Best Corner Electric Fireplaces

Corner Electric Fireplaces are increasingly popular nowadays, the reasons are many, and the one that tops the list is easy installation and efficient operation. They tend to make the ambiance of your room comfortable to relax and live in. The electric fireplace with real-looking flames can act as supplemental heat, without causing any air quality issues as compared with traditional fireplaces. The corner electric fireplaces are available in various designs, and they are quite inexpensive to buy, easy to operate, and are considered as a high focal point for any space. You can buy a variety of modern corner electric fireplaces and choose them according to the living space you desire for. They are available in many colors and types for example as a compact fireplace for your bedroom, you can look forward to a media console for the living room and the wall mount for the office lobby. The free-standing corner electric fireplace is undoubted offers a traditional design for the heating units, and they do have many freestanding or corner units to be installed in the corner or against the wall of your living or bedrooms.


Things to Consider While Buying  Corner Electric Fireplace

There are Many Factors to Consider While Selecting the Fireplace for Yourself:

Size: The size of the space where you are looking forward to installing your fireplace is the first factor to consider. For example, infrared quartz fireplaces are best for rooms of 1000, sq feet or if you have a small place, then a forced fan fireplace must have surfaced of about 400 sq feet. Any fireplace can work up to 1500 sq feet of space.

Ventilation: Many fireplaces require their users to have adequate ventilation in the space they are sitting. Inadequate ventilation can make people feel dizzy and unwell. The wood-burning fireplace is said to have a chimney for the smoke. The fireplaces are entirely self-contained and do not allow the heat to be released into the rooms. The spaces like windows, high ceilings, and drafts are also subject to retain heat differently and can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the fireplace. So, know your room before you buy the fireplace.

Budget: While considering the fireplace the users should know about the budget they are seeking for. As the money is not only spent on installation and heating unit but the running cost should also be kept in mind while placing your order for the electric fireplace. Bioethanol fireplaces are one of the expensive options to have at home; on the other hand, electric fireplaces are one of the economic alternatives to install in your abode.

Corner to Keep: While buying a fireplace especially for a corner does have a plug nearby for the safe operation of an electric furnace. Also, always keep water or any drink or vase away from the electric fireplace as like other electronic gadgets it can cause adverse effects.

Best Corner Electric Fireplaces with Reviews

1. e-Flame USA Regal Portable Electric Fireplace Stove (Matte Black):

Lightweight construction, dancing flame, and classic front, these three things make the e-flame Regal fireplace different from the others. The fireplace can warm up to a space of 400 sq ft but stays cool to touch during operation for the pets and children. The fireplace can help you in reducing your electric bill by consuming 90% less energy as compared to gas. The fireplace heats up quickly and makes sure that the user does not pay a higher cost of heating his entire home. If you want to have visual enjoyment, then you can tune your fireplace to the desired temperature and switch on the no-heat option. The 1500 watt fireplace arrives with a 6ft cord to prefer the placement of the equipment in plugs and spaces for any household outlet. The corner electric fireplace has a black mesh opening door. The unit offers easy and quick assembly and is capable of making the user comfortable and warm within minutes.


  • Compact in design
  • Traditional look and arrives with add functional mesh door
  • Great fire and flame effects
  • Can be carried easily from one place to another.


  • Expensive to buy
  • First, the startup can be a bit noisy

2. Electric Fireplace TV Stand Heater Corner:

People usually ignore the corners of the room,  but installing this beautiful piece of furniture can add character to your home corners and elevate your room decor to the other level. It is one of the best corner electric fireplace TV stands that is designed correctly and crafted to a place at any corner of your room. Serves the purpose of supporting the television and acts as a fireplace unit too. The fireplace in consideration here is equipped with a Realistic flickering kind of flame effect and has adjustable brightness control to use the fireplace at its best. The equipment arrives with a plugin for the standard wall outlet, remote control, and an adjustable thermostat system for users to access quickly. The fireplace is comprised of two cabinets on both sides of the TV stands and is composed of two racks. The fireplace is equipped with LED technology for creating flickering flames for saving electricity bill and are considered to be power-efficient as well. The corner electric fireplace supports the timer of about 9 hours to 30 minutes.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can support a heating pace of 400 sqm.
  • Attractive look with Mahogany finish
  • Made up of solid wood


  • As per the corner electric fireplace reviews, it requires installation support from the manufacturer.

