Best Shower Filters

Has your hair and skin losing their shine over time? Do they look dull and dry every time you have a shower? Well, other factors apart, your shower could be the culprit. If the water in the shower is impure and hard, your skin and hair could become dry, itchy, and lack-luster. And if this continues for a long time, you may experience hair fall and skin damage. If you do not want that for yourself or your family, you can install a shower filter today and see how it makes a difference.


Best Shower Filters

How to Choose the Best Shower Filters?

With so many options for shower filters, things might seem a little confusing. Well, you aren’t the only one who faces a dilemma when it comes to choosing the best product for your home. That is why here we have listed a few factors that you should take into account in deciding the best shower filter for your use:

Compatibility: The first thing to look for is the compatibility of the shower filter with the shower head that you have. Though a good majority of shower filters can go with all types of showerheads, not all will do the same. So, before you settle on a product, make sure that it fits your shower head.

Filtration Techniques: Shower filters purify the water using different techniques. Each technique is good for a certain type(s) of impurities. So, before you buy a shower filter, understand the main problems with the water being supplied to you. This will help you understand which technique will be most effective and you can choose a filter accordingly.

Type: The next important thing that you should consider while buying a shower filter is the type of filter. Shower filters are basically of three types – KDF, carbon, and Vitamin C. This classification is based on how the filter decontaminates the water. KDF filters use electricity to turn harmful contaminants into harmless components; carbon filters remove contaminants by binding to them while Vitamin C filters react with chloramines to neutralize it. Each of these filtration techniques has its own upsides and limitations and choice must be made based on the type of contaminants found in your water supply.

Material: Shower filters are made of a variety of materials. However, the most popular ones are ABS plastic and stainless steel. Products made of plastic come at a very cheap price while stainless steel products are a bit pricey. However, plastic filters aren’t as durable as stainless steel ones and they may get damaged after some period. Steel shower filters with chrome finish last longer and are rustproof too.

Price: As with any other product that you buy, you should check the price of the products that you are comparing. Shower filters are priced differently based on the manufacturer, build quality, filtration technique, filtration capacity, and more. The better the product is, the higher the price will be. However, do not assume that the best shower filters are those that have a high price tag. Often moderately priced products perform a great job unless you need certain high-end features. So, find yourself a product that is cost-effective and efficient as well.

Cartridge Capacity: This is another must-consider factor. All shower filters require cartridge replacement at regular intervals; some sooner, some later. It is advisable to choose a product that has a higher cartridge capacity. This will ensure that the filter lasts quite long and requires less frequent replacements. This will save you both money and effort.

Cartridge Replacement Cost: Not only should you take into account the frequency of the cartridge replacement, but the cost as well. Some replacement cartridges cost more than others. If the price is on the higher side, you may want to choose another product for long-term savings.

Number of Cartridges: Some manufacturers add in a free cartridge with the product apart from the one already installed in the filter that you buy. This means that your first cartridge replacement is free of cost. Taking into account that a cartridge will approximately last 6-8 months, you can get pure water for at least a year without any further expenses.

Water Pressure: Many may not know this, but shower filters can change the water pressure of the shower. In fact, there are many products that happen to reduce the water pressure when fitted to a showerhead which ideally they shouldn’t. Some of the best shower filters, however, use technology that maintains the water pressure to ensure a good showering experience. Some manufacturers go the extra mile to offer shower filters that actually increase the water pressure.

Warranty: Whenever you want to buy any product, look for its warranty. A product with a longer warranty period is definitely a better choice than one with a short one if other features are similar. Manufacturers who offer a longer warranty are sure that their product will last quite long. And if a fault arises, you can have it fixed or replaced at no cost.

Best Shower Filters with Reviews

1. AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter:

This shower filter from AquaBliss is a great addition to your shower head. It does not require any additional tool to install it with your existing showerhead. It takes mere minutes to fix the thing and you are ready to enjoy a clean bath. This particular filter comes with 2 filter cartridges with a capacity to filter a total of 40,000 gallons of water. In any average family, this should be good enough to get through 1 year which definitely makes this filter affordable. As per shower filter reviews, this filter is pretty much efficient in removing chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, magnesium, and calcium from your bathing water with ease.


