking out there. It must, however, be remembered that a bit of training is required before you can use the knife for defensive purposes.

Survival: If you like to venture into the wilderness quite often for the thrill of it, it is best that you carry a bowie knife with you. The best bowie knives can be used to hunt for food, cut wood for fire and shelter, and to protect against enemies, making it one of the best tools for survivalists.

What to Consider Before you Buy Bowie Knives?

Since bowie knives make a great companion for wilderness lovers, it is best to buy one before you venture out. But with so many bowie knives from different manufacturers, choosing the best bowie knife may seem like a daunting task. However, buying the right bowie knife isn’t so difficult. You have to consider a few salient factors before arriving at a decision and you are sure to get the best knife for your needs. Here are a few things that you need to consider:

Blade size: Bowie knives come with different blade sizes. No single blade size can be termed as the ‘best’. The best blade size depends on how you want to use the knife and how good you are at using it. Longer blades give you the facility to cut broad or long pieces of meat, wood, etc. easily. Not only that, if you are planning to use it for self-defense, a long blade will be better for you. However, longer blades are comparatively more difficult to maneuver and if you are not good at it, you may end up harming yourself. So, while choosing the best bowie knife, make sure that you choose a blade size that you would be comfortable with.

Material: The material the bowie knife is made of is also a matter of consideration. While traditional bowie knives were made of carbon steel, most modern bowie knives are made of stainless steel alloys. This is because stainless steel alloys can be sharpened to a greater degree and are more durable than carbon steel. That is why the best bowie knife for campers and hunters would be one made of stainless steel.

Handle: The material of the blade is not the only thing that must be considered while making a purchase. You must also find out what the blade is made. Doing so is important to ensure that the blade is strong enough to take on the strain of the work. If the blade breaks, the knife will be rendered useless. The material must also be such that it can be easily curved or molded to create a comfortable grip. The best bowie knives usually have handles made of polymer, rubber, Kraton, etc.

Tang: The shank that forms the connection between the handle and the blade of the knife must also be considered when you are out looking for the best bowie knife for your adventures. It is recommended that you go for a knife that has a full tang/shank so that the blade doesn’t break off from the handle under heavy pressure. This is essential because bowie knives are subjected to a lot of pressure and strain during work. Moreover, they, themselves, are quite heavy. A full tang will ensure that the blade doesn’t come loose.

Weight: Bowie knives are comparatively heavy because of their big size and built. That being said, the weight of the knives varies; the bigger the knife, the heavier it is. The material of construction also plays a part in making the knife heavy. Knives that have handles made of polymer, rubber, etc. are lighter than those that are made of bone or ivory. If the knife feels too heavy in your hand, you will not be able to wield it properly. So, make sure that you choose a knife that feels comfortable in your hands.

Grip design: Just as it important to have a bowie knife that is strong and sharp, it is equally important to be able to hold the knife comfortably. If you are planning to use the knife for hunting, heavy chopping, etc., it is vital that you have a good grip on your knife. That is why the best bowie knives have an ergonomic handle design that can comfortably fit both hands while being suitable for single-hand use as well.

Sheath: The cover of the knife is also important. A tight-fit cover made of quality material is essential for a bowie knife. This will ensure that the knife is well-protected and you can carry it safely without any injuries.

Best Bowie Knives Reviews

1. Ka-Bar Full-Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife:

If you are looking for a versatile knife, then this particular knife from Ka-Bar is the best that you can buy. With a 7” blade made of 1095 Cro-van steel, this knife can be your best companion on tactical operations, camping, and hunting. As the name suggests, this knife is truly perfect for anyone working in the Marine Corps and you can rest assured that this will be perfect for general people like you too.

If you take a look at this, the first thing you will notice is the short handle. But as you start using it, you will understand the fact that even though it has a short handle, the balance and strength of the blade is perfect. As an outdoor knife, having a perfect balance and good strength makes it stand apart from the rest. Apart from that, the knife meets the highest level of standard when it comes to quality and durability as well. While you are camping outdoor or planning to go for an adventure, you can completely rely on its efficiency and quality for sure.


  • As per bowie knife reviews, it comes with a leather sheath that serves high quality
  • The design of the handle is pretty much perfect
  • The pommel is quite hard
  • The blade is made out of Cro-Van steel which is definitely one of the toughest in the industry
  • Not much maintenance is required to keep the edge working and in good shape
  • Although the handle is smaller in size but is a good enough size for anyone
  • Easy to cut things and sharpen as and when required


  • According to the bowie knives, reviews for some users the knife came out of the package damaged or dull
  • To make sure the leather handle does not get cracked, you need to take care of it
  • The blade might not be perfectly aligned to the handle
  • The sheath is not really of high quality and might not be perfect to use

2. Buck Heritage Frontiersman Micarta Handle:

This particular knife from Buck has a 6.25” blade and most importantly it is one of the portable and lightweight knives that you can buy. Being portable in nature, this knife is said to be one of the best outdoor knives as well. 420HC steel is what gives the blade the required strength and when you add to the fact that it has a comfortable grip, you are surely going to buy this knife for your next outdoor trip.

According to bowie knife reviews, the blade is quite sharp and is made to give you the perfect force when required. It is one of the versatile and durable knives that you can get. Apart from a quality handle, it comes with an additional guard to protect you from any kind of injuries. The sheath comes with a unique design and most importantly it’s made out of genuine leather which makes it perfect for your blade. Although you might have some difficulties to fit the blade inside the sheath, with time it will get easier to use the sheath.

The knife weighs only 13 oz. and is durable enough to last all the hard works outdoors. Whether you wish to use it camping or for hunting, you can rest assured that you are going to experience quality and efficiency at its best.