3.Walker Edison Furniture Company Tall Wood Corner Fireplace Stand:

The fireplace is not only an asset for those who love to enjoy their relationship in their abode, but people can take advantage of various furnishings attached to the fireplace. The equipment offers pleasant temperatures for heating a decent amount of space in your home like a big living room. The warmth produced by the equipment is so bright that you do not need to worry about the ashes making your floor messy or dirty. Considered to be one of the best corner electric fireplaces is comprised of about 1500W heater and have the capacity to heat approximately 400 sq ft of space. The equipment offers a dual mode for flameless and flame heat operation and allows the user to choose for adding warmth or cozy ambiance to the room. The brown-colored media electric fireplace is found to support the flat-screen TV unit up to 100 and 45lbs. The fireplace also offers the extra storage capacity for the corner connector shelf and one of the removable media compartments. As it is a corner electric fireplace, you do not need to install any gas line and can be considered as quite easy to install too.


  • Premium design
  • Storage units attached
  • Best quality wood furnishings


  • Takes time to assembly

4. Real Flame 3750E-O Churchill Electric Fireplace, Oak:

The corner fitting TV mantel serves as a center of attraction for the family room centerpiece. The Corner electric fireplace offers ample storage for media, A/V components, decor, etc. In other words, it can be said that Churchill is a kind of functional fireplace alternative for the TV stand. Having a height of 33 inches, the television is set up at a comfortable viewing point for the best view from near and far away distance. The 1400 watt equipment is comprised of a programmable thermostat having a display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The fireplace has an ultra-bright LED technology with five brightness settings. Also, the digital readout display of up to 9 hours timer is also included. The equipment of arrival is said to be having a firebox, screen kit, MDF mantel, remote control, and hand-painted kind of cost concrete log.


  • Easy to install
  • Stylish look
  • High quality of wood


  • A bit expensive to buy out.

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5. Real Flame 3750E-DE Churchill Electric Fireplace, Dark Espresso:

One of the corner electric fireplace of Real flame that is quite easy and safe to use even by beginners. The fireplace does not require any venting as it does not produce heat that needs to escape for ventilation. The digitally controlled fireplace can be used with any socket for easy installation at any corner of your room. The best corner electric fireplace is equipped with a dual setting of 1350 and 675 watts for the user to opt for the desired level, and the heater is said to have a rating of 4600 BTUs. Supporting the storage units around the fireplace, it can be an excellent addition to your home living space. Having a height of 33 inches the fireplace can also work as TV units for some who are looking forward to the same with the heating unit. Equipped with the patented technology the Real flame is said to project the best flames for its users.


  • Perfect for small spaces and can heat up to 144 sq ft
  • Safety shut off option for pets and children
  • Stylish looks


  • According to the corner electric fireplace reviews, some clients found the flames to be artificial and short.

6. Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand:

This is one of the unique and versatile fireplaces available in the market. The SEI corner electric fireplace is available in two colors known as deep espresso and crisp white. There are two types of fireboxes offered by the company the traditional LED firebox which is considered significant for a room up to 400 sq ft, and the other one is infrared heating which adds supplemental heat and can heat the areas to 1000 sq feet. The best corner electric fireplace is surrounded by open media shelf stores to keep up with the entertainment accessories. The fireplace has a convenient remote adjustment for heat, logs, downlight, and flames. The LED flames installed are long-lasting and have five levels or allows you to turn off the heat without the fire. With the SEI redden fireplace enjoy healthy warmth with a child safety lock and automatically shut off features and the glass front. The fireplace can lighten up your room all around the year without using the heater.