  • Efficient in reducing chlorine from the water thereby improving the water quality
  • Filters most of the impurities from the water
  • Offers healthy water for your skin and hair
  • Softens your tap water to a great extent
  • Installation is super easy
  • Prevents your skin from getting rash and itch


  • Seem to have a joint leak
  • Not good removing Chloramines and TDS particles

2. 15 Stages Shower Water Filter for hard water:

This particular water filter from Crater Aqua filters hard water in 15 different stages to ensure clean and healthy water. This shower filter is capable of reducing chlorine, sediments, arsenic, iron, lead, and other impurities from the water. It also includes a ceramic balls layer which is installed to remove all the microorganisms and bacteria in the water. By softening your hard water, it improves your nail, hair, and skin health significantly. This water filter is designed to fit in any type of standard shower head without any issues and installing this filter is super easy too.


  • Water filtration capability is great
  • Capable of removing microorganism, chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria from the contaminated water
  • Prevents itchy and dry skin
  • Works perfectly with city water and well water without any fail
  • Installation is real quick and easy


  • Plastic parts might not be of great quality and might cause leaking
  • Not perfectly designed to fit every type of shower head

3. BathBeyond Shower Filter Vitamin C 15 Stage High Output Water Filter:

Bath Beyon brings to you a 15 stage filtration system that is capable of eliminating all the common water contaminants with ease and is capable of softening the water as well. This shower filter is good for those with scalp and skin issues since it has the capability to revitalize the bathing water to some extent. Families with pets and kids should install this high-quality water filter right away.

This particular filter is capable of filtering 24000 gallons of water which is really great for any average family. It uses filtration media like steel mesh, PP cotton, calcium sulfite, activated carbon, KDF 55, infrared mineralized balls, vitamin c balls, ceramic balls, tourmaline, main stones, negative ion balls, alkaline balls, and nanosilver ceramic balls which ensure great water filtration quality.

It’s designed to fit any shower head with standard fittings. Installing this filter does not require any additional tool as well, which means you can install it by yourself without having to call an expert or a plumber.


  • The filtration system involves 15 different stages
  • Revitalize water quality to offer healthy skin and hair
  • Efficient in removing all common contaminants
  • Water produced is good for pets, and kids to use on a daily basis
  • Lasts long at least for 700 showers
  • Fits any type of shower head with ease


  • As per shower filters reviews the only issue with the product is that it’s completely made of plastic which means product quality might not be that great

4. Weluvfit 16 Stage High Output Universal Replacement Cartridges:

Weluvfit brings to you all new 16 stage filter cartridges that come with an improved Vitamin C shower filter. Using this filter can definitely remove fluoride, heavy metals, and chlorine from bathing water and also maintain a nice pH balance of the water that you use. Any kind of bad odor or other contaminants is also removed with the use of this particular shower filter. So what does this mean to have this high-quality filter attached to your shower? Well, for obvious reason soft water will not harm your hair and skin. Due to the reduced amount of heavy metals and other contaminants your water will be safe for kids and pets as well. You won’t feel itchiness, have reduced dandruff and it will take care of your skin and nails for sure. In short, you will have less polluted water for daily use.

Normally, when you add a shower filter, it tends to slow down the water pressure. But in this case, it does not affect your shower water pressure at all. According to shower filters reviews, it always offers a high-pressure shower output and still provides excellent filtering performance. Apart from efficient performance, this filter is easy to install as well and in most cases will not incur any kind of leakage of any sort for sure.


  • Removes impurities from water
  • Reduces chemicals and other sediments
  • Maintains water pH balance
  • Offers healthy water for hair and skin
  • Less hair damage and skin damage
  • Removes any type of unpleasant scent or odor from the water


  • Not a very nice design
  • Threads are all plastic which means you might have to face durability problems
  • You might face some issue while fitting the filter with the shower head

5. Water Softener Shower Head – Hard Water Filter:

If you are looking to buy a quality shower head water filter, then this particular shower filter could be the best choice for you. Apart from removing chloramines, fluoride, and chlorine from the water, it is capable of reducing heavy metals, sediments, calcium, and iron from the bathing water as well. With this water filter installed you do not have to worry about dry and itchy skin or eczema or dandruff at all. This water filter is capable of running at low water pressure as well and is designed to save water to some extent.

Installation of this shower filter is really easy too. All you need is to have a standard fixed or wall mounted shower and you are done. And this shower head filter also includes 3 different settings as well.