  • The blade is fixed with the handle
  • As per the bowie knives reviews the tip is really sharp
  • Comes with a leather sheath which is of great quality
  • Made out of the toughest of the steel that you can find
  • Great to carry while you are camping outdoor or going for an adventure


  • The blade might be a bit bigger in size for some people
  • Leather sheath quality might not be worst but it’s not the best either

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3. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Bowie Fixed Blade Knife:

The BK9 bowie knife comes with a 9” fixed blade and a 5 3/4 “handle as well. The proportion of blade and handle size makes it perfect for military, outdoor and tactical use. With a weight of 1.05 lbs, you are surely going to feel a bit heavy while using the knife, but with time it gets easier to carry and use while you are outdoor. Although the blade is quite sharp to fit the requirements of anyone going for camping or an adventure outdoors, you can easily use this knife at your home as well. Pretty much like any other Ka-Bar knives, this one also has a blade made out of Cro-Van steel which gives the all-important durability and efficiency. So, next time you are going camping or on an adventure, make sure to get one of these and you will be ready to have a nice trip for sure


  • As per bowie knives reviews, this is one of the best knives used by the military people
  • The handle design is perfect and comfortable for anyone using the knife
  • Perfect for anyone going out camping or need a knife for tactical use
  • Certainly comfortable to use
  • The tip is really sharp and capable of performing heavy-duty work as well
  • Durable, sturdy, and versatile in nature
  • You do not need to maintain the blade a lot to keep it sharp


  • In case you have a large hand size the handle might be a bit small
  • If you have a sweaty palm, the handle tends to slip a lot
  • Screws might get lose with regular use
  • Weight might be a problem for general people


If you are thinking about buying survival knives then Fallkniven should be your first choice. This company has been the best in the market for its survival tools and this particular product is not an exception either. The NL4 is made out of fine material and it does not only look fantastic but feels great too. With its oxhide handle, it becomes really great to grip and minimizes any chance of slipping either. If you go through bowie knife reviews you will see that the knife is pretty much strong and the edge is well balanced and aligned with the handle. The presence of a thick spine makes it sturdy and sharpness increases its efficiency. If quality is what you are looking for, then this is the knife that you need to look for.

Due to its impressive craftsmanship and sharpness in the outdoor work, this knife can certainly be your best companion while you are going outdoors for camping or hunting. The construction is really great and the blade is hard enough to cut through almost anything. Overall this steel blade knife is perfect for anyone and you would not regret it after buying it, but VG-10 might not the best quality steel that you can ask for. Apart from VG-10 steel, there is nothing you can complain about.


  • The oxhide handle is comfortable enough for everyone
  • .The edge is sharp and works efficiently
  • The handle and the blade complement each other very well


  • The steel quality is not up to the mark
  • Sheath quality is not that great either

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5. Buck Knives 120 General Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath:

According to the bowie knives reviews Buck knives 120 is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to go hunting or camping. This knife has a great quality blade and more importantly, it’s a full tang. The handle is solid and sturdy and has a good balance as well. The handle is good enough not to lose its color or get any scratches. With its stainless steel blade, you can easily cut through any material you need. The blade is quite lightweight so it’s really easy to carry with you and move around pretty quickly. So, when you are out camping, it can be a great weapon to have with you or you can just keep it to cut through game meat. Even if you have to fight against wild animals, this knife can be of great help too.

According to bowie knife reviews, this knife is truly a versatile one, but the size of the knife might put you in a cause of bother especially if you are going to use a hunting knife for the very first time. The blade requires good enough care to ensure that it does not get any type of corrosion. Unless you take care of the edges while lubricating it, you might have to get another one pretty soon. That being said, this knife is one of the best hunting knives that you can get, especially when you think about the decent solid grip and a nice sheath to fit the knife. Once you buy this knife, you are sure not to regret this for sure.


  • The blade is made of 420HC steel which is known for its resistance against corrosion and toughness
  • The construction is durable enough
  • The stem and edge both are symmetrical and aligned perfectly with the comfortable handle
  • It comes with a large enough sheath to fit the knife properly


  • For some people, the handle might be a bit large

Caring for your Bowie Knife

If you want your bowie knife to serve you a long time, you surely need to take good care of it. Anything can fall into disuse if it is not maintained regularly. That is why maintaining your bowie knife is essential for its long life and efficient use. Here is what you can do to take care of the best bowie knife:

  • Make sure that you clean your knife after every use. If you have used it to skin a game or cut meat, make sure that you clean off the blood, bone, skin, and other remains off your knife before you store it away. This is vital to maintain knife health. You can use a cloth to clean off the debris and use metal rubbing paste to clean it completely. Dry it off.
  • Make sure that you put the knife back into the sheath after cleaning it properly. Keeping the knife open when not in use can lead to the deposition of dust on it which can affect the sharpness of the blade.
  • Keeping it covered will also ensure that the knife is not exposed to humidity and moisture. All knives can start rusting when exposed to moisture and rusting can ruin your blade.
  • Make sure that the knife is stored in a dry place to avoid the effects of damp and humidity.
  • Oiling your knife is also essential. Even the best bowie knives can become useless if the stainless steel areas are not oiled periodically. Use common mineral oils or you can buy butcher block oils for the purpose.
  • The knife must be sharpened from time to time to ensure that it stays in shape.
  • If you haven’t used the knife in quite a while, take it out at intervals and allow it to remain outside the sheath for a day.
  • If the sheath that comes with the knife is of poor quality, buy a new one that will be able to safeguard the knife.


Bowie knives are any outdoor lover’s best companion. They can be used for a multitude of purposes. However, care must be taken that only the best bowie knife is chosen for the purpose. This will ensure that the knife serves its purpose well and you have a great tool at hand when you are out exploring the wilderness.

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