  • Easy to set up
  • Quality wooden cabinet
  • Look beautiful in the corner and serves as a center of attention with the TV unit.


  • Storage boxes are not big just for entertainment knick knacks

7. Harper Blvd Oak Corner Convertible Faux Stone Electric Fireplace:

The modern fireplace is one of the best to be kept in the corner for any room. The fireplace comes with a fireplace effector with a heat option for the users to opt for any of them during operation. The tobacco fireplace is a perfect corner electric fireplace for the traditional furniture lover, and its existence in the corner reminds of old Hollywood movies. The electric fireplace can cause its heating effect in a room of about 400 sq ft. The fireplace comes with a child protection lock to keep up with the safety features. Once the heat reaches the met child protection lock, the heater gets turned off. The fire makes use of environmentally friendly powerful bulbs and to operate efficiently make use of a CR2025 battery that can be included in your fireplace package. The best corner electric fireplace is one of the efficient ones and can give your room an aesthetic look that you were looking forward from a long. The fireplace model is convertible and allows you to use it in the corner of your room against the flat wall.


  • Beautiful piece of fireplace
  • Digitally control
  • Easy to assemble
  • Child safety assured


  • No storage unit attached

Types of Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace Mantels: The electric fireplace is like any traditional fireplace. These fireplaces are electronic and can be allowed to sit against any flat wall and can feature the firebox. The fireplace is designed to look like any wood-burning fireplace, and these metals can serve as storage for books, hidden controls, and others.

Wall-Mountable: There are two types of wall-mounted electric fireplace available for the buyers. First, is the models that are mounted on the wall and the other one are the models recessed into the wall. The wall mounting materials and brackets can be included with the fireplace. The wall-mounted models are quite easy to install, but some clients do prefer their fireplace built-in a wall. These types of fireplaces are considered to be portable as compared to others and can save a lot on floor spaces and are quite popular in apartments, lobbies, and condos.

Fire Place TV Stand: Couple your flat-screen TV with the fireplace and make your house an entertainment center with perfect design and long-lasting lasting quality quite similar to the wall fireplace. Wall and corner electric fireplace before installation should look forward that there is enough space for the TV size or console to make up to the style you desire.

Corner Fireplace: This is one of the most common types of electric fireplaces and can be arranged easily against a wall to resemble one of the focal points of the house. They are one of the traditional fireplaces and can include collapsible panels to sit in a corner or wall. The corner electric fireplaces can also be installed with mantel for decorating your abode while purchasing the mantel support weight should also be considered here.

Electric Stoves: The electric stoves can be compared with electric fireplaces as they tend to be comprised of traditional styling. They are known for their portable designs, low maintenance, and the models which can purify the air where they operate. These standalone are designed in a way that they never produce ash like other wood-burning stoves. To start using them plug them for operation.

Fireplace Logs and Inserts: This type of fireplace allows the firelogs to be manufactured and inserted in the fireplace. If you do not want to use your traditional fireplaces and desire a similar ambiance, then try using the inserts. The electric log inserts can be used with the existing fireplace either plugged-in or hardwired.

For checking out the types of fireplaces, as if they work on two kinds of heating techniques: Infrared quartz and forced fan.

Forced Fan: The technique is comprised of a silent fan known for blowing over the heated coils for producing the heat in the room.

Infrared Quartz: The heat is said to be delivered in this technique through infrared light. The emitted light warms everything it touches like furniture, bodies, people, etc. Except for air, it creates an effect on everything else, for safety terms try to sit 3 feet away. The technique is said to leave humidity to create a comfortable environment at home.