  • Compact and durable design
  • Good for kids and pets
  • Universal shower filter
  • Installation is a lot easier
  • High quality and long-lasting
  • This filter does not only softens the hard water but also allows you to have 3 different pressure settings as well
  • As per the shower filters reviews, it includes a separate massaging showerhead


  • Creates somewhat loud noise while using high-pressure water
  • Might have some leakage after some days

6. 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C for Hard Water:

Aqua Eva brings to you another high-quality water filtration system. With a 15 stage filtration process, this shower filter promises to remove heavy metals, chlorine, and sediments from your bathing water. Due to the fact that this filter works pretty much well, you can always expect to have reduced problems with dry and itchy skin, and better, healthy hair as well. With this filter installed you do not have to worry about your pets and children bathing in hard water anymore.

This particular filter is designed to fit every type of showerhead: rainfall, handheld, and overhead. Having this filter can definitely improve shower lifetime as well. Since this shower filter does not include any shower head, you will have to install it in between the pipeline and your existing showerhead but the amazing fact is that it won’t affect the water pressure at all. This can even help in reducing rust and iron precipitation from the showerhead. So, are you are ready to have an odor-free, healthy bath in your favorite shower? Well, buy this shower filter today and enjoy a better shower every time.


  • Maintains water pressure
  • Quality filter
  • Removes dirt, sediments, chlorine, and other impurities from the water
  • 15 stage filter ensure healthy water
  • Safe for your kids and pets


  • Not a great filter if you wish to have soft water

7. Shower Head Filter, Water Softener with Replaceable Showerhead Filters:

Anmones brings to you one of the best shower filter cartridges that you can buy. With an improved shower filtration process and additional Vitamin C filter, this is the right choice for you. Whether you have kids or pets at home, once you install this shower filer you do not have to worry about a thing. This shower filter is capable of removing all the impurities, bad odor, and other contaminants that might make you sick over time. It also is capable of removing all the chemical impurities from the bathing water efficiently as well.

This is a high-performance best shower filter that maintains water pressure while it does not compromise the water filtration process at all. It can be fitted with any standard plumbing or shower head with ease and you won’t need any expert to help you out.


  • Each of the cartridges will at least last for 6-8 months
  • Capable of removing carbon particles with ease
  • If you have kids and pets in the house, this particular water filter is the best that you can get
  • Works fine with well water as well
  • As per shower filters reviews, this is one of the best shower filters that you can buy


  • In the case of dirty water you might have to change the filter often
  • Might be a bit of leakage
  • Needs at least 5-10 minutes of time before it can start working

8. SkyWee 15 Stage Shower Filter with Vitamin C for Hard Water:

If you wish to keep bathing water clean and healthy it might be a good time to install this particular shower filter. It has in total 15 different stages that make sure to clean hard water and deliver quality soft water without the impurities. It includes 2 filter cartridges which can be removed and replaced easily.

It comes with an in-built showerhead which is really handy since you do not have to buy any additional showerhead for this. Amongst all the essential shower filters, one of the stages seems to add Vitamin C to your water which means you not only get clean and healthy water but also revitalized water as well. It comes with a standard fitting which means you can install this shower filter with any existing showerhead or you can choose to install the whole set up along with your water lines.

According to shower filters reviews, this is a high-quality water filter that is equipped to remove any odor, heavy metal, rust and other water impurities. It is efficient enough to soften your water and protect your skin and hair from the hard water. With this system installed in your bathroom, you can relax and enjoy a clean and healthy shower every time.


  • Improved filtration stages to soften bathing water and remove impurities
  • The maximum level of water filtration offering a healthy water supply
  • Durable chrome-plated design to last long for years
  • 2 filter cartridges are included that will definitely last for at least 12 months
  • Compatible with any standard existing showerhead or any pipeline
  • Improved skin and hair health
  • The reduced chlorine level in the water
  • Remove any unpleasant odor from bathing water


  • Does not work well if there is calcium in bathing water
  • Might experience bit of a leakage when fit into existing shower heads

9. BWDM 15 Stage Shower Filter:

BWDM offers you another high-quality shower filter that is capable of removing heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants. It enhances water quality and adds Vitamin C to revitalize the water. This filter is truly universal due to the fact that it comes with standard fitting and high water output. The filter can be removed and replaced anytime you want without any hassle at all. Vitamin C infused water nourishes your skin and hair to perfection and increases skin moisture level as well. This particular filter has a capacity of 16000 gallons of water purification using 1 cartridge which means you can use a single cartridge for at least 4-6 months.


  • 15 stage filtration process along with Vitamin C filtration
  • Water filtration capacity 24000 gallons
  • Compatible with any standard shower head
  • Purifies bathing water and offers moisturized skin
  • Works great for hot and cold water


  • Might leak a bit if the water pressure is really high
  • Might not work well if water is really dirty

10. Reloaded Shower Filter with Vitamin C For Hard Water:

If you are looking for a shower filter that works efficiently and rejuvenates your bathing water, then this particular product from Reloaded might be the best choice for you. It not only reduces heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride from bathing water but also stops precipitation growth to a great extent. Due to the fact that it generates healthy water, you can always have healthy hair and less dry and itchy skin. Due to the same reason, this filter can be great for kids and pets as well who tend to drink shower water while taking a bath. Compatibility is truly top class as it is designed to fit any standard handheld, overhead, or combo shower head. If you go through shower filter reviews you will see that it does not reduce water pressure at all and still purifies to perfection and offer you a healthy bath every time.


  • Prevents your skin from dryness
  • Improves skin moisture
  • Softens hard water to a great extent
  • Rejuvenates skin, nail, and hair
  • Adds Vitamin C to water and offer healthy water
  • Generates odorless water
  • Removes chlorine and other sediments
  • Good for kids and pets to bath in clean and healthy water


  • Might clog up the shower a little
  • Affects the water pressure
  • If there is too much dirt in the water it might not soften the water at all

Why Use Shower Filters?

You may be happy with the fact that you drink purified water every time. However, what you fail to understand is that drinking is not the only way in which water enters our bodies. When you shower, water enters your body through the open pores and along with it the impurities and chemicals present in the water. Using the best shower filters can give you the following benefits:

Block out chlorine: Water is treated with chlorine for purification. While chlorine can disinfect water considerably, it isn’t good for your skin and hair. Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can damage your skin and hair. Moreover, when it is absorbed by the body during a shower, it can cause other health issues. Using a shower filter can help block the chlorine present in water so that you get clean water.

Keep impurities at bay: If you live in a house with old plumbing or if the water supply to your house isn’t thoroughly purified, you could be subjected to different harmful impurities when you shower. This could include dust and dirt, rust, soil particles, and more. Instead of getting cleaner, you may actually be getting dirtier with every shower. So, what you need is a shower filter that will keep these impurities at bay.

Prevent the attack of viruses and bacteria: If the water isn’t properly purified before being supplied, it may contain harmful pathogens. Moreover, your showerhead could also be the breeding ground of different harmful microorganisms. If you want to make sure that you get water free of any harmful pathogens, installing the best shower filters would be the perfect decision.

Filter harmful chemicals: A common problem these days is the presence of harmful chemicals in the water. This could pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, paints, sprays, pharmaceutical residues, and more. All these easily pollute the water on our way home and they can cause serious health issues. To keep these chemicals out, a shower filter must be used.

Prevent discoloration of skin and hair: When the chlorine present in water dries out, it causes the skin and hair tone to change. This is because the chemical has bleaching properties that can cause the natural color to fade gradually. However, when you use a shower filter, you can prevent hair and skin discoloration caused due to the presence of chlorine.

Turn water soft: In many areas, the utility water supply is generally hard water. This means the water contains several mineral compounds. While some of these are good compounds, a majority of them are not. They can affect your skin and hair and make them dry and itchy. Showering with soft water helps retain natural skin oils and keep them healthy.

Protect children and pregnant women: Chemicals, minerals, impurities, and pathogens are harmful to everyone, but children and pregnant women are more susceptible to them. They can fall sick very easily. But the use of the best shower filters can protect them from the attack of these harmful substances and assure good health.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Shower Filters

How often should I replace the cartridge?

If you use the shower alone, you can wait about 6 months before you need it. With 2 people using the shower, replacement would be needed in about 4 months and so on. In short, the more gallons of water used, the faster you will need a replacement. Check if the filter has turned darker to know whether it’s time to replace it.

Can shower filters remove the bad odor?

In some cases, yes! If the odor is due to the presence of chemicals or bacteria or pollutants, the filter may hold them back and give you an odor-free shower.

Is it possible to install shower filters without help?

Certain shower filters can be easily installed without any professional help. However, the same cannot be said for all types of filters and you may need to hire professional help for certain products. Find this out before you buy a product.

Can the water be used for drinking purposes?

No. Even though the filter may check impurities, it isn’t enough to make it suitable for drinking. The water coming out of the shower may still contain dissolved solids that can cause health issues when consumed.


Shower filters are an easy way to guard against impurities that water contains. They are quite inexpensive and easy to install and can last several years with regular cartridge replacements. The best shower filters ensure that you and your family have access to clean water with every shower. So, do not hesitate to get one today!

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