Key Features of Corner Electric Fireplaces

The corner electric fireplaces and other stoves offer a variety of energy-efficient features. Some of them are mentioned below:

Thermostat Adjustment: The adjustment of the thermostat make you realize and decide the temperature at which the electric fireplace releases the heat.

Digital Control: With the leap of technology the fireplace with the remote control and digital control board access is readily available in the market.

Flame-Speed Control: If you want your flame to flicker at a particular speed then the same can be controlled by you too.

Only Flame: Many models are available to synchronize with the ambiance of the room that does not add any heating option. If you are looking for the same model, then search for the fireplace working on the flame-only operation model.

Self-Trimming Operation: The self-trimming operation makes sure that the user does not need to purchase or add trim for aesthetic or installation purposes. It is used for snapping place and is considered to be ready to add heat and character to your space.

Brightness: The brightness can be controlled in a corner electric fireplace by just moving the knob to the level you desire. As the same will help in decreasing or increasing the brightness of the flames of the fireplace for you.

Portable: If you have multiple corners for your fireplace and your apartment is s smaller one, then look for a heater that is portable and can be moved from one place to another.

How Electric Fireplace Works?

The corner electric fireplaces work by producing heat, and for the same, they use metal coils. The coil employed in the fireplace can convert the flowing electricity into heat. The fan is said to be integrated into the respective design of the fireplace and blows the heat from the elements into the room out of the fireplace. These coils are the only part of the fireplaces that remains hot during the procedure and never transfer the heat to the case in any way which makes the fireplace safe to be installed for personal usage at home. Nowadays for producing heat, the electric fireplace features a flame that seems to be quite realistic. Regular light bulbs or LED is said to be installed, and the light is then allowed to bounce around the areas using the concept of refraction showing the impression of the live frame. There are many types of corner electric fireplace tv stand some poses real or at times less authentic-looking fire flame. To make your home equipped with a fireplace you can employ a freestanding fireplace or can use any fireplace insert placed inside the firebox area using the existing fireplace. The fireplace insert is also considered a safer option and an alternative for using wood for the fireplace as they need to be installed without making any required changes to the fireplace. For some people, this can be a cost-effective way to reuse their old chimney and fireplace area.

Safety Tips for Using the Fireplace

There are many things you should know about electric fireplaces and how you can be safe with them to go forward:

  • Always install your fireplace near a plugin and do not try to use it with the extension lead as it can cause a fire. So, try to move the fireplace closer to the plug socket or call an electrician to move your socket to the fireplace.
  • While operating your corner electric fireplace try to maintain your boundaries with the heating element as it can be hot to touch. So, try to keep a boundary from them.
  • The fireplace vents should remain open and never use the fireplace for drying laundry. Keep a check on vents as the same allows the intake of fresh air and discharging of warm air.
  • Unplug your best corner electric fireplace when you are not using or if you have children around and try to keep the child lock on to ensure everyone’s safety at home.
  • Always keep a check on the power cord and plug frequently. As with the time the wires and plug can get damaged over time, and there can be a spark when you are not around. If you noticed the damage, then don’t delay or unplug your fireplace until you make it right.
  • Always install your corner electric fireplace at a dry place. If you have bought the fireplace with the mantle, then avoid using the mantle for resting your drinks or vases of flowers.
  • While using the heating unit do not place any synthetic fabric around as the electric fireplace may tend to overheat and create a mess. Do not hang around your clothes on the mantle especially when the heating unit is switched on.


Choosing the right corner fireplace can be quite easy for you if you have been through the above guide and know about the requirement you have. The corner electric fireplace is like an asset for any house especially in winters and will allow you to feel the heat.

Choose from the extensions you want in your fireplace as the same will make it comfortable to use once operated. The electric fireplace is one of the economic inventions to make the space warm and cozy to live in. On comparing to others, the electric fireplace does not require any energy or fuel other than electricity and do not need any vent to escape the heat out. Choose the best corner electric fireplace to make your home beautiful and with a pinch of comfort.

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